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"Mr. Saverin, would you collect the reports?"

Eduardo nodded at Mr. Zuckerberg as he stood, adjusting his loosened uniform tie. He turned and started at the desk behind his own as Mr. Zuckerberg went on about that day's lesson.

With every step his hands shook a little, and when he passed his friend Chris's desk he took his report and the paper bounced in his hand. Chris raised an eyebrow and smirked at him but Eduardo ignored him.

When he reached Mr. Zuckerberg's desk he placed the stack of papers on top of his closed laptop. Up close, his dark stare was even more unnerving and even more exciting. The teacher looked up at him and removed his glasses.

"Mr. Saverin, did you do your assignment last night?"

Hand gripping his cock, bottom lip tight between his teeth, there was light from the hallway creeping into his bedroom where the door was opened. He'd told him to leave it that way, because that's how he always did his homework.

He worked himself faster, thinking of full, red lips, soft curls and strong hands gripping markers and writing lines on the board. His mother called him down for dinner and he swore, stroking quickerfasterharder. Fuck, there was sweat on his brow and his knees were shaking as he stood in front of his desk and, God, his fucking mouth --

Eduardo pulled a piece of notebook paper from his pocket and placed it on top of the stack. "Yes, sir."

Mr. Zuckerberg looked at it, studies the dried, white stain on it and nodded. "Good. Sit down."

Eduardo couldn't get to his seat fast enough to reach down and adjust his hardening cock.

- -


"I got a C?" Eduardo ran a hand down his face and stared at his report card like if he did it long enough the letter grade will change. Dustin flicked a stray pea his way across the lunch room table and he didn't even flinch.

"Mr. Z is a asshole, I told you. Last year he gave me a six demerits in one semester." Dustin tried again, this time stopping when he caught Eduardo's death glare.

"Yes but you deserved all of those. Remember the glue?" Chris pointed out.

Dustin laughed, loudly, drawing some looks. "Yeah. That's right."

"It doesn't matter if he's an asshole or not, I got a C which means..." Eduardo didn't finish and no one asked him to. They didn't have to ask what that meant and truth was he didn't think anyone really wanted to know.

"I think he just needs to get laid." Dustin waved an apologetic hand towards a girl at the next table who just got a piece of corn to the head. "You should totally flirt with him, maybe he'll change it then."

"You have a disturbing mind, Moskovitz."

"No, it makes sense, man! You're like the hottest twink around here. Can I say that, twink? Chris?"

Chris just shook his head.

It wasn't entirely untrue. Eduardo didn't go around declaring his sexuality wherever went, he was a fairly private person. But he didn't exactly hide it especially when it was two am on Saturday night and one of their school's star athletes had his cock in his mouth. He was fairly popular around their private school. The amount of guys he hooked up with at the clubs in downtown Miami probably rivaled that of the average junior, but he also didn't think of himself that way. He wasn't very cocky.

He didn't really worry about anyone saying anything, because they were all worried about getting found out if they did. So he didn't have to worry about his father, even if he did get the occasional 'fag' yelled at him when he walked through the quad.

So yeah, he did pretty well.

"You could just bat those Lancome lashes his way and he'd be all 'Oh, Eduardo, I just want to please you!'" Dustin was cracking up and Chris was hiding a smile himself.

Eduardo grinned, pushing the report deep into his bag and sighing. "Fuck it. It can't hurt. I mean, I'm just going to ask him about it, I'm not gonna blow him or anything." Although he didn't think Mr. Zuckerberg was ugly. He sort of thought he was hot. In a computer nerd type of way.

- -

That afternoon Eduardo made his way to the Computer Science room and took a breath before pulling the door open and walking inside. Mr. Zuckerberg was sitting at his desk, typing on his laptop. He didn't seem to realize anyone was in the room. He didn't seem to realize he was on planet Earth, really.

No one knew much about Mark Zuckerberg. He had gone to Harvard, Eduardo knew that. He was basically a genius, that he also knew. He was around thirty, no wife, no kids. He didn't exactly understand what he was doing teaching at a private school instead of rolling in millions from some dot com he'd started but there he was, every day, in his wrinkled dress shirt and slacks. At the end of the day he was usually seen in a hoodie walking to his car. He never wore the appropriate clothes to fit the weather in Florida. Sometimes he wore glasses to read.

Not that Eduardo studied him, or anything.

He was intimidating, and a bit scary. He got along well enough with the other teachers but you never saw him hanging out in the lounge with them. Between classes you could always find him in his room, typing something into his laptop. Dustin speculated he was a cyber sex addict, but Dustin thought everyone was addicted to something or other.

"Uh, Mr. Zuckerberg?"

Eduardo approached his desk like he was approaching a hungry cheetah. The teacher barely looked his way, his fingers still moving on the keys, and nodded.

"I wanted to talk to you about my grade?"

He wasn't usually this much of a pussy, honestly.

Mr. Zuckerberg typed a couple more lines and paused, tilting his head and nodding like he approved of what he saw. He closed his computer and went to put it in his bag. "All grades are final."

"No, I know. But I mean, is there any way I could maybe do some extra credit or something?" God, he had that feeling in his stomach like that time he ate too many gummy worms at Erica Albright's third grade birthday party.

