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This Is Captain Handsome Here Ordering You To Rock'N Roll On That Forty Five

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The first time Bucky caught him trying on the skirt and leggings he laughed for fifteen minutes non stop. Steve shoved him out of the room.

The second time Bucky caught him trying on the outfit again, he was honestly concerned but not judgmental, and yet Steve took his awkward look as an insult before pushing him out of the room again.

The third time, well. Bucky sat him down and talked about it with him.

To say Steve liked being in female clothes was an understatement. He loved it. Especially the ones with the lace. It made him feel sexy. If Bucky couldn't see that, well then he would just have to leave him alone about it. He obviously didn't understand him in that aspect nor the fact that his best friend has turned something Steve takes very seriously into a huge joke between himself and Clint.

Steve was never one to judge someone on their beliefs, as long as they weren't hurting others and he tended to ignore his friend's laughter. He'll just have to find someone who understands him better. Someone who won't care whatever he wears as long as they love him.

It started when he and Bucky had to go undercover and that involved Steve dressing up as a female. At first he was a little uncomfortable with it since he hadn't really heard of men dressing up in women's clothes, unless he counted the time he caught Tony in that maid's outfit, cleaning Bucky's room because he lost a bet. After a while he got used to it and started to like it. Started to like it a little too much.

Ever since then he had been looking up online some outfits he could try on. He started with subtle items. Female dresses, shirts, hats. Mostly appropriate things. Everyone was confused with how many packages Steve was getting at a time, but no one ever questioned it. They just thought Steve was going some important art project and that the boxes were full of art supplies.

It's not like he had to order the clothes online. He just thought it'd be awkward to go into the store, pick out a bunch of female outfits and then go into the men's changing rooms to see if the items fit. The first time he went to the store to buy an outfit he had to make an entire story up that his girlfriend was sick and he wanted to buy her something sweet to make her feel better. The girl employees thought that was so cute and he felt disgraceful for lying to them since they were so supportive.

Ever since then he had been buying online and soon he had Tony install a-whole-nother closet in his room because he ended up filling in his first one with the clothes he bought. The brunet just raised an eyebrow before agreeing to do so as long as he gets him coffee every time his mug goes dry of coffee.

When Tony was done, Steve was free to buy more clothes thanks to his salary he gets from promoting at so many charities. He always donates half of his checks to the charities that give him the profits in respect to what they do. Ever since then Tony has been paying more attention to him than they had before.

Ever since he had come back and Tony had let him back in to live with him, the genius had been either awkward around him or just plain out avoided him. Steve still didn't understand why. He knew something happened between both of them and maybe that effected their friendship a lot, but they haven't been as close as they used to. He honestly really had no idea, and he didn't think Tony knew why that much at all either. Sometimes Steve believed that Tony really did remember why and that he was trying to keep him from remembering as well, but Steve didn't really matter. What mattered was that Tony was becoming more open towards him and that made him smile.


Thinking about the bad times was a bad habit for Steve, so he decided to shake those feelings away as he snook some Cheetos out of the bowl that was in Tony's lap. They were watching Tom and Jerry because that was literally the only thing on at ten am in the morning.

“Hey! These are mine, stay away!” Tony slapped Steve's hand away, making him drop the cheese puff he had in his hand onto the white carpet. Steve just groaned.

“There was an entire bag, Tony, you are eating the ENTIRE bag of Cheetos. Give me at least one,” reaching for the bag, Tony shuffled away from the blond, hugging the bowl to his chest and hissing. “Did you just.... Hiss at me?”

“Yeah, what's wrong with that? Huh? Can't handle a little cat?” Steve has never laughed harder since he woke up from the ice and that put Tony off a little bit. He hadn't heard that laugh in a long time. His chest tightened a little and he stared as the other bent over, holding his stomach to keep him from falling over.

“Cat? Oh my god, Tony. You are the biggest dork I have ever witnessed to know,” Steve rubbed at his eyes and calmed down, pressing a hand to Tony's knee to help him gain composure. “You are not a cat.”

“I never said I was?” Tony was too shaken up in the head to even answer correctly. Being attracted to your past best friend isn't something he knew he should be doing, but it was hard when Steve kept doing things he was falling in love with.

“You just did, idiot. Anyways, give me a cheese puff or else.”

