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Syrus met Jaden at the base of the stands. "That was great, Jaden! You really showed Dr. Crowler!"

"You know him?" Jaden was unstrapping his duel disk from his arm, almost heedless of the fact his new friend was talking.

"Yeah, my brother Zane has been a student here for the past two years," the blue-haired boy admitted sheepishly.

Jaden's head snapped up at that, "Really?"

Syrus looked up to the top of the stands, past where he and Jaden had just met Bastion Mizawa. There stood a pair of students in blue and white blazers, a boy and a girl. The girl noticed them, and blushed. The boy looked like a statue. "That's him," Syrus explained.

"Wow! Your brother looks pretty lively," Jaden joked.

"Yeah, Zane takes his dueling pretty seriously."

"Well, I'm looking forward to dueling him. I take dueling pretty seriously, too." The brunette was bouncing with excitement. "Come on, Sy. Let's get ready to catch the flight to Duelist Academy."

The shorter duelist fumbled with his duel disk awkwardly. "I can tell this is going to be an interesting year." Feet dragging, he started to follow Jaden until he realized how far behind he was. "Hey, wait up!" He took off as fast as his short legs would carry him.