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Dark Tales

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Another knock, only this one was more impatient. It seems that whoever was at the door, was getting annoyed by their lack of attention. Keeping one hand on his medallion, it was Manic who approached the door, and ignoring the calls of the others; opened it. To his shock, he found three adults; two women and one man, and one teenage boy, standing there.


'Who are these people?' Manic wondered, tilting his head. Hearing footsteps, the green hedgehog turned his head slightly, only to see Tails hurrying up. The kit's blue eyes widen when he saw the small group of people standing outside his home.

The first one to catch Tails' attention was a woman in her late thirties, maybe early forties. The woman had soft, but elegant features, fair skin and wide, but gentle dark eyes. Her wild brown hair was done up in a simple, but tasteful bun. The second woman was slightly younger than the first, but not by much. She was of average height, but with a long and thin neck. Her greying blond hair was short and curly, and her icy blue eyes reflected her unease as they darted about. The lone man was severely obese, a fact that was not lost on the two mobians. He too, had blond hair, but it was a paler shade than the woman's, and watery blue eyes. The lone teenage boy; who was clearly the son of the two blondes. He was obese, much like his father; but it appeared that he was trying to lose weight (and sadly, was failing). He had the same pale blond hair, but watery blue eyes.

"Yes," The brunette began, her heavily accented voice having caught the mobians attention. "Is Mr. Po--" She was rudely cut off by a panicked Manic. "Don't say the kid's name!" He yelled. "May I ask why…?" Tails looked to Manic with curiosity, whose muzzle turned slightly red. "I'd rather not explain it twice," He muttered.


Tails stepped back, allowing the humans to enter; before guiding them to the living room where everyone else was. The mobians were rather surprised when four humans came into the living room. "You were about to say why Mrs. Tonks couldn't say my nephew's name?" The blond haired woman demanded, hotly.


As if by some silent command, everyone turned to face both Sonia and Manic; who promptly turned red. Sonia looked down at the sleeping boy, running a gloved hand through thick black locks. Were these people like Harry, having magic? And judging by the blond haired woman's words, it was clear that Harry was related to her. "The lady at Hot Topic said that someone placed a taboo on the kid's name," Manic said quietly. Mrs. Tonks' eyes widen, before they harden. "Are you positive that she said it was a taboo?" Sonia and Manic nodded. "Yeah, those KKK wannabes showed up shortly after the clerk recognized Red here," Sonia said grimly. The blond haired woman frowned. "KKK wannabes…?" Realization dawned on her, she knew what the pink hedgehog really meant.

"You mean Death Eaters?"

Manic perked up. "Yeah, that's what the clerk called them." He was surprised that the blond knew what the clerk had called them. The blond woman sighed as Mrs. Tonks rubbed the bridge of her nose. "If Death Eaters are here, then that means that You-Know-Who knows where Harry is," She said darkly. "You-Know-Who…?" Rouge repeated. Looking over the assorted humans, Knuckles realized that he may know who they were; at least the blondes, anyway. "You wouldn't happen to be Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, and Dudley, would you?" Sonic blinked, before remembering the names from Harry/Shadow's family tree.

"So," Tails said slowly. "You're Harry’s family?" The blondes nodded, and Dudley's eyes never left sight of his frail cousin; who was still in the lap of the pink hedgehog. While this was happening, Sonia looked over at Knuckles. "Can you help me get him to the couch?" She asked, gesturing to the unconscious boy; Knuckles nodded. The guardian walked over, and gently lifted the boy up; shocked by how light Harry was. He then carefully laid the boy back down on the couch, before turning angry purple eyes on the blondes. Both the older Dursley's cringed, somehow knowing what was going through the echidna's mind.

"Mind explaining why the kid is so light?" He asked, sharply. Realizing where this was going, Mrs. Tonks knew that she had to act fast. She raised her hands, before barking out a sharp command. "Do not blame the Dursley's for their treatment to their nephew," She growled as the mobians turned angry eyes; minus Amy, on her. "And why shouldn't we?" Rouge hissed, baring her fangs as she realized the hidden meaning to Knuckles' ominous words. "Because they were under the control of someone else," The woman retorted back. This caught everyone's attention, and they stared at Mrs. Tonks in shock. "H-how?" Sonic rasped, getting the feeling that he wouldn't be liking this.

