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[Podfic] You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

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Cover Artist: Emiliana Darling
Length: 02:40:20
Intro/Outro Song: "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" by Dinah Shore
Download at the Audiofic Archive: Here! (both MP3 and MP4B)
Download at Paraka Productions: MP3 and MP4B (right click and save)

ETA: In recent news, the amazing paraka has done me the tremendous favour of hosting me!!! With that all sorted, hopefully I'll never have that kind of problem with podfic hosting again. The files as hosted by paraka have been added below. :) I have also uploaded an updated version of both links in order to remove a few repeated lines and minor gaffes. If you've enjoyed this podfic and might want to listen to it again, please consider re-downloading so that you can have the nicer version!