"I don't give extra credit assignments." He was getting ready to leave, and Eduardo's stomach dropped further at the idea of bringing home this shit grade.

"Yeah, but, is there anything I can do? I can't. I just, I can't show this --" he stopped himself, and hiked his bag up higher on his shoulder. Yeah, okay. He was going to try, at least.

"Mr. Zuckerberg?" Eduardo walked up to the desk and rested a hip on the edge. He leaned down on one hand and tried to catch the teacher's eye. Fuck, it was difficult. But eventually he looked up at him expectantly, as if waiting for whatever Eduardo was about to say and already deeming it stupid.

"I can't do anything to change my grade? I mean, there's nothing I could do, do for, um, for you?" Shit he was shit at this.

He thought he saw a slight twitch at the corner of the older man's mouth and Eduardo couldn't help notice how full and red his lips were.

"Mr. Saverin, if you're attempting to come onto me you're doing a poor job of it and I would have to tell you that it's inappropriate."

His heart started beating faster and a sweat broke out on his back. Fuck, shit, all he could think of was his father screaming at him over being called in to deal with his son trying to fuck his teacher for a better grade. He was going to beat the shit out of Dustin next time he saw him.

"Right, no. I wasn't --"

"Do you wear underwear, Mr. Saverin?"

Eduardo had definitely blacked out. "I -- What?"

"Underwear? Boxers, briefs? Do you wear them?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Don't wear them tomorrow."

Mr. Zuckerberg gathered his things and went to leave but Eduardo stopped him.

"No, wait. What? You don't want me to wear underwear tomorrow?"

Suddenly he could feel the breath from the teacher on his face as he'd walked way into his personal space. It smelled sweet, like candy, and Eduardo swallowed hard and held in a breath, telling himself to look into the man's eyes.

And fuck, once he did, he felt himself get hard.

"Maybe if you listen to me, I'll think about changing your grade." He said it like it was a challenge for Eduardo to accept.

Eduardo felt himself nodding before he realized that he was.

He watched Mr. Zuckerberg walk out of the room before letting himself breath.

- -

The next morning as Eduardo got dressed he paused reaching into his underwear drawer.

What the fuck was he doing? How would Mr. Zuckerberg even know if he wore underwear? Why did he want him to go commando in the first place? That thought brought on lots of other thoughts, mostly of the teacher's hands on his cock and so he had to quit right there.

Was it really worth a better grade to do what this pervert was asking him to do? It was some sick mind game and Eduardo dealt with enough of that shit at home to have to deal with it at school, too.

But he closed the drawer and pulled on his trousers all the same. Once he zipped up and belted his buckle he felt odd. Besides his dick having no where to rest, he felt odd inside. But in a good way. He was doing something because someone else told him to. He felt like he had a connection with someone, a secret that made him feel, well, for lack of a better term, naughty.

He honestly had no idea where Mr. Zuckerberg was going with this, and it was scary, but he couldn't help like it.

- -

That day he spent most of the time trying to ignore the ache between his legs. He felt like somewhere Mr. Zuckerberg was thinking about Eduardo Saverin shifting in his seat because he made it happen and it was weird and good and made it that much harder to concentrate in class.

Once he made it to Computer Science he felt like his heart was about to burst out of his chest with nervousness. Chris tried talking to him about homework from first period because he was usually done with that day's assignments before he even left school. All Eduardo could concentrate on was Mr. Zuckerberg's face, waiting for him to catch his eye.

But then, he usually didn't catch anyone's eye. When he called on someone he tended to say their name and turn towards the board, waiting for their answer to write down if it was right. He was one of the least personable people Eduardo had ever met.

Class was almost over and Eduardo was basically screaming inside his head when he was called on.

"Mr. Saverin?" The fucker turned around and stared right at him.

Eduardo cleared his throat and sat up straighter. "Yes?"

"Would you like to try and strip this down for us?" He knocked his marker against the whiteboard with a click, click, and he was definitely fucking with him.

By the grace of God he managed to give the correct answer and Mr. Zuckerberg nodded his approval before scribbling away.

Eduardo looked around the class room but no one seemed to think anything out of the ordinary had happened. Apparently they didn't study their teacher's habits as closely as Eduardo did.

By the time the bell rang, Eduardo could feel something approaching him. His stomach told him something was going to happen, and when Mr. Zuckerberg asked him to stay after class, it was proved correct.

He asked him to come up to his desk and there was something in the way he said it that made Eduardo notice his voice. It usually swept over him in a torrent of numbers and terminology during class, slightly high pitched and even. Now it was a little deeper, and he sounded even amused? Well, he was glad his aching crotch was funny to him.

Eduardo stood in front of his desk, not knowing what to do with his hands. He wound up crossing his arms in front of his chest in a pathetic attempt at looking in control.

"Did you do what I asked?" The bastard was already typing something into his laptop, not looking at him like he couldn't care less.

Eduardo narrowed his eyes and nodded. "Yes, I did. I don't understand why, or what this has to do with my grade. Really I should report you --" He had no idea what he was even saying, actually.

