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Billy remembers New Zealand. He remembers feet, going out to pubs, hanging with the rest of the Fellowship, shooting, but most of all, he remembers those moments he spent with Dom. Billy was almost always with Dom, true, and he remembers most of those times, but what he remembers the most clearly are those striking, vivid scenes between them that shone of that special something.

He remembers that one special pub at the end of the long pier stretching into the ocean. It was by luck they found it, really, because if they hadn't accidentally wandered away from the rest of the group, they would have missed it completely.

It had been sunset at the time, and they could see silhouettes on the pier blanketed against the multi-colored sky. Lights stood at regular intervals around the pier, and they led to the pub at the end of the walkway.

They hadn't entered the pub or even walked onto the pier. They just stood on the beach and watched the scene in front of them, watched black forms talk and gesture and kiss with the fading sun shining behind them, lending specks of gold to everything.

Billy didn't, still doesn't know, what it was, but something about the whole scene struck him, seemed to tell him that he was missing something important. He turned to look at Dom and found Dom looking at him, the setting sun reflected in his eyes. Billy saw something in Dom's eyes that he was sure was also in his own, something that he knew better than even himself yet didn't know at all.

Now, Billy thinks that special something is love. He thinks he's always known it, only that he never found the word for it until Dom kissed him.