“Or else what? It's just a cheese puff.”

“A cheese puff you are hording you asshole,” Steve reached for the bowl, but the effort was useless because Tony just moved out of the way, causing the larger man to roll off the couch with a loud OOF and a laugh that could warm anyone's heart. “Or else I'll tickle your feet.”

“Oh you wouldn't.”

“I would.”

Before Tony could even say a word or even get ready his feet were attacked. He fell into a pit of laughter, trying to pull his feet away from the offending man wiggling his godforsaken fingers against the sole of his foot but it was useless. Steve had a firm grip on his ankle to keep his foot still as he tickled him. The room filled with panicked laughter, tears growing at the corners of Tony's eyes as he kicked at the air. One of his kicks striked the blond right in the head and Steve winced away from the other, holding his hand to his aching jaw.

“Steve? Steve I am so sorry. You started it, Steve don't look like that seriously, Steve come on, are you okay?” Tony panicked, setting the Cheetos aside as he moved off the couch, leaning in front of the other. He pressed a hand to Steve's cheek and checked to see if there was a bruise forming, but before he could do anything Steve pounced on the other and pinned him down on the carpet.
“Lesson one, never feel bad for the opponent. Unless you know for sure they are in pain, your pity does nothing but destroy you in the end,” Steve smirked as he straddled the other's middle, holding Tony's wrists above his head. If Tony wasn't so mad then he would have been really turned on and okay, maybe he was a little.

Okay, a lot, but he was still mad at Steve. Really mad. Mad at him and his way too attractive face and such a broad, muscly chest... Steve's breath hitched as Tony pride a hand out of Steve's grip and brushed his fingers down the front of his body causing the bigger man to shudder before his face turned red.

“Lesson one, never turn on an engineer. They tend to tinker with their projects,” digging his thumbs into Steve's sides, Steve grabbed his hands back with a hiss and pinned them back above his head.

“Lesson two, don't ever touch my sides again,” Steve gave Tony a playful glare before Tony was flipping him over with only his legs. Steve was letting him, of course. If Steve wanted he could make Tony never be able to walk again, but he isn't that mean.

“I don't like lesson two.”

“I don't care.”

Tony raised one eyebrow then, letting his hands roam down Steve's body til his fingers hooked against the hem of Steve's pants, lifting them up and snapping them back down again.

“Which lesson am I breaking now?” He asked with a low husky voice and Steve's eyes grew large, trying to squirm out from underneath Tony.

“All of them, now get off of me,” the blond rolled onto his belly and tried to use his arms to help him get free, but Tony just pressed his hips down harder, keeping the blond still and stuck. Tony moved down Steve's body and palmed at his ass, humming.

“Nah, I'd rather stay like this,” Tony didn't know what he was doing, really, he just liked messing with the blond so when he found the man wearing pink and purple panties, yeah it was a surprise, but hey it's not his place to judge, right? He has done some terrible things as well, this isn't so bad. “My god, Steve..” he whispered lowly.

Steve's face was red. He was hiding his face in his hands and whining loudly. It didn't help that Tony had gotten him hard as hell, but now he knows he likes to wear girl's underwear. He's going to die. He isn't gonna survive this. What he didn't expect to feel was the cold air as Tony pushed his shirt up higher on his body and began kissing at his skin, licking and nipping at the plush areas just above where the curve of his butt met Tony's thighs.

“I had no idea you liked this kind of stuff,” Tony dug his fingers into the meat of Steve's ass, Steve arched into the feeling, face pressed against the floor as he tried not to shove Tony to the floor and take him. At most he wanted to get away, but what Tony was doing was driving him insane. How was he supposed to run from something that felt so good? He had no idea, but when he felt the tongue play with the hem of his panties was when he had enough. He got out of underneath Tony, running off to his room leaving Tony dumbfounded and upset.


When he left, he stood in front of his mirror in his normal clothes. There was only one thing that could make him feel better after that and that was wearing more lingerie. He went into his closet and pulled out a red, white, and blue corset with matching panties and stockings and garters. This was going to be fun.

He slipped them on, feeling only natural in them and he turned around, looking at the mirror so he could see everything, including his ass. It looked nice in the panties. But the whole thing was missing something. When he looked back in his closet he figured it out heels. He pulled out his pair of American Flag ones and slipped them on his feet, standing in front of the mirror again. He looked almost a foot taller then. Like he needed to look taller.

