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Frozen Dreams

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Elsa was having problems with controlling her emotions; she was in shock after having learned about the misfortune of her realm, and the living hell her sister had to endure without her. No matter how far she'd come with her magic, nothing could prepare her for a tragic story such as this and the rage she felt growl in the pit of her stomach brought thundering clouds to the peak of the mountain. The air began to howl like the swirling storm inside her soul and her powers shot from her body to the clouds in a blinding ray of light, making the weather become a mirror of her turmoil.

The Shaman came and put a hand on her shoulder kindly. "Please don't make it worse than it already is for Arendelle," the wise elder pleaded. "If you let all your anger flurry in the way of magic, you'll have none left to help your sister when you come to find her."

Elsa steeled her jaw and her teeth almost screeched from the grinding, but she listened. She would have to make a new plan of invasion now that she knew about the secret army the King possessed. Her only option was winning, but how could her royal guard of thirty defeat an army of two thousand? She could rely on magic but her people didn't have any — they would just be walking into slaughter. She needed a miracle or an army of dragons to overpower Baldur — Aurelius.

Her plan had been moving with stealth in the cover of night, break into the castle, find Anna and bring her to safety, and then Elsa would confront the King about the people he held prisoner from her new realm — the Enchanted Forest, or Misthaven as it was known in Arendelle. But now everything had taken an unexpected turn and she had to be more careful, seeing as how Baldur had in his hold a servant of darkness with millenary magic stolen from light bearers.

In the last weeks, she had learned Arendelle was being oppressed by the repudiated foreign monarch, but nothing she'd imagined came close to the story the Shaman showed her just now.

The rightful Queen of Arendelle breathed deeply and began to calm down, the storm clouds soon started to fade away and no more thunders lit the sky, but to make the incident seem natural; she let harmless clouds make it rain in Arendelle — but kept her camp rainless.

Her knights were worried but felt relieved when their Majesty came back to the camp and ordered them to take rounds to guard the perimeter while she retreated to plan the next move.

She didn't look her usual self, everyone could notice her pained expression and the stiffness in her movement, and Mirabelle came to her side and walked with her to the tent set up for her Highness.

Elsa was flustered about everything this evening had given her — Regina's rejection and the Shaman's revelation — it was too much and her handmaiden couldn't avoid feeling theurgent need to make her Queen feel better. She wanted to do anythingthat might give Elsa some peace, some release, from all the tension she could see her carry in that graceful body — from what the Queen wouldn't speak about.

As Elsa sat down on a pillow, Mirabelle came behind her and gently placed her hands over her shoulders to ease the tension in her muscles. "Let me soothe you, my Queen." The maiden offered and massaged her shoulders and neck with expert care, having worked in physical therapy in Storybrooke. It wasn't the first time she relieved the Queen with her healing touch and Elsa let a deep breath out, trying to relax.

She felt some of the tension cease, but still had too much in her mind to let go of and Mirabelle's touch was becoming difficult to stand for Elsa after what happened earlier in the meeting with her partner. She knew Regina was angry, hurt, and just wanted to make her jealous with the mention of Emma to punish her. But if they really were together, well, that would take some time to digest and — Regina was right — she had lost her rights upon leaving. Her shoulders tensed again and Mirabelle rubbed her hands together until they became warmer and placed them over tight shoulder blades once more to soothe them.

After having made the first connection with Regina through the charmed necklace, Elsa didn't put it back because the gateway was now active and any time any of them were to wear it; said user would immediately be sent to that world — even if the other person weren't wearing it. This would make things somewhat difficult again but given how Regina had treated her, it wouldn't make much of a difference from what they'd had until then.

Or would it? Elsa side glanced the chest where she kept the charm hidden. She asked not to be disturbed unless it was an emergency and dismissed her maid to have some time alone to plot her revenge and maybe, with luck, find some rest.

But she had no head for warfare. Instead, she retrieved her necklace from inside the coffer and looked at the pendant for a while before putting it away again; she turned off her candle, closed her eyes, and tried to think about something that could bring her peace this sleepless night… and started dreaming of Regina.

