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Sacred Hearts

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Chapter 1: Trail

Daniel waited in the entrance of the white portal, stomping his feet slightly against the ground repeatedly. “Where is she?” He asked to himself.

“Goodbye Blair, goodbye Finn! See you soon!” Daniel sighed. Finally. Through the portal came Connor’s twin sister, Candela, with a bright smile on her face. Daniel noticing the happy smile she wore, smiled himself.

“Did you have fun?” He asked.

Candela nodded vigorously. “Yes! We played a lot, though I accidentally poisoned Lionel,” She said grimacing, but then shook her head with a smile. “Finn healed him on time though!” She giggled. “Greg fainted like, twice.”

Daniel smiled at her warmly, though a small pang of sadness conquered his heart as he remembered Greg; how he missed his son. “Glad you had fun, but now I gotta take you home, Dela.”

Candela yawned. “Okay, but with one condition,” Daniel arched an eyebrow and suddenly Candela jumped on him. “You have to carry me back home!” She giggled.

Daniel laughed as Candela climbed to his shoulders. Once she was sitting on his shoulders, he smiled at her. “Are you comfy?” She nodded. “Let’s go then!”

Daniel now was carrying her on his arms as she had fallen asleep midway home. He looked down at her and smiled sadly; Candela was like another daughter to him, since she had no parents in the City of Stars. She shifted in his arms and put her head close to his shoulder with a little smile. He was sure that she also looked at him like a fatherly figure.

Ahead of him, he saw Connor’s grandparents walking towards him, their faces troubled. Daniel arched an eyebrow worriedly. “What’s wrong?”

Carnelia sighed. She shook her head sadly. “Fidelite and Nina just lost one of the twins, we were looking for you.”

Nina was Daniel’s daughter, she had married Connor’s brother, Fidelite, two years ago. Daniel’s shoulders dropped. “Oh…”

Bruno, Connor’s grandfather, said. “We thought that you would like to come with us, after all, the little boy is your grandson.” Bruno shook Candela awake gently.

“What’s happening?” Candela asked sleepily.

“Come, Candela, Daniel needs to do something.” He said, then grabbed Candela’s hand to take her away. Both left and Carnelia faced Daniel.

“I’ll go with you, little Connor is my grand-grand son, and I need to watch over him until his parents join us.” She said. Daniel felt guilty for not being updated with his daughter’s family, but with all that has been happening in Tarabiscoville and Greg, could anyone really blame him?

“So they did name him Connor after all?” He asked while he walked alongside the elderly woman.

“They did, minutes before the little one died...” Carnelia answered sadly.

Daniel shook his head as they stepped out of the city through the Great Gate. Ahead in the forest, a huge starry turquoise crocodile looked at both of them while holding a basket full of flowers in its jaws.

Carnelia and Daniel stood before the crocodile. “Thanks for bringing little Connor here, Swift Lake.” Carnelia said.

Swift Lake’s scaly tail moved and she gave Carnelia the baby. Once her jaw was free of the basket, she said. “It’s the job of an Animal Totem to keep their child safe.” She looked sadly at the baby on the basket. “Or what I got to meet of mine...”

“Sorry, Swift Lake.” Daniel sighed. “Death is something inevitable.”

The turquoise crocodile looked away. “I know…” She turned around. “I’ll be heading now, there’s nothing else for me here. Happy swimming, Stars.” With that, she adventured the marshes and disappeared of sight.

Daniel and Carnelia turned their gazes at the baby on the basket when he started crying. Daniel picked him up and swang him on his arms gently. “It’s okay, Grandpa is here.” The little’s boy eyes started to pour stardust from them and he opened his eyes slowly, revealing beautiful blueish green eyes.

“Hey there, little one.” Carnelia greeted quietly, caressing Connor’s pale skin. The baby stopped crying and looked at both of them with huge watery eyes, curiosity sparking here and there. Carnelia put a yellow Dandelion on his light brown hair. Connor’s lip twitched a bit. “Do you like the flower?”