Steve turned and turned and turned. Checking himself out was fun. Mostly because he knew he was attractive and this was the only way he knew how to calm himself down besides drawing or  masturbating.

Speaking of that, Steve's cock was hard against the panties and Steve whined. He hated being hard in his panties. His cock was always too big for them no matter how many sizes he tries to get to fit. It was annoying and frustrating.

He grumbled and sat down on his bed, trying to pull the panties over the head of his dick, but it was useless. They were just too small for his cock. Curse the serum having such an affect on it. Steve knew people wondered if his penis got bigger after the serum. It did, but that's a secret he's gonna keep to himself. 

Steve pressed his palm to the front of his panties and pressed down, whimpering at the feeling before lying down on the bed. He lifted one leg up, bending it and pressing the heel into the comforter below him as he pulled his cock out, stroking it slowly with an arm slew over his eyes. 

The blond moaned shakily and reached over to his drawer, pulling out some lube and letting it spill over the tip of his cock watching it waterfall over the shaft. His dick was covered and glossy and twitching. He thought of Tony's lips on him, despite it making him so uncomfortable then, the imagination of it then just made him hot and bothered. 

He wrapped his lean fingers around his shaft and stroked slowly, groaning at the feeling of the lube against his dick and his calloused hand. He moved up into his hand, grinding against his palm. It all felt too good. It was overwhelming and just right.

Just how Steve loved it. 

He twisted his wrist at the tip, writhing on his bed as he moaned out, licking his dry lips. He needed release. It was starting to hurt more than it felt good. 

So he thought of Tony. He thought of Tony's mouth. He thought of the way his bed head looks in the morning and all Steve can think of is pulling it as he fucks him. Then he imagines Tony in his lingerie and that's what does it for him.

Steve comes all over his hand and corset with a low whine, complaining to himself because this is the fifth time he had gotten cum on his lingerie and it doesn't like to come out.

He took the lingerie off and sat it back in his closet, setting the cum covered corset in the laundry basket he has set up in there before getting into bed and passing out.


The next day, Steve didn't show up for their group meeting, which was strange, even for Steve. Usually it was Steve in the room first. Steve pounding Tony to get ready to leave. Steve telling Tony he was getting dressed too slow.

Tony had a little suspicion that it had something to do with what he had done to the blond the other night, but despite Steve not being there, Tony went along with the meeting, dismissing everyone after about an hour of talk.

Carol stopped before she left and told Tony he was an idiot.

Steve did end up showing up after that, with Sam and Bucky close behind him. All three men laughing together with bright smiles on their faces as Steve handed Tony some of the paperwork the brunet had left at the tower. If Tony wasn't so mad at Steve for not showing up, he would have been happier taking the paperwork, no matter how much he hated it, but Steve didn't show up. Because Tony found out about his panties kink.

“Alright, Steve, you gave me what you came here to give me. Take your two fuck buddies out of here and go have some fun,” Tony scoffed and Steve turned from his conversation with Sam to give Tony a raised eyebrow.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

“Tony, they aren't my fuck buddies. And I was only late because we were out doing community service for the people of this town. We helped set up a charity for stray dogs on the street.”

“Oh how cute. Go check your desk. I think Carol left you some missions you could go on later this week after you're done with your dogs.”

“You know what, I think I will,” by then the two men were only inches apart, Sam and Bucky both clearing their throats, making the two realize just how close they actually were and they both took a step back.

“Excuse me you two, but we are taking Steve out for a guys night out kind of thing. We gotta pick up Barton and then we're off. See you around, Director,” Sam saluted the brunet off and took Steve's arm, pulling him out of the room along with Bucky at tow.

Dammit. Everything was weird. Extra weird. He hadn't been this weird around Steve in a while. Steve missed the meeting to set up a charity for stray dogs to get adopted. My god could he please stop being so perfect? Tony didn't know if he could handle it anymore. Steve likes wearing panties and saving the puppies. Tony's going to have to go see a dentist to help fix all the cavities Steve was giving him.


 “What's up with Tony?” Sam said over a basket of fries at the local burger joint just down the street of their headquarters. Steve sat across from him with Bucky at his side, who decided to answer for Steve.

