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Frozen Hearts

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Crying, Emma's tears fell forming tear drops of ice. Almost as if her sorrow was being formed into diamonds. Brushing a lock of hair behind Regina's ear she sniffled and tried to form some sort of thought, some sort of plan. Anything to help Regina now, but the only thing that came to mind was the word, failure.


“Really now, Emma Swan, are you going to give up right now? Then you really will be a failure, if you could somehow convince Regina in her last moments to love herself then surely you can think the same of yourself. You can still save her, you know how, it's there inside of you, the answer.”


Elsa and Anna appeared in a flurry of white and there Emma saw Regina's heart with just barely a faint glow.


“Who are you!? And what are you doing with Regina's heart!”


Emma held Regina closer to her chest, even then still trying to protect her.


“I am not you're enemy, Emma. In fact if Regina were awake right now I'm sure she'd tell you all about me. You could say we're old friends, I'm Elsa and this is my sister Anna.”


“Hi,” Anna just gave her a small wave.


Smiling Elsa walked over and knelt down on the other side of Regina's body. Even still Emma wouldn't loosen her old on the brunettes body.


“It's alright, you see, if I didn't have a firm grip on Regina's heart it would've found it's way to you. Your heart's been calling out to it, but I wanted to see if the two of you could overcome yourselves and realize how you both know that deep down you love each other. You're both so stubborn that I knew it'd take something like this to make you realize. But you both needed to love yourselves first. Regina more so then you, she may say she loves herself but that's just an insecure little girl trying to convince herself. You helped her realize how much she could love herself and be loved. Once those barriers were down the love you felt for each other put her into a deep sleep, instead of her dying.”


The anger and defensive look on Emma's face softened, “But why? Why would you go through all of this, almost killing Regina to make us realize that? How could she possibly love me? I wasn't even so sure of my feelings for her till now. I've only ever met enemies of hers, it's hard to believe there's an ally of hers out there too.”


“Regina is, well, at a time where I abandoned my kingdom and my sister, the only family I have left,” she tossed a sad smile at Anna who only smiled brightly at her, “I came across Regina in my journey of self-discovery. Believe me she was rough around the edges, but I could see the sadness and the anger in her. I saw myself in her and she took pity on me, or kindness, I don't know. She took me in and taught me some magic. Taught me how to control my powers, although it would take almost losing my dear sister for me to completely master my powers. But if were not for Regina I would have never discovered my true self. I'd like to think in all that time, as she opened up to me, that we became friends.”


“I think I understand what you're talking about, I guess I wasn't the only person she's taught to control their magic,” smiling down at the sleeping beauty in her arms, “But what do I do now?”


“Emma, call out to Regina's heart with your own, hold out your hand and close your eyes. Will your heart to call out to hers and it'll appear in your hand.”

Looking down at Regina and gently cradling her head in her hand she lowered her body to the snow covered ground. Closing her eyes she held out her left hand and willed the magic in her heart to call out for Regina's heart but nothing happened, sighing and opening her sad eyes she just looked at Elsa, “Are you sure she feels the same way? I mean we've always butted heads since I arrived here and I just broke her and Robin up, isn't he her true love? Shouldn't he be the one here doing this? How could she, how could anyone love me?”


“Emma, trust me, she's so stubborn and prideful it would of course take a lot for her to admit to herself that she's always harbored feelings for you. Yes, Tink may have showed her that Robin was her true love. But her fairy dust only took her to Robin because Regina's magic willed it so. She didn't want to ever meet her true love, she was afraid, she figured her true love would be much better off without her. How could anyone ever love her?” smiling sadly down at the sleeping Regina, “She didn't even know her own magic was protecting her. So in a way to protect you both until you were ready her magic came up with a fake true love. I hope that makes sense to you. Didn't you ever wonder how your two lives could be so connected? Henry, he was the key. Like true love's kiss he broke the spell Regina cast on herself and set your destinies in motion. The moment he was born, you two were always moving towards this moment. So I helped you two along, I owed Regina this.”


Emma sat there crying and her heart was aching, bursting as she looked down at the sleeping queen.


“Go on, Emma, try it again.”


Looking from Elsa to Anna who nodded her head with an encouraging smile. So Emma held out her and and closed her eyes once more. She thought of Regina and Henry and destiny and all the love she felt for them, the love that made her realize she could be loved by others and herself. She was loved and she loved. She felt a warmth inside her chest and that's when she felt it in her hand. Smiling as she opened her eyes she looked down at Regina's heart in her hand. Moving almost on automatic she brought the heart to her lips and kissed it. A bright light pulsed through the now glowing red heart, she'd kissed any remaining darkness in Regina's heart away.


Cradling the heart in both hands Emma smiled up at Anna and Elsa, “Who would've thought, the Evil Queen and the Savior, huh?”


Placing Regina's heart over her chest she smiled down at her and pressed the heart as if she'd done it a million times until it was right where it should be inside of Regina. The coloring returning to the sleeping queen's body, “And I guess this would make me Princess Charming. Don't ever tell Regina that would mean she's the Snow White in this predicament, she wouldn't not be happy being compared to my mom. True loves kiss, huh? How cliché.”


