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You Complete Me

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 *Tom Riddle POV*

 A couple hours after his lunch meeting with Potter, the Dark Lord was at home in his study, thinking about the events of the day. Potter really surprised him. It is not often he gets surprised like that. He needed to talk to Severus, the information he received from his Potions Master was not correct. He thought aloud, “Not only did Potter show magnificent constraint; he gave me exactly what I wanted a partner to rule at his side.”

After Potter’s proclamation, a plan was set in motion. Potter and his gang will return to Hogwarts for their last year. However, he will not be going alone, he will have a new pet slithering beside him. Nagini had just hatched snakelings; he graciously gave one to Potter as a gift to assist him in his goal of killing the old fool. He also gave Potter a timetable; he had until the Summer Solstice to complete his task. This seemed fitting as this will be the point in the year when days get shorter and the nights get longer. During that time his plan to take over the ministry will be in effect. Yes, indeed all his schemes and plans have started to come together. By this time next year, Wizarding Europe will be his and the rest of the world will fall in line.

He smiled at that thought, not only will he have the Harry Potter by his side and in his bed, but the world at his fingertips. It pays well to be the Dark Lord.

 *Harry’s POV*

When Harry and Luna got back to Neville’s, he went into the office that Neville gave him. His thoughts went back to the lunch meeting between himself and Tom. He was not prepared to reveal his relation to the Malfoy Lord so early. However, when Luna told him not leave his grandmother’s journal behind, he did not question her. He just picked it up and placed it in his suit breast pocket. He was happy to see his "Uncle’s" mask drop at the fact that they were related in not just name but also blood. He knew they would have to resolve the issues between them before they could say they were one big happy family. Lost in his thoughts, he had mixed feelings swirling inside of him. The thought of being at Tom’s side and in his bed started to arouse him.  Developing a plan to kill Dumblefuck made his head spin. The mere thought of killing the man he so despised made his body tremble with want. Both made his heart pound with anxiety.  Maybe he was as crazy as Tom; he wanted the killing of Dumbledore to be a bonding present to his future Master and husband.

In many ways, he wanted Dumbledore’s death to be grand, huge, something unlike the Wizarding world had ever witnessed and unlikely to rivaled. He also thought the deed should be quick and slick. It would keep the Wizarding world on its toes. Truth be told, he’d like to roast his arse right in the Great Hall for all to see. While he plotted Dumbledore’s death, Tom would be busy taking over the ministry. Together they will have the Wizarding world bowing and begging at their feet. No longer will he be looked at as Dumbledore’s boy.

Thinking of the prospect of killing Dumbledore and presenting it as a token to his future husband, he got completely aroused, his dick was hard and pressing at the seam of his pants begging to come out. He sat in the nearest chair and released his dick from its confinement, taking it his hands he started to stroke himself. His head lolled back, he closed his eyes conjuring up the image of Tom in his throne room sitting in a gold cushioned chair. He was wearing black robes and looked utterly bored.

“Why does my Master look so sad?” Harry asked when he walked in the room. He was covered in blood from head to toe.

Tom gazed at Harry, “why are you covered in blood, my Little Prince?

Harry smiled at him dropping the bag that was in his hand. “I have completed the task you gave me, my Master.” He bent down, opening the bag he pulled out Dumbledore’s head. He transfigured the bag into a silver platter.  He walked the steps of the throne, going down to one knee and bowed his head “May I present to you, my Master, the head of your enemy on a silver platter.”

Tom threw his head back and laughed at Harry’s antics, after he composed himself “Well done my most loyal and trust servant.” Harry preened at the compliment, “How would you like to be rewarded?” He got up from his chair and walked over to Harry, lifting Harry’s face to meet his eyes, using his thumb to rub on Harry’s bottom lip. “Would you like me to fuck you while the dead eyes of Dumbledore watched?”  Harry closed his eyes at the thought, licking his lips and Tom’s thumb, he moaned tasting salt.  He opened his lips, pulling and engulfing the thumb in his mouth – sucking on it. He snapped his eyes up when he heard his Master grunt. “I was going to give you the option of letting my death eaters watch as I claim you, but I want no one alive to see the pleasure that comes across your face as I take you. Your pleasure belongs to me alone, my Little Prince.”