Daniel chuckled. “I think he does.” He turned around and walked away with Carnelia by his side, heading for the Great Gate.

Daniel sighed and shook his head when they crossed it. “I lost the count of how many dead children I’ve seen in the past few weeks.”

Carnelia looked at him. “What do you mean by that?”

“Your grandson Connor just visited us recently, but you know that already.” He said. “And due to the anomaly of that kid Romeo, I’ve met two other children from another universe, Blair and Everett, dead as well.”

“What an interesting life,” Carnelia said.

“It got on my nerves recently, I don’t like seeing dead children,” He looked down at the baby on his arms, now snoring quietly.

“Well, if it helps dear, at least you’re here to give them the life they deserve.” Carnelia comforted him.

“I guess-” Daniel didn’t get to finish his sentence when all the city started to shake violently. Carnelia held onto him, afraid.

“What’s happening?” She asked.

“I have no idea!” Daniel yelled. All around him, lampost and trashcans fell to the ground, some other Stars yelled in fear as no one understood what was happening. On all the time that he has been on the City of Stars, nothing like this had happened; it was usually a peaceful place to rest.

There was a huge creak sound and suddenly, a crack parted the street on half, and it continued to do so until it got out of Daniel’s sight. He held strongly onto the door of a building alongside Carnelia, both protecting the kid.

After a few long minutes, everything stopped and went calm again. Daniel and Carnelia slowly got loose of their hold and carefully, stepped on the street. “What happened?” He asked to himself.

“Daniel!” He turned to see a very frightened Candela running up to him.

“Candela?” Wasn’t she at home? “What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I-I ran into Calypso and we got distracted talking, then everything started to shake and- and-” Daniel put an arm over her and handed the Connor to Carnelia. He admired the crack on the ground, bewildered.

What happened?

So warm… He cuddled in there, in the arms of the other warm boy. I wanna stay here forever… Wait.

Warm? Other arms?

Connor slowly opened his eyes in the slightly illuminated green room. The blinds of the window were half-way closed, so the morning light didn’t get inside as much, giving the perfect illumination. He tried to move but found out that arms were around his waist and that someone’s chest was pressing against his back. He turned around slightly to take a look at the person, only to meet Greg’s green eyes.

They stared into each other's eyes for a moment before Greg said. “Hey,”

He turned away and sighed. “Again?”

“Again...” Answered the other boy behind him. Last night they both had gone to Cameron and Selina’s party, as they were leaving Tarabiscoville to live in Milennia Town -a very bad choice in Connor’s opinion- and got very drunk, or well, at least him.

Greg sat on the bed, an amused tone on his voice. “You know, you have really cute moans.”

Connor covered himself with the sheets of the bed. “Shut up, Lizard Boy.”

He felt Greg crawl his way out of the bed. “Come on, not like we haven’t done this before, Connor. Why do you still feel embarrassed about it? If it happened, happened.”

Connor uncovered only his eyes and found himself staring at Greg’s toned back as the other put on a dark green shirt. His face felt warm. “W-Well, yeah…” He carved his face onto the pillow. “But I just don’t wanna think what I said last night… drunk me is the worst me.”

Greg giggled. “Drunk you is the best you, at least in bed.” He muttered. Connor uncovered himself fully now and stared at him annoyedly. Greg smiled. “I was joking, relax. Besides,” He gave Connor a shirt. “I don’t remember too much of last night either.”

Connor sat up on the bed, only wearing boxers and proceeding to put on the shirt. “You don’t want to.”

Greg sat by his side and put a hand on his cheek. “I said I didn’t remember too much, not that I didn’t remember.” He stood up and walked out the door, but before saying. “I’ll be downstairs having breakfast, join whenever you want to.”

Connor nodded and put on his clothes, feeling warm inside despite feeling embarrassed for getting really drunk last night. He quickly put on some socks and then walked out the door, heading downstairs. There he saw Greg pouring milk on a cup. “Your mom wasn’t home?” He asked.