Leaning down she pressed the gentlest of kisses full of love to the brunettes slightly cold lips. A wave of magic breaking the air and rolling out in waves melting all the snow around them. Pulling away, her eyes still closed, almost afraid to open them she slowly opened them only to be met with eyes looking back up at her.






Emma formed an unsure smile, just waiting for Regina to start yelling about how dare a filthy street rat lay her lips on her.


But it never came.




Regina smiled up at her and pulled her down for another kiss as she felt her heart overflow with love and happiness and a contentedness that she hadn't felt since Daniel.


Hearing someone clear their throat nearby they parted ways and they both looked at the direction of the noise.





Regina sat up with a look of such shock and happiness at seeing an old friend she didn't know what to say.


“I told you I'd pay you back someday.”


“And I told you to stick an icicle where the sun don't shine.”


“Hey, I thought you said you two were friends?”


Emma looked at Elsa confused, meanwhile Anna was just laughing in the background.


“Friends? More like a---”


“Now, Regina, there's no need to act like your too good to have a friend. Yes, Emma, we're indeed friends, she's just still a little raw about having lost in a snowball fight.”


Pouting, “I didn't lose, it was a draw, and queen's don't have draws.”


“Hmm, then I guess that's why it was a draw, since we are both queen's after all.”


Giggling Anna stepped up, “I'm glad to have finally you met you, Regina, my sister has told me so much about you. I wanted to extend my thanks for what you've done for my sister. If it weren't for you I surely would have lost her forever., thank you. I'm glad she has a friend like you.”


Resting a hand on Elsa's shoulder she smiled down at her sister who was returning the smile.


Blushing, “I, it was nothing, I figured that if anyone was to teach her to control her powers the right way then then the perfect teacher would be me. I didn't want some imbecile teaching her and putting us all in danger.”


“You haven't changed a bit,” Elsa just giggled at her adoringly.

“Actually, I think she's changed quite a bit. For the better.”


Emma smiled as she stood and held out the same hand that had been holding Regina's heart moments ago, “Isn't that right, your majesty?”


Regina looked away as she blushed and reached for the offered hand.


Also standing Elsa laughed, “You know blacks always been your color, Regina, but I think red looks better on you.”


Regina wasn't sure if she was talking about Emma's red jacket she was still wearing or if she was making a smart ass comment about her blushing but either way she glared at Elsa as she was pulled to her feet. Because her legs were still a bit weak from the numbing cold she stumbled into Emma's waiting arms which only wrapped her into a giant hug. Emma just smiled and winked at Elsa and Anna.


“Miss Swan, you can let me go now.”


“I'm only letting you go because you used my last name and that's your way of covering up how embarrassed you are right now.”


Emma grinned at the bright red Regina.


“That's not true, Mi—Emma.”


“I think we have a lot of catching up to do, Regina. But first I think you two have a lot to talk about now. So I know you have a few extra rooms at your mansion, how about we stay awhile and visit?”


“So you think you can just invite yourself over just like that? And how would you know, have you been spying on me, Elsa?”


“I wouldn't exactly call it spying.”


“Yes, she's been spying.”




“What? You have been.”


“Anyway, we'll be chilling at your place at least for tonight, I'll leave you two to it.”


And just like that Anna and Elsa were gone in a puff of white snow.


“What the, she just poofs in here after how many years and acts like she can just invite herself over to my house!”




“What!? Sorry,” there she goes blushing again.


Extending a hand out for Regina to take Emma just smiles. Looking down at the hand reaching out to her she hesitates but takes it as she blushes and looks away as Emma leads her down a path towards her yellow bug, the cabin in the woods poofing out of existence.


“Come on, lets go home, have a cup of hot cocoa and if you can bringing yourself to look at me for a few minutes then we can have a nice long chat.”


“I don't know what you're talking about.”


“Yes you do, you're like a little schoolgirl who can't stop blushing at their crush.”


“Little? I'll have you know I'm a bit older then you.”


Reaching her bug she opens the door for Regina, “And you're a bit cuter too. Just a bit.”


She winks and Regina is back to blushing as she slides in and the door is shut behind her. Getting into the drivers side and starting the bug Emma sighs with contentment as Regina's perfume fills the small space that is her car, she hopes that eventually that smell will be permanent. As she drives back towards town she knows Regina is looking out window but her hand, as if it has a mind of its own, reaches over and slips into her own.


Emma suddenly feeling very much Regina minutes ago begins babbling, “Regina, I know we have a lot to talk about and stuff and...”


Regina looks over and squeezes Emma's hand, “Emma, could you shut up, just a bit?”


And the savior's words catch in her throat and she snaps her mouth shut and just drives as she listens to Regina start to hum a song that she would later find out Elsa once taught her, something called, Let It Go.


There was so much they still didn't know about each other and boy were they in for a long talk.