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It's been a few days since Piper made that call. The call that she kind of regrets but kind of doesn't at all. She knows what she did was fucked up but it was her only choice. The woman that she loved was leaving and, coincidentally, was also in danger. If Alex, somehow, landed back in prison Piper wouldn't be alone and Alex would be somewhat safe. There was no other option.
Was there?

Piper walks down the stairs and crashes straight into Nicky and a couple of other inmates, whose names she can't seem to remember. There were women huddled around the window and scattered across the stairwell and hallway.

A puzzling look appears on her face,"what is going on?" she asks, more to herself than to anyone else.

"C'mon Chapman, don't act like you don't know what today is," Nicky responds, "It's only the most important day of the week."

"Uh-well, it's Saturday, but I don't understand how that explains-" Piper scrunches her face and a disgusted look envelops it. Saturday was the day that new inmates arrived.

"Why the sour face? You love newbie day." Nicky tries to hide a smirk but fails mercilessly.

"Love?" Piper scoffs, "Please. All you people do is wait for the poor women to come in and then you guys try and intimidate them."

Piper looks out the window and sees the van pull in. The van doors open and just as she was about to catch a glimpse of the women, Piper is interrupted.

"You people? You mean black people?" Black Cindy chimes in from the bottom of the stairs. She looks up at Piper -hands on hip, eyebrows raised and everything-.

"What? No..I wasn't even talking to you..." Piper says growing more and more confused. "why does she keep doing that?" Piper asks Nicky, this time speaking lower than before.

"uh, well I don't know but we don't need you getting into a fight with cocoa puff over there, ok?" Nicky says, "and anyways I don't come here to intimidate them, I come here to uh do a little shopping and, y'know find me something that fits, ah?" she winks at Piper, hoping that she understands what she means. It takes Piper a moment, but she gets it.

"well, I am sorry but I will not play any part in your sick little game." Piper makes her way down the stairs and into the hallway. She would rather be anywhere but here.

"Don't leave," Nicky yells, "look they are coming in right now! You're gonna regret missing it Chapman."

Piper rolls her eyes and yells back over her shoulder, "I highly doubt that."

"Are you sure? I mean you might just find yourself a new prison wife," this time Nicky sounded closer. Piper figured that she had decided to follow her. "Hey, look at the one that just came in I think she's fucking perfect!"

At this point, Piper was almost out of the hallway but, in a final attempt to get Nicky off of her back she turns around.