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“Yuuri, you need to be careful.” His mother had told him; “You need to watch out for yourself. Alpha’s are rough, abrasive, and they can be dangerous. When you finally find your mate; you will love them just as much as I do with your father.” She had pushed black hair away from her son’s face, kissing his forehead fondly. His mother was right though. After a few failed relationships and the danger of the Onsen closing, people were being rough and rather abrasive to him. Being an Omega in a world that only sees your Secondary Gender as nothing more than a product, you become hunted and sought after.

Yuuri sighed as he leaned against the side of a matte black Lamborghini Aventador. He flicked the car keys a few times. That had been ten years ago; now at 25; He was a pet for the leader of the Yakuza, Ryuu Shimada. In order to save his family’s business, he sold himself to pay for the Onsen to keep it running. For seven years, he had worked with Ryuu and racing for him. He never started out with fancy and multi million dollar cars; instead he was thrown the junkers. The cars that people want to lose. Yuuri proved them wrong as he climbed the street ranks with each race. Sure, he lost a few at the beginning but There was something more to it. Each race won, Ryuu would grant him a better car. The masses only knew Yuuri as Eros, the license plate that was on each of his cars. He never showed his face without a mask, nor did he want to. To the masses, he was a Beta; even when in reality he was an Omega.

He fixed his mahogany colored Andrew Marc leather jacket , the brown leather slipping a little on his arms. The shirt underneath was black, a designer polo no less. Grey distressed jeans conformed to his shapely legs. The canvas was paired with Black Oxford shoes . Upon his left wrist was a black and gold watch , the arms seemed to be made out of pure gold while the face of the watch was black. To be honest, Yuuri didn’t mind the wardrobe that he had been gifted. Even if it came from the one Alpha that he refuses to mate to. He was still defiant about any form of mating or bonding; he didn’t want to end up with a broken soul again. Maybe a drive would clear his mind from it all. Even in the darkness of the night, the city was still alive below the outcropping.

He smirked to himself. Maybe he should go over the speed limit. It’s a suggestion after all, even if the police caught him. He gave a small sigh and twirled the keys one last time before unlocking the driver’s side door, the hinges opening upwards instead of out. The car was a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. The vehicle was a matte black color, the vehicle had been modded to an extreme point. Yuuri gave a small hum as he slipped into the rather lush interior . It was black and a navy blue and the seats had a boxed feel to them. Yuuri buckled himself in, hands resting on the black and blue steering wheel. He placed the key in the little divot, flicking up a red cover where the ignition switch was located. Pressing the button, the engine roared to life; its signature purr is something that would never get old. Kusabana was a small little town on the outskirts of Tokyo, it was quiet and quaint. Even at 11 pm.

Pulling the car into drive, Yuuri carefully drove his way out of the outcropping and headed for the expressway entrance. Turning on the radio, A K-pop song started to play. He really didn’t pay much attention to it as he drove up the ramp, gaining speed with each second. Hitting 62 mph, Yuuri glanced around, surely they would let it slide if he pushed faster. He couldn’t keep the smirk off his lips as he pushed down the gas, the Aventador easily picking up more speed.  A couple of clicks of the shifting mechanism behind the wheel and he was hitting 90. He could go so much faster, Did he want to risk hitting the 150’s? Maybe the lower 200’s? As he debated, Yuuri turned on his blinker, moving to the far left. No one was on the road this late at night. He’d be safe, if the cameras didn’t snap his car first.

He reached down and grabbed sunglasses to hide his eyes just in case. Placing them on and over his glasses, Yuuri pushed down on the gas even more. The engine revved and the speedometer started to rise, 100...115...130...150. Yuuri leveled out his speed at 170. He noticed the sky getting darker, spotting the tunnel ahead. Oh the noise his car would cause in that one area. Yuuri couldn’t help the small chuckle that left his lips as he started to drive through the long tunnel, the whole area was bathed in artificial lighting. Orange colors bounced off his mirrors and windows. Even tinted black,Thankfully they hid much from view. including the driver. He reappeared out of the tunnel. Even going 170, he still wanted more. He wanted to go faster.

He knew that going this speed was criminal, that the police would definitely be looking for his car. He noticed that the road was curving, heading into another tunnel. At least it was empty save for one or two cars out at the moment. It took a total of three minutes to get through the second tunnel. Shifting to fifth gear, the car steadily rose to 185 and stayed there. The 468 Expressway changed names to Ken-O Expressway, hitting the town of Hachioji. It was only for a short second until it changed back and another tunnel had hit. The environments around him seemed to blur thanks to his speed; truly he acted like a speed demon.