“Tony found out Steve wears panties and stuff like that and is all offended because Steve was uncomfortable with him knowing,” he shrugged and Steve's face turned red, but instead of hiding it he just shoved more fries into his mouth.

“Oh, what a baby.”

“I know right? God, sometimes I don't know why you even give him a chance at your friendship, Steve.” A slap to his back made Steve grunt before swallowing.

“He's my friend. We've known each other for such a long time I don't think I'll ever be able to drop him,” Steve smiled. He always enjoyed being around Tony. The best moments with the man were when he was entranced in some project he had been working on. Too focused to talk. It was the perfect time to draw the man, which Steve did a lot. Sometimes it was just a silly sketch and sometimes it was a really well done piece of art. “Besides, I don't think I should be mad at him for very long.. He was just kissing my back. I freaked out. That's why I called to ask you guys to help me get my mind off things.”

“Jeez, Steve. You ran away because the man wanted to fuck you in your panties?” Steve slapped a hand to Sam's mouth, which made Sam's eyes water. Steve slaps hard. Steve pulled his hand away and apologized, looking away from the man.

“It was.. I was uncomfortable. He was just going at it, I didn't know he even liked me like that.”

“Are you serious?” Bucky piped up. “You two have been making googly eyes at each other the day I met the guy. How could you not tell?”

“It isn't that easy for me to read someone like him, Buck. He's like a puzzle. Something I cannot solve. I don't know what he's feeling or thinking half the time I am with him,” Steve pouted and rested his chin on the table in front of him, looking out the window at pedestrians walking down the road.

“Well there is a good way at reading someone. You know what it's called?” Bucky poked at Steve's side. “It's called talking to them.”

“That's lame.”

“Bucky is right,” Sam nodded. Steve just sighed in defeat.

“What if he doesn't want to talk about it, though? What if he just yells at me like before?”

“Then he is an idiot, which he is, but a bigger one.” Bucky nodded at Sam's remark, giving him a thumbs up.

Steve had such weird friends. Who's friends had to try and get them to get with someone he'd been wanting to be with for a while? Well, pretty much anyone's friends, but Steve's friends. Steve's friends won't stop trying until it happens, or until Steve politely whines for them to stop. It was quite sentimental, actually. He was just glad he had friends at all.


They went to central park. Steve and Tony did, not Steve and Bucky and Sam. Those two had left when they saw Tony running after them down the sidewalk. Dammit, was the only thing on Steve's mind. He let Tony walk with him though. The man may be mad at him, but that doesn't mean they aren't friends anymore.

They walked around the central areas of the park side by side, both had their hands in their pockets as they talked about how many times this park had been destroyed in their battles and how much time and money they had spent fixing it for the town. It was always Steve's idea to help out. Because he loves the park and hates seeing it in ruin.

“Yeah, we had to replant the big spruce last week,” Steve went on. “The big one that got crushed by the Hulk.. Everyone loved that tree. It was so sad to see it go so we decided to plant one in that very place in honor of it.”

“I see. People did have a great fondness for that tree, I do remember Clint talking about how it was the best one to perch on when he is shooting things,” Tony bit into his Belgium waffle covered in chocolate syrup. Steve had bought it as a gift. Sometimes Tony just can't decline the offer of food even if he was mad at the person. He saw several camera flashes in the corner of his eye, but he ignored them. He was so used to them he just stopped caring if people took photos or not. He used to get pissy about it.

“Yeah, it also had the best shade. Fell asleep under it a couple times,” Steve's smile had Tony's stomach feeling odd. Sort of like the feeling he felt when he saw Steve laughing because he fell off the couch earlier.

“Must've been uncomfy,” Tony replied, wiping chocolate off his face.

Steve looked at the brunet while he was trying to clean himself and he chuckled. “Here,” he stopped walking and turned to face Tony, licking his thumb and wiping the chocolate Tony missed on his cheek. Tony's nose scrunched up and he stuck his tongue out, walking away from Steve's saliva covered thumb.

“Ew, gross, gross,” he whined and wiped at his cheek violently with his sleeve.

