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Snupin School Days

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Extra Assignment


“Study time.” Lily steered Severus towards the library.

Severus, books clutched to his chest, huffed. “Why the library? Isn’t this where Potter, Black and Lupin study?” He scanned suspiciously.

“Maybe.” Lily hummed as they moved through the stacks. “They’re not so bad.”

“Yes they are,” muttered Severus, scowl deepening as he spotted Black and Potter waving.

“Well,” said someone behind them. “Maybe we can change your mind about that.”

Severus spun, spilling his books.

“Sorry,” said Lupin, helping him retrieve them. “Didn’t mean to startle you.”

Lily hummed as Lupin carried Severus’ books to the table. “See?”

Severus just snorted.


In deference to Lily, Severus ignored Potter and Black, who, happily, returned the favour. Lupin, however, seemed determined to engage Severus in conversation. He kept asking questions, and, since Lupin had never pranked him, Severus would actually reply.

Finally, Black and Potter rose to leave. “We’re done,” said Potter, smiling at Lily. “Ready, Evans?”

Severus blinked as Lily nodded and stood. “You’re leaving?”

Lily patted his hand. “We’re not doing the extra assignment, but you and Remus are.”


But Lily was already gone, Potter trailing after her.

“Guess it’s just us.” Lupin didn’t seem upset.

Severus sighed. “Apparently so.”