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Ice and Fire

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"Do you miss him, Aunt Peggy?"

"Of course I do, Darcy." 

"Would you have married him?"

"Yes.  Steve was a good man, in every way possible.  He would have been a fantastic partner in life."  

"That seems really sad.   You never got a chance.  It’s not fair."

Aunt Peggy gave her an odd smile, one that she wouldn’t understand for another fifteen years or so. 

"When Steve died. I thought so too.   I was falling in love with him.  And I think he might have come to love me.  But after the war, I had a great deal of time to think.  One of his good friends became my good friend and I came to realize that Steve already had someone he loved very much.  He changed the course of the war--of history--because of that love.  

"If Steve had been in love with me, he would have found a way to come home.  But, you see, Steve had already lost his love.  I didn’t understand it then, but his soul had been destroyed.  He shaped the world, one last time, because that was the sort of man he was.  And then he went to be with his love.   I met him when he was only twenty-four.  He died two years later, far too young, like so many of the men I knew."

"Aunt Peggy, that’s awful."

"It is.  But Darcy, Steve taught me something.  We should all hold out for that kind of love.  It’s worth climbing every impossible obstacle to have it."

"Did you love Uncle Daniel that much?"

"I still do."