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Little Angel, Where You Flying To?

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There are lights everywhere as well as plenty of fanfare; all the minor deities and other divine beings are in attendance for the heavenly angel showcase. The end of times is coming, and everyone needs to be onboard and together, ready and waiting. “Our little brother, Castiel!” the angels sing for the final unveiling of their youngest sibling.

There is silence; he is nowhere to be seen.

Naomi seethes. “Damn it!”

After the performance, Anna goes looking for her brother. “…I thought I would find you out here,” she says as he peers down over the edge of Heaven. “You missed your cue, again. Naomi’s pretty peeved.”

Balthazar pops up on the other side of his far-more-pensive sibling. “But there are so many more important things to do, isn’t that right, Cassy darling?”

Anna sighs. “You know that Raphael’s going to come looking for you…,”

“Do you think it would be difficult?” Castiel interjected as he studies some human beings far below. “…to drive a car?”

Anna blinks. He has not been listening to either one of them. “I have no idea, Castiel.”

“You’ve certainly got your priorities in order, Cassy dear,” chuckles Balthazar. Castiel stares out over the expanse of Heaven.

[Castiel] Look at this place, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you call my existence complete?
Wouldn’t you think this angel has everything?
…I was once in command of a garrison; followed and gave orders before.
You want means of obedience? I know many.
But who cares? As the world ends, I want more…

I want to be where the humans are, helping the man that I raised from Perdition.
Speaking to him, hah – that’s no easy feat.
Flapping your wings, you don’t get very far;
When the person you saved doesn’t think he deserves it –
and sometimes when he won’t listen, you get your ass beat.

But that does not matter, I care about him – we both are sons loyal to absent fathers.
Just wish he could see that I want to be a part of his world.

Out where they hunt, put up a fight,
Live through each day with all of their might…
Now Dean’s wandering free, I wish I could be a part of that world.

Dealing with guilt, hurt, and dealing with sin –
He cannot stand, says it’s all a pack of lies,
And swears he won’t be a Stepford bitch in Paradise!

We’re done now, but only I know how far I would go to be part of Dean’s world.

Castiel looks from one of his siblings to the other. “Have you never wanted to know what a human’s life is like, Balthazar? Anna?” Folding his arms and resting his chin upon them, he murmurs “What is the point of procuring a vessel and raising someone from perdition if I am never permitted to speak to him?”

“You know the rules,” Anna reminds him softly. “The righteous man you rescued is meant to be Michael’s vessel, so he alone is permitted to speak to him.”

Castiel’s face falls.

“Aww, does little Cassy have a little crush?” Balthazar croons.

“Do not be absurd,” a new voice cuts across his sternly. The three angels jump and lift their shoulders ramrod-straight as a stony-faced archangel appears before them, tone sonorous but cold. “You are not to become too close to the humans in your charge, Castiel. We must follow the commands set down by our Father; the world must start and end by His choice, and you cannot alter it.”

“Not even in order to learn? To go to Earth and get to know humanity, Raphael?”

[Raphael] The world always looks better, when with a human you spake.
So you want to go down there, but that is a big mistake!
Just look at this expanse around us, right here next to God’s door.
Such a holy mission abounds here – what else are you looking for?

In Heaven with me, in Heaven you see…

[Balthazar] Darling, it’s better, with birds of a feather, take it from me.

[Anna] Down on the Earth they work all day; under the sun they try not to stray.

[Raph] While angels are devoting full time to the King in Heaven, you see.

Up here everyone is happy as through the Pearly Gates they stroll.
Humans on land are not happy, nor peaceful –

[Balthy] – Sadly, that’s just how their lives roll.

[Anna] Yet people in the world are lucky to have chances at love and bliss….

[Naomi] But in the end we’ll all be fighting, and theirs is a bloody fate, miss.
In Heaven you see
In Heaven with me, Nothing can beat us – humanity needs us
Up here to be.

Take yourself a good long look, because right up here in Metatron’s book...

[All Heavenly Host] We have no borders; we’re just following orders
In Heaven you see.
In Heaven you see!!!!