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Watcher's Academy

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Title Watcher's Academy
Author Wereleopard58
Rating PG
Word Count 679
Prompt 010: Home town
Pairing (if any) Wesley
Disclaimer. I do not own Buffy

The Watcher's Academy looked just like the rest of the college, hid snugly next to the majestic cathedral. Unless you knew it was there, it was invisible. The best place to hide was in plain site after all.

All the teachers, watcher's and trainee watcher's looked like everyone else, the suits did not stand out, and they all should have because they made themselves so unremarkable, plain.

Winchester was an historic place. One of the greatest writers was buried here. Jane Austen. The academy had been there forever, the town had a mystical flavour to it. Henry III believed that it was Camelot and had a copy of the round table made, Sir Walter Raleigh was sentenced to death but there could also be a darkness about it, which was one of the other reasons the academy was there. Why did the creator of the maze on St Catherine's Hill hang himself?

Wesley Wyndham-Price pushed his glasses up his nose as he walked down the High Street, you could still see the history here, the past. A lot of the buildings remained the same even though they were shoe, clothes and other kinds of shops. He sniffed dismissively as group of you giggling girls bumped into him; they stumbled out an apology and walked off laughing.

The young man would be so glad to get back to the academy he wasn't a big fan of this part of Winchester, he preferred the cobble streets that still ran through the back roads, but bit by bit it was being modernised and he despaired that everything that made Winchester what is was would disappear until it looked like every other place.

A quick right turn he walked through a little passageway, carrying on until he reached The Square. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day, the tables outside of the pubs were packed full of people drinking pints of cold beer, wine and a variety of other beverages. Wesley looked both ways and quickly crossed the road.

The cathedral towered in front of him but between him and his destination was the grounds and on days like this, students, squadies, he hated that word but that was what they were called, numerous other military personnel, mother's and children lay out on the green grass soaking up the rays. You never knew when days like this would appear or how long they would last so everyone made the most of it when they could.

The grass was hidden beneath the see of bodies. His highly polished shoes crunched on the stones as he walked as fast as he could past them all, not making eye contact, afraid that if he did they would want to talk to him and he after all had nothing in common with them.

There was no way that they would understand his calling, what his life was going to entail and the dangers that existed in the world around them. It was his job to train slayers, to protect them from the vampires, the eternal dead, creatures of the night.

While he was lost in his thoughts Wesley had made it back and standing there was a man.

"Wesley" Said the tall distinguished looking man.

"Yes sir." Wesley answered politely.

"You have been called."

Wesley's face froze this was one thing that he wasn't expecting. "I thought the slayer had a watcher."

"Buffy does, but another has turned up her name is Faith and you son, are to be hers."

Wesley opened and closed his mouth it was every watchers dream to work with a slayer, most of them only ever dealt with potentials who would actually never deal with the reality of being The Chosen One, but he had never even had a potential and he was getting Faith.

"Yes sir, I'll pack and head to Sunnydale straight away." Wesley nodded and as he walked away he smiled to himself. Faith. What a perfect name for a slayer because that is what they all had to have. Faith that they would eventually prevail.

The End