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You're Always Welcome Here

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On their way to Dig’s apartment, they stopped by Big Belly Burger, mostly because it was one of the few places that were still open. It seemed that as long Team Arrow survived, Big Belly Burger would survive too.

In Sara’s mind, they ordered way too much food, even considering they had three vigilante boys to feed. Felicity just explained that they should stick up a bit; the meeting might last a long time and who knows when an actual store would be open again?

Once they were back in Felicity’s mini cooper (which now seemed a lot less ‘mini’ with all the bags of food they’ve crammed into it), Felicity asked Sara if they could keep their- whatever ‘they’ were exactly- on the down low.

“Lis,” Sara half laughed, reaching out and grabbing Felicity’s hand- the one that wasn’t occupied with the steering wheel. She kissed the flesh of her fingertips before cupping her other hand over Felicity’s captured one. “’On the down low’ was never really in our vocabularies. I’m pretty sure they all suspect us.”

Upon seeing Felicity’s somewhat distressed look, she amended her words a bit. “Felicity, it’s okay. We’re just two humans in love, and we shouldn’t be afraid to
show it. Nobody should ever be afraid to show it.”

Felicity gave a small nod. “I- I know. It’s just I’ve never been comfortable with my sexuality. And I’m just now beginning to accept it. Just… can we just keep it under wraps for a little while longer? I want to focus on rebuilding the city a little bit more before we go and be all smoochy smooch in the Arrow Cave.”

It took all that Felicity had to not run out of the car and down the street. It’s true, that she’ never really been comfortable with her sexuality. When she came out to her mother, she scoffed and told her she was just confused. Later that night, her mom went out with her new boyfriend of the week. And The L Word had lied to her. She did not have an awesome crew of queer friends to hang out with 24/7. Felicity had a hard enough time making friends as it was, throw in her being a lesbian, and it became infinitely harder to find friends.

In part, that was a reason she didn’t want to tell the boys. She knew, at her core, that her worries were ill placed. She had saved them time and time again. Hell without her there probably wouldn’t even be a Team Arrow or a city for it to save if it wasn’t for her. Dig and Oliver- and yes, Roy too- most likely wouldn’t care that their resident techie enjoyed girls far more than she enjoyed boys.

Still, these worries were very natural to have, no matter the situation.

Sara, understanding the girl’s unspoken worries and doubts, nodded. She leaned over and kissed Felicity, quite passionately, considering the time of day. When she pulled away, she whispered, “Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system. Now, let’s go to this Team Arrow thing, okay?”

Eyes closed, still savoring the bliss of the kiss, replied with a fluttery, “Okay.”
Upon first entering the apartment- which Sara had never before entered- an overwhelming, dank smell of boy washed over the two of them. Whether it be that the boys didn’t know how to clean up after themselves (there were boxes and plates of food everywhere, dirty laundry thrown about, and all sorts of papers in crazy places) or they really didn’t know how to clean up after themselves.

All three of them looked extremely disheveled and sleep deprived, especially Oliver. Roy and Oliver were swimming in the clothes Dig had loaned them. The army green shirt Roy was clad in was practically a dress. Also, the kid should stick to red. Green was just not his color.

“Thanks, Lis. For food.” Roy said in between mouthfuls of fries.

While Roy was busy replenishing his boyness, the other four moved the couches and chairs and tables, so they were all in a circle, so they could collaborate better on their plans. Once all the food was passed out, everyone had taken their seats, and Felicity set up her tablet and computer, they got down to business.

“First thing first. Oliver, how many people know you’re the Arrow? And don’t say ‘a lot’.” Sara said, once they were all settled.

“Alive and dead or exclusively alive?” He asked. Felicity noticed how he hasn’t even touched his food yet.

“People we have to worry about.” Roy clarified. The rest of them nodded in agreement.

“You guys. Barry, Laurel. Thea might suspect something, especially after this. Sin could, depending on what Sara has shared. Other than that, no one else that knew is still alive.”

