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Truth or Dare

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"I just don't... have a gag reflex. I never have." Fernando shrugs as if this is perfectly normal, shovelling a mouthful of pasta past his lips, looking back down at his plate to shift his food around. Sergio, Iker, and Cesc just stare at him for a couple of seconds before Iker and Cesc start laughing and shaking their heads. Sergio can only gape at him, fork paused halfway to his mouth. Iker glances at Sergio, a knowing smirk growing on his lips.

"So what exactly have you tested this out on, Fer?"

Sergio shoots Iker the deadliest look he possesses, earning only wide-eyed innocence and a shrug from Iker. Hey, someone has to ask the tough questions.

Fernando smirks at Iker as he swallows down his spaghetti, reaching for his beer and taking a long swig of it. He licks his lips and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Wouldn't you love to know."

Before he can open his big mouth, Sergio kicks Iker under the table. Hard.





"You have such little fingers."

Fernando can't help but smile as he watches Sergio examine his hand. He watches how his lips pout together so naturally, how long his lashes look as he looks over Fernando's hand almost worriedly, running his fingers over his. Fernando stretches out his hand as long as it will go, wiggling said fingers just a little.

"I do not, I have long fingers. See?"

He presses their palms together, their hands mirroring and lining up almost perfectly. He looks past their hands to meet Sergio's eyes, his own twinkling with triumph. Sergio can't help but laugh, lacing his fingers with Fernando's to give him a gentle shove back against the couch.

"I don't mean how long they are, Nando, I mean they're little. Skinny. Anorexic."

"I don't have anorexic fingers!"

They both hear distinct snickers through the wall and Fernando blushes, glancing toward where Iker and Cesc are sharing a room and then up at Sergio who is full out grinning at him now. Fernando drops his voice to a childishly loud whisper.

"Well, I don't. Just because I don't have cervix-damaging fingers doesn't mean--"

"Oh, for fuck's sake, Fer, did you have to go there?!" Iker's voice shoots through the wall (thankfully) separating him from them, making them both erupt into immediate giggles. They hear Iker groan and then hear a television get turned up. They sigh contentedly and relax back against the couch, halfway paying attention to the movie that was on, half paying attention to each other. They stay quiet for awhile until Sergio speaks.

"I'm bored."

Fernando swirls his head to look at Sergio, eyebrows raised.

"We just started watching this. How can you already be bored?"

"Don't you wanna do something tonight? It's our day off, and we've already watched Saw IV and Three Ninjas Kick Back. And now Pulp Fiction. Again."

"You like Pulp Fiction!"

"Let's do something! Let's..." Sergio trails off as he looks around the room. His eyes light up when he spots a half-empty bottle of Coca-Cola, ready to scream "Let's play Spin the Bottle, Nando, make out with me!" when an authoritative knock sounds on their door. He growls in his throat and shoots the door a predatory glance. Fernando jumps up and shuffles over to the door, a silly grin covering his face when he finds Iker and a guilty looking Cesc behind him.

"Let us in."

"Maybe we were doing something that doesn't need to involve you, Iker! Ever think of that?!" Sergio glares at Iker past Fernando, his hands on his hips. Iker rolls his eyes and returns the glare but it's half-hearted, overshadowed by the sheer desperation in his eyes.

"Yeah, right, Sergio. Seriously, let us in. We're about to go crazy in our room. Stupid curfew."

"We weren't going crazy, Iker! All I said was that we should play Truth or Dare!"

"Yeah, and I thought 'hey, Sergio and Fer would love to play Truth or Dare.' Wouldn't you, Fer?" Iker weasels his way past Fernando and into their room, armed with a six pack of beer and Cesc scampers in after him, a matching pack clasped in his hand. Cesc smiles and kisses Fernando on the cheek, oblivious to the pain the other two men are going through. Fernando is just as oblivious as he closes the door behind them, snagging a beer from the carton Cesc held.