The Expressway turned into E20, one the main routes into Tokyo. He looked around before changing lanes, opting for the far right this time. A truck honked at him for speeding so fast, but Yuuri paid no mind to the driver inside the vehicle. Reaching down to the console, Yuuri fiddled with the radio before letting it settle on a different channel. Mic Drop from BTS started to play through the vehicle, the bass shaking the frame just a little. Yuuri bounced a little to the song as he entered Suginami City. It was only then that he realized that he was being followed. A steel colored Chevy Camaro was coming up behind him. Well, that wouldn’t do. Yuuri pressed harder on the gas, hitting 200 within seconds. He was taken by surprise when the car behind him continued to follow him. The Omega narrowed his eyes and geared down, pulling off the expressway and moving to the side streets.

He was so close to his home, just fifteen more minutes and yet this had to happen. Yuuri gritted his teeth and geared up again, hitting 150 instead of the 95 that he had been going when pulling off. Swerving in and out of minimal traffic along with using familiar side streets, he thought he lost the other. Yuuri breathed a sigh of relief a bit too early since not mear minutes later, the car came up behind him again, only to start flashing blue lights on the roof. “FUCK.” Yuuri hissed, slowing down and pulling off of the road. He leaned over and opened his glove compartment once he was parked. Grabbing some information and his license, Yuuri stepped out of the idling car. His black hair was slicked back and presented neatly. He pressed his body against the side of the vehicle, watching as the car behind him pulled up and parked as well. It wasn’t a normal police car, normally they were all white with markings of the force. Something was off and he couldn’t place his finger on it. He kept his expression neutral as the drivers side of the Camaro opened up.

A man stepped out dressed in a suit that was tailored to his body. It truly left nothing to the imagination. Don’t look at his waist Yuuri, you don’t need to be distracted right now. He had silver hair with a fringe covering the right side of his face. His skin was pale but oddly appealing to Yuuri. Cerulean eyes focused on him, that gaze was rather intense if he had to put a word to it. The man’s stride was confident, almost as if he owned these streets. This foreigner was sorely mistaken, these streets were Yuuri’s. The wind shifted, causing the man’s scent to push towards Yuuri. It was spicy, possibly similar to nutmeg, and it had an underlying sweetness to it that threw the other through a loop. As he got closer, Yuuri could distinctly tell that the other was an Alpha; how the other seemed to carry an air of confidence and pride; how his body was much larger and wider than Yuuri’s.  Yuuri kept the territorial growl from showing as the other man stopped a few feet away.

“Going 200 miles an hour on a 50 mile an hour Express way- My, my. It seems like someone was eager to get home.” The man spoke, the accent was clearly Russian. The roll of certain vowels was a tell tale sign. “You do realize that the ticket would be over thirty six thousand Yen.” He came closer, watching the other. “You were driving rather dangerously-” He glanced to the license plate. “Eros?” Shit, that wasn’t supposed to sound like a question. The Russian tilted his head, taking in how blase the younger seemed to be at the moment. This was certainly odd. No one was ever this cool and collected. “Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Victor.”

Yuuri just stared before removing his sunglasses and pocketing them. He raised a black brow and tilted his head. “Am I supposed to be impressed? You clearly have the lights of a cop but you look like the farthest thing from it.” He started to point out. “Your suit was custom made, a normal cop wouldn’t have that kind of money lying around.” The Omega approached the other, his normally sandalwood scent was heightened with the flirty persona that he acquired for this situation. “So, Victor. Why don’t you delete the dash cam footage that is there.” He cooed, reaching up to touch the other man, feeling the other tense. “And I’ll show you a real good time.” He purred, pressing his smaller frame against the other. The flicker of indecision was something that Yuuri loved when he played Alphas like a fiddle.

Victor cleared his throat and leaned away from the other, he could smell the other’s intention. Flirty, Promising… this is not what he wanted. Not yet at least. “I- Uh…. What form of a good time?” He was going to be screwed if the Omega was insinuating what Victor thought it was. The Omega had plush thighs and hips that seemed to fill out those jeans just right. The jacket was a nice touch with the black shirt. He was… different from those that Victor normally saw on the streets. He was too young to be a successful businessman, the car and clothing seemed odd. What dealings did this Omega have to make him this kind of money. The Lamborghini was not cheap, costing easily around fifty four million Yen. Victor tilted his head in silent question. Who was this man?

“Mmm, if you want to find out, you’ll need to delete the footage and come to an event in a week’s time.” He cooed, stepping away and casting a flirty look over his shoulder. Yuuri turned his back to the Alpha and opened the door to his car. Thanking the gods that he didn’t have to show his ID. Sliding into the driver's seat, Yuuri buckled himself in. He cast a glance at the Alpha named Victor. It was odd for him to introduce himself like that. He’d had to ask Phichit or his contacts about what was going on. Yuuri shook his head, putting his foot on the gas and taking off down the street with the roar of the Lamborghini’s engine echoing down the streets.

