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Dante and Virgil's Wild and wacky, yet Elucidating Adventures in the Lands Buffalonius, Angelic, and Britannic, with some small appearances by familiar figures: A comedy in 3 parts (3 parts each, sortof)

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- Dante, in a bit of midlife crisis angst, got lost in a dark and totally scary wood. The road was like lost or something.
- See clip of menacing beasts.
- Virgil, his like totally favorite author, shows up to guide Dante the long way round.
- Dante visits Hell, pleasing Goths and Romantics for generations. See clip of gloom, doom, fire and ice.
- Dante visits Purgatory, nice place, bit of a climb.
- See clip of Dante and Virgil hanging out, chatting.
- Dante visits Heaven. See clip of Beatrice chewing out poor Dante. Close up of poor sad Dante. Brief dialog apology and then its on to Heaven and love, love, love. Peace. Tranquility. Singing.
- Clip of God, a giant Technicolor rose. The Primal Love that moves the sun, the moon, and the stars. Angels look like bees. Bzzzz like an alarm clock cue and then...

Oh, and the disclaimer...
(Spoilers for Buffy/Angel through April 2002. All of Dante, spoiled rotten.)