He pulled his finger slowly out of Harry’s mouth, making him whine in protest. “Be patient, my Little Prince, put that down then take me out.” Harry did as he was told eagerly; he placed the platter down not caring how it landed. Reaching up with blood stained hands, he undid the fasten of his Master’s robes, opening them and finding underneath he only had on trousers. His Master had rock hard abs that Harry wanted to lick and taste. Moving his bloodstained hands to the trousers he undid them taking out his Masters hard cock from his pants. His Master wore no underwear and he was hairless. He could see the lines and veins pulsating, it made him happy to see how hard his Master was. He did nothing else but just stared at it with anticipation waiting like a dog for its bone.  A hand went to the back of his neck and brought his face to what he wanted. He nuzzled his prize enjoying the heady smell that was his Master. Harry wanted to engulf his Master and never stop.

As if hearing his thoughts, Tom ordered “Suck me.” Eagerly, Harry complied. Moving a blood soaked hand, he gripped the base of his Master’s cock, licking the tip and tasting pre-ejaculation, making him moan in contentment. He opened his mouth taking his Master member in a little at a time, hollowing his cheeks as he went; he was able to take it all the way down on his first try. His Master hissed at how proud he was that Harry could take him to the base without gagging. This spurned Harry on more, he wanted to make his Master proud because he was able to please him in something as simple as swallowing him whole.

He moved his other hand up the pants encased leg of his Master, they were muscled and defined. They felt strong under his touch. Harry continued to suck and lick on his Master’s cock as he moved his other hand from a leg to those abs that he wanted to lick. Harry was so lost in tasting and feeling every inch of his Master’s body, he did not hear him say “Enough.” It was when his hair was roughly gripped, and he was pulled harshly from his Master’s member, making his lips make a popping sound, did he then look up. His vision was cloudy with need. “Strip” was the only command he got when his Master turned walking back to his chair. He sat down, his black robes were open. He vanished his trousers and opened his legs so that Harry could see all of him.

Again, Harry was lost in the way his Master looked so utterly powerful. “I will not repeat myself again,” he said quirking a brow. Harry was about to vanish his clothes when his Master stopped him. “No magic, I want to watch you as you undress.” Slowly he started undoing the fasting of his outer robes. Underneath, he wore a plain black t-shirt with black jeans. He pulled his t-shirt up and off his body only for a moment covering his sight from his Master. When he threw his t-shirt to the floor, he looked up to see him Master pleasuring himself. Harry was transfixed; they gazed into each other’s eyes: ruby meeting green. Harry undid the fastening on his jeans, letting them drop easily to the floor. He toed off his trainers, kicking them to the side of the room along with his jeans.

He stood bare in front of his Master leaving nothing to the imagination. “Kneel.” Harry did as requested. “Touch yourself for me.” He opened his legs wider giving his Master a bird’s eye view of all he had to offer. Bringing a hand to his harden cock, he threw his head to the side and began to jerk himself on as his Master watched. “Use your other hand to prepare yourself for me to take you, do not close your eyes I want to see straight to your soul” was the next command. Harry wandlessly summoned lubrication on his fingers, reaching around he inserted one finger to the knuckle. He grunted at the invasion of his finger.

Never taking his eyes off his Master, he watched as several expressions ran over his face. Could the man be jealous of Harry touching himself? He seemed to also be pleased as he watched. “How many fingers did you insert?” Harry opened his mouth to respond but a moan came out as he ran his finger over his prostate, licking his lips he answered “One, Master.”

 “Mmm…add another, I want you well stretched for me to take you.” Harry did as he was told and added a second finger scissoring them as he opened himself up. They never took their eyes off each other, his Master pleasuring himself for Harry and Harry for him. He did not know how long he would be able to hold on, his body was in sensation over drive; his breathing became erratic. “Master please, I ne…need you please,” he begged.