Mirabelle had gone back to her own tent and was brushing her black hair when an idea occurred to her after comparing herself with that woman Elsa couldn't get out of her head. She, too, had brown eyes, light olive skin, very slightly thinner lips; but her hair was wavy and reached to her waist — that was what made her most different from Regina, so she cut it until it only touched her shoulders, brushed it to make it smoother, and put a crimson stain on her lips to make them much more enticing and appear fuller.

The woman silently called for Elsa outside the Queen's tent but upon hearing no answer, she quietly sneaked inside before anyone would see her. Elsa had just fallen asleep so when she felt a presence near, her eyes only parted very slightly and could barely distinguish feminine curves through a sheer nightgown coming closer, and with the scarce amount of moonlight filtering, she saw familiar short black hair and red lips coming to her level.

"Regina?" The Queen mumbled more asleep than awake. "Shhh…" Mirabelle pressed her index finger on rosy lips gently as she now crawled over the Queen's body to straddle her, and Elsa's aching heart and confused mind then showed her the face of her lover in the woman approaching in the shadows. "Have you forgiven me?" The blonde asked, thinking they were wearing their necklaces and had reunited in the lovers' realm.

This time there was no hushing to answer her question but lips crashing against hers with some nervousness that quickly turned into smoldering kissing when Elsa's hand gripped on her hair and deepened the kiss. "Mmmm…" Mirabelle moaned and Elsa rolled them over and pinned her down.

"Oh, how much I've missed hearing your voice… Tonight I will make sure you don't leave before at least screaming my name three times." Elsa said in her ear before moving back to her lips. Her tongue soon found its way inside that hot mouth aching for her and their kissing turned more passionate.

Her hands made sure to keep a steady grip on Regina's wrists at the sides of her head while she now kissed and licked her warm neck. "You're mine — nobody else's," the blonde said with a hoarse voice and then branded her for the first time; sucking on her skin until she was sure a hickey would mark her territory.

Elsa moved down to her covered chest, released her grip and used her hands to rip open the top of that useless nightgown and expose round pert breasts, what made Mirabelle groan in both surprise and arousal. She'd suspected the Queen was a good lover, but didn't anticipate she could be so deliciously primal.

Elsa's mouth went to kiss the space between her breasts and slowly continued moving down while her fingers paid torturous attention to hardened nipples. "I want to devour you whole," Elsa groaned in the darkness, completely overtaken by her hunger.

A heated whimper came out of red lips and Elsa continued kissing down her torso, but then noticed the big difference between the woman in her bed and Regina. Her eyes opened wide and her hands went to touch the flat stomach where her child was supposed to be. She lit the candle with her magic and then saw who was the real person she was making love to.

"Mirabelle?!" The Queen jumped off of her and rubbed her eyes, unsure if she was really awake this time and a hand went to touch at her own neck. No necklace.

"Elsa, I can explain." The brunette sat up and tried to cover her breasts with her arms in shame.

"It's your Majesty, and I have no interest in hearing your excuse." Elsa gave an icy glare. "Leave."

"I'm sorry, my Queen. It's just — it's been so long since you last were with her and you were so stressed, I thought—"

"You thought impersonating my True Love would go unnoticed in my own bed," the Queen snarked. "I could have you executed."

"No! Please, I beg you. I … I wanted to soothe you, Highness." Mirabelle cried. "I'm very sorry, I just… I wish you could see there's someone else who pines for you. Someone who wants to see you happy again and be part of the reason, however small it may be." The younger woman broke into sobs.

"Mira…" Elsa sighed deeply. "You've only made it worse," the Queen said with distress. "I will see that Sir George returns you safely to Misthaven at dawn." Elsa waved a hand and her magic made Mirabelle's nightgown stitch back to shape. "Please leave my tent now," the blonde ordered.

The Queen of Arendelle couldn't fall back asleep after the upsetting encounter, and felt her anger only increase with the sexual frustration she had managed to dismiss until this night. Her blood had boiled like never before at the thought of having Regina again after so much time apart, and she felt all the stress burn inside like a volcano waiting to burst in a merciless eruption.

"Conceal, don't feel,"Elsa repeated like a mantra but her mind had a different thought. I want to feel you, Regina.