“Last night? Nope, she was working.” He turned around with two cups in hand and handed one to Connor. “And she won’t be here for a couple of hours more.” He walked to the couch, on the way grabbing a box of cereal, and sat.

Connor followed and sat by his side. “How can you be hungry?” He looked at his cup. “I feel like I’m gonna throw up if I eat something.”

Greg only poured the cereal on the milk and with a spoon, ate. “I guess we experience different hangovers.” He said with his mouth full. He turned on the TV and put Netflix on. He swallowed. “Wanna watch something? Riley and Federico are taking care of the Petit Masks, Riley said to call them once you got rid of your drunkeness.” He put the spoon back on his mouth. “We can hang out for a little while.”

“Okay, and put on whatever you want,” Greg was about to say something when Connor interrupted him."Everything but any animal shows, I can't stand them."

Greg giggled. "Okay." He quickly put on The Rain and pulled covers over both of them.

The curtains were closed, so the living room was pretty dark except for the light of the TV. Connor sat there, watching how the mother of the children was killed by rainwater…


Catboy held his hand in the air, his claws unsheathed. Under him, the bigger man with one blinded eye stood with his eyes wide open in terror. With a yell of anger, he sank his claws in the man’s throat, watching satisfactorily how the blood poured from his open throat and his mouth.

He watched now how the children of the woman cried after her, watching her die there, under the water…

Catboy heard Owlette’s cry above all the mess, but he could only contemplate the river as he fell, rainwater and wind against his face as he enclosed to his deathly fate. He had hit the water, and everything around him was blurry and his ears were filled with the sound of the rushing water...

The woman laid dead on the floor of the forest, with her eyes wide open.

Catboy could only felt the water making its way into his lungs, taking his life away...

“Connor!” Connor blinked a few times and looked around, finding himself in Greg’s living room.


Greg turned off the TV and turned to him. Softly, he asked. “You are shaking, are you okay?” Connor looked down at his hands and realized they were shaking harshly. He felt cold and sick, and wanted only to lay down there; that’s what he did.

“Can we go back to sleep, I just… I just don’t feel so good…” He said. Greg watched him laid down on his shoulder, and he quickly adjusted himself into a comfortable position for him and Connor.

“Okay…” There was silence for a few minutes while Connor finally laid down on Greg’s chest and rested there, hearing the other’s calm heartbeat on a quiet morning. Greg broke the silence. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

Connor closed his eyes. “It’s that again…”

Greg sighed. “Figured.” Pause. “Last night you were having nightmares about it.”

Connor chuckled. “I thought last night we were busy doing something else.”

Greg laughed. “Well, yeah, but I mean after that. You fell asleep faster than I did, and you started crying on your sleep.” Connor felt Greg’s arms around him now, which made him feel safe and warm. “You stopped once I cuddled you.”

Connor smirked. “Maybe I was just trying to get you to cuddle with me.”

Greg scoffed. “Yeah, sure.” He giggled. “Let’s just go to sleep…”

Connor yawned as he slowly drifted into sleep. “Okay…”

“Don’t touch that, no! Kids stop!

Hope giggled as he ran around with Vita, two small delicate silver objects on their hands. He looked at Vita mischievously as they ran around Federico’s home. Riley was chasing them with a tired expression.

Hope jumped to one said and Vita to the other, taking two different paths. Riley panted and grunted. “Come on!” He looked at Federico, who was sitting on the couch making Unità a few braids on the hair with shiny accessories. “Why are they so energetic?”

Federico giggled. “Maybe you’re just too old.” When Riley only stared back, he laughed. “I’m kidding, chill. They might be excited to finally have a home and a family.”

“We are!” Unità exclaimed.

Federico looked at Riley with a smile. “See?”

“That doesn’t give them the right to grab your stuff and why aren’t you doing anything?” Federico pointed at Unità’s braided hair.

“I’m busy.” He shrugged.

