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A Twist of fate

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A Twist of Fate

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Faith
Warnings: Lesbian Pairing.. fluff and smut
Pairing: Buffy and Faith

Chapter 1: Hooked
Faith’s POV

From the moment that Faith Eliza Lehane set eyes on the Vampire Slayer Buffy Anne Summers, she was hooked. She couldn’t get enough of the beautiful blond bombshell that for now she could only call a co-worker.. It wasn’t enough that Buffy was hopelessly in love with a Vampire but to make matters worse.. Faith was sure that Buffy hated her.. Sure she was different and maybe had different ideas to the innocent girl, but yet.. She never seemed to be good enough for her... never seemed to be able to live up to the standards that the Vampire Slayer set for herself. The day that Buffy allowed Faith to lead her into a little bit of darkness was exhilarating and exciting for Faith.. She saw a different side to Buffy.. one she had never had the chance to see before and she liked it.. She liked it a lot..

Faith had always known deep inside what her sexual orientation was and it was never a big deal to her.. She found both men and women attractive.. But she had never had a lasting relationship before.. All her relationships survived mainly on sex and once the pleasure was gone out of that, she left them high and dry or the other way around.. No with Buffy.. Faith knew she had found a connection and a profound bond.. Problem was.. She had no idea if Buffy ever felt the same for her.. She was so sure it was the opposite.. But Faith knew that Buffy could be the one..

Buffy was the most honest, kind, caring, hard-working and smart woman she had ever met.. She was beautiful, brave and loyal to her friends and family. She was innocent in ways Faith never knew an almost 18 year woman to be and it made her feel so many things she had never felt before.. If only Buffy knew all the ways that Faith had imagined to rid the other of her innocent ways, she would surely be embarrassed and would blush up a storm.. Of course.. Faith loved it when Buffy blushed and went all red in the face when Faith made a crude joke.. Like the time she mentioned Slaying made her hungry and horny.. She could read it all over Buffy’s face.. She was a little embarrassed and Faith knew why.. She didn’t want to admit it to the rest of them, but Faith knew Buffy had felt the same.. even if she never did anything about it.

So.. Yeah.. Although Angel had taken Buffy’s virginity.. Faith imagined herself being the one to make Buffy fall deeper then she had ever felt for anyone else. She could imagine it.. She could see Buffy surrender to her.. It made her heart beat faster as she imagined it all in her head.. It was those moments alone in her trashy little one room with a little tiny bathroom motel when she was sitting on her bed watching a stupid trashy soap when she daydreamed of being all cuddled up with Buffy next to her, snuggled into her side. She wanted it so bad.. Why would the constant thoughts never leave her mind.. It was so painful to see her with Angel.. Everyone assumed she had issues with the two love birds cause she had the hots for Angel.. but that was so far from the truth she wanted to laugh.. It was always Buffy.. It always had been.. from the moment she laid eyes on her.. She desperately tried to ignore the feelings, but the night like she had tonight.. with Buffy at her side.. their shoulders pressing against each other as they walked, Faith knew she was a goner.