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Reclusive Heiress Steals Show
Vicki Vale, Gotham Gazette
Page Six

This reporter was shocked to see none other than Barbara Gordon put in an appearance at the Penguin Club last night at the annual police charity ball. Since Miss Gordon's public appearances have been exceedingly rare since her return to Gotham City, the occasion would prove very memorable indeed. Miss Gordon didn't disappoint in her choice of fashion with a chic lavender evening gown that would even put our glamorous First Lady to shame.

All Gotham has been positively dying to know which lucky bachelor the fab and filthy rich Miss Gordon will choose for her Mister. Last night she had a dark-haired beau on her arm. This reporter's sources can now confidently confirm his identity as the very mysterious and rakishly debonair Dick Grayson. One things for certain: his identity is as closely guarded as Batgirl and Robin. No one seems to know anything about Mr. Grayson. Is he some wayward European playboy or a nobody hanger-on? Whatever the case, Miss Gordon certainly didn't seem to care. The twosome were inseparable last night. Only time will tell if Dickie Bird is merely just for show or worth keeping around for the long haul.