Storybrooke, Maine.

Regina kept the necklace a secret as she wasn't sure what kind of world she'd just come back from, and seeing Elsa had been overwhelming. She was still angry, that was granted, but she also missed her and having seen the Queen of Arendelle again only made the aching much more unbearable. But magic always had a cost and the experienced sorceress knew she couldn't just walk back into that world without expecting any consequences for transcending realms, and decided she would visit the library the next day to learn more about places of this nature while Henry was in school.

She found different references in an assortment of books and learned by putting the pieces together that the place she was sent to with Elsa was a dimension suspended in between worlds. It wasn't a realm of its own; the reason why she couldn't smell or feel the nature in that paradise, and it was very dangerous to spend a long time inside this dimensional bubble. Your spirits could be trapped together forever while your bodies perished in the real world.

It seemed romantic for a couple; spending infinity with one another, but it wasn't for the people around them. And Regina was pregnant, if she were to be trapped: her child would never come to term.

All magic came with a price and Regina decided to put the necklace away until she could find some form of protection for herself. Time in the Lovers' Lair didn't run in the same pace it did here and they could easily loose track and become lost in each other. Maybe it had been good she was cold with Elsa… even when she longed to go back to that little bubble and give into her warm embrace; the only thing she could feel real in that false paradise.

Regina spent most of her day in the library until it was time to go the office because Bettie kept calling her to ask if she would be soon there, but every time the mayor said "in half an hour," it would turn into a full one and her secretary was tired of calling and Regina of answering. The mayor just went to check what was urgent — which wasn't much really — as Storybrooke was pretty tranquil now that it only had half the population.

The troublemakers had been the lost boys and Leroy, but the bandits had gone back to the fairy tale world and Leroy was no longer the grumpy street drunk after Nova chose him and left life as a nun and fairy to live with him. Equipment for the local weather channel had arrived; new computers where installed in Henry's school; and even newer electronics replaced their 80's versions in the stores.

So much to please this demanding bunch of peasants, Regina reconsidered going back to the Enchanted Forest. As Queen here she was actually a servant to her people, not the other way around. But even with work, Regina couldn't stop thinking about her reunion with Elsa and now that she knew she could see her, she really wanted to return home and take that necklace to wear it — but she also had to be careful after all of what she'd learned in the course of her morning.

Instead, the sorceress decided to break into Rumplestiltskin's abandoned shop and start her own inventory of the relics he had in his possession, but realized it would take her more time than she'd imagined making a list of each item and its powers, and took the hardest decision she had made since deciding to stay: stepping down the throne to name Mary Margaret her successor, the new Mayor of Storybrooke.

Regina went back to her office before Emma appeared with Henry and called the un-Charmings to ask them to come together. She gave them the news that she would be taking a break from her duties as mayor, used her pregnancy as the reason, and Mary Margaret and David were surprised but excited to rule their kingdom again. Little did they know, that this world was much more complex and bureaucratic.


Once she was home and Henry went to his bedroom, Regina walked to the dresser and retrieved the necklace. She held it in her hands for a while, thinking… But whom did she want to fool? She was dying to wear it and travel to her partner's side once more, so she did: to alert Elsa of the dangers — not because she wanted to see her (or hug her) — if it happened, it would just be incidental. Exactly.

Again, she felt sucked into a wormhole and then appeared in the garden, but Elsa wasn't coming and Regina began to grow impatient. Had she sent her away for life? The brunette wondered and started to lose hope, and just when she was about to remove her charm; her belly glowed, and it didn't take much longer until Elsa made her appearance. But the Queen of Arendelle didn't run to her side this time; she walked slowly, locked gazes momentarily and averted her eyes.

"Elsa? You seem… different." Regina commented at her girlfriend's lack of greeting and gloomy bearing. Could she still be mad because of their quarrel? The brunette wondered and felt a little remorseful, since it was rare to make Elsa really upset — at least with her… But when she got mad, she conjured storms or cast curses and disappeared.

"It's just the hair." Elsa looked up again and smiled half-heartedly. "It hasn't grown that much… makes me look different," she ran her fingers through her hair and then looked to where trees created a nice shade. It wasn't like the sun burned her, she didn't even feel it, but there was something soothing about sitting under its shade that made her want to go there.

