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Dean's coming around(and out)

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JamieNew: Welcome, welcome! Have fun and you are all welcome!

Pritti_Pasha: Jamie! It's nearly 5 in the morning why are you up!

JamieNew: Because, Pritti, I am awake??

deansaysgetoutofmyface: why the fuck,,,,, am i in this,,,,, fucking,,,, chat??

Levithedevi: aww look at dean texting like hes been on tumblr all night

deansaysgetoutofmyface: who says i havent biatch

Pritti_Pasha: Jesus Christ do any of you know what grammar is?

deansaysgetoutofmyface: no i have no bloody idea what grammar is after all 497482 english lessons or simr bullshit

Cy: simr

JamieNew: simr

Bexsayshi: simr

beccathebadbitch: simr

mumineedanewhijab: simr

Mickeymoo: simr

Nickilooksfab: simr

Medadonlyeatsquorn: simr

Levithedevi: simr

Pritti_Pasha: Guys leave him alone! It is five in the morning- he's probably tired.

deansaysgetoutofmyface: i neber thought id say this but thabk you pritti

deansaysgetoutofmyface: and before you wankers correct me, never* thank*

Levithedevi: sorry mate that was a bit harsh

Nickilooksfab: how was it harsh?

Cy: because its five in the morning and i doubt hes been sleeping well recently?? he literally told you yesterday why he types like a 4yr old sometimes??

deansaysgetoutofmyface: what? is? this?

Cy: affection and appreciation

deansaysgetoutofmyface: disgusting

deansaysgetoutofmyface: keep doing it

beccathebadbitch: aww is big ol dean love starved?

deansaysgetoutofmyface: fuck off becca and stop being salty. you know why i ended it with us.

beccathebadbitch: yea, and i could tell everyone...

JamieNew: Becca, whatever it is, he clearly doesn't want people to know yet. If this was me would you out me like that?

beccathebadbitch: fine.

deansaysgetoutofmyface: fuck i gotta go

Cy: dean??

Mickeymoo: is it them? dean??

Levithedevi: mate once ur back message us on our gc if it was them

Cy: yea mate. dont let them do or say too much

medadonlyeatsquorn: whats that about??

Cy: dont worry about it, Sayid

medadonlyeatsquorn: okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




sorry its so short. i just wanted to get the story going somewhere and thought it would be good to end it with dean gone and the boys worried about him. 

have fun.