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What It Took To Realize

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Izuku POV
It hurts. Everything hurts. I need to escape the pain. I need it to be gone. There's one way to do that. And It'll happen today. Finally.


I coast through the day feeling slightly disconnected. Of course, nobody notices. So after school, I go to the roof. Such a beautiful day... I smile softly as I lean forward and start to fall. Then I see the form of a person below me and my eyes widen as they look up. I recognize that spiky blond hair. I fall closer to the ground and I see that Kacchan has wide eyes and is on the verge of tears. He figures out where I should land and he uses his explosions to push him up enough to catch me. And he does. I feel his strong arms around me as he lowers us to the ground slowly with his freaking explosions. He puts me down and I look away. "Why..?" He asks quietly.


"Because I'm worthless."