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Talking it Over

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Jemma lay in her pod, Skye next to her, Skye’s head on her chest. Peaceful, half asleep. Potentially a good time to talk about that thing that’d been on Jemma’s mind. Jemma and Skye didn’t “talk” much. Skye was better at dealing with emotions now, after almost three months with Jemma, but Skye was no expert. It was weird for Jemma, since her past relationships had featured many “what does this mean” and “where are we at” talks. Those talks were fine with Jemma, because she was one to overanalyze, so being with people who liked to over analyze things never bothered her. It was actually refreshing when her partners over thought things as much as she did. It made her less nervous.
But Skye didn’t like to talk. Aside from when Jemma first told Skye about her feelings for her, and Skye revealed she had feelings too, but hadn’t know what to do about them, they hadn’t really talked. Skye had never felt this way for a woman before. She’d kissed girls, flirted with the idea, sometimes even letting it get heated— she told Jemma she’d “felt her way around” a few times. But she’d always fallen back on men. Jemma, on the other hand, had known she was gay since she was 15 (an advantage of overanalyzing— knowing yourself really well). Jemma had been with several women over the course of the past few years. Some had been in relationships, but some had just been casual sex too. (She’d actually been with one guy too— because she felt, as a scientist, she needed to explore all options. But one “exploration into that territory was enough to let her know it wasn’t something she wanted. Ever).
At first, Skye had been nervous, not knowing what to do, and feeling inexperienced. But she learned fast and was eager to please. Sometimes, they talked about things. Things like sex. About this move, that position, telling each other what they liked and wanted to do. And they certainly talked about other things. Like the team, their work, the insanity of this new universe they stepped in to. It was nice to have someone to talk to missions about and about the stuff they were seeing.
But this was more of a talk then a casual conversation. But it was something Skye would like, Jemma thought. And it wasn’t even serious. It was fun. It was just kind of a step. Something they had to talk about and couldn’t just feel their way into.
Jemma mentally prepared. She’d gone over different ways to bring it up in the past… now as good a time as ever.
“Skye?” she asked.
“Yeah?” skye replied, turning over, looking content. Skye sat up on her forearms, touching Jemma lightly, making her feel warm and woozy.
“I was wondering something. There’s something… something I think we’d… enjoy. I mean I’ve enjoyed it. In the past.”
“I’m listening…” Said Skye.
Jemma thought about beating around the bush, seeing if she could get through it with out having to be so frank. But she reminded herself— if you’re not ready to talk about it, you’re not ready to do it. That was the sexual standard she’d always held to. So she took a breath in and got straight to the point.
“Well I was thinking we might try a strap on.” Jemma paused, evaluating Skye’s reaction. Skye looked intrigued, but there was a shadow of doubt on her face.
“I mean… isn’t part of the point of this… that there’s not… that? I mean I’ve enjoyed… that. But you don’t like… that. I don’t want you to feel like I need… that,” Skye said, shirking around the word. “Your hands, and your mouth, that’s more than I can handle most days.”
Jemma took this in. Ok, Skye wasn’t saying no, she was just misinterpreting things. That was good. “Ok, well first of all,” Jemma began, “I, and many other lesbians, enjoy strap ons. It’s not really anything to do with ‘that,”’ Jemma said, mocking skye’s use of the word “that” in lieu of “dick.”
“It’s more to do with penetrative sex, and the way a strap on can be used to… hit certain places… that hands can’t always get. It’s not like being with a man at all, it’s being with a woman— just with an extra piece of silicone. And besides, my strap on is purple and ribbed. anything like the ‘real’ thing.” Jemma was trying to be funny, but Skye looked a little alarmed.
“You already have one?” asked Skye.
“Well… yes… as I said I’ve used it in the past. Also, it makes for an excellent tool for when I’m… going solo.”
Skye smiled coyly and said “you’ll have to show me how that works sometime.”
Jemma shook a little at how sudden and sexy that was. Just the idea— doing that to herself while skye watched— was enough to turn her on. Even though they’d had sex literally an hour ago. She’d never had a drive like this before… it was like Skye awoke some deep need within her. Even though she felt more satisfied from Sye then any other sexual partner she’d had, she always needed more. And Skye always managed to say the most attractive, enticing things. Jemma could just imagine it, her lying on the bed, skye at the desk, watching- but she didn’t keep imagining. Right now, at least. Because right now they were talking. And talking to your girlfriend is not always the best time for also sexually fantasizing about them.
“I don’t know why it seems so strange to me. Well, not strange, just not expected, or not that, just— I don’t know, it just seems like this whole new thing. That could be fun. But also intimidating.”
Skye being intimidated by sex with Jemma always baffled Jemma. Jemma was desirable, yes, but she never considered herself the kind to intimidate someone and make them nervous about performance. She was usually the one to worry about pleasing her partner, always doubting her abilities. But Skye had confided in her before their first time that Skye had never been so nervous about sex in her life. It was so Silly— Jemma got hot just thinking about Skye. About her soft skin, her soft neck, her— ok. Jemma stopped. Again with sexually fanticizing about someone who’s right in front of you. She just couldn’t help it. Skye did that to her.
Jemma thought of a way to put it to Skye. “Imagine me… being able to pleasure you, down there, but with my hands free, to hold you, to… do things to you. My face level with yours, to kiss you, bite you…” she trailed off, and gave skye her most coy smile.
Skye’s face was lighting up a little. Skye hadn’t thought about this aspect. About all the doors this opened up. All she had done was worry this was something Jemma felt pressured to do for her… but now she realized why so many lesbians were into this. It wasn’t because it was like having sex with a man. It’s because it’s a whole new way to have sex with a woman.
Skye smiled. “I’m starting to catch on to this. I think I could get behind this. Or in front of. Or to the side of. Or… whatever angle you want,” Skye laughed at the awful, cheesy innuendo. Jemma laughed too, then began,
“You know, I was actually thinking… That you might enjoy wearing it too. I’ve noticed, when we’re all.. tangled up.. that you get very thrusty. Which I like. And I thought you might like being able to… direct that thrust. You’re so great with your pelvis.” Skye truly was great in that department. Sometimes, Jemma would barely have to finger her, or eat her out. Skye would twist and thrust and do most of the work. Jemma knew skye would like a new use for those pelvic muscles.
Skye’s whole face light up this time. She hadn’t even thought of that. She hadn’t thought that Jemma would even want that. She’d just assumed… well, she was glad it had been cleared up for her. She kissed Jemma, with passion, and the two began at it again, this time a little more forceful, a little more intense. She kissed Jemma’s chin, behind her ear, stopping to suck on her earlobe for a moment, resulting in a deep sigh from Jemma. In response, Jemma ran her hands all over Skye’s body, spanking her playfully, and firmly gripping her waist. Jemma’s thumb massaged skye’s pelvis, in that sweet, sensitive spot, causing sky to take a sharp breath in, then kissing and biting at her neck, her shoulder, her collarbone.
Skye pulled back, breathing heavily. She caught her breath, looked Jemma right in the eye, and said, “You should go get that strap on I’ve heard so much about.”