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Some Other Night

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Hallsy is pretty devastated after they lose the Gold Medal Game to the USA at World Juniors, but they’re in Regina, and that’s Ebs’s home, and so Ebs sneaks them out of the team hotel and to a party his friend is throwing.

Hallsy sits in the corner feeling sad and awkward, because he only knows Ebs but they all know who he is. A girl, Emily, who's kind of pretty, and also kind of upset about something, ends up sitting next to him and they end up sharing a beer and not really talking, but being kind of upset together. Of course, even with losing the game, Ebs is a happy drunk and he comes over and sort of drapes himself over the two of them to try and make them cheer up.

At first Hallsy is just holding onto Ebs so Ebs doesn't tip onto the floor when he's leaning into Emily, but then Ebs turns to lean closer to Emily, and Hallsy's holding bare skin at Ebs's hip. And then Ebs is sitting in Hallsy's lap, with Hallsy stroking his hip, while he kisses Emily, and this is really weird. Except when Hallsy tries to pull his hand away, Ebs reaches down to stop him, without ever breaking the kiss with Emily. Ebs and Emily break the kiss, and Emily looks at Hallsy, and she's really gorgeous now she's smiling. She was pretty before, but this is sort of something else.

Ebs is resting his head into Emily's neck, but Hallsy leans forward to kiss her. He feels Ebs's hand tighten on top of his while he and Emily kiss. He's not drunk enough that he doesn't know this is a really dumb idea, but he's definitely drunk enough that he doesn't care. It's totally Emily's idea to go and find a room. If Hallsy were thinking, he'd know doing this in public wasn't smart; he’s not though.

They find a free room, because it's actually still pretty early, the three of them are just cheap drunks. Almost as soon as the door is shut behind them, Ebs kisses Emily again. She's been holding Hallsy's hand, and now she's leaning back against him, as Ebs kisses her. Hallsy can't help but watch the whole thing over her shoulder, and it's way hotter than it should be. He's probably going to have sex, and it's going to be a threesome, and god, it's like he won the virginity losing lottery!

Ebs breaks the kiss, and then looks up at Hallsy. He slides his hand from where it's been on the back of Emily's neck, and his knuckles brush up against Hallsy's chin?

"I..uh...what?" Hallsy manages to say.

"You want to?" Ebs asks, and Hallsy's leaning into the kiss before he can think about his answer.

It's the first time Hallsy's kissed a dude, but it's just Ebs, who's smiling as they kiss, just like always. It's a good kiss, and Ebs's fingers end up scratching at the hair at the nape of Hallsy's neck. For a second he forgets Emily's even there, except she starts giggling. Hallsy and Ebs break the kiss and look down at Emily.

"That was really hot," she says.

Hallsy isn't sure if a girl as pretty as Emily has ever called him hot before.

They end up making out on the bed; Emily's in the middle, but Hallsy spends as much time kissing Ebs as kissing her. It weirdly doesn't feel weird. If the three of them are going to do this, the three of them are going to do this…and it's just Ebs.

"Can I...?" Hallsy asks before he takes off Emily's shirt.

She laughs and helps him get it over her head, and then takes off her own bra.

Her tits aren't huge, but Hallsy really likes the way Emily shivers and gasps a little when he reaches out and touches her. He doesn't know what he's doing, but Ebs leans down to kiss Emily while Hallsy runs his fingers over everything he can reach. She arches into his touch and kisses Ebs harder when Hallsy ghosts his thumb over her nipple. He lets his hand drift away, exploring new skin, but she grabs is, and pulls it back to her tit, showing him what she likes.

Ebs breaks the kiss, and mouths at her neck, and then her collarbone, and then at her other tit. Hallsy isn't sure if watching the way Emily's face is flushed and her eyes are drifting closed is the hottest thing he's ever seen, or if its the way Ebs is really into her tits. Ebs bats Hallsy's hand away so he can get at both of them, biting and sucking at the skin, gently enough that it's not going to leave a mark, but hard enough that Emily's breathing really hard, and that her hands are tangled in Ebs's hair so that he doesn't stop.

Hallsy sits back on his heels to watch. He pushes the heel of his palm into the bulge in his jeans, trying to calm down enough that he doesn't come in his pants like a loser.

