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The Longest Night

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Title The Longest Night fic
Author Wereleopard58
Rating PG
Word Count: 247
Prompt 044: Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice
Characters: Angel
Pairing (if any)

Disclaimer: I do not own Angel

It was a good thing he never felt the cold, not feeling the hard icy ground beneath him as he stared at the headstone. Angel wished that Cordy was still alive; he could hear her voice now telling him to get off his fat ass and do something. To stop brooding. This was the longest night of the year, every normal night felt like that but tonight was like an eternity.

Hadn't he lost enough already, wasn't he even? How was he supposed to keep fighting if 'they' kept taking away the people he loved?

Angel took a deep breath, one that he didn't need but it helped him not to feel so claustrophobic in his own mind. Closing his eyes, he remembered the dream he had, the first part as he was sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Thanksgiving family meal with his loved ones. Running his fingertip across his lips, he could still feel her mouth on his, her laughter echoing around them, the smile that lit the room and sparkled in her eyes. That had been his hope, that one day he could have had all of it but that dream had died with her.

"Cordelia Chase. Always loved and never forgotten." Angel whispered just sitting there waiting, sometimes staying there until it was almost too late. Wondering if one day it would be and the first rays of the sun would catch him and end the torment that his life had become.

The End