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Change Has Come for These Ones Are Different

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The Forgotten Far Distant Past:

The dead lay like dropped kindling all across the open field. All those life forms lost to the future genetic pools because they convinced themselves they had a purpose to their existence other than producing future offspring providers for the continual abundance of the herds for harvesting or for otherwise overpopulating themselves into extinction like a defective strain of virus that they were................

 The Distant Past:

The world had gone mad. The Grimms and Royals turning on the Wesen. The Wesen on the Humans and Grimms. The Humans on the Royals, the Wesen, and the Grimms.....It kept falling more and more apart till everybody was against almost everyone else. Nothing could ever repair these rifts. Nothing would ever be able to span the distances between them and bridge the eternal gaps.....

 The Past:

'A Grimm mustn't ever put faith in one of Wesen blood. Betrayal is where it shall always lead..... 




The small grove of bamboo stood at the back of the garden. The plants' success at flourishing evident in the way they competed with the forest tree line for top place as tallest living skyscraper in that piece of temperate rainforest.

There was also an equally tall scrawny ass palm that took exception to being struck with a airborne Grimm.

The flung grimm, male, who while still young was still non-the-less a fully gown adult, with hair about as black as his skin was light. He landed hard but there was no hesitation before he moved rolling urgently to the side, avoiding both the advancing blutbad's pounce and the hexenbiest's thrown blade, using momentum to regain his footing surging up into a loose crouched ready position to face his opponents.

Only to get taken back down again and pinned by the weight of the larger built  bludbad's full body tackle when motion in the woods caught his eye.

The Royal who had thrown him emerged from the trees. "That's enough."