Ebs kisses back up to Emily's mouth again, and then sits up so he can take his own shirt off. He looks over and Hallsy, and grins, and so Hallsy takes his shirt off too.

Emily pulls Hallsy over to her, and then he's lying half on top of her while they make out. He's not a light guy and he knows he must be squashing her, but she doesn't seem to mind, and the feeling of her bare chest against his is amazing. He doesn't want to hurt her though, so he rolls onto his back and pulls Emily so she's half on top of him.

Ebs has somehow lost his jeans in all of this, and he's there, up against Hallsy's side, just in his boxers, which are doing nothing to hide exactly how into this he is.

"Naked," Emily says, pulling away from Hallsy. "We should all be naked."

Hallsy totally, totally agrees

He gets out of his pants and boxers really fast, and he's sobering up pretty fast, but he's still just drink enough that he can do this without feeling totally self-conscious.

Ebs has obviously done this before, and Hallsy is totally happy to watch him go down on Emily. He lays beside Emily, and nips at her neck while Ebs really gets into it. Emily's not shy about directing Ebs, and from the way Ebs is kind of humping the bed while he eats her out, he's into it too. Her hands are tangled in Ebs's hair, but she pulls too hard, and Ebs pulls away and bites her thigh hard enough to leave a mark.

"Quit it," he says, so she grabs at the sheets instead.

Her stomach muscles are jumping and Hallsy runs his fingers over them, and down, and then tangles them in Ebs's hair, careful not to pull, but wanting to feel part of it. Ebs tilts his head up into Hallsy's hand, and he looks at Hallsy, right into Hallsy's eyes while he eats Emily out.

Emily comes really suddenly, like even she's not expecting it. Ebs keeps licking and sucking gently, still holding eye contact with Hallsy, while Emily rides it out.

"Fuck, ok, god, one of you should fuck me now," Emily says, and Taylor finally looks away from Ebs. He wants to so badly, but he doesn't know how to say that or if there's like some threesome etiquette that says that Ebs gets to come next because he just got Emily off.

"Hallsy," Ebs says. "You should...I'm good for now."

Hallsy is definitely not going to say no.

He's never done this before, but he tries not to think about that as he lines himself up and pushes inside. She's really wet, and it feels so, so good, that he has to take a moment once he's in and pant hotly into her neck so he doesn't finish before he's even started. She brings her arms up around his shoulders and pulls him in to kiss while they fuck. He lasts for longer than he ever thought he'd be able to, and when he comes he manages not to just slump on top of her. He pulls out and rolls over on to his back, and can't stop the stupid way he must be grinning.

Ebs has pulled Emily on top of him, and then she's riding him, and he's fingering her clit, trying to get her off again. Hallsy's torn between feeling like an idiot for not thinking about that when he was fucking her, and being turned on enough that his dick gives a useless painful jerk at the sight.

He's not going to get it up again though so he just watches, rolling into Ebs's side so he has a better view. Ebs turns his head to make out with Hallsy while he fucks Emily. It's so good, the three of them, and once Emily comes again, Ebs lets go, thrusting up into her jerkily and off rhythm, and coming only a few moments later. Emily rolls off him, and settles herself on Ebs's other side. She leans over to kiss Hallsy a couple of times, but they're all drowsy and content, and napping seems like a better idea than kissing.

Hallsy wakes up what must be hours later to Ebs shaking a little.

“We gotta go,” he says.

Hallsy sees a clock glowing on the wall and it’s 3.45. They have to be back at the hotel before 4.30 when the wake up calls happen or they’re going to get caught.

They pull on their clothes, and Ebs tries to shake Emily awake, but she just groans and bats him away pulling the pillow over her head. Ebs and Hallsy share a grin, and Ebs tucks the comforter around her, and brushes a thumb over the back of her neck before they leave.

The party’s still in full swing, and nobody even notices them as they find their coats and then leave to catch a cab back to their hotel. Hallsy wants to say something; to like, high five with his friend because holy shit, that just actually happened, but somehow it feels wrong. So he keeps his mouth shut, and leans his head against the cab’s window so he can nap.