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A Loss of Control [fic + podfic]

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"You're in big trouble, Mr. Weasley," Hermione said, crossing her arms over her chest and looking down sternly at her husband, Ron who was seated in a chair before her.

"I'm sorry, Professor," Ron said, smiling sarcastically.

Hermione scowled and shook her head.

"You must be punished!" Hermione declared, pointing a finger at Ron sharply.

"If I must, I must," Ron said with a dismissive shrug.

"Stand up and disrobe immediately," Hermione said, trying to remain stern but feeling herself blush.

"Blimey, Professor Granger," Ron said and stood up from his chair.

Ron was wearing his old school robes. Officially, he was saving them for their future child to wear but today he was wearing it strictly for roleplaying purposes. This game had been Ron's idea. Hermione hadn't asked him where this fantasy came from. It wasn't really her thing but she liked being in charge of Ron.

Ron pulled his robes off and let them fall to floor. Hermione made a shocked face at the sight of Ron's large, fully erect cock.

"Mr. Weasley, that is your penis! Where are your pants?" Hermione demanded.

Ron shrugged and said, "I suppose I forgot them, Professor."

"Forgot them? This is unacceptable, Mr. Weasley. And just look at that," Hermione said, pointing at the organ in question with her wand.

"What about it?" Ron inquired with a smile.

"It's far too large. I mean, really, what do you expect to do with that?" Hermione asked then shook her head.

"I… could show you, Professor," Ron said with a wink.

Hermione gasped then frowned.

"I think it's time for your punishment now, Mr. Weasley," Hermione said.

Ron pretended to look worried. Hermione was actually having fun. Being in charge was delightful.

"On your knees, Mr. Weasley," Hermione said and begun to lift up the blue robes she purchased just for this exercise.

"I see that I'm not the only one not wearing any pants, Professor," Ron said as he dropped to his knees in front of her.

"I think you know what to do," Hermione said, spreading her legs.

With that Ron clutched his pale hands on her thighs and pushed his face into her groin. Ron was very skilled with his mouth. He slid his tongue inside her slit and began to lap at her sensitive flesh within.

"Mmmm. That's very good Mr. Weasley. Ahh," Hermione moaned.

Hermione placed a dark hand on the back of Ron's red-haired head, pushing him closer to her flesh. Ron moaned with approval. Hermione tried to maintain a facade of austerity but it was difficult under the circumstances.

"Oh… this really isn't your first time, is it, Mr. Weasley?" Hermione said, then made a gasp of pleasure.

Hermione could feel herself moving closer and closer to climax. Ron sucked on a finger then slid it inside of her, gently fingering her while he continued to lick her clit. Hermione moaned and desperately wished she was on the bed. Crookshanks was mewing outside their door but Hermione tried to push him out of her mind.

"Oh… Oh, Mr. Weasley! Uhhnnn," Hermione groaned as pleasure surged through her body.

She felt herself tighten around his finger as she convulsed with orgasm. Ron continued to lick and finger her as she struggled to remain standing. Finally, Hermione pulled away and fell back against the bed, tossing her pointy witch hat aside. Ron stood in front of her, stroking his long and very thick shaft with a big grin on his face.

"Roll over, Professor and I'll show you what this is for," Ron said.

Hermione wasn't necessarily impressed with the size of Ron's penis, in fact early in their sexual relationship it caused a fair bit of problem, but she would entertain him just this once. It was a fantasy after all.

Hermione rolled over and got on her knees. Ron walked over to their dresser and put lubricating potion on his cock. He then came over and got on the bed, kneeling behind her and lifting her robe up over her arse.

Hermione felt as Ron pushed the head of his cock against her aching, wet hole. He then gently pushed the tip inside, slowly stretching her open. Hermione gasped as Ron began the process of slowly pushing and pulling himself out, being careful not to hurt her, another thing Ron had improved on greatly.

As Ron began to gently fuck her, Hermione secretly wished she could be the one on top of him. There was such more she could do to "punish" him. As Ron clutched his hands on her arse and began to pound into her, she slid a hand between her legs to stroke her clit while she imagined herself truly being in charge of Ron, giving him directions and commands, spanking him for being so naughty, tying him up so that she could have her way with him.

"You're so tight and wet, Professor," Ron groaned as he pounded into her.

Hermione moaned but her mind was elsewhere, though it did feel good. She was glad Ron was enjoying his fantasy. She was certainly enjoying hers. It was finally picturing herself fucking Ron's arse while he was tied up that sent her over the edge again.

"Mr. Weasley!" Hermione called out as she came again.

"Oh, shit!" Ron said, pounding hard and the groaning loudly as Hermione felt his cock pulsing inside of her, filling her with his hot spunk.

Moments later, Ron had pulled out and Hermione was on her back, breathing hard and euphoric as thoughts of sexual bondage filled her mind. Even as Ron climbed on top of her and started kissing her she continued to imagine the things she could do to Ron, if he would agree to it.

Hermione slid her hands down Ron's back and pushed him close to her. She was still turned on and wanted more. She reached down to his softening cock and desperately stroked it.

"Woah, Hermione," Ron said with surprise and Hermione felt him stiffening again.

"Let me on top, please," Hermione said and they switched places.

Hermione tossed her robe off and went and got more lubricating potion while Ron stroked his cock in her absence, his eyes wide with surprise.

When Hermione was back with the lube, his cock still wasn't fully hard. Hermione was surprised it was getting hard again at all. Using her hands, she sensually slicked up his cock, hoping it would speed up the process.

Once she was convinced it was hard enough, she climbed on top of him, quickly sliding his wet and mostly hard cock inside of her. Hermione leaned over, her heavy breasts resting against his pale, sweaty chest. Hermione bounced hard on him and reached up and moved Ron's hands behind his head, simulating restraint.

Hermione leaned up, placing her hands on his chest and rode him hard. Hermione couldn't believe how close to coming she felt and she wasn't even touching her clit.

"Ron… would you ever let me tie you up?" Hermione asked through soft moans and grunts.

"Tie me up? Why? What… do you mean?" Ron asked, his face looking tense.

"What if I really wanted to restrain you… punish you?" Hermione said.

"We can do the Professor thing all you want," Ron said.

"No… that's not what I mean. I want to be myself. I want to tie you up and have my way with you," Hermione said, biting her lip.

"Would that turn you on?" Ron asked.

"Oh, yes. Merlin, yes," Hermione moaned.

"I would do anything for you, Hermione," Ron said, sounding sincere and on the verge of orgasm.

"Thank you," Hermione said, grinding on Ron's cock as the various thoughts of what she could do to him filled her mind and she climaxed once again.

"Fuck! Coming again. Ohhhh," Hermione moaned.

Ron began to thrust upwards while Hermione convulsed, grabbing her arse hard as he moaned and threw his head back in pleasure, his cock pulsing again.

Hermione leaned down and kissed Ron, as ripples of her orgasm continued to move through her.

"I love you, Ron," Hermione said into his ear.

"I love you too, Hermione," Ron said and Hermione felt his body go slack and Hermione flopped next to him, both clearly exhausted.

A few silent minutes later, Hermione turned to Ron and said, "Did you mean it… Will you try out bondage with me? Let me take control?"

Ron made an awkward smile but nodded then leaned over and kissed Hermione deeply. Hermione felt flushed with warmth and excitement despite her current exhaustion. She had some research to do.