Mrs. Tonks sighed.

"All three were under heavy amounts of potions, compulsions and various charms," Her eyes darkened as she recalled the results of all three Dursley's results. "This would cause them to turn on Harry, driving him to the point where he would accept the first person to show him kindness." Vernon held his wife's hand, his blue eyes hardening as he silently cursed out a certain headmaster. "Unfortunately for us," Mrs. Tonks continued, her voice bitter. "The potions worked a little too well." Tails was thoughtful, before something came to him; and it wasn't a pleasant thought, either. "Wait, if the Dursley's were under the control of this one person, then what about…?" He trailed off, his eyes automatically landed on the unconscious boy.

"That's why we're here," Mrs. Tonks said softly. "I have with me, the same potion that I used for the Dursley's." She then pulled out a small vial of semi-clear liquid. "With just a bit of blood, we'll be able to see every single thing that has been done to him," She explained, seeing their confused looks. "It won't hurt him, will it, Andromeda?" Petunia asked, her voice nervous. Harry had been hurt enough, and she wasn't about to let her nephew be harmed even further. Andromeda gave the nervous woman a soft smile. "No Petunia, he won't feel a thing," She soothed. "I promise."

Sonic tensed, his eyes narrowed slightly as Andromeda Tonks approached the sleeping boy. Tails, who was the closest to the agitated hedgehog, placed a gentle hand on Sonic's shoulder. "Sonic," He said softly. "It's alright." Still tensed, Sonic couldn't help it. Shadow looked so helpless lying there, and Sonic felt his instincts rise up and demand that he protect the boy.

Oh boy.

Andromeda knelt down by Harry's side, carefully inspecting the boy. She was surprised by the red markings, and momentarily wondered if there was creature blood within the Potter bloodline; but she shook that off. It was a bit of a relief seeing that he was wearing fingerless gloves, and so, she took a thin needle from her pocket and carefully pricked one of Harry's fingers. Soon, a dark greenish liquid seeped from the sudden cut. Weary by this sudden change, Andromeda allowed seven dark drops to fall into the potion. She then swished the vial, watching as the new blood mixed with the potion. To everyone's shock, the vial's contents turned a sickly purplish-black.

Not good.

Producing a piece of parchment, Andromeda then poured the completed potion onto the parchment, and took a step back. Within minutes, a spidery lettering began to write itself out. After about twenty minutes, the results finally wrote itself out. Andromeda picked up the parchment and her eyes widen as she turned white.


Name: Hadrian James Potter
Born: July 31, 1980
Age: Sixteen
Hair: Black with red undertones
Eyes: Crimson red with golden undertones

James Charleus Potter (March 27, 1960 - October 31, 1981)
Lily Rosa Evans (January 30, 1960 - October 31, 1981)
Petunia Marie Evans (May 10, 1958 - )
Vernon Aaron Dursley (April 5, 1956 - )
Dudley Jonathan Dursley (June 22, 1980 - )
Harold Evans (August 10, 1917 - June 25, 1976)
Iris Robotnik (June 23, 1916 - June 25, 1976)

Skull Fracture: Five, Seven
Grease Burns: Five, Six, Seven
Burns: Four, Eight, Nine
Broken Arm (Left): Four, Six, Eight
Broken Arm (Right): Five, Seven, Nine
Rib Fractures: Five, Seven, Nine, Ten
Broken Leg (Left): Six
Malnutrition: Ongoing

Potions, Spells and Charms
Intelligence Dampener
Poor Sight Hex
Hatred Hex; Keyed to: Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, Dudley Dursley
Obedience Potion; Keyed to: Vernon Dursley, Albus Dumbledore, Molly Weasley
Loyalty Potion/Compulsion; Keyed to: Albus Dumbledore, Weasleys
Love Potion; Keyed to: Ginerva Weasley and Cho Chang
Permanent Obliviation Charm
Magic Leech: 45% to Albus Dumbledore