“It's just spit, Tony, you have had grosser things all over you,” Steve crossed his arms and smiled like an idiot. Tony was adorable and the brunet couldn't hide it. Steve also couldn't hide how fond he was of the brunet in front of him still scrunching his face up from what Steve just did.

“It's cleaning your face with my saliva spit. That is the grossest spit,” Tony made an 'eck' sound and finally pulled his sleeved hand from his face, going back to eating his waffle only to make his face dirty again. “And get that grin off your face,” he says over a mouthful of waffle.

“Oh, so spit full of blood and diseases isn't grosser?”

“People aren't rubbing spit full of blood and diseases on people's faces,” Tony shoved the rest of his food into his mouth and hummed in contentment.

“Your face is dirty again, I guess I have to lick it away with my thumb spit technique even more,” Steve threatened and Tony's eyes widened. There was no way Steve was going to do that in every place on his face that chocolate lies. Which was basically everywhere around his lips.

Tony knew he had to run, but he was in a suit. Did he really want to risk ripping his suit to get away from a saliva filled Steve? Yes he did.

So that's what he did. It was sort of ridiculous. Sort of? No, it was ridiculous. Two grown men chasing each other through the park. One of their faces covered in chocolate, the other's thumb covered in spit.

To them it was perfectly normal. Tony chased Steve around the tower when he was mad at them, how was this any different? People watched them and Steve spent half the time stopping so he could laugh. Tony stopped because he was out of breath. He had to work out more than he already did. He was always getting winded from running. Too used to the suit doing everything for him.

They stopped on the bridge underneath the trees that hang over it. A stream full of koi underneath them. Steve loved this area in particular. It was such a romantic place. He could get used to standing there with someone he loved.

He looked at Tony, giving him a devilish grin as he finally caught him, wrapping his arms around him and holding him still as he finally wiped all the chocolate away, wiping it on a napkin he had in his pocket.

“You had a napkin this entire time!? You could of used that,” Tony pouted and squirmed out of Steve's grip, ignoring the people staring at them standing together so close together. “Instead of your damned spit.”

“Didn't think about it until now,” Steve shrugged and turned to press his arms against the bridges rails, looking down into the water at the fish. “What does it feel like to be a koi?”

“How would I know?”

“I don't know. They just seem like happy fish. Their mouths are always open.”

“So, their mouths being open all the time means they are happy?” Tony asked as he moved next to Steve, their shoulders pressed together. Tony felt like an idiot because he had to stand up on his tippy toes to be able to normally press his arms against the rails. Steve was doing it too, because the thing wasn't made for people to look over, but it took more effort for Tony to do it than Steve and that was unacceptable.

“Yes,” Steve replies with a small grin and fuck Steve was a cutie.

“Whale Sharks always have their mouths open. Does that make them happy all the time?”

“Yes,” Steve replies the same way. Tony just raises an eyebrow and imagines a whale shark with Steve's hairstyle. It was such a silly image Tony had to snort.

“Steve Rogers the happy big Whale Shark swimming through the big, open ocean eating plankton and accidentally swallowing divers,” Tony laughed and hid his face in the front of his suit jacket. His laugh was silly and squeaky and Steve turned to look at him when he heard it, his face turning into a silly grin before he was laughing himself.

Two grown men laughing together on a bridge under well lit trees. This was surely the weirdest day for them. It went from I am angry at you to joyful in such a short time. That made Steve happy. Maybe Tony won't ask about his lingerie kink. Hopefully. That'd ruin everything.

“I would be a whale shark?” Steve asked as their laughter died down, Tony rubbing at his eyes. The brunet just nodded and looked back down at the water. He really wanted to ask Steve about earlier, but he couldn't. He knew it'd ruin the mood and Steve would just run. Kind of like before. But he didn't like remembering those times. Those were the dark ages for him. Keep those ages away from him. They haunt him in his sleep, don't haunt him while he is awake, please.

“Yes you would. We should head back home,” Tony suggested and grabbed Steve's arm, walking him off the bridge arm and arm. Steve just followed and they walked back to the tower in a content silence.


 When they got back home Clint was waiting for Steve. They were supposed to be sparring. An hour ago. Steve apologized a billion times to the archer when he walked in the door, leaving Tony to his media room alone as the two blonds took the elevator to the training rooms.

Finally he was alone. He had time to cool off being mad at Steve with Steve and now he could rest. His feet hurt from walking and standing all day.

