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Yellow Ranger Club - Part 2

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There were so many of them. Rationally, Lily had an idea how many teams there were, but that still didn't mean that she was ready to meet all the other Yellows. (Apparently not quite all of them, since some guy named Tideus from Aquitar hadn't been invited or couldn't make it, she wasn't quite sure which.) Besides the four she'd already met, there was Space Ranger Ashley, who was arguably the most famous of them of all, since she'd been on the first team to have public identities. Lily wondered if she should mention that she'd had the Ashley and Cassie barbie doll set. And then there was Kelsey from Lightspeed Rescue and Ronny from Overdrive, who were the other public identity Rangers. There was Kira Ford, who was apparently from Dino Thunder, who had gone on tour with Tanya a few years before, and if Lily had known, she'd totally have brought Kira's CD to get signed. Then there were the four she didn't know at all, even more names to remember. Maya and Katie and Taylor and Chip... and now she was one of them.

"Pizza!" Ashley said cheerfully as soon as the introductions were finished. "Yay!"

The group devoured the pizza, and Lily suddenly wondered if they'd brought enough.

"So!" Maya said brightly as soon as everyone was done. "Tell us about yourself! And your team."

"Yeah, you guys are ninjas, right?" Dustin asked. "Because we already did that."

"Who already did that?" Aisha cut in, and Dustin hid behind Taylor, who rolled her eyes.

"We trained at the Pai Zhuq academy," Lily explained, giving a brief explanation of how she, Casey and Theo had ended up at Jungle Karma Pizza.

"And you're the only girl?" Kira said sympathetically. "I had the same problem. Seriously, the guys on my team were ridiculous. Tori had the same problem." She poked at Dustin.

"I wasn't responsible for that," he said in a tone that clearly showed that this was an argument that they'd had many times before.

They waited for Lily to keep going, and she flushed. "I'm not really sure what to say," she said a little apologetically. Usually she was better at this. Theo and Casey were both awkward in their own ways, she was supposed to be the confident one. But then again, she hadn't ever been confronted by this many Rangers, who were wearing her color before.

The others laughed. "Sorry," Kelsey said finally. "We know we're all a little overwhelming. You've got nothing to worry about. There's no way you're the weirdest one here." She stuck her tongue out in the direction of... actually, Lily had no idea which of the laughing Rangers it was aimed at.

"So spill," Kira urged. "Have you been possessed by a villain yet? Did you get any weird powers like my scream or Dustin's earth powers or Ronny's speed?"

"Or my magic," Chip added.

"I got turned... well, not evil exactly," Lily started after a moment's hesitation. Since they were asking, she didn't think they would laugh at her. "It just made me not quite as nice."

Trini nodded sagely. "Billy and Kim got turned into punks once, that's been known to happen."

Lily grinned, and launched into the full version of the story. It actually was pretty nice to have someone to talk to about all this. As the others laughed, she finally began to feel like she had a place with the Rangers, that this was where she belonged.


Lily made her way up to the dojo. It had been years since her tenure as a Ranger had ended, and this was the first team since then.

"Hi," she said as she reached the training yard, smiling at the five people in color coordinated uniforms. She extended her hand to the yellow Ranger. "You must be Emily. Welcome to the Yellow Ranger club."