The boys stiffened a bit at the mention of Thea. Sara and Felicity knew something was up. But they weren’t quite sure what. “I haven’t told Sin anything about your identity.” “Where is Thea?” Sara and Felicity answered at the same time.

Dig’s expression turned into a warning one as if to say ‘Danger, land mines ahead.’ Roy for once put his food down and looked over to his mentor, who was pale as a ghost. Oliver’s back was rigid and his breaths seethed control anger. Roy looked broken hearted at the mention of Thea’s name.

“Thea went off with Merlyn. She sent me a text saying so. She says she’ll stay in contact the best she can. I’ve sent her a lot of texts, but she hasn’t texted me back. I have no idea where she is right now.” Oliver snarled.

So that’s why he and Roy were so upset.

Thea was nowhere to be found. She could be anywhere in the world and they have no idea where. To make it worse, Thea was off with her batshit crazy father who is an ex-member of the League of Assassins. Not to mention the mastermind behind the machine that destroyed half of the Glades. It amazed everyone that neither Oliver nor Roy were out beating the crap out of bad guys. Perhaps it was because all the bad guys were inside, afraid of another wave of Mirakuru warriors.

Everyone understood what Thea meant to Oliver especially. Thea was the only blood relative of his that was still alive. The one person he has always loved and will continue to love until the day he dies. And now she is who knows where, knowing who knows what, with her villainous father and who knows who else.

God, Oliver must be hurting so bad. He’s lost so many people in his life. It’s not fair to him.

“Wait a minute. You said Thea texted you. I can probably pinpoint where she is. Do you want me to find out?” Felicity asked once a thick, unsettling silence had been laid over the room for too long.

“No.” Roy answered before Oliver could say anything. “Thea left because she chose to leave. I don’t think she’d want us to try and reason with her. Besides, we have a city to rebuild. We need to focus on that.”

“Roy is right. Queen Consolidated is suffering because of my stupid choices and so much of the city has been damaged. We need to focus our energies on
rebuilding; not finding Thea.” Oliver agreed.
Once they got past the whole Thea issue, they all managed to get the ball rolling on their whole plan. They all agreed that they needed to do a few things. One of the more important of the important things was to reorganize Team Arrow.

Their little Team has grown from a trio of Oliver, Dig, and Felicity to almost a league of people. They have enough people on their side to require more of a set up than just Oliver hooding up, Dig giving back up when needed and Felicity running tech support. Roy has proven that he can go out into the field with Oliver and Sara.

Laurel, who was currently in the DA’s office, has been reinstated as an assistant DA. So she can help them on the legal front. Plus, if she wants, she can begin training so she can also go out into the field someday. Her extensive self-defense training and all the scrapes she’s been in have proven that with a bit more training, she could be quite the opponent. More so than she already was.

But, before they could officially bring all of these people into the Arrow Cave, they needed to rebuild it. A process that will take time and money. Money, which unfortunately, they don’t really have anymore. At least they thought so.

“I have a fair amount of money in savings.” Felicity said when the issue of money came up.

“How much is ‘a fair amount’?’ Sara inquired.

Felicity pulled up her account information and read the numbers on the screen. “Sixty thousand, four hundred and fifty three dollars. And twenty seven cents. That’s just in my Starling National Bank account; I have a few more in a couple other accounts.”

“Lis, how the hell did you manage to get all that money?” Sara wondered, dumbstruck.

“I’ve had a job since I was sixteen. I saved every penny I could so I could go to college. Then I got a big scholarship to MIT, so that allowed me to save most of my money. I love working, so I had a job all through college. What didn’t go toward paying my expenses went into savings. Once I got out of college, I got a job at Queen Consolidated. It paid pretty well and had good benefits. When you save all your extra money for over ten years, it adds up. I can probably get the basics of what we need for crusade 3.0.” She explained. Her eyes never wavered from Sara’s and for a second, she forgot that there were other people in the room.

Dig had to keep himself from saying an extremely sarcastic comment. It was so obvious that these two idiots were in love. And he had to admit, they made the most adorable couple ever. There was something contrasting yet complementary about the computer geek and the ex-assassin. Something so raw and real there.