Tony sat on the couch, his soda in one hand and a Wii remote in the other. He had gotten into the habit of playing Mario games on his own. Mostly because when he had nothing to do and was alone no one could beat him at it. He always lost to Steve. Always. During Mario Kart that is. The man is like a legend on that game. He almost signed up for a national competition but was late to sign ups because he took too long on his morning run.

The man was driving Tony crazy. He couldn't think straight as he practiced his Mario Kart skills. All he could think of was Steve in those panties. Those panties that fit his bottom so well.. The panties that had Tony hard faster than those three girls in his fuck room back home had him. He never knew he'd enjoy Steve in that kind of apparel. He generally enjoys Steve over all, but the man had him straining in his pants.

He was so sad that he couldn't fuck Steve against the floor that night. He guessed it was understandable for Steve to be upset and embarrassed. He did sort of throw himself at Steve and lick all over him like it was any of his business. That part was Tony's fault. Steve was at fault for even trying to tickle him in the first place. Tickle fights with Tony usually always end with sex. Steve should know that. Especially sex with tall, handsome, looks absolutely stunning in panties blonds. Particularly blonds named Steve Rogers.

Tony ended up placing twelfth in three games and gave up. Steve being in his mind was too distracting. He needed a drink. As he got up to the bar he realized someone was sitting behind it. He raised an eyebrow, getting ready to beat whomever it was on the floor before he realized it was Peter playing his 3DS. Pokemon X to be exact.

“Oh, hey Tony. What were you cussing about a few minutes ago?” The kid looked up at Tony with a grin and Tony just sighed, walking around him so he could pick his favorite glass from the rack.

“Was playing Mario Kart,” Tony shrugged and poured himself some of his most expensive gin, gulping down a sip.

“I thought you were off alcohol. Carol made a big deal about it when she found you drunk and sad and she made you vouch to never drink again,” Peter stood, shutting his 3DS and shoving it into his pocket.

“Sometimes I wonder why I let you into this building, Peter,” Tony sighs and sets the glass down. “I can have one drink, kid.”

“Hmm, you said something similar to Pepper once and her and I found you shit faced in a dumpster outside the tower.”

“Shut up, I am fine.”

“Okay then. To change the topic, why were you playing Mario Kart?” Peter sat up on the counter and Tony almost growled. He just got his bots to clean it. If Peter left a mark or a mess he was going to kill him.

“To beat Steve, or well, to get ready to get smashed by Steve but at least beat Barton,” he shrugged, picked his glass back up and went back to the couch. Peter followed him and he tossed the kid a controller. “Play with me. It'll be good practice.”

“Oh you betcha I'll play. I'll beatcha too,” Peter said excitedly, catching the controller and jumping over the couch to sit next to Tony.


“So why weren't you at the meeting, Cap?” Clint asked as Steve sent a fist after him, dodging strategically and grinning every time the taller man missed.

“I was,” Steve punched at Clint's side. “Doing a charity for,” he did it again and grabbed his arm, pulling Clint into a headlock. “Homeless dogs.” He finally finished and kicked Barton onto his ass. He wiped his hands off in confidence until Clint wrapped himself around Steve's legs and bringing him down with him.

“Doesn't mean you can skip meetings. What was the real reason?” Clint asks with a small grin on his face, pressing his cheek to Steve's chest and crossing his arms on his chest as well.

“That was the real reason,” Steve replied annoyed. He was too pooped to push Clint off of him so he just let the other use him as a pillow as his breathing was harsh and full of sweat.

“Steve you don't miss meetings. Even when you're supposed to be at events. That was your first missed meeting since... Ever. There is another reason,” Clint sputtered out all at once and absentmindedly drew pictures on Steve's chest with his index finger.

Steve just sighed. Clint could read him better than some of his closest friends, “I, uh.. Tony found out something about me that is really.. Something not many people know about. One person did before him, now two know. Two know that I know of.”

“So you skipped the meeting because you were embarrassed?”

“And mad at Tony, yeah,” Steve's cheeks turned red and he found his hand in Clint's hair, stroking it slowly. He felt the man relax and Clint made a moaning sound, basically cuddling into the feeling.

