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Double Dares and Magical Mix-ups

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Prologue. Before What's My Line?

Cordelia tossed the book down on the table. "God, this is so boring. Studying for tests sucks!" she exclaimed. "Let's take a break and do something fun."

Willow looked up from her notebook. "Um, like what?" she asked hesitantly. She glanced at Buffy who also glanced up from her book to look at the brunette cheerleader.

"I don't know," Cordelia said, "Something like the underwear game. You know where we guess if different guys wear thongs, boxers or briefs." She smirked at Willow's sudden blush. "Okay, Willow, tell us what you think Oz wears."

"I ... um ... well, that is, I've never thought about it," Willow stuttered. "Maybe briefs?"

"Now you ask one of us." Cordelia sat back in her chair confidently. She was so good at this game since she had played it with the Cordettes at the mall on numerous occasions.

Willow eeped loudly. "Um, Buffy, how about ... um, Angel?"

Buffy chuckled, and declared, "Angel seems like the boxer type. Not that I'd know that or anything." Then, she too blushed deeply. "Okay, Cordy. Tell us what you think Xander wears."

"Xander is definitely the boxers type of male. Remember when he had that nightmare about being in his underwear in front of the class?" Cordelia turned back towards Willow. "How about Giles? I've seen you look at his ass before."

"What? I never," Willow sputtered indignantly. "He's like a teacher. Ewww." Her eyes sparkled with glee when she finally answered. "No undie lines for Giles, so boxers. Buffy, how about Principal Snyder?"

Buffy wrinkled her nose in disgust, and she spat out, "Thong, of course. He always acts like he has something stuck up his ass." She laughed. "Cordelia, how about Jonathan? I've seen him look at you before."

Cordelia wrinkled her nose like Buffy had, and she muttered, "Double ew. I don't want to think about Jonathan's underwear. Briefs probably. Damn, we're running out of guys already, aren't we? Willow, um, Larry?"

Willow giggled. "I know what he wears. He's one of the guys that mooned Principal Flutie freshman year. Boxers." She turned to Buffy and singsonged, "Buffy, how about ... Spike?"

"You want me to guess what kind of underwear my mortal enemy wears?" Buffy looked at Willow confused. She tried to scoot around answering the question.

"Yep," Willow and Cordelia answered together. Cordelia continued on, "So, Spike. Thong, briefs or boxers?"

Buffy blushed profusely. "None of the above. Spike's the kind of guy ... vampire ... to go commando for easy access." She hung her head and shook it. "I can't believe I just said that."

Little did the Scooby girls know that they had an eavesdropper in the upper stacks of the library. A certain blond vampire had heard that the girls would be all alone in the library while the male Scoobies were out patrolling. Spike thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get the jump on the Slayer while she was vulnerable, but when he heard his name being mentioned he stopped in his tracks to focus on the conversation. He heard the Slayer's heart rate elevate when she was asked about the current state of his underwear, and he smelled her arousal when she gave the reason he went commando. Maybe one of these days I'll show you easy access, Slayer. Especially since I know you wear those adorable little thongs that you like to flash me when we're fighting.

"Well, we should get back to work now," Willow announced. She lowered her face to her notebook while she thought about what Buffy had said about Spike and his lack of underwear.

"Nah, let's play another game," Cordelia announced. "How about Truth or Double Dare?"

"Isn't that Truth or Dare? No, double?" Buffy asked.

"Usually, but in Double Dare all the dares have to be sexual in nature, and if you don't want to tell a truth you have to do a dare," Cordelia stated matter of factly.

"Well it's my turn, so I'll go first," Buffy announced. She stood up and stretched her muscles. "Okay, Cordelia, truth or double dare?"

"Truth," Cordelia said. She figured she had nothing to hide.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes, I am. I haven't met anybody I like enough to go all the way." Cordelia turned to Willow. "Truth or Double Dare?"

"Um, um Truth, I guess," Willow said softly. She wasn't too sure about this game. Sex was embarrassing enough as it was without playing a game.

"Who was the first boy you ever kissed?"

"I kissed Xander when we were in kindergarten." Willow blushed when she thought about the crush she had on the brunette teenager for the past few years. "Um, Buffy?"

"Truth, I guess."

Willow thought hard about what to ask Buffy. She knew the other girl was a virgin, but had made out in the past. "So, um, what was your first impression of Spike?"

"What? I'm not going to tell you that," Buffy spluttered. That was one question that she had really not wanted to answer.

"You have to do a Double Dare then," Cordelia crowed. She grinned at Buffy while she wondered what kind of dare Willow would come up with.

Willow eeped again. She wasn't sure she could come up with something sexual for Buffy to do. Her knowledge was limited to kissing and some petting. "Um, Buffy, um, how about you, um, kiss Cordelia?" Willow finished with in a rush.

