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Unpaved Roads

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A tall, but otherwise nondescript man stood at the bottom of the carpeted stairs of a dilapidated apartment building. He turned to check the tenant directory stapled haphazardly on the dingy lobby's peeling wallpaper and found the name. He didn't climb as much as he lumbered up the stairs. His steps were heavy thuds against the worn threads beneath his boots. Three measured knocks on a door at the end of the hall brought forth a lanky girl with a lit cigarette between her fingers and pink curlers in her dirty blond hair.

She eyed him warily. "What?"

"Alexandra Udinov?"

The girl took a quick puff before blowing smoke into the man's unblinking eyes. "That depends. Who wants to know?"

"Alexandra Udinov?" the man repeated, his face encased in perpetual stillness. Unreadable.

Rolling her eyes, the girl extinguished her cigarette on the splintering door frame. "Fine, yeah, that's me, what do you--" She never got to finish before her torso exploded in a Pollock mess of cursive red and muscled guts. Her body fell back with a wet squish and her arms followed with two dull thumps.

The man dispensed two more bullets into the head of the twitching corpse until even Alexandra Udinov's dentist would find identification impossible. He stepped out of the threshold and walked down the stairs with the same pace he'd use to walk up, oblivious to the horrified screams and yelps that echoed behind him. There were more individuals named Alexandra Udinov on his list.