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Outtakes from Growing Pains

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Look, he's as healthy as can be, despite some pretty wildly improbable mass displacement and age regression. There is no reason for him to stay in the medbay and every reason for him to sleep in his own room tonight."

Prowl looked up at Ratchet and Optimus with wide optics. "Don't want to sleep alone."

Ratchet glanced down at the small mech, then crouched down to look him in the opics when he realized how truly distressed the sparkling really was. "Why not? Sparklings your age always have their own rooms, usually as far away from any siblings they have as possible."

"It's not safe. I'm scared when I'm alone." Prowl pulled his lower lip between his dental plates and chewed it.

The medic's optics narrowed when he saw the nervous gesture. "Stop that. You'll damage the plating and I'm not sure we have tools delicate enough to fix your face structure right now."

"Ratchet." Optimus' tone was stern, even as Prowl obeyed and stopped chewing his lip. "Prowl is a frightened child. There is no shame in him showing that fear."

"Sorry, Prime." The white and red mech reached out and put a hand on the sparkling's head. "I'm sorry, Prowl. I didn't mean that the way it came out. I know you're scared and you're trying to be brave instead."

Prowl nodded.

"Who do you want to stay with?" Ratchet asked him. "Depending on who it is, we can probably re-arrange shifts to accommodate you."

"Sideswipe, Jazz or Optimus," the sparkling replied without hesitation. "Smokescreen or Sunstreaker would be okay, too."

The medic sighed.

Optimus nodded. "Not unexpected choices. They are his closest family members."

"He's only related to Smokescreen," Ratchet retorted.

"That does not make them any less family. Some of us are fortunate enough to choose our brothers."

"Want Sideswipe." Prowl started chewing his lip again.

"Stop that!" The white and red mech ordered.

Optimus sighed and opened a comm line. Hopefully Sideswipe would be willing to accommodate their tiny second in command.