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Your servant, Mistress.

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Diaval looked in all directions, uncertain whether it had been a good idea to venture into the BDSM-scene. The place looked normal enough, not all black leather and dim light, or whatever he had thought it would look like. Still, he felt misplaced among all those people, most older than him, who seemed to not be the slightest bit disconcerted at the sight of a woman being led around on a dog leash.

He was looking for a dominant woman, yes, but he wasn’t keen on being treated like a dog. There were limits. On the other hand, were there even any dominant women here? He shifted his weight uneasily. It seemed all the women he saw were submissives.
Maybe it had been a mistake to come here. After all, he didn’t like pain, he didn’t like humiliation, he didn’t even like rude behaviour. All he was looking for was a woman who knew what she wanted, and wasn’t afraid to say it. Okay. Maybe he would like to follow orders. But not rude orders. He got enough of that at work. For some reason, people felt entitled to treat a waiter like dirt.

“Hey, you, boy – new to the scene?”

Diaval turned around. The man who was talking to him had a face that looked a bit like that of a bulldog, was built like a bear and about five inches taller than Diaval.

“Er – yes.” He shuffled his feet. Smiled uncertainly.

“You’re lucky you met me“ The larger man put his arm around Diaval. „I’m Rick, by the way. You’re far too insecure for a dom, but I can help you with that. You need to be aware that all women want to be dominated and -”

“Actually ...” Diaval cleared his throat. „I’m a sub.“

The bulldog hesitated. „Fine. Kneel!“

Diaval frowned. „Excuse me, what did you say?“ His fists clenched. The man had not really said that, had he?

“I ordered you to kneel.”

“There seems to be a misunderstanding. When I said that I’m a sub, I did by no means mean that I am your sub.”

“You don’t get to decide that. You better do what I say if you don’t want to end up very lonely. I know everyone around here, and I warn them away from disobedient subs.”

“Some here”, said an icy female voice “Do not care what you say.“

Hastily, Diaval stepped out of the woman’s way. She was a sight to behold. Clad all in black, with a medieval-style headdress that resembled horns. Her robe flowed behind her as she walked by, in her right hand she held a staff – no, a wand, the top decorated with an orb. She carried herself like a queen.

“And what did it get you? No man wants a shrew. I don’t know why you even bother coming here anymore, Mally”, replied Rick.

“Not for the pleasure of your company, I can assure you.” She turned around to face Diaval. “He tries that with all subs”, she said in a much more polite tone of voice. “Be glad if his friends want nothing to do with you; among their other shortcomings they consider safewords superfluous.”

“Thank you for the warning.” Was that the best answer he could come up with? Certainly a queen like her deserved better.

“You may well have saved my life. I am forever in your debt“, he managed.

She nodded graciously, the hint of a smile appeared on her face.

He bowed low. “And in return, I am your servant. Whatever you need.“

“A drink”, she replied after some hesitation. “I need you to fetch me a drink. A bottle of mineral water, more precisely. Make sure it is unopened.”

“As you wish.”

When he returned, she received the bottle of water with an approving nod.

“Now, what do I call you?”

“Diaval, Mistress.”

She opened the bottle, drank slowly, in small, dignified sips. “I am Maleficent. So, you are new here?”

“Yes ... Mistress.” He watched her face carefully as he spoke. She didn’t seem to mind the title. He wouldn’t have known what else to call a queen like her, anyway.

“What do you hope to find here, Diaval?”

He tilted his head to the side. “Your approval?”

“Oh.” Her eyes widened – in surprise? Because of his directness? Had he been too forward? Should he have been more deferential? He would hate himself so much if he had ruined this.

„That“, she replied „You have already found. I should like to have you as my sub. But first I need to know you better.”

Pure golden happyness rose inside him. She wanted him! Such a queenly woman wanted the twenty-two year old virginal loser he was. “Everything you desire, Mistress.”

She led him to a table with two chairs, in a dimly lit corner of the room, where apparently no one else wanted to sit. “You may want to get yourself something to drink, Diaval. This will take some time.”

He stood there, hesitating. “Do I have your permission to do so, Mistress?” He would not mess this up. He would be the perfect sub. For her, he would kneel. For her, he would do anything.

„You do.“

He returned with a second bottle of water – everything else was even more expensive, and anyway, it was not proper for him to drink wine, so to speak, while his Mistress drank water.

“May I sit, Mistress?”

“You may, Diaval.“ Again, the hint of a smile on her unvarnished lips. „I am impressed by your manners. You are a credit to your parents.“

He swallowed hard. „Please don’t, Mistress. I beseech you – I don’t have my parents to thank for that, or anything. I would prefer not to talk about them.”

“And you are quite well-spoken, too. Who is to praise for that?”

“My professors. German studies.”

“You have a degree?“

„I didn’t get that far. When they introduced tuition fees, I couldn’t afford to continue my studies.” He smiled apologetically. “I am just a lowly waiter.“

“Not quite so lowly, I should think.“ Her lips curled into a real smile. “There is such a thing as nobility of the mind, Diaval.”