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Finding Love Again

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“So.” JJ said leaning closer resting her hand on Tanya’s. “Tell me something I don’t know about you yet?” JJ said tilting her haid. They had just finished ordering their food at a small Italian restaurant a few blocks away.

Like what?” Tanya said rubbing her thumb on JJ’s hand.

JJ thought for a moment. “Tell me where you’re from and about your family?” JJ asked not wanting to overstep.

Tanya nodded. “Well I was born and raised in Chicago. I have an older brother, Jason and we grew up together in my parent’s house.”

“What’s Jason like?” JJ asked curiously.

Tanya chuckled. “Overprotective.” Tanya said rolling her eyes as JJ smirked. “But the best brother I could ask for really.” Tanya finished smiling.

“Are your family ok with…”JJ trailed off motioning to the two of them.

“Oh, yeah. They’re fine. Coming out wasn’t an issue for me.” Tanya smiled again, thinking about all the support they had given her over the years. “What about your family?” Tanya asked wanting to know more about JJ as well.

“I grew up in Pennsylvania, just in a small town, with my Mom, Dad and two older sisters, Allison and Rosaline.” JJ paused and took a breath before continuing. “Rosaline passed away though.” JJ said and she pulled her hand away when she heard Tanya’s slight gasp but Tanya just held them tighter.

“What happened? I mean, if you want to tell me.” Tanya said softy.

JJ let out a shaky breath before continuing. “She killed herself, I found her that morning.” JJ said squeezing her eyes shut tightly.

“Hey.” Tanya whispered, touching JJ’s face gently snapping her out of the slight flashback.

“Sorry.” JJ whispered back. She opened her eyes and gazed into Tanya’s eyes, seeing nothing but understanding and care reflected in them.

“Don’t be sorry.” Tanya said giving JJ a gentle kiss. “Thanks for trusting me enough to tell me that.” Tanya said squeezing JJ’s hand.

JJ just smiled in response as their food was placed on the table.

“So you never said how your family took it.” Tanya said as they held hands on their walk back to the hotel.

JJ laughed bitterly. “Not like yours that’s for sure.” JJ said and Tanya raised her eyebrows. “My parents flipped out when they found out. I didn’t exactly tell them though, they caught be in bed with a girl from school when I was 17 so that probably didn’t help the situation.” JJ chuckled. “Allison was fine with it. But my parents and the majority of my
family can’t accept me.” JJ sighed.

“I’m sorry babe.” Tanya said giving JJ a kiss.

“It’s ok.” JJ smiled at the brunette.

“Do you see your parents much?” Tanya asked with curiosity.

“I haven’t seen them in 5 years.” JJ said leaning closer to Tanya. “We speak on the phone but it’s only to keep things civil. The phone calls usually just involves my Mom asking if I’ve
quit my job and settled down with ‘a nice man’ yet.” JJ said rolling her eyes. Tanya just nodded in understanding, not knowing what to say to that.


“So I’ll see you in the morning?” JJ asked exiting the elevator, Tanya beside her.

“Or, you could come in?” Tanya said smirking stopping outside her hotel room door.

“Hmm, I could.” JJ said biting her lip, scanning the hallway to make sure no one was there and pressing Tanya body against the door.

Alex would probably be suspicious if she didn’t go back to the room they were sharing tonight and they probably shouldn’t be doing this on a case but looking at the gorgeous brunette in front of her she forgot all about those issues.

JJ ran her hands up and down Tanya’s sides as Tanya opened the door and they both walked into the room. Before she knew it JJ was pinned up against the door inside the room with Tanya’s lips on her neck.

“Mmm.” JJ moaned as her head landed with a soft thud against the door. Feeling the sudden need to pleasure the brunette, JJ put her hands under Tanya’s ass and thighs, lifting her up slightly making Tanya wrap her legs around her waist as she carried her to the bed.


Tanya woke up the next morning with her back against JJ’s front with JJ’s arm around her waist. Tanya sighed happily as she sunk back into the embrace as she realised it was only
5am. Just as she was about to drift off again she felt JJ place kisses on the back of her neck making her shiver.

Turning around in her arms,she pouted. “I was about to go back to sleep there.” Tanya said faking annoyance.

“Good morning to you too.” JJ laughed quietly. “I have to go.” JJ said climbing out the bed, making Tanya frown.

“Why?” Tanya pouted again.

‘So cute.’ JJ thought. “I have to get a shower and get ready.” JJ said sadly. “I’ll meet you downstairs later for breakfast with the rest of the team.” JJ said leaning down to give Tanya a
quick peck after getting ready. “I had a great time last night.” JJ said smiling.

“Me too and what was that? I want a real kiss.” Tanya sad smirking as JJ chuckled and shrugged.

She leaned down again and grabbed Tanya’s face gently in her hands before connecting their lips together passionately. Tanya moaned into the kiss, allowing JJ to slip her tongue in as the kiss grew more sexual. JJ pulled away reluctantly, knowing she had to leave.

“How was that?” JJ asked a breathless Tanya, who was lying on the bed.

“Uh-uhh, g-good, that was good.” Taya replied stuttering.

JJ laughed. “I’ll see you later.” JJ said before giving Tanya one last kiss and leaving the room.


JJ opened the door to her room quietly, not sure if Alex was up.

“Oh so the wanderer returns.” Alex said smirking as she was sat up against the headboard of one of the beds.

JJ rolled her eyes. They had developed a good friendship since Alex had joined the team and it was good to have another female to confide in when they were away on cases
because obviously it was hard with Emily now.

JJ fell back onto the other bed with a smile on her face which Alex noticed.

“So where were you? All I got was some vague text saying you wouldn’t be back.” Alex asked, not criticising, just curious.

“I went for dinner with Tanya.” JJ shrugged as she sat up crossing her legs.

“Yes, I know.” Alex said rolling her eyes. “Where were you during the night?”

“In her hotel room.” JJ said looking at Alex trying to seem confident but she was a little nervous. Ever since her parents reaction, she couldn’t help feeling fear when she revealed her sexuality to people.

Alex just raised an eyebrow half surprised because she had already figured it out due to the fact JJ hadn’t come back last night.

“So how did that happen?” Alex asked and JJ was a little shocked at the fact she had just skimmed over the face she was gay, she wasn’t used to that.

“Met her in a bar a few days after the case we worked on with her and we started seeing each other really.” JJ smiled slightly.

“And it’s going well?” Alex asked with a slight hint of protectiveness.

“Yeah, great actually.” JJ smiled widely at Alex.

“Well good.” Alex nodded before heading off to the bathroom for a shower leaving a happy and pleasantly surprised JJ behind.