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Skye rolled her neck back in obvious aggravation as she sat at her little desk, a computer settled right next to her. She let her head stay back and her eyes wondered over to the other side of the room where an older man was standing with a blank face, almost as if he were dealing with a difficult child.

“C’mon A.C! Tonight is like the most important night of my life! Can you please give those algorithms to Trip? Or anyone else?”

Her eyes were pleading and childlike and Coulson rolled his eyes, he had always been a tough boss but he was also the one to give her a job when she had nothing and give her a chance to work hard and move up in the company. Tonight, however, according to Skye, he was just being wildly unfair.

“No. If tonight goes well, your wedding night will be the most important night of your life.”

Skye huffed, it was her and Jemma’s anniversary and she needed to get her things prepared before the night was completely over and Coulson just wasn’t cooperating.

“But. If you ask Trip and he say yes, then yes you can leave.”

Skye practically fell out of her chair, she jumped up and hugged Coulson quickly before grabbing her stuff and heading towards the door.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”

Coulson held up his cup of coffee to stop her as she turned to thank him in the doorway,

“But! Trip has to say yes and you have to put in some overtime this week, it’s the busiest season of the year and we can’t afford to slack off.”

Skye made a swift and exaggerated salute in the doorway,

“Yes, Sir!”

She turned to leave when his voice stopped her again and she twirled around certainly more annoyed than before,

“And Skye?”

she sighed and looked at her boss, his face was soft and he was smiling lightly at the younger woman,

“Good luck tonight, yeah?”

The annoyance drained from her face and she nodded,

“Thank you, sir.”

Then without another thought she bolted out the door and through the building, it was owned by a large company but it was certainly not as official and professional as Jemma’s work place. Skye liked it though, she liked the people, she liked the job, she liked the payche-- Well.. She liked getting a paycheck and she planned on staying in this job for a while. She sprinted through the groups of generally nerdy computer people and into the little lounge area, breathing heavily, where Trip stopped mid- bite of his sandwich to look at Skye suspiciously,

“You know, I just know that you’re about to say something that’s going to make me have to leave my food and possibly get me arrested.”

Skye rolled her eyes as she went to counter and leaned over, her feet tapping wildly on the floor,

“Hey, that pentagon thing? That was one time!”

Trip shook his head and took a bite of his sandwich, leaning his arm on the counter watching Skye skeptically. Her and Trip had a really great thing going in this company after they had been partnered up and Skye was amazed to be able to say that he was the closest thing that she had to a best friend in her life.

“Whatever, what is it?”

Skye smiled deviously,

“Well, you know what tonight is right?”

Trip took another bite of his food and wiped his mouth with a napkin, his eyes darting to the ceiling,

“Um… Breadstick special at ‘Tony’s‘?”

Skye smacked his arm and he laughed dodging another smack to his shoulder,


Trip continued to laugh but put his food down and stood up straight, looking at Skye closely as she glared at him, he smirked,

“Yeah, yeah I know what tonight is, you’ve only told me a thousand times since you bought the ring. What’s going on?”

His tone was open and light which Skye was thankful for but she was also a lot more stressed out than she had originally planned and she couldn’t really join him in their usually banter. She took a quick breath,

“Coulson needs this algorithm done by tonight, it’s not that hard but it’ll take a little time and I really need to get home to prep for tonight’s show and---”

“You need me to do the work for you?”

Skye sighed, looking at him with pleading eyes,

“Yes. If that’s okay?”

Trip nodded,

“Yeah, don’t worry about it, I got your back”

Skye made a cry of relief and punched the air with a victorious grin on her face,

“Oh my God, thank you so, so much! You are the best, Trip!”

He held his hands out in agreement with a cocky smile,

“I know, I know.”

Skye laughed and then made her way quickly to the door, practically skipping along the floor,


Skye turned back around to the man sitting on the counter, sandwich still in hand,

“One condition, text me and tell me what she says, yeah?”

Skye gave him a thumbs up with both hands and turned to leave the building, effectively ignoring everything around her as she went over her plan over and over again in her head and made her way back to their apartment.


“I don’t know, Fitz.. I-- Just don’t know… What if..?”

Jemma ran her hand through her bangs, the only part of her hair that wasn’t pulled back, and balled up her fist around the strands of hair, no doubt causing a nasty sting. She had been calm two minutes ago but now they were waiting for some test results and her eyes were beginning to water. Fitz dropped his head in his hands and groaned loudly,

“Bloody hell, Jemma. I told you before, it’s going to be fine, would you just calm down, you’re going to blow the place up if you keep this up.”