"Hmm… It will take some getting used to." Regina looked at her unconvinced and couldn't shake a feeling of worry, but she couldn't yet let her harsh façade down either and didn't know what to do now. Thankfully, Elsa wasn't one to keep walls up when it came to Regina and decided to take the first step. "Come with me?" She offered her hand for the brunette to take it.

Regina hesitated, but there was something about Elsa's demeanor that she couldn't ignore and she finally gave in and put her pride aside; joined their hands and intertwined their fingers, making Elsa smile — but it wasn't a bright smile like the ones she usually had for her and Regina needed to know why. This wasn't because of their fight.

They walked to the tree and sat under the shade but Elsa's gaze got lost in the horizon and Regina really couldn't stand the silence that settled, nor her unfamiliar behavior.

"I'm sorry for having been so prided yesterday." The brunette finally said and Elsa squeezed her hand.

"I'm not mad at you, Regina. You were in all your right to be aggrieved; I was impulsive, and didn't fully think what I was doing… I left you, both, and I will never forgive myself for having done that." Elsa said with a raspy voice, her eyes welling up with tears.

"But I was wrong to make you think I had something with…" Regina paused. She didn't really want to mention the name.

"It doesn't matter. If you're here, it is because you love me just as much as I love you." Elsa smiled a little more happily this time and brought Regina's hand to her lips to kiss it. "And even if you were… it's your happiness what I want most. I might not be able to return to you…" She exhaled heavily.

She felt guilty after her almost slip with Mirabelle, and didn't have much hope for them after what she learned about Arendelle, knew she would be walking into a certain death soon but if her life were what it would take to give Anna a glimpse of happiness; she would do it without a second thought. That was true until she saw Regina's advanced pregnancy the day before. All what she was missing.

Anna had the worst life she could've imagined and Elsa wanted, needed, to bring a happy ending her way; but she also had her own family who needed her now. If she could only turn back time… Elsa sighed deeply. She was torn and hopeless.

"This world these small moments are all I can offer you." Elsa's eyes turned dull after sharing those words.

"Why does this feel like you're saying good-bye again?" Brown eyes looked deep into blue. "Have you found Anna? Is she with you, or is she…" the brunette stared and tried to read the pained expression in Elsa's face. Could she be dead? Had this journey been in vain?

"No…" answered Elsa as her tears fell and Regina pulled her into her arms, thinking the worst. "I haven't found her, but I learned about the nightmare she's had for a life." Elsa continued crying. "Everything is… fucked up, and I can't — I'm not strong enough. I can't do this alone."

"But, love, you're not alone. You have us and I'm looking for a way to be together — for real — again. Please tell me why you're acting like this. What's happening there, Elsa? You're making me worried."

"Regina, my one and only… We're going to war with Arendelle…" Elsa answered. "I don't think I will live past tomorrow."

Regina felt her heart stop for a moment and tried to digest what she had just been thrown like an ice bucket.

"No," she held Elsa tighter and sought her eyes. "You WILL live. Tomorrow and the day after."

"But Regina, you don't know—"

"Stop." The brunette interrupted. "You will live because I'm giving you an order, and no one, listen well: NO ONE disobeys the Evil Queen, you understand me? If you die, I swear I will look for you in all the realms and when I find you; I will kill you with my own hands again for deceiving me."

"Regina… that doesn't make sense." Elsa half-heartedly smiled.

"Elsa. I forbid you to die and I expect you here tomorrow, the day after and everyday until you come back or I go back to you. I will see you again." Regina's voice broke, her tears streamed down, and after that sentence she cupped Elsa's face in her hands and looked into sapphire eyes. "I love you too much to loose you again. Please… Don't leave me a second time. Not ever."

Elsa was at a loss of words. Regina had never been as expressive, so sweet and vulnerable in her own way, and it gave her hope and strength for what she would have to face the next day.

"In the event I don't come… please know that I never loved like I love you. And please tell my little snowflake that my biggest regret was not seeing her grow," said Elsa as she put her hands on Regina's belly. "Blood of my own, I will watch over you from wherever I may go."