"Mr. Saverin, come here." He closed his laptop and gestured next to him.

Eduardo paused, and slowly made his way around to stand in front of him as he turned in his chair. Before he could speak the teacher ran a thumb down the front of his thigh and it was only then, when he let out a rush of breath, that he realized how badly he had wanted to be touched all day.

Mr. Zuckerberg's thumb swept up and down the length of his thigh, and Eduardo felt his cock twitch, wondering if he could see it beneath the fabric.

The older man was so close, his head bent down staring intently at his crotch like it was his laptop screen. Eduardo felt the urge to reach out and push his fingers into the curls in front of him but he resisted, curling his hand into a fist at his side instead.

"Show me." The teacher said it so softly Eduardo almost thought he hadn't spoken at all.

Without hesitating, he reached down to undo his belt. Mr. Zuckerberg still wasn't looking him in the eye, just staring at his waist, waiting. It occurred to Eduardo that it was still school hours and there was a window to the hall in the classroom door, anyone could walk by or come in at any time. Still, he undid the button on his trousers and pulled the zipper down.

Mr. Zuckerberg helped him, pulling his dress shirt out and over his stomach. His pinky finger brushed over Eduardo's hipbone in another slight touch and prompted him to quickly open his pants and let his cock fall free.

His hands were shaking, holding his pants up at his sides, and his breathing was coming in soft pants. He felt slightly embarrassed at the state of himself, open and hard and leaking in front of his teacher, but he felt so fucking good he didn't really care.

"You follow instructions well. I -- " He paused, and Eduardo looked down to see him bite his lip.

Eduardo lifted his head again and rolled his eyes. His stomach tensed and he felt his hardness bob in the air with another twitch and then Mr. Zuckerberg ran two fingers up the length of Eduardo's cock.

"Fuck." Eduardo wanted his hands, his mouth, more, more, more of his touch and he could feel hot puffs of breath from the man's mouth caress his swelling length and it was too much, too much, and then there was a thumb swiping over the head of his cock collecting the precome there and fuck, fuck, fuck --

It was only once the stars in his eyes died and his dick was soft against his thigh did he realize he had just come in front of his Computer Science teacher from a couple teasing touches. He looked down to see Mr. Zuckerberg looking up into his eyes. He swallowed, hard, waiting for whatever was to happen next.

"You can close you pants now, Mr. Saverin." The teacher sucked the tip of his thumb into his mouth and Eduardo remembered where that thumb had been and fuck.

Eduardo felt his face fill with blood, a full blush covering his skin as he redid his trousers. He looked down and saw he had come all over the floor, and a bit on the teacher's shoes as well.


"I'll take care of that." Mr. Zuckerberg was writing something on a post-it note and he handed it over to Eduardo. "Call this number tonight at seven and don't touch yourself beforehand."

Eduardo took the yellow square dumbly and nodded. "Okay."

He stood there for a moment, waiting for something, and remembered he needed a late note for his next class. "I need uh, a note, please?"

Mr. Zuckerberg smiled, actually smiled, and Eduardo felt his stomach flip. He wrote him another note and handed it over. He opened up his laptop again and just like that the smile was gone, and Eduardo felt himself dismissed.

He went over to his desk to get his bag and pulled it over his shoulder, looking back at his teacher. He looked like nothing out of the norm had happened, like he hadn't just made Eduardo come all over his floor. For some reason this made Eduardo feel hot all over, and he resisted saying anything to the man as he made his way out of the class.

- -

Eduardo basically spent the hours before seven pm in a state of both shock and arousal. Every time he thought about that afternoon he felt excited, scared, guilty, a bit ashamed, and hard. It was like his whole life had just been a meaningless string of events until that stroke of Mr. Zuckerberg's fingers underneath his cock. It was the only moment that felt significant to him.

At dinner he pushed his food around his plate as usual while his father talked business to no one, really. He asked him how school was going, and for a second Eduardo thought he knew something. But that was ridiculous and he gave his father his stock response before getting lost in the way his potatoes looked.

After dinner he took a shower and resisted touching himself. He soaped his chest and his stomach, breathing steadily, letting the water and suds run down between his legs. He gave himself a brief bit of relief with a hand slick over his dick to wash it, but that was it. He almost felt even hotter not touching himself, because Mr. Zuckerberg had ordered it.

At around six his best friend Christy Lee called, excited to be home after her family's impromptu vacation.

"How do you guys get anything done? My family hasn't taken a vacation in..." Well, actually, his parents took vacations all the time. He was just never invited.

"Oh my God, Wardo, we have to go to Greece sometime. There are so many hot guys, I mean. They would be all over you. Just tan, exotic boys as far as the eye can see."

Eduardo grinned and whistled low in his throat. "Someone got lucky."

"Maybe. But as your self-appointed hag it's my job to worry about your sex life, too. So next time, you and I, fucking the boys of Greece."


"Is something wrong? Did you miss me that much?"

"I miss you even when you're here, sweetie."

"Aw. Okay well I will see you tomorrow. I can't wait for you to see my new outfit!"

They exchanged cheesy kissy noises over the phone, which always made Eduardo laugh, before hanging up.