“Then come to me my pet, let me give you what you desire.” Releasing himself, he slowly removed his fingers from his arse, making him hiss at the loss. Harry got up walked over to his Master straddling his leg facing the head of Dumbledore that still sat on the platter, dead eyes looking back at them. There was no hesitation on what was getting ready to happen, Harry was going to get fucked within an inch of his life and he was going to enjoy every minute of it. Slowly, he sat down on the hard cock of his Master moaning and gasping as he took in every inch inside him.

When he was fully seated, he leaned back into the man behind him. Wiggling, he enjoyed the feel of his Master inside of him the made his Master grunt in response. “Ride me” was said through clichéd teeth. Obeying his Master, he leaned forward a bit positioning his hands on the arm of the throne chair, raising his arse to leave a little of the cock inside of him, then coming back down. He closed his eyes and he bit his lips at the sensation of what was going on inside of him. His Master gasped behind him making him do the same move again at the same pace hitting his prostate. His Master became frustrated because he received a slap on his hips and was grasped roughly, his Master taking control of his movements “I said ride me dammit!”

 Widening his legs and locking them around his Masters smooth legs, he was pulled off the splendidly, magnificent cock inside of him, only leaving the tip and slammed back down as his Master thrust into him. This made both of them cry out loud into the large empty room. Their only audience to watch and hear was Dumbledore; by the way his mouth was left partially open even in death, he appeared to be in awe. Their moans gasps and cries filled the room, as Harry rode his Master in contentment, each time hitting his prostate. Harry body was soaked in blood and sweat; his hair clung to his back and forehead. Their movements were synced and hurried. His Master leaned in and buried his face into Harry’s neck, never stopping his assault on his arse.

 Harry reached up grabbing on the back of his Master’s head, he turned his head, “Kiss me” making the first command of his own. His Master lifted his head, smashing his lips down on Harry’s making his bleed; Tom’s teeth scraped on his lips and he sucked at the blood that was there. Harry was so lost, he forgot about their audience. His Master lifted his mouth from his causing him to whine in protest. His hands went to Harry’s jaw, turning his head, “Look at him as you cum, show him that even in death he has no control over you. Show him who owns you completely, body, heart, mind and soul.” Harry looked into Dumbledore’s soulless eyes, and smiled. No longer will he have control over him. He belongs to his Master. “Whom do you belong to?” was whispered in his ear.

 He threw his head back, arched his back and shouted “You, Master! I belong to you, Voldemort,” as he was brought to an epic orgasmic explosion leaving his body in a quivering mess. His Master was not far behind him, roughly pounding inside him as he was brought to his own orgasm, Harry felt the warmth of his Master’s seed as he filled him and finished. His body sagged as arms engulfed him, making him feel safe for the first time in a very long time. Lips softly kissed his shoulders then up to his ear; he turned his head, searching for those same lips. When they touched he sighed into the kiss they might have started out rough and heady but the aftercare was soft and comforting. 

Tom lifted his head, bringing his lips to Harry’s ear, “Bring me his head, and I will you this and much, much more.”

Harry snapped open his eyes in shock, he was a bit disoriented, and he glanced around the room from his seating waiting to see if that was all a dream, if he imagined it. He took a chance, glancing down at his lap where his spent cock laid covered in his semen. He vanished the mess away, licking his lips wincing at how tender they were. Moving a hand through his hair, his fingers got stuck in the sweaty mess. That could not have been real he thought. He got up off the chair and hissed at the soreness in his arse. Confusion marred his face. Did he and Tom just do what he think they did? He blushed at how wanting he was and how he called Tom his Master. If what they did was real, the next time they met it would be very interesting.

*Tom’s POV*

Across town, Tom Riddle also known as Voldemort was pleasantly sated but confused at the events that just occurred.  He was sitting in his office looking over important documents when he was taken away mentally from his work. Before him was Harry Potter on his knees calling him Master and proclaiming that he belonged to him and him alone. What happened next was the best sex he has ever had, thinking about it again his cock twitched. He looked down at his trousers and realized they were stained with ejaculation. This confused him; he prided himself in being well learned in all things magic.

Could it be that he and Harry had some kind of mental connection? Spelling away the mess from his trousers, he got up from his desk, he had some research to do; maybe he would start with soul connections. He wanted to be prepared if this happened again, hopefully it will be just as pleasurable next time he thought with a smile.