Riley rolled his eyes and went after Hope and Vita. He walked to the backyard and searched between the bushes, getting nowhere. He sighed, and a buzzing sound on his ears made him wave his arms around in panic. Something stung him on the forearm and he saw a big hornet hovering over him.

He ran inside and angrily, he yelled. “Vita, Hope! If you don’t stop right now, I’m gonna tell Connor and your fun will be over!” Holding his arm, he walked back to the living room and headed for the kitchen.

Federico looked up and asked worriedly. “What happened?”

Riley, using the tip of his fingernail, started removing the needle. “A fucking hornet, that’s what happened.” He said between gritted teeth. Federico fixed him with a glare and he quietly apologized as he used tweezers to pull out the needle safely.

Vita and Hope carefully stepped into the kitchen, with the two objects still on their hands. “Sorry…” Both of them whispered.

Riley still felt angry about it. “This is not your house, you cannot run around here as you please. You could’ve broken something valuable, like the two spheres you have in hand.” Vita and Hope sat down the objects and looked at their feet when Riley scolded them. “Connor will hear about this, I’ll make sure of it.”

The two kids walked away sadly and sat on the living room’s table. Federico looked at them sadly then back at Riley, who was cleaning up the wound left by the hornet. “Did you had to be that rough? They are kids.”

Riley stopped and thought about it for a second before feeling guilty. He sighed. “Sorry kids, didn’t mean to snap like that, but you cannot do that in someone else’s house, it’s bad behavior.” He said softly.

Both of them turned around to look at him. “We were just playing, sorry…” Vita said.

Riley thought for a second. “Maybe we can go to the park later and play.” He suggested, trying to make up to the kids for being so rough on them.

Vita gleamed. “Okay!” She shyly asked. “Can we have breakfast though? I’m hungry.”

Riley nodded and Vita smiled at him, turning around. Riley locked gazes with Hope and felt uneasy when the little boy only stared at him with a mysterious glare. Hope expression changed and he looked at him with a glare full of hate for a second before smiling and turning around. Riley looked back at Federico, but it seemed that the pink-eyed boy didn’t catch that. What was that all about?

Riley walked into the kitchen and started preparing breakfast so later he could take the kids to the park, and although that was on his mind, Hope’s terrifying glare still hang around. He suddenly heard the kids talking to each other and Federico appeared by his side.

“You look thoughtful,” He remarked. “Wanna share what’s on your mind?”

Riley just wanted to ignore what happened earlier, he shook his head. “It’s nothing important.”

Federico watched him. “Are you sure?” Riley nodded. Federico wasn’t convinced but he didn’t want to push Riley around anymore. “Okay, but at least let me help you.” Both of them started to make breakfast, fooling around in the process, then sat with the kids and chattered until they left.

Riley sat on a blanket in the ground alongside Federico, both looking at photos Greg send Riley last night. Riley chuckled. "Connor was pretty drunk."

Federico looked at him with an amused smile. "Tell me something new." Both giggled and Federico snatched Riley's phone from his hands.

Riley tried to retrieve it. "H-Hey!"

Federico easily held him. "Let's take a few selfies, pleeeease?" He begged.

Riley looked away. "I don't like taking pictures…"

Federico moved to where Riley was facing and made puppy eyes. "Please?"

Riley looked at him and then away again for a few seconds. He sighed. "Just one selfie."

Federico smiled and hugged Riley, putting his arm around his shoulders. "Say pink!"

Riley smiled calmly as Federico took the picture, and when he was done, Federico gleamed. "I like it! Can I post it on my Insta?"

Riley felt a little anxious. "I'm… not sure…"

"Come on! I don't have any pics with you in there…" He said, looking down.

Riley felt anxious, about the picture being public and about letting Federico down. What should he do? "I- Err- F-Fine…?"

Federico clapped his hands happily and kissed him quickly on the cheek, sending Riley up into the clouds. "Thank youuuu!"

Riley observed Federico happily post the picture with a stupid smile on his face. His phone rang and he saw the notification for Federico's new post; he opened it. "It's not that bad…" He said, looking at the picture.