He watched tv for a while, flipping through the channels without landing on anything. His eyes kept flickering over to his clock every minute, sometimes every thirty seconds.

He didn't have to call him.

It was 6:58pm.

Eduardo ran a hand through his hair and scratched the back of his neck. He felt itchy all over.

He reached over and pulled the post-it note from his bag and grabbed his phone off his nightstand. The display read 7:00pm. He thumbed in the numbers and took a deep breath before pressing 'send'.

As it rang he felt like he was going to throw up for sure.


"Um, yeah, this is Eduardo."

"Are you alone?"

He looked at his closed door and thought of his mother who was probably already sleeping and his father who was doing God knew what in his office. "Yes."

There was a pause, and it sounded like Mr. Zuckerberg was drinking something.

"Did you touch yourself at all this evening?"


"Do you know what we're doing here?"

"Um, talking on the phone?" He was a moron.

He heard a chuckle on the other end and felt his stomach tense at the sound.

"You can talk to me, don't be nervous. Do you know about submitting?"

Oh, yeah. "I'm seventeen years old, I've been on the internet."

"It's more than that. I just want you to acknowledge what this is. I've changed your grade, you don't have to do this anymore." Another pause, and that was definitely the sound of him drinking. "Do you want to continue, Eduardo?"

Oh, fuck. His whole body tingled at the sound of him saying his first name. This wasn't fair.

But he took a second to think about saying no, hanging up, and doing what? Jerking off to some porn, doing his homework. Going to school the next day with nothing but Christy's new outfit to look forward to. Going to a party that weekend, maybe hooking up with some dumb jock and ignoring him on Monday when he called him a fairy at school. Coming home and being ignored.

Mr. Zuckerberg wanted to do something, albeit messed up, special with him. He thought Eduardo was special enough to do this with him.

"Yeah, yes. I want to do this."

"Good. Tell me about yourself."

"Uh, what do you want to know?"

"Just talk."

So he did.

He told him about his childhood in Brazil, his first time in America and how he cried that first night until his mother came and held him. He talked about his fascination with meteorology and his hatred for business. He went on about his friends, Christy, Dustin, Chris and even Erica, and how sometimes when he talked to them he felt like they weren't actually hearing anything he was saying.

"What about boys?" Mr. Zuckerberg interrupted at some point and Eduardo realized he had been talking for a long time.

"Uh, well. I've always liked guys, I mean. I fooled around with a couple of girls in middle school and it never did anything for me. I even dated Christy for a while until she told me I was a huge homo and we'd be better off as friends. That was sort of my coming out moment, I guess."

"How many guys have you been with?"

Okay. "I mean, a good amount."

"Eduardo, tell me how many."

It was like an automatic reaction, he just answered him. "Twenty – twenty five. I mean, just like, hand jobs and blow jobs and stuff. Not like --"

"Are you a virgin?"

"No, but I've only been with a few guys that way."

There was a pause and he could hear the cap being removed from a bottle on the other end. Mr. Zuckerberg took another pull of what Eduardo figured was a beer and swallowed.

"Do you like sucking cock?"

Okay, fuck. "Yeah."

"Tell me what you like about it."

He thought about it for a moment before just letting the words flow. "I like making the guy feel good. I mean, I like that it makes him feel good. It makes me feel, well, happy, and yeah it turns me on. I like, um." He closed his eyes, thinking on last weekend when he sucked off Kyle Cooper in someone's basement. "I love the way some guys taste. Just, the skin tastes so salty and sweaty and it just feels good, having their cock fill my mouth and --"

"Eduardo, run your palm over your crotch."

He did, and sucked in a hard breath. He kept talking without being asked to. "And nudging the back of my throat. I mean, I can't deep throat but --"

"We'll work on that."

Holy shit. "I um, I like to jerk them off at the same time and I just feel useful. Like I'm doing something useful and Mr., um, Mar--"


"Sir. I'd really love to taste you." He didn't just say that, fuck.

He was still palming his cock which was at this point harder than a rock against his stomach. He waited for Mr. Zuckerberg to reply with baited breath, convinced he'd said something wrong.

It took a while, and he swore he could hear the man's breath heavy at the receiver. "Tomorrow morning you're going to suck me off before my first class."


"Meet me in the classroom at 6:30 sharp. I want you to wear your shirt buttoned all the way, tie straight, and your uniform jacket closed." There's a gap, and then he speaks again. "I want you to look like a good schoolboy with your mouth around my cock."

He resisted pulling his length out and jerking off in earnest at his words. "Y-yes, sir."

"And Eduardo?"


"You can come now."

Mr. Zuckerberg stayed on the line long enough to listen to Eduardo's muffled groan as he came in his pants. Then the line was dead, and he was left alone with the tv just above mute and a mess to clean up.

- -

Eduardo was fucking nervous.

It didn't help that the whole drive to school he had to dodge awkward conversation with his driver, Tim. He was usually happy to chat to the guy, unlike his father when it came to any sort of help, but that morning he has other things on his mind. When he got to school he saw Chris sitting on their usual ledge waiting for him so he had to dart behind a tree before he could be spotted. On the way to the Computer Science room he briefly considered going to the bathroom to splash some water on his face but he really couldn’t wait to see Mr. Zuckerberg.