"Iker, we were watching a movie. On the couch. And the movie has a gay sex scene." Sergio hisses this as he opened up a beer of his own, immediately downing a healthy portion of it, his eyes huge and imploring as he looks at Iker. Iker looks at Sergio like he was braindead.

"Sergio. You were watching Pulp Fiction. Again. And it's not a gay sex scene, it's a male-on-male rape scene! And you already watched it this morning!"

"...Why don't you get a life and stop memorizing mine, huh!?"

"Sergio, seriously. Cesc wanted to play Truth or Dare. He wanted. To play. Truth. Or Dare." Iker gave him a pointed look. "I... I can't handle that. I'm already going insane just sharing a room with him."

"Just fucking jump him already. What's the big deal?" Sergio shrugs and drinks more of his beer which fit in nicely with the several he's had all day, leaving him warm and swimmy.

"Sergio Ramos García. Don't even go there with me."

"Come oooon, guys, let's get started!" Cesc claps from his new spot on the couch, patting the seat beside him. Sergio glares at Iker one last time before he walks over quickly and takes the seat beside him. Iker glowers at Sergio as he makes his way to his so-called friends, parking himself next to Fernando who is lounging on the floor on top of the comforter from his bed.

"So, who's starting?" Fernando reaches up behind him to turn down the television, not even paying attention to the oh so gay sex scene being played out on the screen. Sergio keeps a tantrum held in tightly. They look around at each other for several beats before Cesc pipes up.

"Me, me, me! Sergio, truth or dare?"

Sergio sighs inwardly and looks away from his sideways (and wistful) staring at Fernando. He weighs his options and figurs the chance that he will be asked to do something to or with Fernando are pretty good.


"Ooohh!" Cesc's eyes light up and he rubs his hands together evilly. He looks between all three boys for a long moment before settling on Sergio, his voice grave, serious.

"I dare you to... dance with your eyes closed." The other three look around at each other in silence while Cesc squirms proudly, a big, stupid (but adorable) grin on his face.

"I... I don't have any music."

"Sergio. You always have music." Cesc gets up and scrounges around the room to try and find Sergio's iPhone and speakers which he knows are somewhere nearby. When he reaches for Sergio's bag and starts pulling out an open notebook, Sergio flies to his feet and jerks his bag away from Cesc's hands, his cheeks red.

"It's on the end table, stay out of my shit!"

Cesc shrugs and drops the bag and the notebook on the bed, not paying attention to Sergio's scramble to hide the notebook as he turns on the music on Sergio's iPhone, a flamenco guitar fluttering from the speakers. Sergio returns to stand near the couch in a rather clear spot. He takes a deep breath and notes each of their expressions (Iker: smug, Cesc: gleeful, Fernando: ...radiant) before he starts to move his hips hesitantly, his entire body stiff, nervous.

"Eyes closed!" Cesc can't chirp any more annoyingly.

Sergio sighs loudly but he obeys, closing his eyes and just listening to Paco de Lucía, slowly forgetting about who was watching him and why and just dancing, arms lifting to just above his waist, his shoulders lifting and moving in the opposite direction of his swaying hips, an immediate, secret smile sneaking up on his face. He mouths along with the words, wanting to sing them loudly but he isn't that self-assured, not here in front of Fernando who he has always thought about when he listens to the song. When the clapping in the song starts, Sergio picks it right up, his movements becoming even more animated, more passionate, his wrists flicking with each sharp, perfect clap. The song ends with a flourish of his body and of the guitar and he is absolutely grinning, opening his eyes and unwittingly looking right at Fernando. Fernando jumps to his feet and applauds Sergio, standing still for all of five seconds before he is moving toward Sergio and throwing his arms around his neck, overcome with his adoration of all the things about Sergio that make him unlike any one else on the planet. Sergio laughs gently, his cheeks once again bright red as he hugs him back, sneaking a guilty hand up and down Fernando's back before he pulls away. He meets his eyes again with a smile but ducks his head.

"Okay, somebody else's turn."