Federico shook him slightly. "See? I told you!"

Federico laid down beside him and he looked away, feeling slightly warm inside. He looked at the playground not so far away, trying to get a glimpse on the kids. He relaxed when he saw Vita and Unità running over there, but felt unsettled when he didn't saw Hope.

He looked down at Federico. "Keep an eye on the girls, Hope is missing." Federico nodded and Riley stood up, walking away from their spot.

He looked quickly inside the playground and confirmed that Hope wasn't there, so taking one last look, he walked away and decided to check the forest beside the playground; kids loved to play Hide and Seek in there.

Once in, he walked around carefully looking. He checked behind any tree and bushes, and if Hope was in sight, he would've spotted him a while ago. A sudden bad feeling overwhelmed him and he looked around attentively. "Hope…?" On the corner of his eyes, he thought he saw a black shadow pass by, but when he turned, nothing was there.

He heard creaks above him and when he looked, a silhouette stood against the sun, making impossible for Riley to see. A huge branch hit Riley on the side of the head, breaking one of Riley's hearing devices and hitting his eye strongly. He fell to the ground dizzy while blood poured from the side of his head, he could only hear from his left ear and his vision was blurry.

Someone walked up to him, and managing to concentrate his sight, Riley spotted Hope. The kid was standing over him, looking down at him with a treacherous glare.

"H-Hope, help me…" He said painfully.

The orange-eyed boy only smiled and walked away, dropping the branch on the way. Riley gasped, both in pain and horrified. Did he do this?! He agonized on the ground for a few moments before standing up, dizzy and in pain.

Federico sat with Vita and Unità, the girls were eating a few cookies and he was having a soda. He looked away. Riley hasn't come back yet… should I go and check…?

From the playground, Hope trotted his way to him with an innocent smile on his face. Federico looked confused. "Where's Riley?" He asked the boy.

Hope scratched his head looking around; he seemed lost. "I don't know… I haven't seen him, or don't remember doing so..."

Federico worriedly looked around until Vita punched his leg with a worried glance. "Look!"

Federico spotted Riley making his way to them, blood pouring from one side of his head. "Oh, my stars… Riley!" He shot up and ran to the other boy. "What happened to you?!"

The kids looked scared and worried not so far away from him, and he noticed Riley staring at them. "I'm… I'm not sure…" He answered.

Federico looked at the kids. "Pick up everything, we are going to the clinic."

Greg laid on the couch with Connor resting peacefully on top of him. He was checking his phone since he wasn't as tired as Connor, though he wasn't concentrated on what he was seeing. His mind went back and forth between the content and Connor's nightmares and lost looks.

Since they arrived from Milennia Town, Connor had been fairly quiet than his usual self, and every now and then he would space out, either staring at the wall or starting shivering, like what happened not so long ago.

Greg wanted to help him, but he didn't know how, Connor won't open up to him, even though they had been very close lately, more than he would like to admit. He closed his eyes for a second.

He found himself looking down at Connor's blue eyes, both of them were a sweaty mess, and Connor's breath was out of sync. The blue-eyed boy laughed drunkenly under him. "Are you gonna kept staring at me or do something?" Greg smiled, his senses not at his best. "Do something, definitely." He reached down and kissed Connor on the lips, and not so long after, he found himself making out with him.

Greg shot his eyes open, his face red and warm. He tried to calm himself down until his phone rang on his hand; he answered quickly to avoid waking up Connor.

"Gregory Green, who is it?" He was almost left deaf when Federico on the other line yelled at him. "Geez, calm down and tell me." He said annoyedly. He sat up on the couch alarmed. "Okay, we are on our way."

He hung up and gently shook Connor awake. "Wha…?"

"Riley is at the clinic, something happened." He said.

Connor sat up instantly, rubbing his eyes. "Are the kids okay?"

Greg wasn't sure. "I don't know, Federico only told me that."

Connor jumped out of the couch and headed upstairs, followed shortly after by Greg.