When did that happen?

Probably around the time he made him come with two fingers and his command.

He had dreams of sucking him off during his night of fitful sleep. He woke up with morning wood and the phantom weight of a cock in his mouth. He didn't get himself off, though, because he hadn't been told he could.

The hallway leading towards his classroom was deserted, and his shoes on the tile floor sounded like bombs going off with their echoing.

When he entered the room he looked up to see Mr. Zuckerberg at his desk but he wasn't typing at his laptop as he had expected. He'd been grading papers apparently, his thin, wire framed glasses slipping down his nose. The teacher looked over at him and smiled tightly, pulling his glasses off and setting them on the pile of papers.

"Um, morning."

"Good morning. You're on time."

Eduardo nodded and shifted the weight of his bag.

"And dressed properly, too."

Yeah, Tim had even commented on how put together he looked. Eduardo had tried to hide his blush by darting quickly into the car.

"You can sit down, I just have a few more papers to grade."

"Oh. Okay." Somehow he thought he was going to whip it out right then and there and tell him to get sucking, or something. Eduardo went to sit at his usual seat and tried to look anywhere but at his teacher.

He couldn't, really. Alright, before he had thought he was sort of cute for a nerd. But since well, everything, he realized he was just goddamn fucking hot. Eduardo kept his gaze shifting but always came to settle on the slant of the man's nose, or the curve of his jaw. He even thought the way he sat, poker straight and firm, was sexy. He could feel his body heating up with want and he jiggled his knee to use excess energy as he waited.

He caught his eye as it went from his moving leg to his face and Eduardo promptly quit, his heart racing. The teacher placed his pen down on the desk, removing his glasses again and leaned back in his seat.

"Come here."

Eduardo nodded and stood up, making his way around to his place from the day before. Standing in front of Mr. Zuckerberg, who turned his chair to the side to face him.

"Eduardo. I want you to know, again, what you're getting into. If we do this, you're going to be mine. You'll belong to me. There's no other boys, no other men, not even girls if you feel that desperate. There's just me. You don't have to call me master, I prefer sir, but you will obey what I ask or else you'll have to be punished. Do you understand?"

Eduardo could barely hear him over the throbbing in his cock, honestly, but he nodded. And punished? Mother of God.

Mr. Zuckerberg reached up and tugged him closer by his waist. Eduardo gasped and grabbed his shoulders to steady himself, pulling away just as fast.

"If I tell you to call me, you have to call me. If I ask you to do something for me, you do it. If I need you, you'll be there." He undid the buttons of Eduardo's jacket and opened it slowly. "Tell me you understand, Eduardo."

"I understand, sir."

He could hear a smile in his voice. "Good. Now, get on your knees."

"Um, sir, I just think --"


"I mean, the window, on the door?"

Suddenly his hands were on his shoulders, pushing him down onto the floor with a firm movement and Eduardo's eyes closed tight with the pain of his knees hitting the floor.

"I just told you that you have to do what I say, and you've already made a mistake. Remember, I'll be correcting all of your mistakes, Eduardo."

Eduardo shook his head and kneeled at Mr. Zuckerberg's feet. He was still reeling. He'd never been punished with pain before. It had felt like something tangible.

It had felt good.

There was a hand underneath his chin and then he was being gently forced to look up. His teacher slid a thumb over his bottom lip and Eduardo moaned, opening his mouth and wanting to taste it, bite it, suck it, but he held back.

"Undo my pants."

He did so, as quickly as he could with shaking hands.

The older man leaned back in his chair, sliding forward a bit on the seat and reached his hand inside his boxers to pull out his cock. Eduardo could smell him, deep musk and God, he was just disgusted with himself a little bit.

"Come on, just do what you want to do." He thumbed his mouth open again and this time Eduardo slid his tongue out and over the hard pad of it. He went to nip at it but he pulled his hand away, placing it on the back of his head and pulling him forward.

Eduardo pushed his face into his crotch, running his nose along the length of him, letting his mouth move slack against his skin. He snaked his tongue out for a taste of him and moaned, doing it again and again until the underside of his prick was wet and shining.

He was rock hard then, and Eduardo chanced a look up at his face. He still looked in control, but there was a extra something on his face that told him to keep going, that he was doing a good job, so to speak.

Eduardo reached up and gripped him at the base, letting him drop onto his tongue and slide deep into his mouth. He closed his eyes then as Mr. Zuckerberg let out a held breath above him.

He sucked him hard and slow. He was good at this, he knew he was. He probably wasn't the best he'd had, but he was fucking good, okay. He used his tongue and the soft flesh of his cheeks, he used the hard ridges of the roof of his mouth and sometimes he even used his teeth but not today, his knees were still burning. He would have to save that for another time.

He curled his fingers and thumb around the thick shaft he couldn't fit in his mouth and let himself drool over it, lubing his fingers up to work with his mouth.

"Look at me."

Eduardo looked up at Mr. Zuckerberg and let himself smile, as much as he could with his cock in between his lips. His voice was just about breathless. Fragile, even. The push on his head was firm though and he must have been reading his thoughts because he raked his fingers through his hair and gripped. The sting made his eyes water and his mouth work faster.

