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The boys are coping

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Johnny huffed, shoving his bedsheets off of him, and glared around the pitch black hotel room, as though it was to blame for his sleeping troubles. His phone buzzed in response, the screen illuminating the small patch of the room beside Johnny. He picked it up, and, through bleary eyes, read the notification. A message. From Will.


He was awake?

Johnny smiled to himself, letting out a breathy laugh. Will was someone he could talk to, someone who still cared. Without thinking, he unlocked his phone and pressed Will’s contact. He paused. Sure, Will was awake, but he probably didn’t want a random phone call. What if Johnny ended up waking up Heather, or the baby?

He checked the message, just to be sure.

He winced.

So, he didn’t need to worry about waking Heather. And Will would want to talk to someone, probably. Johnny called, and sat, leaning against the cold wall, as the phone rang.

“Johnny?” Will sounded tired, but there was a twinge of eagerness to his voice. It had been a while since Johnny had heard Will. He fidgeted nervously, suddenly feeling overwhelmingly guilty.

“Hey, dude. Uh, it’s nice to hear you. Sorry if you were tryna get back to sleep,” he responded. Will laughed, the poor signal making the sound crackle slightly.

“Nah, I don’t sleep much lately. I guess it’s the same for you?” Johnny started to nod in response, then frowned at his own mistake.

“Uh-huh. I miss you,” He spoke without thinking, and immediately regretted his words - he didn’t want this to be a sad conversation.

There was silence on the other end for what felt like hours, though it was likely just a second. Will cleared his throat before speaking again,

“I miss you, too, Johnny. I wish I could be there with you,” Johnny let out a slow breath, smiling softly.

“Yeah. It’s shit without you, dude,” Well, so much for this being casual. Will groaned on the other end.

“It’s fucking depressing down here, man. I didn’t know it could ever be so quiet in this house,” he rambled, and Johnny could hear the sound of him making a coffee. He frowned,

“Woah, dude, you’re really not planning on goin' back to sleep?” Will made a confused noise,

“What? Oh, yeah, I’m just… too stressed at the moment,” he explained. Johnny stood up, and checked the bus schedule he’d picked up recently, and then looked up at the clock.

“I’m gonna come home. Can I stay at your place for a while?”