He had been trying to be patient but every second that Dr. Simmons was not working she was pacing and worrying over the evening to come switching from distant wedding plans to Skye saying no and her entire world blowing up in her face, now she seemed back to the second option.

“What if it’s too soon? What if she’s not ready? Am I just being brash and stupid?”

She rubbed her forehead harshly with the back of her hand and sniffed back tears over, Fitz rolled his eyes and snapped his gloves off and put both hands on Jemma’s arms, looking at her with thin and exasperated eyes, she looked away from him, obviously avoiding eye contact.

“I’m just scared, Fitz.”

Her voice was small and weak, so different from her normal demeanor and Fitz’s face softened as he looked at her and felt a pang of sympathy,

“Look, Jem, Skye loves you. And you love Skye, yes this is a big step but you’ve both been by each other’s side through big life changes, okay. So it doesn‘t matter what happens tonight, you‘ll both love each other in the end.”

His voice was soft and logical, slowly making his way through the sentence to make sure that his partner was listening, he looked down for a moment and then back up at Jemma.

“So will you bloody calm down, you’re freaking me out.”

Jemma chuckled but let her head fall lightly on her chest as she took a deep breath,

“I suppose you’re right, I was just so confident about this but, I don’t know, I guess lately she’s seemed distant?”

Fitz patted her arms,

“I’m sure you have too, now why don’t you take a break? Go over your note cards again?”

Jemma looked at him sharply,

“How did you know about the note cards? Did you look through them?”

Fitz didn’t respond as he pulled on a fresh pair of gloves but gave her the “I’ve known you since university, you can’t fool me anymore” look and she shrugged her shoulders and pulled off her own gloves,

“Fine, I guess I could do that, it’s only a couple more hours until she’s going to pick me up.. But I just took a break..”

Fitz looked up from the equipment that we was messing with and gave Jemma the “Please, for the love of God, leave, you’re making me nervous and your going to blow something up” look and she held up her hands,

“Fine! Fine, I’ll just take a quick one.”


Skye twisted her hips as she sized herself up in front of the full body mirror at their apartment, she spun lightly and looked at herself at all angles. She looked at the woman in the mirror and realized that she wasn’t the same woman that had left her home over a year ago, she had a girlfriend, a job, and her shoulders leaned back with an aire of confidence that had never been there before. She attributed a lot of the differences to being with Jemma, that quirky scientist who would go off on rants about the universe that Skye couldn’t even begin to understand yet had a tendency to forget to eat or lose her scarf when it was around her neck.

Jemma was a treasure, that was for sure but she was also a treasure who treated Skye like a treasure, she looked at Skye as if she were the most beautiful and important woman in the universe. When she first came to live with Jemma Simmons she couldn’t imagine a world that could possibly want a reject like her or especially the perfect Dr. Simmons but now she’s treated like royalty by that same person that she loves and it showed, in her face, her eyes, her posture and her general attitude. Everything about her screamed in confidence that she was loved and cared about, and it was all because of Jemma.

Skye sat down at the vanity and pulled out a few cosmetics, she pulled the cap off of the mascara container and held it up to her eye lashes. However, she looked at herself in the mirror and put it back on the table, she rested her chin on the palm of her hand, her face lowering slowly as she began to cry, a mixture of fear and happiness until she had her head laying on her arm, crying silently.


Jemma found herself curled up in a closet outside her office, the lights were off and she was curled up in the corner of the small dark space. She had tried to calm herself down and look at her little note cards that she had prepared for the night but it seemed as if every one was looking at her, or judging her and eventually she slipped into the dusty room. Skye was going to be there in an hour and her heart beat faster as every minute ticked by. She was sitting in the corner with her knees pressed tightly to her chest looking at the note cards, silently rehearsing the written words over and over in her head. None of them seemed good enough, none of the words seemed to fit Skye or her feelings for Skye and that frustrated her beyond imagining, she laid the cards down and rested her head back on the wall with a sigh. She thought about Skye and the changes that had happened in her life due to the other woman’s presence.

