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"So you're saying I could have a superpower?" Skye asked her friend incredulously.
Skye and Jemma were sat facing each other on the couch, Skye having just explained about what Coulson told her a few days prior. Jemma was intrigued, and Skye could tell she was itching to get Skye down to the lab and run tests.
"If you're an 084, then it's possible. Could I take a blood sample? It would rule out some possibilities..."
Skye wrinkled her nose.
"No way. You've taken too much blood already. I'll figure this one out on my own."
The next day, Skye was bored. Ward had decided to give her a day off, mainly because he'd stupidly challenged Fitz to play Mario Kart with him and was now stuck, determined to play until he won. Apparently SHIELD's budget covered a Wii but didn't cover more than two controllers, so Skye was sat in her bunk listening to the shouts from downstairs. After listening to several cries of 'take that princess!' and 'you think you can win this, you overgrown lizard!', she'd had enough. Skye decided the only revenge was to make herself some delicious pancakes, then go down and eat them in the lab. That would annoy them.
Jemma came up ten minutes later to find Skye in the kitchen, her hair dusted with flour and batter on her chin. She was poking the pancake in the pan experimentally with a spatula.
"Hey, Jem, do we have any syrup? Because I made twice as much mix as was needed, so I think we're gonna need syrup."
Jemma rolled her eyes as she pulled the syrup from the top cupboard.
"By we, you mean..."
"Just me and you, maybe Coulson or May, if they want some. The boys aren't getting anything." Skye grinned as she shook the pan and the pancake slid down the other end. "Jem, maybe this is my superpower, best at flipping pancakes!"
Skye flipped the pancake with so much vigour; it flipped twice, before landing on the cooker hood. It slid slowly down, and then flopped on the floor with a pathetic squelch. Jemma giggled.
"If that's your superpower, I'm so glad. The city is sound, with Superhero Skye around!"
Skye picked the pancake up, before throwing it in the bin and moving the pan back on the hob.
"Okay, so not pancakes. Still, I'll keep looking. Do you want a go?"
A week later, Jemma and Fitz were curled up on the sofa watching some British drama, whilst Skye was lying on the floor on her laptop.
"The killer is the godmother. She did it with a butcher's knife." Skye said absent mindedly. Fitz scoffed.
"You have to be joking. It's clearly the factory worker. He had motive and opportunity." Jemma tutted pulled the popcorn from Fitz's grasp, offering some to Skye.
"Nonsense, Fitz. It's a red herring - the killer's clearly the college professor, he was caught on camera at the casino where it happened. His son's also a carpenter, so he would have lots of tools. It would be easy for him to frame him." Fitzsimmons bickered idly for a few minutes and Skye rolled her eyes.
"It's the coat! I can't believe you've forgotten the coat."
In the last few minutes of the show, Fitzsimmons gawked at the screen as the chiselled detective held up a blood stained fur coat and the godmother made her confession. When the credits started to roll, they looked at Skye in awe.
"How they hell ..." started Fitz.
"...did you know it was her?" finished Jemma.
"They revealed it ..."
" like the last five minutes!"
Skye sat up and looked at the science twins seriously.
"I've been keeping it to myself but ... I think I can see into the future."
Fitz gasped and Jemma raised her eyebrows.
"I think ...”
Fitzsimmons hung onto Skye's every word as she weighed up what she was about to say.
"In the future..."
They waited with baited breath.
"You two will realise what gullible idiots you are!"
Fitzsimmons looked so disappointed that Skye couldn't help but laugh.
"The show aired like 3 weeks ago in the UK, I watched it illegally. I can't believe you guys thought I could see into the future. What's next, mind reading?"
Jemma blushed and Fitz gave a huff of annoyance before turning back to the TV.
A few days afterwards, Skye was in the shower, humming and rubbing the shampoo through her hair. They'd just got back from infiltrating the Turkish embassy in Paris, where a group of would be assassins were planning to unleash a weapon which could dissolve anything in its path - people included. Whilst Fitz examined the device, Jemma was patching up Ward and May and Coulson had gone to the control room to inform HQ.