Spike blinked when he heard Red's dare, and he wondered if the other two girls would really take on the dare. He moved to where he could see what was happening. Spike watched in astonishment while the Slayer that he thought was an uptight bitch walked sensuously over to the other girl.

Buffy put her finger under Cordelia's chin. This was something she had never done before, and she was as nervous as hell. Buffy had never thought about kissing a girl, but she realized that Cordelia's lips looked lush and inviting. She leaned down, and she covered the other girl's lips with her own. Buffy moaned when Cordelia opened her mouth. Their tongues entwined, and both girls felt themselves becoming aroused. Buffy traced Cordelia's jaw line.

"Wow," Willow declared. "I never expected you to actually kiss her, Buffy." She watched the two girls break away from each other guiltily, but she could see that they were both out of breath and their eyes glazed over with passion.

Buffy strutted back to her chair. "Okay, Cordelia, your turn. Truth or Double Dare?" She glanced back over at the cheerleader, and she was pleased to find the other girl seemed just as dazed as her.

Cordelia licked her suddenly dry lips while she watched Buffy's eyes flicker to Willow. "Double Dare."

"Kiss Willow."

Spike felt his cock harden in his pants. Damn, if I knew the Slayer and her little girlfriends played these kinda games I woulda spied on them before. He watched at the brunette girl caught Red behind the head to pull her close. Their lips touched tentatively at first, but then in a matter of seconds the two girls threw themselves passionately into the lip lock. Spike reached down to caress his engorged shaft while he enjoyed the show. He was unhappy when the kiss ended way too soon and before any inappropriate touching occurred.

"Wow. That was even better than watching," Willow whispered. She stared into Cordelia's eyes, and she saw the same feeling reflected back at her. Without taking her eyes from Cordelia's face, she asked Buffy, "Truth or Double Dare?"


"I know you're a virgin, but would you give it up to Spike?" Willow turned to stare at Buffy's blushing face. This was so much fun. Usually she was the one embarrassed and blushing.

"Dare! Dare!" Buffy shouted.

"I think she would," Cordelia said snarkily to Willow. "I think she wants Spike bad. Of course, he's really hot for a vamp. Hotter than Angel, that's for sure. If I wasn't worried that he'd kill me, I'd let him have my virginity." She winked at Willow.

Willow wrote something down on the paper in front of her, and she handed it to Buffy. "Next time you see Spike you have to do what's written on the paper." She giggled when she saw the blond girl's widened eyes.

"Hey, I didn't get to see," Cordelia grumbled. She snatched the paper from Buffy's nerveless fingers, and her eyes when wide and round. "Willow, you are so evil. I like it."

"Oh no, I'm not doing this one alone," Buffy announced. "If I do it you have to do it, both of you!"

"What? It's your double dare!" Willow exclaimed. "If you don't do it, we'll think up something really nasty to do to you. I'm sure Cordelia has lots of ideas."

Spike decided that finding out what Red had asked the Slayer to do was intriguing enough to come out of hiding. He slipped out of the dark stacks, and he stood at the top of the stairs. "Hello, cuties," he drawled leisurely. "You three got something to show me."

"Spike," Buffy squeaked. "How long have you been spying on us?" She blushed yet again. I've gotta stop blushing so much, or I'll break a blood vessel.

"Mm. Well, you guessed right, I do go commando." Spike curled his tongue behind his teeth. "Watching you gals snog was the hottest thing I've seen in many years." He reached down to caress his denim enclosed cock. "Now unless you want me to tell your boys what you've been up to, I think I should see what the latest dare is."

The girls watched the pale hand glide along the dark fabric, and they could clearly see the outline of the vampire's engorged shaft. They looked at each other wearily. Willow asked softly, "Are we really going to do this?"

"I don't want Xander having nasty fantasies about us kissing," Cordelia answered. "So yes, I'm doing it. Don't wimp out on us now, Willow."

"Okay on the count of three?" Buffy questioned. She waited for the other girls to agree. "One, two, three."

On three, the girls grabbed the bottoms of their shirts, and they lifted them over their heads. Cordelia and Buffy were braless, but Willow was wearing a purple see-through number that left nothing to the imagination.

Spike stared at the three teenagers. He quickly shook off his shock, knowing he wanted a bit more of a show before he left. "Bloody hell! You three have the most succulent titties I've seen in a very long time. God, use your fingers on your sweet little nipples for the Big Bad." Spike groaned when the girls' hands moved to their breasts to tweak their nipples into hardness. "If I wasn't worried about being staked, I'd come down there and lick on those pretty titties until you all screamed for more." Spike paused to listen to something. "Better get your shirts on, luvs. I hear your boys coming." He disappeared into the stacks again.

Giles, Oz, Xander and Angel entered the library to find three very flushed girls sitting at the research table quietly studying. The girls mumbled hello before rushing off to the bathroom, leaving behind four very perplexed males.