“That's a dumb reason to skip a meeting. Steve, god, keep doing that,” he purred and closed his eyes, scooting up to get more comfortable. They did that for a while. Laid there, Steve stroking Clint's hair and just staring at the ceiling. He thought about the situation with Tony and the only thing that brought for Steve was anxiety. “Your heart is beating faster. What's wrong?”

“Just.. Can't stop thinking about the incident,” Steve shrugged and scratched at the back of Clint's head where his hair met his neck. Clint was acting more like a cat than a bird then, pressing his head into the scratches and moaning, his eyes still closed.

“Try not to think about it. Focus on scratching my head,” he mumbled out and cuddled closer to Steve. He loved Steve. As a brother type thing. The man didn't judge him like the others did and do, so he felt safe doing this with Steve. People would pay a million bucks to be in his situation right now. Consoling Captain damn America while the guy cards his fingers through their hair. It felt good. Steve had amazing fingers.

“Like that fixes everything... I could try,” Steve shrugged again, making Clint whine as he rubbed a particularly good spot. They pulled apart when they heard someone clear their throat in the doorway.

“I came in here to join your sparring session, not your cuddling session, now get up sissies and let's spar,” Carol. It was always Carol who caught them doing some odd things. Always Carol.

Carol was the best.


Bucky came to Steve a few days later, once Steve actually forgot about the whole thing and decided hey today was the day he was gonna stop moping about what Tony did and actually talk to him about it.

“So, what are you gonna do?” Bucky asked Steve as they stood in front of Tony's bedroom door. They were certain he was inside. They saw him walk in there about five minutes prior while Bucky and Steve played Monopoly on the couch. They always stayed on Tony's floor when there was nothing else to do. It was bigger than everyone else's floor and more homey. Steve liked it.

“I'm gonna go inside there and talk to Tony.”

“Talk to Tony about what?”

“About how I feel?”


“And talk about how I like to wear.. Dresses and stuff.”

“Perfect. Don't bring it up right away. Let him try and drag it out first.”

“Yeah, got it, Buck. Thanks,” he pat Bucky on the shoulder before the brunet gave him a thumbs up, walking away from Steve as Steve knocked on the door.

Tony answered, standing in front of Steve with just a pair of boxers on and biting into an apple. He had been trying to eat healthier since that time he got food poisoning from a box of donuts from a bakery no one had ever heard about. It was kind of something Tony never wanted to do, but Pepper insisted. Besides, it'd be embarrassing to have the headline of his death “Tony Stark dies from food poisoning” after all those times he has battled and almost died in return.

“So,” Tony speaks up, taking more bites of his apple as he leaned against the door frame.

“Hi, uh, my friends are stupid and they are forcing me to talk to yo-”

“You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to. I get it, you're embarrassed. It isn't something most people are comfortable with sharing, I get it. It's fine, don't let your friends peer pressure you into uncomfortable situations. I'd say they are being some pretty shitty friends at that,” Tony shrugged, still moving out of the way to let Steve in despite what he had just said. Might as well, right?

“They are actually really great, thanks,” Steve moved into the room and he had no idea what he was doing. Why did he move in? He heard the door click shut with an extra click on the lock. Why had he locked the door? What?

Before he could turn to say anything he was being pressed forwards, chest against the wall as he struggled against Tony, who was now pressed against his back. “Y-You seem to be being the shitty friend here, now,” Steve barked out before he was gasping at the feeling of teeth against his skin.

Tony wasn't the type to force himself onto others. He didn't do that stuff. It wasn't like him. Nor does he like that Steve is being ashamed and embarrassed about wearing female underwear. People do that stuff, it was normal. At most Tony wanted to bring that side of Steve out more. So he thought, hey why not pin the blond and take and take and take til he can get the kinks out of Steve with moans?

“Oops, I suck, I know,” the brunet whispered out and stuck his hands up Steve's shirt, brushing his fingers across the expanse of the blond's back, which arched as his touch.

“You suck a lot. Especially on my neck. If you're gonna do that, take my shirt off,” Steve sneered, basically keening underneath the other's touch and he hadn't really done anything yet. “Also this doesn't count as us talking about my... Clothes.”