Connor, alongside Greg, followed a nurse inside the hospital. It wasn't long before they spotted Federico and the kids

Connor hurried to them. "Is everyone okay?" He turned to Federico. "What happened?"

Federico let out a curt sigh. "Riley was attacked by someone." He bit his nails. "Sorry for worrying you, but someone needed to take the kids."

They turned when they heard Riley fighting with the doctor. "Don't touch me! I'm fine!"

Federico sighed. "You take them, I'll handle the angry badger over there." He waved at them before heading Riley's way.

Connor looked at the kids and signaled for them to follow. "Have you kids seen anything?" When they shook their heads, Connor put a hand under his chin. "Why attack Riley?"

Greg walked closer to him. "Have he been robbed?"

Vita jumped in. "Mister Federico said he had everything on him."

Unità nodded. "He broke those, uh, what are they called?" She signed her ear.

"Hearing Devices?" Greg asked.

"Yes! That." She smiled awkwardly.

Connor looked down at Hope, who was walking by his side but really quietly, more than his usual self. "Are you okay down there?"

Hope looked at him. "Federico said Riley went looking for me because I wasn't on the playground," His expression changed to a troubled one. "But I was playing there the whole time…"

Connor arched an eyebrow and looked at Greg. "Maybe he didn't saw him?"

Greg shrugged. "I don't know, Riley might not have the best hearing, but his sight is amazing, I doubt he has missed Hope by accident."

They walked out of the hospital and walked down the street. When they stepped in the *corner, Connor asked. "Are you sure you were there, Hope?"

Hope frowned and looked at him angrily. "I said yes!" He spat. Connor was taken aback by this sudden outburst, so was Greg. Hope looked guiltily and apologized. Greg eyed Connor and he shrugged with a troubled expression. They kept walking silently.

The kids were playing on Amaya’s backyard, following Birdie around. From the kitchen, Connor, Greg, and Amaya eyed them while they talked.

“So he says he’s been on the playground all the time, but Riley didn’t see him?” Connor and Greg nodded. “Weird… what could it be?”

“I’m not sure… Federico texted me saying that Riley was okay, but also mentioned that Riley was sure that Hope wasn’t there.” Connor told them.

Greg sat on the counter and put his chin on Connor’s shoulder and his arms around him. “I think the hangover is starting to show off…” Connor chuckled and Amaya eyed both of them with a smile.

“What had happened last night? I wish I could’ve gone…” She rolled her eyes. “You’ve been lucky enough,” She glared at Connor. “You dash off and disappear causing a mess with everyone then come back with three kids and two fluffy rats.” She giggled. “How did your mother let you go after that?”

Greg lifted his head from Connor’s shoulders, but the arms remained around him. “I was gonna ask about that. What did your parents say about… you know… us being superheroes?”

Amaya shifted a little in place. “I’m not sure, my dad hasn’t really said anything about it, which makes me think he’ll drop a bomb any time now.”

Connor leaned back, adjusting himself. “My mom took it pretty well, actually, she said she suspected something like that?” He shrugged. “I don’t know, mothers are weird, with their senses and all.”

They all laughed and Greg said. “My mom knew something along that, she knew there were heroes, actually.” He looked at Connor. “She asked me if you were a superhero too, a blue one, to be precise.”

Amaya starred. “Care to explain?”

“It was the night we defeated Drakko,” He said, trouble in his eyes. He shook his head. “I brought you home, and your mother spotted me.” He laughed. “She almost kicked my ass for not explaining what happened to you, fierce.”

Greg laughed and eyed them both, Connor caught her eye and raised an eyebrow. Greg let go of him and jumping from the counter, he put an arm over his stomach. “I think everything just hit now… I’ll be back in a sec.” He said, before dashing upstairs.

When they heard the door of the bathroom close, Connor looked curiously at Amaya. “What was that?”

She only smiled. “What was what?” Connor raised an eyebrow and she giggled. “You two are just too cute, what can I say? Makes me happy to see both of your asses finally together.”

