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(Podfic) Rapt

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Title: Rapt


Author: Jinxy


Reader: Preslai182


Fandom: Teen Wolf


Relationship : Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski


Rating: Explicit


Warnings: N/A


Summary: Prompt: Happily Ever After: This challenge is simple. I want a fairytale ending. You can include "Once upon a time" at the beginning or end with "happily ever after" or you can have both if you are writing fic. You can also chose not to use either of these and just go for a fairytale ending. There was so much pain, chaos and strife last season we want to fix that now. We want fairytale endings for everyone! What that fairytale ending is, is completely up to you but the more storybook-like the better. This doesn't have to be canon compliant but has to include an element of fairytale whimsy. 500-750 word limit.


Text: Rapt


Length: 00:08:12


Link: (Podfic) Rapt