Skye had decided to get into the shower first and hog the hot water for a bit. She did have to crawl through several dusty air vents and too much dust made Fitz sneeze like a startled rabbit - that would be the excuse she'd tell Ward later. Skye twirled the water around her finger and a thought struck her. She stood a little way out of the shower and concentrated, trying to push the water to the other side of the shower. "Oh come on. This would be such a good power! Move!"
Skye started moving her arms around wildly but stopped abruptly when she heard a knock on the door.
"Skye? Is that you? We're landing in 15, just so you know." May's voice floated through the door and Skye blushed furiously.
"Shit!" May must have heard her strange outburst and Skye knew she was probably smirking away. "Thank you... I'll be out in a minute." She tried to sound casual, but Skye knew May would see right through it.
20 minutes later, Skye appeared in the lab, brushing her hair through. "Jem, you can cross water-bending off your list of possible superpowers."
Jemma appeared from behind a mass spectrometer wearing her ridiculous oversized lab glasses. "We're keeping a list?"
"We are now. It's scientific, y'know?"
The list 'Superpowers Skye doesn't have' extended to -
- Flipping pancakes
- Seeing the future
- Water bending
- Fire bending
- Eating more than 27 Oreos in one sitting
- Being able to lift Fitz with one arm
(Ward can do it, why can't I?)
- Being able to beat Jemma at Mario Kart
(How do you always get to be Mario? I'm always Luigi so it's unfair)
- Mind reading / telepathy
- Super speed
- Super strength
- Super-at-doing-crosswords
- Super-at-doing-sudoku’s
- Puzzles in general
It would have been longer, but then bottom dropped out of Skye's world and everything changed.
In the following weeks, Skye wished she had a superpower, a real, serious superpower. When she saw the blood dripping from the ceiling, and felt the icy weight of Ward's betrayal in her stomach, she wished she was strong and mighty, and could crush him with a swing of her fist. She wished she could kick him in his smug grin and see him reel, she wished she could stop the sound of his lies with a swift punch to the stomach. She wished she could make him pay.
When Garrett mentioned Fitz and Simmons, Skye wished she could fly. She would swoop up to the plane and tear the casing off, then pull Garrett from the plane and throw him out. See him suffer as the water pulled him under. Then she could save Jemma and Fitz from their fate then fly into the sunset as the plane she'd once called home crashed and burnt below her.
When she saw Fitz hooked up to the machine, she wished she could heal. Bring back the colour to his pallid cheeks and help his heartbeat, strong and healthy, instead of hearing the pathetic blip's of the heart monitor and see Jemma sat on his other side, holding his hand too tightly. Skye wanted to be able to place her hands on his forehead and knit the bones of his arm back together and fill his lungs with air. She wanted to dispel the taste of the doctor's words, the 'permanent brain damage' and the 'oxygen deprivation' and the 'may never be the same again.'
But most of all, Skye wished she had a superpower at night, when she could hear the muffled sobs in the bed next to hers as Jemma cried herself to sleep. Skye wanted to be able to reverse everything that had happened because Jemma Simmons upset wasn't allowed, there must be a clause in the universe somewhere which meant she could never be unhappy and Skye was prepared to move the stars to make that happen.
But all she could do was climb into the bed too and hold Jemma as she cried into her pillow. When they woke up in the morning, neither said a word to the other. It was just one more thing they didn't talk about.
It got better, slowly.
When Jemma has shrieked so loudly and Skye had ran into Fitz's room to find him awake with his eyes wide and they'd hugged so tightly and Jemma cried.
When he started eating properly and not from a tube in his arm and Tripp made lasagne which wasn't from a packet and Tripp had held out his hand for a high five but Fitz punched the outstretched palm gently and Tripp smiled as Fitz cleared his plate.
When he read his favourite science journals with ease and the doctor was happy to report he his intelligence hadn't suffered and that he should consider himself very lucky and Coulson beamed even though he'd assured Fitz he'd stay on the team no matter what.