And of course, Oliver and Roy were pretty clueless as to what was going on. Dig couldn’t really hold it against Oliver too much; the man had been through a lot of tragedy lately. He hasn’t had time to see what’s right in front of his nose. And Roy was still new to their team and hasn’t been around long enough to see the hidden meanings behind the little gestures of his teammates or what they actually mean when they something.
They discussed the matter a bit further and it was decided (well, more like adamented by Felicity) that they would use Felicity’s money and a few favors Dig had from ARGUS to rebuild the Foundry and well as update their security systems.

Then came the problem they were all dreading to discuss.

The rebuilding of Queen Consolidated.

They all knew that it would be extremely difficult to rebuild the company, as they would basically have to start from the ground up. Sure, Felicity was working on software the company could buy, and hopefully help in the rebuild. But the name of Queen was like poison nowadays. No one would want to have anything to do with company- not while the name was still associated with a mass murderer (who ironically was murdered).

And it was made clear that some charity work and a few speeches wouldn’t cover that up or change people’s mindsets. If the company was still within saving, then it would take a long time to do so. But they all wanted to get it back. All of them, even Roy, understood that the company is the only thing Oliver had left of his father- and now his mother. That company was Mr. Queen’s legacy.

Every last one of them wanted that company back. And everything it symbolized.
Soon after, they couldn’t find any major problems that would need extensive planning in order to be fixed. Beyond reorganizing the team, renovating the Foundry, and getting the company back, none of the other problems required anything more than hooding up and getting on the streets.

So with that, Sara and Felicity said their goodbyes to the boys and went back to Felicity’s house to relax. Sara might not have been chasing scumbags across rooftops and Felicity may not have been worrying about her teammates, but both were extremely exhausted. They both pinpointed it to all the emotional talks of the day and still recovering from Slade’s Army.

Tired, Felicity tossed her bag on a dirty pile of clothes in the corner of her bedroom and flopped on the bed face first. Sara sat crisscross next to her, looking fondly at Felicity.

Sara’s hand crept up Felicity’s shirt, feeling the soft muscles of her back. “You never told me my girlfriend is rich.” She whispered, lowering down to kiss Felicity’s cheek.

Felicity stiffened, and then sat up with gusto. Her heart was hammering in her chest from a mixture of nervousness and an odd sense of fear. Sara was confused at Felicity’s sudden movement.

“Lis, what’s wrong?” Sara asked, putting her hand on Felicity’s hips.

“You- you called me your girlfriend.” She stammered. The look on Felicity’s face made Sara wonder if she would start pinching herself to make sure she was still awake.

“Why wouldn’t I? We practically live together, basically we work together, and we’ve had amazing sex. Of course you’re my girlfriend.”

Felicity blushed at Sara’s words and nuzzled her face into Sara’s neck. She smelled of her amazing Sara-smell, mixed with the faint aroma of French fries. So, in short, amazing.

“I love you, Sara Lance.” She said into the skin on Sara’s neck.

Sara wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, reveling in the feel of how perfectly they fit together, and Felicity’s own hands slid up Sara’s shirt, gently tracing the scars that blemished the flesh. This moment was pretty perfect.

“I love you, Felicity Smoak.” Sara replied, putting her chin on Felicity’s shoulder.
Later that night, when they were laying in the comfort and safety of each other’s arms, they both made a promise to each other.

“Felicity. Remember that note you gave me the morning after we went to that coffee shop?”

“Yeah. Why?” She responded. Her head was on Sara’s chest. She could feel every beat of her heart.

“It said ‘you’re always welcome here’. That’s kind of become our thing. And… I know I may not always know where ‘here’ is. Or what ‘here’ may mean. But I promise you, I promise you, I will always do my absolute best to make sure you know that I love you. I know I’m an extremely difficult person to love, but I will make damn sure you know that I will always love you.” Sara promised.

Felicity, taken away by Sara’s words, scooted up to kiss Sara’s lips.

“Ditto.” Felicity agreed.