Skye was so different from everyone else in her life, she had a completely different motive and it was like she was on her own wavelength of light, like she couldn’t always be reached. But she certainly brightened up Jemma’s life, Skye didn’t know but before she had arrived, Jemma rarely came home. She would stay at the lab for almost days at a time, working and working and doing everything in her power not to have to go home alone. So many nights she would call and ask Sam to feed and take care of her cat because she couldn’t bear the idea of sitting alone with nothing but her thoughts and anxieties that constantly reminded her that she was going to be alone forever, that something was wrong with her and that’s why nobody stayed.

She thought about the night before Skye had surprised her at her work, when she was In the bath with a cup of tea, sobbing her eyes out. She was convinced that Skye was never coming and she reasoned that night that perhaps it was for the best, that Skye probably didn’t deserve to put up with the trouble that was Jemma Simmons, the long nights, the trailing thoughts or the forgetful mind. It would be better for Skye if she let Jemma go and tried to live her own life, free of the burdens that seemed to come with Jemma’s life. Skye never saw it that way though, she would grin widely when Jemma would go off on tangents and she reminded the scientist constantly that her smile was the only real reason to get up in the mornings. And she never just implied it either, Skye always told Jemma exactly how she felt and statements such as “Good God, you’re beautiful I’m glad I woke up in time to see you” and “Jesus, Jem You’re smile is worth waking up at this god-awful time in the morning for” Jemma pulled her knees up closer and bowed her head, crying silently in the dark, a small embarrassed smile never leaving her lips as she thought about the night ahead.


This was it, Skye thought as she stood in front of the large, futuristic looking building, glancing at her reflection and attempting to push herself to open the door. She was holding roses, just like the first time she went through the doors to Jemma’s building, except these were an actual bouquet that Skye had bought on her way over. A dozen red roses wrapped expertly and completed with a bow. Also she looked good this time, she wasn’t wearing three day old clothes she was in slacks and blouse that matched her eye makeup. So many things were different a year later and yet her nerves were exactly the same as the first time.

She shook her head and pulled the door open, many of the people in the building nodded their heads at her politely, she knew a few of them by name but most of them only knew her from what Jemma had told them. She made her way over to the front desk where the same woman was sitting and juggling phone calls, she held up the flowers and gestured to Jemma’s lab, the woman seemed to glare at her suspiciously but waved for her to continue (She never seemed to forget the first time that she met Skye).

Skye made her way to the door and stood in front of it, her heart beating just as loudly as the first time, she looked through the little window and smiled as Jemma exited her lab ready for dinner in a dress over a pair of slacks. She was holding her bag tightly to her side as she waved good bye to her partner, her face was red. She must have had a tough day, Skye thought as she watched through the window. Skye pulled the little box out of her pocket and looked at it one last time, she had previously planned a complicated and fancy proposal but she was beginning to rethink her methods as she saw Jemma standing next to the door reciting something quietly, no doubt lab results. Skye shook her head and decided to wing it as she pulled the door knob and pushed the heavy door open. Jemma’s eyes brightened immediately as she moved to greet her girlfriend,

“Skye! How are you, darling?”

They met with a quick kiss one which ended up being a little bit longer than either of them had planned.

“Happy anniversary.”

Jemma smiled and threw her arms around Skye’s neck letting them sway side to side for a moment as she enjoyed Skye’s presence.

“Happy anniversary, sweetie.”

Jemma pecked her lips swiftly one last time before letting go and turning around to get her purse which she had left on the edge behind them, she stopped though, her back turned to Skye as she looking into her purse at the little box laying sideways in a pocket, Skye was looking down and not paying attention,

“So, I got us reservations to our favorite restaurant, and then I though maybe we could catch a movie if you want? Or we could just take a romantic walk over the bridge and then cuddle up on the couch with one of our movies. Anything you want, actually--”

She was talking but she wasn’t really putting much thought into her words as she twisted the box in her pocket, her mind working furiously and Jemma was still standing with her backed turned neither of them really paying attention to the other. They seemed to breath at the same time and them simultaneously,


“Skye, I need--”

Skye dropped to her knee in a snap decision only to look up and see Jemma on one knee directly in front of her. The women stopped and looked around in an awkward moment before Jemma raised the question,

“Skye, what are you doing?”

Skye cleared her throat,

“Um… What are YOU doing?”

Jemma glanced around the room in search of some help to the situation, finding none she looked back at Skye,

“Erm-- Nothing? Uh.. You go ahead with what you were doing, sorry.”