The man's breath was quickening, and Eduardo saw his stomach tensing. He knew he was close, and he teased him just slightly with a wiggle of his tongue over the slit of his head with each upstroke.

"When I c-come, pull off."

Eduardo moved faster, faster, he wanted this, he wanted this so badly, to make him come, to make him happy, he felt so fucking good and his mouth was nice and full and he was going to swallow him whole if he asked, he couldn't think of anything but sucking and then he felt the first jet of come hit his throat and he pulled back --

Mr. Zuckerberg gasped, gripping himself and aiming for Eduardo's mouth. He came on his lips, his chin, the hot liquid running down his neck and getting on his straight tie and stiff collar. Eduardo watched as his teacher came undone above him, his eyes screwed tightly shut and that full fucking bottom lip caught between his teeth. He'd made that happen. He'd made his nerdy, intimidating, stick up his ass Computer Science teacher look like that.

He opened his eyes and took a couple hard breaths, looking down at Eduardo with soft eyes. He cupped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him to his feet, then back down to press his lips hard to his own.

It was, bar none, the hottest kiss Eduardo had ever experienced. With each lick of their tongues they shared the taste of the come still covering his mouth. Mr. Zuckerberg sucked his lower lip into his mouth and bit at it, groaning and kissing him all over again.

But then he pushed him back and Eduardo was left dazed and dripping while he watched his teacher tuck himself back into his pants and wiped his shining face with a coffee house napkin.

He handed a couple to Eduardo and he took them without thinking. "You should get cleaned up, Eduardo. It's almost time for the bell."

Eduardo swept the napkins over his chin and neck, trying to get as much come off his shirt as possibly and just taking his tie off. He pushed it into a ball in his jacket pocket and waited for Mr. Zuckerberg to say something.

He'd gone back to grading papers, and he motioned toward the door. "I'll see you during fifth period, Mr. Saverin."

But just before Eduardo left and right after the bell rang, he told him he could jerk off if he wanted to.

Which he did, in the nearest boy's bathroom. The come soaked tie clutched in his hand the whole time.

- -

Eduardo spent the morning doing two things: attempting to concentrate on school and thinking about his teacher coming down his throat.

He ran his tongue around his mouth and remembered the way his cock felt, hard and hot and perfect. At lunch Christy wanted to share her salad with him but he didn't feel like eating. It was sick but he wanted to keep the last thing in his mouth Mr. Zuckerberg's dick as long as he could.

"Yo, Wardo, did you ever get that C sorted out?" Dustin was talking to him. Eduardo woke up from his daze.

"Uh, yeah. Actually, Mr., um, Mr. Z isn't too bad a guy."

Dustin snorted and took a big bite of pepperoni pizza. "If you like robots, maybe. Which I do, but that's not the point."

"I heard he's gay." Christy said it nonchalantly like it was no big deal and she didn't just make Eduardo choke on his spit.

"Whatever, I don't know."

"No really. Like, I heard he was spotted in a couple clubs or something."

Eduardo laughed at the idea of his teacher in a gay club. Standing awkwardly with his drink at the bar, eying some young twink and taking him into the backroom, pushing him down on his knees and...

Okay, fuck. He could imagine that.

Eduardo laughed out loud, too loud, and drew a few odd looks from his friends. "I don't know if he likes to suck cock, guys. All I'm saying is he was cool about it. He gave me some extra credit."

"I thought he didn't give extra credit?" Chris mumbled down at his history homework across the table.

"Dude wants to bang Wardo, I knew it." Dustin was just teasing him.

Eduardo blushed but no one seemed to notice. Just as quick they were onto a new subject, and Eduardo was left wondering just who Mark Zuckerberg really was.


He managed to make it to fifth period and once there, tried to act like a normal human being.

It was really damn difficult because the minute he saw Mr. Zuckerberg his stomach did flips and his prick twitched. There was a problem on the board which meant they're all to get right on it and he was glad for the slight distraction.

It was quiet with everyone working and when Eduardo finished, he looked toward the front of the class. He felt a bit dizzy when he saw that his teacher was staring right at him, leaning back in his chair with a slight grin on his face. Eduardo grinned back, biting his lip, and he swore he saw a flash of lust in the man's eyes.

He suddenly felt powerful. It was funny, because he was submitting himself to this man, but really when he was on his knees breaking him so beautifully with his mouth, he felt like he could take over the world.

Eduardo licked his lips, staring straight at him, and relished the way he shifts in his chair. It felt so fucking good, to get a reaction, and even though this man seemed to have the world's best poker face, he could tell that he actually wants him. This was a fact Eduardo knew, knew it from the way he'd lost control and pulled him to his mouth for a wet, sloppy kiss.

Eduardo was never going to let this go. He wanted Mark Zuckerberg, and he wanted whatever he got to do for him. He wanted to be told when he was good, when he was bad, he wanted to know everything he did was okay because he didn't have to think about it, question himself. He felt validated and happy and it was fucked up and intense but he doesn't care.

Eduardo stood and made his way to the teacher's desk with a bit of an arrogant air. He leaned down and placed his paper with the finished assignment on it on the desk and smiled.

