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Not From Here

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Author's Note: This is my second True Blood fic, i still have my first one on the go, Guardian, but the idea for this one has been bouncing about in my head and needs to be written. Don't worry i will be continueing with Guardian. This story takes place after the events of series two but before Bill's dissapearence. Some minor spoilers of season two will be in this story for those who haven't seen it yet, as well as a major spoiler for possible later seasons as well as for the books.

Warnings: There will be language, violence, horror, gore and sexual content in this story.

Summary: Sookie and Eric find them selves dragged through another diemsion into a strange and scary world occupied by strange new races, and where humans are considered low lifes and slaves and vampires consider nothing more then animals. Completely on their own Sookie and Eric have to work together to find their way back to their own reality, but along the way they discover a horrible plot set in place to keep two nations waring and certain races repressed in the most cruel of ways. It's up to Eric and Sookie to save the day, but to what risk of their relationship.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to Charlaine Harris and the creators of the tv series True Blood, except original characters and concepts.

Not From Here

Sucked In

Sookie stood in the centre of her living room looking at the mess and damage that had been left behind after the fiasco with Mary-Ann. She began compiling a mental list of everything that needed doing, every thing that needed to be cleaned, every thing that needed to be fixed or replaced. The list grew and grew with tasks that needed doing, and as the list grew Sookie realised it was going to cost more then she could afford. Despair hit the barmaid as she realised how much it was going to cost to fix her home, as well as how long it would probably take. She bit back a sob as the overwhelming task began to swamp her.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

Sookie took a deep breath to compose herself before answering the door.

When she opened the Door she saw Bill standing before her.

"I bought marigolds," said the vampire sheepishly.

Sookie couldn't help but laugh at his sincere sentiment and how strange the words sounded coming out of his mouth.

She pulled him inside, "Thank you," she said.

Sookie went into the kitchen to fetch two black bin liners; she shook one out before handing it to Bill, then shook the other one out for herself. Holding her bin liner Sookie looked around the room as the daunting task at hand began to weigh heavy on her shoulders, even Bill seemed to be overwhelmed by what was at hand.

Noticing Sookie's state Bill spoke, "The sooner we start, the sooner it is done," he said trying to sound hopeful.

Sookie gave a silent nod.

The pair silently and slowly began sorting through the debris, throwing what was rubbish into their bin liners. Lost in their work Sookie found herself startled when the door bell rang for a second time that night. Looking up at Bill Sookie noticed how agitated and angered he was, confused as to what could cause this in him Sookie rose and went to answer the door.

Sookie opened her door and much to her disappointment there stood Eric and Pam.

"Sookie," said Eric with his ever present and cocky grin.

Pam stood behind her maker, with one hand on her hip looking increasingly uncomfortable as she surveyed the sky.

Sookie rolled her eyes at the vampire sheriff. Bill was standing behind the barmaid's shoulder glaring at Eric.

"What do you want?" spat Sookie.

"I've come to see how you are, after everything that's happened," said Eric.

"Yeah right," replied Sookie.

"Sookie," Eric purred, "Don't be like that, I only wish to help."

"We do not need your help," said Bill in a cold voice.

Eric looked behind the couple surveying what he could see of the carnage, "Really, it doesn't look like that to me. I have the money and man power to sort this out in two days," said Eric looking directly at Sookie.

"And what do I have to do in return?" asked Sookie sarcastically.

"Nothing, I really do wish to help," said Eric showing no emotion what so ever.

"Well if you wanted to help so much, then where were you in the fight against Mary-Ann?" asked Sookie.

Eric was silent.

"Yes Eric," said Bill stepping in front of Sookie and out of the house to square up against the much older vampire, "Where were you?"

Eric straightened his shoulders and stared Bill in the eyes, "I had every intention of helping, however upon trying to find out how to destroy the Maenad I was detained." Eric then turned his head to look at Sookie, "And unable to make back in time."

"How very convenient," said Bill.

Eric turned to look at Bill, his fangs popping out, "And very true," said the Sheriff.

Bill's fangs popped out but he remained quiet.

Sookie came out of her house to stand besides her boyfriend, "Riiiight, and you expect me to believe you was going to do this of your own good will, with nothing to gain from it. You expect me to believe that after your little deceitful trick in Dallas," said Sookie folding her arms under her chest.

Eric looked at Sookie with his fangs still drawn, "I admit my little stunt in Dallas was deceitful but I took advantage of an available opportunity. However Sookie don't think that I'm the only one here who is capable of deceit."