"No, you won't because you're not dying." Regina muttered. "You won't watch over her; you will raise her, with me." The brunette said firmly, her voice broken and eyes glazed.

At those words, Elsa finally broke. "Regina!" She cried out and embraced the middle of her torso, her head against Regina's soft warm chest as she sobbed. "I want you more than anything, I need you more than I need air, and I wish you were truly with me."

Regina smiled and brushed some of the blonde's hair away from her wet face, wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes and leaned forward; looking deep into ocean eyes and those soft lips she missed so much feeling against hers. How long had it been since their last kiss? It felt like an eternity and life pounded in their chests with fervor.

Regina cupped Elsa's face in her hands and brought her closer to hers. "If you wish upon a star," she whispered over rosy lips and closed her eyes, and Elsa closed her own to melt into a kiss she had been dying to receive from her partner; from the woman that had changed her life entirely and given new purpose to her doomed existence.

Their lips met in a gentle kiss that was filled with all the love from months of separation, the pain of departure, and the promise of a better future. There could be no truer innocence in their touch than the pure wish of sharing life together to look after each other, and when they slowly parted and opened their eyes to lock loving gazes, almost didn't realize of their new surrounding.

The bubble had shattered, two dimensions collided, and the bridge between both worlds had been Elsa's magic present in Arendelle and in Storybrooke, making the connection and a portal was born from their true love and light magic. The power had emanated from their daughter.

"I'm cold." Regina finally noticed the contrast from the bubble where she couldn't feel the weather, but here she was freezing and then looked around them. "Where are we?" She asked and held onto Elsa when she found their location to be the middle of a broken ice staircase that had nothingness beneath them.

"What?" Elsa was still lost in the soothing effect of that blissful kiss of life. Squinting, she looked around. "Arendelle, why?" The blonde asked and then reacted. "Oh my god. You, me, we are in Arendelle." The younger woman embraced her lover tightly and made magic swirl around Regina to give her proper clothing to protect her from the coldness. "We did it!"

"We transcended realms? I don't understand… No book mentioned it was possible to crossover." Regina tried to rationalize. "My body, what if it still is in Storybrooke? Our baby could die." She quickly moved her hand down to her belly in fear it might not be there anymore, but it still was and glowing with after-magic. "You did this?" Regina asked her child incredulously and a light pulse gave her the answer.

"My little snowflake," Elsa's voice quavered but this time from joy and the blonde peppered kisses over that beautiful belly she loved more than ever.

"I wasn't going to wear my necklace today… I came here to think about Anna, about you and our daughter and as I was holding the pendant in my hand; it suddenly glowed, and I knew I had to put it on." Elsa said to Regina and the brunette remembered it had been her child who stopped her from leaving before Elsa appeared. Their little snowflake brought them together.

Still, Regina needed to make sure this was no illusion and insisted on removing their necklaces. Elsa didn't want to, she feared it might send her woman back to Storybrooke but the well being of their daughter was more important and she had to agree in removing them — however terrifying the idea.

When they removed them, something unexpected happened: nothing, and both women kissed after putting back their charms. "I love you," they said to each other and stepped to the safe part of the mountain.

They were about to go the camp when Regina felt something behind them, turned to look and distinguished a subtle glow and waving effect in the middle of the broken staircase, like heat haze. "Wait," Regina asked Elsa and carefully went up the stairs to have a closer look, sensing magic very fine but powerful once you perceived it with a trained sense.

It was the portal, but did it lead to Storybrooke? They had to find out before anyone else to protect such an important phenomenon. No more would they need magical beans or to cast the Dark Curse with the heart of the thing you loved most to travel dimensions — to go to Storybrooke.

But Elsa couldn't risk letting Regina cross it or going herself and becoming lost in the unknown. For all they knew, it could be the bubble or even a whole different world. Instead, she summoned Olaf and commanded him to walk to the other end of the bridge and come back with something familiar from the other side.

"Elsa… there is no other end of the bridge," the snowman looked suspiciously at her and pointed with his wooden hand to the broken staircase. "Did she ask you again to get rid of me?" He looked with sad puppy eyes at the blonde while pointing to Regina accusingly with a finger. The brunette had never been fond of pets and she couldn't help seeing him as some sort of animal.

