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I Hope You Know What You're Getting Yourself Into

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4:30 PM

Residence of Park Chanyeol

Chanyeol threw his coat down on the floor,too tired and worn out to even bother trying to hang it up.The end of another long and miserable day at work.He thought to himself as threw off his shoes and sat down on the couch.The moment he sat down,his his phone got a text notification.

It was from Baekhyun.

Baekhyun: You home babe?

Chanyeol couldn't help but smile as he read the text.He and Baekhyun had only been eating for a little over a year,but Chanyeol doesn't think he's ever felt happier then when he's with Baekhyun.

Chanyeol: Yeah I'm home

Chanyeol: Finally