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So Far Away

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The laptop started ringing in that familiar tune, the Skype logo shining brightly through the dark room. Skye grumbled and looked at the clock; four O clock on the dot as always. She turned over and hit the answer button, still dragging her face from the pillow, however, she couldn’t help but smile as the picture popped up and a cheery voice broke through the morning silence.
“Good morning!”
Skye sat up lazily and wrapped the sheets around her shoulders, rubbing her eyes, she giggled when she saw the scientist’s ridiculously happy face.
“Good morning, Jem.”
Her voice was thick with sleep.
“Tell me something, how is it that you’re this awake? It’s not that much later where you’re at, is it?”
The scientist peered into the webcam, her face dangerously close to the camera. Skye had tried to get her to realize that she didn’t have to be that close for her to be able to see her through the computer but after a few weeks, she just gave up and started to enjoy the details she could make out through the video.
“Oh, I’ve been up for a couple of hours now. I’m sorry for waking you up again but I promised you that I would call today but I have to be in the lab in about fifteen minutes.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry”
Skye laughed, her long distance girlfriend was so apologetic about everything, it was adorable.
“It’s not your fault, silly.”
Jemma giggled, the red in her face coming through the video.
“Anyway, did you get to talk to your boss about that vacation?”
Simmons’ face fell slightly.
“Yes, but unfortunately it will probably be farther away than I first thought.”
“Oh really? How long?”
The scientist counted the days in her head, rocking back and forth and Skye figured that this wasn’t a good sign.
“Six or seven months? Around that.”
“Why so long?!”
“Well, just work, I’m afraid…”
She paused, looking down at the ground in disappointment.
“But I promise that we’ll get see each other after that! The minute I’m off, I’ll get out of here and go and see you.”
Skye felt bad about the urgency in her girlfriend’s voice, almost as if she was afraid that Skye was about to call the whole thing off or get bored waiting, she couldn’t stress enough that that wasn’t going to happen. They sat for a couple minutes, not looking at each other until Skye looked up, wide eyed and awake.
“Well, what if I come over there?”
The scientist seemed genuinely confused.
Skye scootched closer to the camera, still wrapped in the sheets.
“I work from the computer, I could come down there any time I want to.’
“It would be pretty expensive to get down here, baby, and I know that your job doesn’t pay that well…”
“I could sell some stuff!”
Skye was suddenly very excited. Jemma put a hand over her mouth, thinking everything through.
“Well… I--”
A Scottish voice broke into their conversation from outside of Skye’s view, but from the sound of it, the man had been sitting on the other side of the room.
“The machines are up and running, Jemma, Time to go!”
“I’ll be there in a second, Fitz!”
Jemma turned back to Skye, her eyes still wide and hopeful and Skye leaned forward even more, they were running out of time as always and she had to get her point across quickly.
“Just think about it, Jem, I’ll sell some stuff and get a plane ticket over there. I’ll burst through your lab doors, roses in hand on a white steed (I don’t actually know how to ride a horse so it’ll probably be a scooter) and I’ll sweep you off your feet. I’ve planned this out a billion times in my head!”
Jemma giggled, she had a huge smile on her face now and her eyes were bright, imagining everything Skye just said, the Scottish voice interrupted their moment again.
The scientist turned around, angrily, lifting off her chair for a moment to get a better look at her lab partner.
She turned back to Skye, sweetly, her face still red.
“So… What do ya think?”
Jemma bounced in her seat, she bit her lip and smiled at her girlfriend, then she answered shyly,
“I-- I’d like that very much.”
“Then it’s a date!”
They looked at each other for a few moments, smiling and thinking about the future, Jemma was the first to speak.
“I’ve got to go, Baby, I’m sorry.”
“Okay, sweetie, go and do lots of science today! And be careful!”
Jemma smiled.
“I promise.”
“Kiss before you go?”
The scientist nodded.
“Of course.”
They leaned forward at the same time kissing the camera and making an obvious kiss noise to make up for the distance before Jemma shut the laptop and Skye looked around happily, planning to get to work so that she could finally see the woman whom she was almost certain was her soul mate face to face for the first time.