"Finished, sir."

"Thank you, Mr. Saverin. Please return to your seat." There was no waver to his voice, but his eyes were dark and his lips were wet and fuck.

He was well and truly done for.

- -

He left for sixth period without another word from Mr. Zuckerberg. He didn't know what to do for the rest of the day without instructions. It made him antsy. It made him itch.

He thought about going to see him after school but he wasn't sure if he should. He wanted to touch him so bad.

He hung out with Chris for a while before Tim came to collect him. He considered inviting him over to distract him but having friends over to his house was always more awkward than it was worth.

Television, dinner, homework, shower, bed. He stared up at his ceiling and thought about his teacher. He buried his head in his pillow and wondered what it would feel like to push his face into his neck, breath him in real deep, suck a mark into his skin. Have him suck marks onto his skin. He wanted him to bite him, to scratch him, wanted to show the world the breaks in his skin so everyone could know who he belonged to.

Eduardo rolled onto his stomach and rubbed his cock against the sheets, groaning softly at the tingles in his belly. His whole body was tingling. It was such a hot, humid night and Eduardo's whole body felt warm and sweaty. He wanted Mark's hands to run over his bare thighs and over his stomach. He shut his eyes tight and saw blue spheres staring up at him, dark with intent and he wanted him to take his cock as his own and claim it with his mouth.

He had to stop because he was close to coming on his bed and he wasn't told he could come.

It took him a long time to get to sleep.

- -

The next morning he was in the car to school when he got a text. It was from the number Mr. Zuckerberg gave him to call.

no tie today, leave four buttons undone

Eduardo smiled and reached up to pull of his tie. He undid four buttons and let out a breath. It was going to be a good fucking morning.

When he got to school he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and he quickly pulled it out.

rub your hand down your neck

Eduardo bit his lip and scratched at his chin, slowly running the palm of his hand down his neck and beneath his collar as he made his way to the quad. He shivered even with the sun blaring down on him.

"Wardo!" Dustin was waving him over and Eduardo nodded, his phone firmly in hand. He leaned against the tan concrete wall and absently asked what was up.

Dustin began talking as his phone buzzed again.

pull on your hair

Eduardo looked at Dustin like he knew just what he was talking about, something about a chick in his P.E. class and tiny shorts, as he ran a hand into the hair on the back of his head and casually gripped, pulled, and ruffled it like it was no big deal.

"So like, I asked her if she liked movies and she laughed at me. Okay, yeah, I wussed out. I don't even know what happened. Warden? You there?"

"Yep. You're an idiot, Dustin. Just ask her out, alright? I gotta go, I have to head to the library before class."

Eduardo walked to the library because well, he had to, now. When he got there he headed for the row of chairs in the back, sat down and pulled out his phone. He took a moment to think about what he wanted to text. He wanted to say 'I miss you' but that was way too clingy for three days of, well, whatever they were doing.

i didn't know what to do last night

It was true, after all.

A couple moments later he texts back:

you could have called and asked

i didn't know if i was allowed

you don't have to wait for me to tell you to do everything and a second later: i wanted you to call

Eduardo inwardly groaned, thinking of the conversation he'd missed. His thumbs moved over the buttons quickly as he typed out his response.

i couldn't sleep i was so hard. thought about you blowing me

He was hard, now, actually.

just blowing, Eduardo? i could use my fingers too

Oh, fuck.

yes plaese Great, typos. He was looking desperate and stupid.

make you beg for it and then slick them up, start with one, two, three and how much can you take, eduardo?

He was going to come in his pants in the fucking school library, it was inevitable.

His hands were shaking so hard it took him twice as long to type his answer.

as much as you want me to take, sir

He could almost see his smirk in the words he got back.

good answer and then the bell is about to ring

Eduardo sighed, wishing he could just run to Computer Science right then.

see you later

He didn't text him back and Eduardo put his phone back into his bag before standing to leave. On the way to his first class he ran into someone he wasn't really in the mood to see.

"Hey, what's up?" Sean Parker came up behind him and slapped him on the back, gripping his shoulder.
"Hey, Sean."

Sean Parker was a dick. He was one of the most popular guys in school, though. All the guys wanted to be him, all the girls wanted to do him. And most of the guys wanted to do him as well. Eduardo was well, one of them.

No, really, he hated the guy. He was obnoxious, full of himself, he thought the world owed him everything he wanted and more, but Eduardo still felt himself get flushed whenever he talked to him. He was hot, alright.

"You busy this weekend? I'm planing a bitch of a party."

"I, uh." He had never had the opportunity to seduce Sean, but he'd wanted to for a long time. He knew he liked guys and girls, it was no secret, but no one really cared because he usually supplied the booze and coke at every party. You don't mess with that guy.

But was he busy this weekend? He could go to parties, right?

He didn't want to, that was the problem.

"Yeah, actually. My grandfather's coming in and we're all supposed to be together. Happy family, ya know."

"Oh that's shit. I'm sorry, Wardo. Next time, alright?" Sean winked at him and Eduardo felt himself grow warm in the face. He felt guilty.