"No," Elsa responded and Regina rolled her eyes at Olaf. "Look again," the blonde asked him and with her magic rebuilt the broken staircase to make it a complete safe bridge.

Olaf wasn't fully convinced but decided to please his mistress and walked the steps that lead to the portal and disappeared behind an invisible curtain, and it took him several minutes to come back — but not empty handed.

"What did you find?" Elsa asked the moment he appeared through the door and looked in his tiny hands.

"This thingy… I brought it from the palace," he gave Elsa her cellphone. "Thank you!" The blonde peppered him with kisses and asked him to go to the brunette's side and stay put. She then turned to Regina and the experienced sorceress hid any signs of the portal under a cloaking spell and made Elsa's bridge appear broken to the rest of them — this would be their very own secret.

They made it safely to the camp after sending Olaf with a mission to Storybrooke. They gave him an envelope with a card explaining Regina's disappearance and asked him to give it only to Henry and no one else. But there was also something else inside he could hear when shaking the small envelope, but paid it no mind. He took off with excitement in his assignment and his little snowing cloud followed above him to make sure he never melted.

Elsa guided Regina to their tent and her guards were shocked to see the Evil Queen again. How could she come back to this world? Had she ripped out Henry's heart? The word started to spread amongst the crew but Elsa owed them no explanation and right now all she wanted was to be alone with her love.

Regina entered the tent and looked around, it was different from her style but she liked it… a little. The Persian style with rugs and pillows somehow fit Elsa. They seemed comfortable and were mostly blue and gold, her girlfriend's favorite colors.

Elsa came behind her and helped her remove the thick cloak covering her body from the outside cold and dissimulating her pregnancy still unknown in this world. "So this is our provisional bedchamber before war," the blonde offered a lopsided smile and Regina raised an eyebrow.

"I suppose it will do." Regina replied and went to take seat with Elsa's help, as it was floor level. Their bed was an assortment of pillows and blankets over a rug. Really? With her magic couldn't the Queen of Arendelle summon furniture? Her men didn't even have to carry it.

"Would it bother you if I conjure a futon?" The brunette asked, not very comfortable with the idea of sleeping on the floor in her condition.

"Not at all. Whatever you may need, my love." Elsa quickly replied and in a snap of Regina's fingers, both women were now sitting on a much more comfortable cushion.

Regina laid on her side and Elsa did the same, both women looking at each other with all the love they still had in their hearts for one another. Time could wash away pain, mistakes, but it could never erase the love they shared.

"I don't want to close my eyes," said Elsa as her hand caressed Regina's cheek tenderly. "I don't want to fall asleep for I fear I might wake up from the sweetest dream."

Regina smiled beautifully and put her hand over Elsa's. "I'm here to stay," the brunette told her and brought that warm hand to her lips to kiss it. "For as long as you may have me."

"It will be for eternity then," Elsa smiled. "This life and the next to come — all of them — I shall spend with you," she pressed her lips on Regina's and kissed her slowly, enjoying this perfect moment together. She didn't want to rush anything, quite the contrary, she wished for this night to last forever.

I want to feel you, Regina. Her mind had kept her up the night before with that thought, paying no attention to her mantra ordering the contrary. It was a dream coming true.

Her hand went to caress Regina's silhouette and then to rest on her wonderful pregnant tummy, her little miracle she called a snowflake. "You are the light of my heart," said Elsa and caressed her child's haven, and Regina's belly glowed in response.

"You know, it had stopped glowing ever since you left. Our little snowflake missed you just as much as I did and she guided me back to you," the brunette told her and Elsa contained her tears. "Please don't cry because you'll make me cry as well," said Regina and Elsa kissed her immediately.

Their snogging was ever so gentle and amorous, but inevitably grew in heat from the passion that accompanied love. Elsa got out of her dress and gently removed every piece of Regina's clothing she was still wearing from the modern world. She knelt beside her and admired her body. Perfection. Her woman was the most beautiful goddess ever created by the hand of a higher artist.

