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the adventures of the hawk and her fox

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“Oh my god, hurry up before he finds us!” Jo hissed down at her.


Easy for her to say. Foxes aren’t equipped to climb tree.


Charlie dropped their loot glaring at the top of the oak where she could see a glimpse of a familiar calf. She flexed her jaw a bit, to ease the discomfort – she’d never get used to carrying stuff in her muzzle – and then shifted. Her snout retracted, face lost most of the sharp edges and the fur receded for the most part, leaving only the tails and the pointed ears. The latter sticking out among the mess of red hair only because of the fuzzy black tips.


She grabbed the edges of the cloth they used to wrap their prize in and put it between her human teeth this times, to free her hands for climbing and made her way to the branch Jo was perched on. The hawk features were completely gone, unlike Charlie’s half-shift, but the way the girl crouched as if poised to dive down gave away her bird nature.


When Charlie finally reached her, she waited for her girlfriend to take the bundle before lifting herself up and straddling the branch. She grimaced when she ended up sitting on her tail but it was better than the bare bark of the branch.


“At least strip the cloth and lay it over the branch so we can sit.” She prompted. “I think we’ll have to spend some time here before to coast is clear so we better get comfortable.” Charlie said and she knew her eyes were sparkling with mischief and triumph because Jo’s were doing the same thing. She surged in for a sweet peck before sitting back and watching Jo do as advised, untangling the cloth and revealing the freshly baked pie.


Dean was going to slay them later.


Charlie held onto the pie and waited for Jo to arrange the material and then herself on the tree. She handed the pie back then and shuffled until she was sitting with her back pressed against Jo’s chest, Jo’s chest a soft, pleasant cushion.


They sat like that for a moment, tearing off pieces of the pie and feeding each other bits of it, until all that was left were crumbs and dribbles of juicy fruit.


Charlie was feeling rather sticky, but she was too content to move more than to just flick the berry of her breast. She slumped further against Jo, laughing softly when the blonde tugged on one of her ears when it flicked under her nose.


“Your tail is a mess.” Jo muttered into her ear and Charlie could feel Jo raking her nails through the fur, the tail flopping lazily over Charlie’s lap.


Charlie hummed and let her eyes slip shut, enjoying the warmth of the sun slithering through the leaves and the gentle grooming.


Dean will make them pay for running off with his pie later, but right now all she could do was grin as Jo nipped affectionately at the curve of her jaw.