Connor scratched the back of his head. “We…. We aren’t together?”

Amaya opened her eyes big. “You aren’t? Because it seemed like it.”

Connor blushed. “I’m not sure, we’ve been going on and off for the last few weeks, last night especially…” He looked at the floor. “What do you think he thinks we are?”

Amaya looked thoughtfully. “Well, how much intimacy have you shared?”

Connor’s face got red. “A lot.”

Amaya chuckled. “Not that kind, silly. I mean cuddles and kisses and junk like that.”

Connor thought about it for a second. “Well, we do cuddle a lot, and sometimes we kiss, but then it stops there only to start again.” He scratched his arm. “Do you think he’s uncomfortable with that? After it happens he just… shuts down? He doesn’t talk about it.”

“Maybe he thinks you two are just fooling around and you are uncomfortable with it.” Amaya smiled. “You two should talk about it.”

Connor was about to say something else until Greg came from the stairs. “Talk about what with who?”

Connor eyed Amaya and she nodded. “I’ll be outside with the kids for a while,” She looked out the window, where Birdie was sitting on a branch. “I think Birdie is getting tired.”

Both of them nodded and Amaya walked outside, leaving them alone. Greg sat on the counter again and Connor took Amaya’s place, right in front of him. “What were you two talking about? You seem off.” Greg said.

Connor thought about how to start what Amaya had suggested. “I- well- uh,” Greg raised an eyebrow and Connor got more nervous. “We were- we were-” He shook his head. “We were talking about the two of us.” He blurted out.

Greg looked genuinely confused. “Oh?”

“She asked me something that I have actually thought about for a while now and… and I’m not sure you feel the same?” He couldn’t meet Greg’s stare.

“And that is…?” Connor could hear the expectation on his voice; he knew what he was meaning. He gathered bravery and met Greg’s green eyes. “Are we something?” Greg seemed surprised. “Or are we just fooling around?” He played with the end of the sleeve of his jacket. “I need to know because I’m genuine-”

“I guess we are something?” Greg suddenly said.

“Oh.” Was all Connor said.

"I wasn't sure either, I thought I was making you upset?" Greg only looked at him. "I wasn't sure you thought of us in like, a relationship. That's why I always pulled back."

Connor looked at him silently for a few seconds before saying. “So… we are boyfriends or…?”

Greg showed a little smile. “I guess so?” He chuckled and said. “Oh wow, I have a boyfriend.”

Connor giggled. He wanted to bounce around in happiness, it was something he that for a long time he longed, but he controlled himself. He walked over to Greg and stopped in front of him, not sure of what to do. Greg smiled and kissed him tenderly on the lips, both laughed once the kiss was over.

“Yuck!” They looked to their side to see Unità and Hope standing there. “Love is... ew!” Unità exclaimed. Greg and Connor laughed before looking at each other, slightly blushing.

Greg was about to say something when the sky outside turned dark. Both looked out the window. “What?” They hurried outside to Amaya’s side and saw the sky getting darker and darker. The temperature started to get colder and the wind stronger. “What is happening?” Connor asked.

“I’m not sure…” Amaya answered. In the sky, a trail of stars started to appear in the form of lightning, making it seem as if the sky was breaking. The moon covered the sun completely, and all around it, the sky turned red, while on other sides it was blue. “That’s not scientifically possible.”

“Not at all,” Greg said. He looked at Connor and his expression changed to a concerned one. “Connor?”

Connor could only stare at the trail of stars crossing the sky, his hands slightly trembling. Connor swallowed harshly. Stars… no more Stars, please… no more Stars… His chest moved up and down agitatedly. All over again, the feeling of water feeling his lungs and the cold feeling of the grim forest around him felt intense, as if it was haunting him.

He kneeled on the ground and bent over, pulling his hair. “No more Stars, please!” He felt hands on his and saw Greg in front of him. He was saying something to him, but Connor couldn’t listen to them.

He could only think about the trail of stars in the red and blue sky.