But fuck it wasn't like he was never going to run into guys he thought were hot. He felt like he had a sign plastered on his forehead that said 'I belong to Mark Zuckerberg'. A few days ago he would have been all over that invitation, gone to the party, fucked Sean and never talked to him again because who would want to.

Now he was just trying to make it to fifth period without jizzing in his school trousers.

They have an assembly that day, which was something Eduardo had completely forgotten about. It was of course, during his fifth period, so there went seeing Mr. Zuckerberg.

It was the same old shit about school pride and treating people with respect. They gave out a couple of weak awards that no one really cared about because everyone at the school was working towards something bigger, or was sure to get whatever future their parents would buy for him. Eduardo felt like he could fall asleep and he had gotten there late so he couldn't even sit with his friends.

He looked around the auditorium for Mr. Zuckerberg and as if on cue his phone buzzed. He couldn't find him but he figured he had to be there.

no class today

Eduardo wanted to send him back a sad face to be cute but he wasn't sure he could be cute with him yet.

Oh, fuck it.


cute. you're sexy when you're cute

Eduardo thought that sounded really dorky, too, so it made him feel a bit better about the sad face. He forgot his teacher could be a huge nerd besides being someone who made his knees weak.

thank you. when else am i sexy?

when you're typing on your laptop then i've been watching you since classes started this year

He could have been doing this all year? He got another text:

your fingers on the keys, the way you look so serious with your brow creased

He'd been watching him all year. Eduardo could barely think beyond that enough to type his own reply.

that's awfully specific

no awfully specific would be telling you to jerk off on yesterday's assignment tonight and with your bedroom door open then and turn it in to me tomorrow

Eduardo felt way out of his league but so fucking up for everything he didn't care.

The person next to him coughed and he remembered that he was like, in public, and tried to come back to reality.

yes, sir

good boy

Oh, good Lord.

- -

The next day after he turned in his "assignment" to Mr. Zuckerberg he got a text during seventh period English.

"Mr. Saverin, you know the policy on phones at this school." Mrs. Vincent scolded him from the front of the room.

A couple people snickered and he nodded his apology. It wasn't like everyone, including Mrs. Vincent, didn't use their phones at school.

When the final bell rang he checked his phone before he even got out of the classroom. It was Friday afternoon and he had to work hard not to get trampled on by the herd of wild students running around him.

did i get you in trouble

Eduardo rolled his eyes.

yes thank you very much

come to the parking lot and get in the tan sedan by the first light pole

Oh. God.

i have to ditch my driver

hurry up

Eduardo practically ran to the parking lot.

He saw Tim waving and smiling at him and he gasped for air as he nodded his greeting. "Hey, uh, a friend invited me over for dinner so I'm gonna go home with him."

Tim's face fell, but fuck he was going to be getting paid no matter what, and Eduardo smiled at him as if to say 'okay, can I go now?'

"Alright, but next time can you let me know before I drive here?"

Geesh, he really was getting too familiar with him. If he had said that to his father he'd be fired in a second. But Eduardo nodded, and rushed off to find Mr. Zuckerberg's car.

When he did he tried to as casually as possible make his way into the passenger side. His teacher was in the driver's side, waiting with his hands on the wheel. Eduardo turned to his left and smiled.

"Hi." Oh God Oh God Oh God.

"Shut the door."

He did, and they pulled out of the lot as fast as they could. Eduardo thought he almost mowed a couple kids down on his way out of the gates.

"Did anyone see you get in?" His hands curled around the steering wheel were really distracting.

"Uh, no. I don't think so." Eduardo was sitting with his bag pulled to his chest because he honestly didn't know what to do with himself.

"You can put your bag in the backseat. Buckle up."

Eduardo did as he was told and tried to relax. He was fucking in Mr. Zuckerberg's car, and it smelled like him and it was clean except for a bottle of water on the floor on his side that rolled with every turn of the wheels. His arm was thatclose to his and his knees, how had he never noticed his knees before? He couldn't keep his eyes off of him, all of him, the way his hands crossed over the other when he was making a turn. Hoodie. He was wearing a hoodie. At some point he reached down and put one of the hood strings into his mouth and no. No, that wasn't fair. Because adults didn't do that sort of thing. He looked almost like a teenager, except bigger, and hotter than any kid he went to school with and his mouth. His mouth was so fucking full and Eduardo remembered the way his lips tasted with his come on them and he was probably staring and should stop.

Everything was just too much and so close and then they were turning into a driveway and holy fucking shit.

He had taken Eduardo home with him.

“Did you have plans?” Mr. Zuckerberg asked him as if it had just occurred to him that it was wrong to basically kidnap a student and take them to your house for...



“Um, no, sir.”

Mr. Zuckerberg smirked a little, letting the string fall from his mouth. “I think you should call me Mark, now. Honestly I've never been into the whole Mr., sir, thing. I thought it was arousing in class but now that we're at my house I think we'd be better off calling each other by our first names.”

That was the most he'd said to him in one breath without him being in class and being lectured.

Eduardo nodded. “Okay. Mark.” Okay, that felt weird.

Mark went to get out of the car but paused, turning back to Eduardo. “But when I want you to call me sir, I'll let you know.”