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Conquer My Soul

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Perandora – A land that has proven time and again that an Empire can only be built in its cradle through bloodshed.

The Ackles, invaders from North, who had arrived in Perandora for its boundless riches, made it their home and gave it their love. They created an Empire out of scattered settlements and warrior tribes. They built forts and palaces, connected distant parts of the land through well laid roads and established a functioning government. 

Yet, the people of Perandora were yet to consider the Ackles their own. This was largely because Alfred the First, the founder of the Ackles Empire in Perandora and his son Emperor Alan the Good were both born outside Perandora, in the northern region of Carstava. They were and always would be invaders.

But, when Empress Donna gave birth to Alan’s only son and heir, Jensen Ross, in the Perandorian region of Valtakunta, it was known that great destiny awaited the child.

Another child born in Valtakunta was Prince Jared of the House of Padalecki, the second son of Gerald and Sharon, King and Queen of Anpi. Blessed by the Goddess Bukuri with handsome features, by the God Viisaus with great wisdom and by the Goddess Pjellori with the miraculous gift of childbirth, Jared was betrothed as a child to Prince David of the House of Boreanaz, heir to the ruler of Heimsveldi. 

However, little was it known that this child too, was destined for great things by the side of an Emperor.

Valtakunta was a land of warriors who trained to fight for their kingdom and their honor from an early age. One such warrior was Prince Mathew of the House of Cohen, foster brother of Price Jared. When Prince Mathew’s father passed away, the kingdom’s throne had passed to King Gerald which resulted in Mathew becoming isolated from the courtiers. He grew close, instead, to Prince Jared. Mathew doted on Jared and in turn, Jared worshipped his big brother, neither of them once letting the fact that they weren’t blood brothers come between them. Mathew would come whenever Jared called, no matter where he was or what he was doing.

However, it always bothered Mathew that unlike the other princes and princesses, he wasn’t given a specific role – a goal in life. What he did not know that his destiny too, was written and it pulled him away from Valtakunta and the throne that was rightfully his.

The fates of these three children intertwine to create history. This is their story.