The Queen of Arendelle kissed every inch of Regina's skin from toes to head and Regina's hands caressed Elsa with the same delicate care. The blonde spent a good amount of time in her warm neck before moving to her heaving breasts and covering a pointy peak with her warm mouth, suckling gently at the extra sensitive flesh while her left hand fondled the other hill aching for attention, and her thigh made a delicious pressure on Regina's humid core, grinding lightly but relentlessly.

Regina felt she was on the verge of madness from so much pleasure; this slow build-up becoming the most unbearable as her senses were intensified by the effects of hormones and the boosted sensitivity in her body, and even the lightest touch sent electrical waves all through her anatomy. "I want to feel you inside me," she groaned while Elsa's tongue teased the other nipple that deserved her worship.

Elsa's thigh glistened as the blonde removed her pressure from Regina's dripping center, the brunette groaned in complaint at the loss of friction but was promptly filled with two fingers that easily slipped inside the velvety space with how wet she had gotten, evoking an even deeper groan from Regina. Elsa's thumb then went to massage that small bud swollen with arousal above Regina's entrance and the brunette was loosing her mind now with Elsa's ministrations inside and outside her.

Elsa's mouth went to suck on her pulse point and Regina moaned in pleasure. "I want to hear my name come from your sweet lips, I don't care if they hear us." Elsa said in Regina's ear as now three fingers slammed in and out of that hot and wet oasis to bring Regina to the very peak of her climax. "Come for me…" Elsa begged in her ear and went to kiss her mouth, their tongues dancing together. A few more thrusts and Regina was sent to heaven and back, with Elsa's name erupting from her mouth in a throaty whimper of ecstasy.

Quite the show, as their guards had noticed long before Regina cried out Elsa's name. Their moaning and heavy breathing had been heard, and while some people moved farther away to avoid the embarrassment; others were drawn like bees to honey to listen and get aroused, but couldn't do anything to release their tension, as they still had to keep guard around the camp.

Enjoy while you can, Regina thought and when Elsa fell asleep with the brunette in her arms, she intoned a spell to erase that sexual event from their filthy minds. Her screams, moans and groans were only for Elsa to enjoy, just as Elsa's belonged only to her. No one else.

Morning light awakened the lovebirds and Elsa stroked that plump belly tenderly. "Hello my chocolate spoon," she kissed black curls and then a shoulder — a gesture Regina missed terribly and brought a big smile to her face.

"Good morning, vanilla spoon." The brunette greeted, still sounding forced when using sobriquets and Elsa chortled. "So much time and you haven't gotten any better at endearments," the blonde teased. "tsk-tsk. You have to try harder."

"I just need practice." Regina defended. "Practice you denied me," there was the snarky remark.

"Practice now," said Elsa and smiled. "It never is too late… Not for love." She told her softly and Regina slowly turned around to face her.

"Elsa…" she breathed out, cupped Elsa's face in her hands and kissed her… a kiss that lasted a couple of minutes and made her heart swell. "I'm better at this," the brunette sneered after breaking the kiss and seeing Elsa's dumbfounded expression, like she had lost the ability to think, speak or even breathe.

Elsa blinked and remembered to breathe again. "Fair enough," she said and Regina smooched her again and Elsa felt her body burn wanton. "You *kiss* little *kiss* minx," the blonde said in between smooches and Regina loved how easy it was for her to make the Ice Queen melt.

But when Elsa pulled her into her body so Regina lay atop her, the brunette stopped kissing her and smirked. "I believe we have a war to plan," she told Elsa, got up, and appeared a modified version of one of her evil queen dresses to accommodate her body.

She then turned to look at Elsa over the shoulder and was amused by the priceless expression in her face of: disbelief, shock and betrayal. How dare you? She could see blue eyes say as the blonde looked deeply offended. "Quit sulking and get ready, creampuff." Regina chuckled.

Elsa didn't know whether to grumble or cry like a whiny baby. But creampuff, though? That was a good one and it had come so naturally from Regina's lips that it gave Elsa back her good mood — even when she still was a wee bit disappointed she wouldn't be getting more of that succulent body this morning. Another reason to triumph and live for tomorrow.