Intelligence: 30%
Magic Core: 75%
Creature Blood: 95%
Soul Bond: 95%

Tri-Wizard Tournament: Completed
Marriage Contract to Ginerva Weasley: Illegal
Soul Piece: Tom Marvolo Riddle


"He shouldn't even be alive with this kind of damage," Andromeda whispered, her voice reflecting her shock. "H-how bad?" Petunia asked, stammering a bit. Still numbed by the results, Andromeda reluctantly handed the parchment over and Petunia quickly scanned it over. "Obedience and Loyalty potions?!" Petunia hissed, spitting her words. Dudley peered around her, and his eyes zeroed in on the word 'love potion'. "A love potion?" He repeated. "Isn't that illegal?" Andromeda scowled. "It is," She growled. "It's considered attempted line theft, and an automatic life sentence to Azkaban." Petunia frowned, before recognizing the term. "That's the prison, isn't it?"


Andromeda sighed. "Our laws are strict, especially when it comes to ancient families," She said quietly. "Your nephew comes from very old blood, and since he is the last of his father's bloodline," Her eyes narrowed. "Whoever created this marriage contract is in very big trouble."

Vernon looked at the results, before realizing something. "What about the fact that Dumbledore is stealing Harry's magic?" The mobians, minus Sonia and Manic, all turned to the humans with surprisement. "There's no such thing as magic," Tails insisted. "It's scientifically impossible." Andromeda smiled, she was always amused when people learned that magic was indeed real. Andromeda then looked to the mobians. "You must understand," She said softly. "That young man is very important to us." Andromeda gestured to where Harry slept. "What do you mean by that?" Rouge asked, suspiciously. "Because, he is the only one to have ever survived being hit with the killing curse."


"K-killing Curse?" Sonic stammered, his green eyes wide. "The killing curse," Andromeda explained, quietly. "Is a forbidden spell, an instant death upon anyone it touches." Andromeda's eyes traveled upwards, soft and sad. "It's how his parents died," She whispered. "The only warning you get is a beam of bright green light, then nothing at all."


Sonic winced, regretting his question at once. "He should have died," Amy grumbled, sourly. The girl took a step back as the other mobians glared at her, before she scowled and looked away with a huff. "H-how did he survive?" Sonia asked, weakly. "No one knows," Andromeda huffed. "All that he received was that lightning bolt scar." She then frowned, her eyes dark. "Although, I have a feeling that a certain old goat knows why," She growled. That would certainly explain all the spells and potions in the boy.



Hearing the soft groan, everyone turned to the couch, and was surprised to see that Harry was beginning to stir. That was odd, with his energy levels so low, he should've been out a lot longer than he was. Harry groaned again, raising a hand weakly to his head, before red eyes slowly opened. As if realizing something, Harry tried to sit up; only to wince as his head throbbed and vision blurred. Almost immediately, he felt a hand gently pushing him back down. Looking up, Harry's red eyes met Sonic's green ones. "Take it easy," He said softly. "You're still a bit out of it from earlier." Harry found himself relaxing, instinctively trusting the blue hedgehog.

Giggling at the sweet sight, Sonia looked away as she suddenly remembered something. Now worried, she turned to Andromeda. "When you said someone placed a taboo on his name," Sonia glanced worriedly over at Harry; who was leaning against a blushing Sonic. "Who would have done such a thing?" Andromeda was silent. "Since you were attacked by Death Eaters," She said slowly. "You-Know-Who is aware that Harry is here." Andromeda tensed, realizing that Voldemort could not have been the only one to have placed a taboo over Harry's name. "What?" Petunia asked worriedly. "What is it?" Andromeda swallowed thickly, as she looked from Harry to his family, the potion results fluttering to the ground. "There's one other person who could have placed a taboo over his name…" A sudden dread swept over many of them, as Andromeda's ominous words echoed. "And that person is…?" Rouge asked, her voice uneasy as she clenched her fists.

"Albus Dumbledore."