Skye’s mind went blank, this wasn’t how she planned on doing this, it was all so sudden and terrifying and all the things she wanted to say, all of the romantic beautiful things that she had planned disappeared as she looked at Jemma’s expectant and confused face. Her breathing sped up and everything seemed to blur away around Jemma. Skye sighed loudly, her mind blank and her voice apparently not working but her hands worked well enough to pull the ring out and hold it up before,

“Um… Jemmawillyoumarryme?”

That came out terribly she thought, her eyes were wide and she watched Jemma’s face closely, wondering if any of the words she just said made any sense. Jemma seemed in awe and shock and Skye was beginning to see what was happening, she chuckled awkwardly,

“What were you going to say?”

The scientist’s eyes were wide, never leaving the ring that Skye was holding up and she made a little whimper sound before pulling out a small pile of note cards and a little box. Her hands were moving past each other un-gracefully with her right hand holding up a ring and her left fumbling with cards. Skye’s breath caught in he throat as she saw the ring. Jemma continued to glance back and forth from her cards to the ring that Skye was holding, she cleared her throat

“Skye-- I-- There was a time--I-- You--”

She laughed and looked at Skye, tears forming in the corners of her eyes, she shook her head, and threw the cards unceremoniously to the side, letting them scatter across the floor.

“Skye, will YOU marry ME?”

They sat there for an embarrassingly long time, both of them on one knee and holding out a beautiful ring, eventually though, Skye cracked and began laughing and soon Jemma was laughing just as hard, attempting with difficulty to stay balanced on one knee. Eventually their interaction became a loud mixture of

“I can’t believe--”

“What the hell?”

“This is NOT happening.”


“Utterly Impossible!”

Skye was having a difficult time keeping it together as she laughed and apparently so was Jemma, their faces were bright red and water was falling from their eyes. Skye held out a hand, breathing heavily

“Wait, wait--”

She burst out in a fit of giggles which Jemma followed suit and suddenly they weren’t two grown women they resembled playful teenagers that had just jinxed each other. Skye spoke with difficulty through giggles but managed,

“Why don’t we say our answers at the same time?”

They both laughed at the statement but Jemma held out a hand, one finger pointed up,

“Okay, Okay-- one--”

They laughed,


They continued to giggle,


Then the room was filled with a loud and simultaneous,


Skye practically fell over onto her new Fiancé, grabbing the scientist around the waist and pulling her onto the floor on top of her, the women exchanged rings chatting excitedly about the impossibility of their lives. They stopped as Fitz came through the lab doors, holding what looked like a camcorder and walked past them, whistling to himself, Skye looked up with wide eyes,

“Did you film us!?”

He looked down at the two women with a smirk,

“Yeah, I’m going to play it at your wedding.”

He gestured to the entirety of the room in a random order,

“Enjoy the rest of your night.”

He walked out leaving Skye and Jemma laying on the floor, goofy, laugh drunk grins on their faces. Jemma leaned down and kissed Skye, closing her eyes and enjoy the feel of their lips pressed together before laying her head on Skye’s chest and sighing happily.

“I had a long speech planned out for you, it had a lot of points that I wanted to bring up but I guess that I’d rather prove to you that I love you instead of just telling you, but I did want you to know, that, you’re absolutely amazing Skye, you truly are a blessing.”

Skye smiled, her hand on the back of Jemma’s neck circling her skin with her thumb in lazy, relaxing circles,

“Yeah, I wanted to make a big gesture because you really do deserve it but then I saw your face and I just became lost in how awesome and beautiful you are, just like the first time and nothing I could say seemed good enough you, suddenly. You are the greatest reason I have for facing each and everyday, and you’re worth it all.”

She looked down at Jemma, the scientist was watching her closely and biting her bottom lip, hiding the smile that was close to breaking out.

“Aww, Skye, you’re going to make me cry! And I’ve been crying all day!”

Skye laughed,

“Me too!”

Jemma snuggled closer to Skye on the linoleum floor, it was cold and hard but they were incredibly happy just where they were laying, in each other’s arms where they belonged.

“We missed our reservation.”

The two of them giggled lightly,

“That’s alright, we’ll just order take-out, just like the first night you were home.”

Jemma rolled over on her elbows and stared lovingly at Skye, Skye wiggled her eyebrows,

“Yeah, but not everything is going to be like the first night tonight.”