Victor on the other hand, just stood there dumbfounded before pulling out his phone. He pressed a quick contact and pulled the electronic to his ear, getting back into his car. “Chris? Da, I’m out. I need you to look someone up for me. Its name is Eros. I just encountered them- no I didn’t issue a ticket. They were uh… very persuasive about getting out of it. Yes, I know it’s sudden.” He groaned and put the car in drive, opting to go the opposite way. “I’ll be at the hotel in five. I don’t know what’s bugging me about this one; but something is off. Chris, I’ll tell you everything once I’m at the hotel. Da, Da. Don’t tell Yakov yet. I don’t need him breathing down my neck about some hunch. I’ll see you soon.” With that, Victor ended the call. He wasn’t pleased; all he came for was a meeting with the Yakuza Leader, Ryuu Shimada. Instead he got stood up by the arrogant man. What a disgrace.

Yuuri sighed, running his fingers through his raven hair. Pulling into his parking spot, the Omega turned off the car. He took the keys out of the lower area of the steering wheel. Yuuri opened the door and stepped out, closing and locking the vehicle behind him. His strides were quick and well, he just wanted to lay on the couch. That was too close to his liking. The strange Alpha had sent warning bells off inside of his head. That serious gaze was something not to be ignored. Yuuri leaned against the elevator as it slowly took him up to his penthouse, his gaze was raised to the ceiling. Hopefully Phichit was alright, having been stuck inside of the Penthouse was far from entertaining… that is if you didn’t have a PS4, Xbox, or TV in general.

Opening the door, Yuuri could hear the TV going. He knew the song that was playing and a fond smile was on his lips as he placed his key on the key rack that hung on the wall. Unzipping his jacket, Yuuri placed the leather on the coat hanger. “You know, any louder and the floors below can hear it.” He called out in a playful tone, stepping into the kitchen and leaning against the marble. Phichit was dancing around to the song, all while King and the Skater played behind him. A soft laugh escaped his lips as Phichit gave a nonchalant wave of his hand.

“You never know Yuuri, they may like the soundtrack.” Phichit countered, his grey eyes were alight with amusement. His honey skin was slightly damp from dancing around for so long. Phichit leaned down and carefully turned the tv down but didn’t pause the movie. “But for real though, what took you so long? I thought the meeting was over like two hours ago.” He gave a tilt of his head, confused but also worried for his friend. “Please don’t tell me that you got another speeding ticket.” He saw the sheepish look on the others face. “Yuuri! You know better than to speed when there isn’t a race. How fast did you go this time?”

“... Two hundred…. Wanted to push faster to be honest.” Yuuri sighed and made his way to the chestnut colored couches, sitting himself on one and laying back on it. “I did get pulled over but something is bothering me. The man who pulled me over didn’t give me a last name, only his first. He was Russian too. It’s like he knew where’d I be.” The Omega explained, tilting his head back and giving a low groan. “His car was too nice to be a cop as well, even if he had the lights.” Yuuri looked over to where the other Omega had laid down on an adjacent couch.

“It doesn’t sound like a normal cop Yuuri. I know Boss is meeting with the Pakhan of the Russian Mafia but we don’t know his name or what he looks like.” Phichit started with a low groan. “I’m just worried that we are going to be in a world of trouble if we decide to dig deeper. We’re only grunts, even if the Boss thinks you as his prized possession. I just- I want you to be careful Yuuri. You know we’ve lost 5 this week due to skirmishes and clashes. I just don’t want you to end up on the wrong side.”

“I know. I’m trying to play my cards right. I have fifteen races left before my debt is paid to the Yakuza. It’s just fifteen more times to cross the finish line, then I’ll go back to Hasetsu and help with the Onsen.” Yuuri raised a hand and looked at it before turning his head, spotting snow starting to fall.

Phichit sighed and closed his eyes. “Boss wanted me to pass a message to you. He wants to meet you for lunch tomorrow. Apparently he wants to give you something, not too sure what. We’ve stated that you’re off the market at least for mates.” 

“If he wants something, he always gets it. You know better than I that I like a good one night stand every once in a while. I may not be on suppressants but I refuse to let Alpha’s knot me without protection.” Yuuri waved his hand and rolled to his front, his black shirt pulling up with the movement. Pale skin was revealed along with a faint outline of a grey cloud on the edge of his ribcage.

“How long will that last?” Phichit countered, looking out the window. The house had a few lights on but not many. It seemed to cast a homey yet lived in glow.

“Until I find a mate that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m not one to be sold and bred over and over. I’m not going to be a placid thing that does everything my Alpha says. I want to be equal, even if the world doesn’t see me as one.” Yuuri nuzzled the couch pillow and gave a low hum, listening to the movie while looking outside at the silent snowfall. It was peaceful, serene, and it was his home. He wouldn’t give this up for the world.