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Sookie curious as to what Eric had to say.

Bill remained quiet, his fangs remained drawn has his stony gaze upon Eric became even colder.

Eric smirked with his prominent fangs, "I may have been detained on my little trip however I did learn something very interesting indeed. Tell me dear Sookie, have you ever asked Bill why he returned to Bon Temps."

Bill hissed.

Sookie's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "What do you mean; Bill decided to return as he saw an opportunity to settle down in his ancestral home."

Eric chuckled, "Is that what he told you, I've heard different."

Bill hissed again.

Sookie noticed Bills reaction, "Bill?" said Sookie questionably of her lover.

"Why don't you tell her the truth," said Eric challenging the younger vampire.

Bill hissed for the third time, this time poised and ready to attack. Eric mirrored Bill's stance. Sensing a fight about to erupt between the two male vampires Sookie jumped in between them and held her hands up in a futile attempt to keep them apart.

"Just what the hell is going on here," said Sookie her anger rising.

The vampires paid her no heed as they slowly started to circle one another.

Sookie huffed before looking to Pam for help, but Pam was oblivious to what was going on as she continued to look up at the sky with a worried expression crossing her beautiful face. Looking up Sookie noticed what seemed to be a violent storm brewing, dark and heavy clouds were low in the night sky as they toiled and rumbled. The air it's self felt thick and humid and charged with energy at the same time. The on coming omnipresent storm seemed out of place for weather this time of year, and Sookie could not remember any weather warnings for such a violent storm to come.

"This storm is wrong," said Pam to no one in particular.

"Err guys," said Sookie feeling the same apprehension that Pam was.

But Eric and Bill continued to ignore the women and weather as they continued to hiss and growl at one another.

There was a flash of light.


The loud thunder caused Sookie to scream and jump, strong arms wrapped around her. Looking up the barmaid saw she had jumped into the arms of Eric; the older vampire flashed her a quick grin as Sookie struggled against him. There was another flash of light accompanied by a loud crack, the air felt super charged with electricity and every hair on Sookie's body was standing up. The deafening boom of thunder quickly followed and she found herself climbing further into Eric's arms. After the second lightening strike the smell of burning infiltrated the senses and the air became thick with smoke, Sookie looked up and saw that her roof was on fire.

"No!" screamed Sookie as she pulled from Eric.

Eric's gripped tightened as he stopped her from running back in to the house.

"My house is on fire," cried the distraught woman.

But suddenly everyone's attention was diverted from the burning building to a buzzing and crackling noise behind them. Seeing a ball of bluish, purplish energy floating before them they stood transfixed. The ball of energy was surrounded by crackling red energy bolts, and every one stared in wonderment as the ball grew in size to what can only be described as a porthole. Looking into the now formed porthole all that could be seen was swirling mist of blue and purple.

Suddenly a glowing silver lasso appeared and snared Eric, tightening around the vampire who still had hold of a certain blonde telepath. Eric hissed in pain as the lasso yanked him down to the ground falling on his back, with Sookie still clasped on top of him. The next thing Sookie knew her and Eric were being dragged towards the porthole, everything had happened so fast that no one had been able to react.

"Sookie," roared Bill as he saw the woman he loved being dragged away from him.

Just as quickly as the lasso had appeared it disappeared within the porthole dragging Sookie and Eric along with it.

Sookie screamed as she clung to Eric, the swirling multicoloured mist disoriented and confused the already terrified young woman. She could feel the rush of air billow around her as some great force pulled her and Eric through this never ending tunnel.

Eric's arms started to loosen around her.

"Don't let go," screamed Sookie as she looked up at Eric.

Eric tried to tighten his hold on her but even with his great strength the force at which he was being dragged through the tunnel was too great and his grip loosened around Sookie. Sookie tried her best to hold onto Eric, but as Eric's hold slacked she found herself slipping away from the vampire.

Once free of Eric she found herself tumbling and unintentionally somersaulting through the strange atmosphere of the tunnel. Regaining the control of her body she saw Eric being pulled away from her. Using swimming motions she made her was back to Eric as best she could. Eric reached out his hand for Sookie to take and the barmaid grabbed on and held on for all her worth. But the force and speed at which they were travelling was too great and Sookie's hand slowly slipped from Eric's.

Separated again for the second time Sookie attempted swimming back to the blonde vampire. But Eric was hurtling further and further away from her, and as Sookie tiered she was unable to keep up with Eric as he disappeared from sight.