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Take Note (Nota Bene)

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Dear Mr Stark,

I’m writing to apologize for my harsh words before the battle of New York. I spoke rashly and unfairly, basing my comments on hearsay and conjecture. I daresay it doesn’t matter what you are without your armor - you made it very clear that Iron Man deserves a place on this team.

That being said, you were also petty, arrogant, sly, and facetious. What does it matter if you’re a genius? Did it make you better than anyone else on board? I believe it was Dr Banner’s genius we relied on for the duration of the flight. And what about your money? I’ve never known a man who needed wealth to be a good person. As for your playboy reference - I don’t know what that has to do with anything, and refuse to consider it a combat credential.

Philanthropy’s all well and good, but throwing said money at the population can’t make up for one-on-one jibes. Ignoring, for the time being, the fact that I’d been dead to the world for seventy years, it was not only unwise but also unkind to focus on Dr Banner’s ailment. Preying on the weaknesses of others is not heroic.

I’m afraid I got rather ahead of myself there, but this is my last good sheet of paper, so I'll press on. In summary, I apologize for every unfounded comment I made. On the other hand, if you expect me to overlook the flaws you present to my face, you’ll be in for a rough ride.

I recognize that our detainee had a marked effect on all of us, and that it would be wrong of me to stick to my first impressions. I hope we can put this initial setback behind us for the sake of the team. Perhaps we could even begin training together, if that can remain level-headed.


Steve Rogers