When May had managed to coax him into walking a few shaking steps along the corridor and he looked like a new born deer but Jemma grinned and held Skye's hand and they grinned together.
The bus really had turned into a bus, ferrying stolen 084's around from the Hub to the Fridge and the Playground. They were loading a batch of objects confiscated from a Hydra splinter cell in Chicago, everyone lugging the objects up the ramp and Jemma securing them in the lab, making careful notes on each one.
"Oi, Tripp! Slow down a bit, not all of us are super strong..." Tripp and Fitz were carrying a huge laser between them and Fitz was getting annoyed - manual labour wasn't his strong suit. Skye placed her box down by the stairs and rolled her eyes.
It all happened too fast.
Fitz tripped on a stray cable and Tripp caught the device but it released a pulse of silver light and it shattered the glass of the lab window. The one Jemma was standing right behind.
Skye had her arms outstretched and her eyes shut tight. Jemma is dead she thought, over and over, feeling cold and lightheaded like someone had pulled her spine out but it didn't stop her thinking, over and over, Jemma is dead and I couldn't save her.
It was too quiet.
Skye imagined there would be more screaming. She wondered why she wasn't screaming.
Someone gripped her shoulder tightly. Maybe she was screaming after all.
"Skye, it's okay." Skye heard Coulson's voice, calming and gentle but muffled, like he was standing at the deep end of a swimming pool.
That didn't sound like the sort of thing you'd say to someone who's best friend has just died right in front of them and they couldn't do anything just like last time.
"Skye, you can stop now."
Skye cracked her eyes open slowly. Everyone was looking at her like she'd grown another head. Skye looked towards the lab and gasped.
The glass had shattered, but the pieces were held in mid-air, vicious shards surrounded by tendrils of golden energy. Jemma stood in the middle, glass inches from her face. It hung there, and Skye made a small 'oh' sound. Jemma was alive.
Then Skye looked at her hands and saw the golden light filtering between her fingers. 'Oh' was all she could think of to say, before the spine removal feeling came back and she collapsed, the glass following her down and smashing at Jemma's feet.
When Skye opened her eyes, she felt a terrible sense of deja vu. She was lying on a bed in the medipod, connected to machines which bleeped occasionally to tell her she was very much alive. Skye turned her head and Jemma was there in an instance, holding her hand and stroking her forehead, with a soft smile on her face.
"Oh good, you're awake. I was getting worried. How are you feeling?"
Skye wrinkled her nose and tried to sit up. "Hungry."
Jemma giggled and helped Skye into a sitting position.
"Jem ... what happened?"
Jemma sat down in the chair next to Skye, but didn't let go of her hand and Skye was very grateful for that.
"It seems you found your superpower. Fitz is running tests now - I took some blood, I hope you don't mind."
Skye was silent for a minute, running a hand through her hair.
"I've got a superpower. Really? A superpower?"
Skye wiggled her fingers as if the energy would come back and do something cool again. It didn't.
"Thank you, Skye."
Skye stopped wiggling and looked at Jemma, tilting her head slightly.
"For saving me. I'm very grateful, so ... thank you."
Jemma stood up and pressed a kiss to Skye's forehead and Skye would have been incredibly happy if the heart monitor hadn't started to have a fit, beeping like mad. Skye blushed and hid her face in her hands and the beeping stopped as the glass on the screen of the heart monitor shattered. The golden light illuminated Skye's face for a minute before flowing back into her fingertips.
Jemma giggled and Skye peeked out from behind her fingertips.
"I'll pay for a new one. Sorry."
"Don't worry about it, Skye. I've wanted a new one for ages anyway. So, what do you want to eat?"
"You said you were hungry..."
"Oh yeah ... Have we got any curly fries?"
Jemma smiled and nodded, disappearing from the room in a swirl of white coat and curly hair.
Skye groaned and glared at her fingertips. She could feel that some parts about being a superhero were going to really suck.