“Of course,” Tony rolled his eyes and he lifted Steve's shirt up and off of him, ogling at the man's back before pressing himself against it, his teeth back at that one heck of a neck. “This is alright, right?” He asked because he may be forcing himself onto Steve, but he wasn't a total asshole. “You sort of ran away like a scared little bitch when I tried this before.”

“Yes,” Steve didn't even think about it. He was tired of thinking. Tired of running away. He still didn't understand why everything was so sudden, but it was. They hadn't even dared try this before. The most they'd done is slap each other's ass. This was a big step from casual flirting. The way Tony's hand went down and grasped at his ass after he said yes then made him whimper and he pressed his ass back against Tony's hips.

“Whoa, eager, calm down,” Tony whispered, kissing a hickey into his shoulder as he fondled and played with the super soldier's ass. “Gonna get you into the proper outfit first.”

“Did you read the files I gave you? I gave you those files on the mission, Tony. You should read them,” Steve blurted out. He does that when he is flustered and turned on. Trying to drastically change the subject from something he does not want to talk about. Tony just laughed and slapped his right cheek before undoing Steve's pants and pulling them down his legs.

“Already wearing a pair, perfect,” Tony muttered at the blue panties on Steve's ass and nipped at the back of Steve's thigh. Steve opened his legs then to accommodate Tony's head and he shook his head, standing back up again. “What kind of stuff do you have, Steve?”

“I.. I have a corset.. And some stockings and garters that match the p-panties in the second closet you built me,” Steve managed to get out of his mouth. His brain was going insane. A million thoughts a second filled with Tony is touching me oh god. He's gonna fuck me in my clothes.. I have always wanted this but it's still so embarrassing. I want nothing more than to let him take me, but I don't know if I am ready.

“You have things that match? Is that why you had me build you an extra closet?” Tony pressed his clothed erection to Steve's ass, the cleft of it to be exact and rolled him hips in a violent manner, making Steve's jut forwards into the wall. “You fucking filled the first closet entirely in those clothes and asked me to build you another so you could get more..? Oh my god, Steve.”

“Stop teasing and go get them and then we can talk shit,” Steve wheezed out through clenched teeth, still trying to comprehend what exactly is happening. Though he had never seen Tony leave his bedroom that fast ever. It was almost laughable how fast he was back with the items in tow as well.

Steve took them once Tony handed them to him and he went into the brunet's bathroom to put them on. These ones were special. They were custom made to fit him and only him. They were expensive to buy, his most expensive pair, but they were worth it and he loved them so much. He slipped them on and looked at himself in the mirror. His heart was beating a million miles a second. He had to go out there and show Tony how he looks. He didn't know what to do.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and smoothed the fabric out and slowly opened the door to find Tony laying on his bed against the pillows, hand around his erection, stroking slowly. His dick was shining so Steve guessed he smothered it with lube before touching himself. He felt self conscious even if he knew his body was perfectly hot. He knew he was attractive, but Tony' stare made him feel small. More exposed than he was, which he was already exposed a lot.

Tony had licked his lips, his hand moving over his cock faster at the sight of Steve. He looked amazing. The blue really brought out Steve's skin tone. Pale, but slightly tan. His hips and ass were what looked the best. The curve they made against the fabric and how it tented at the front from the blond's erection... The fabric was barely big enough to cover it. Tony guessed Steve had the undergarments made just for him. That takes dedication. He certainly needs to figure out where Steve buys his clothes so he can get the guy some stuff for some special occasions.

The fabric was perfect and it fit snug. Tony wanted to lick all over it. The blue material was more... Sky blue than plain blue, but Steve called it whatever color he'd like. It looked darker blue when he bought it online, it came like that.

“Christ, Steve,” Tony huffed out, groaning as he threw his head back, a particular stroke feeling really good. He didn't keep his eyes off Steve for very long and when he looked back Steve was climbing up onto the bed. He was a little shy, but Tony expected that. “Come on, come sit in my lap.”

Steve listened to the brunet and he plopped down into Tony's lap, biting at his lower lip, not sure what to do now. His clothed erection pressed against Tony's soaking wet one. “You better not use this against me in an argument later, Stark.”

“Steve! I would never,” Tony breathed and he gasped when Steve moved his hips, a grin falling against Tony's lips. He pressed a hand to Steve's hip, rubbing softly, his thumb playing with the hem of the panties. “In fact, I congratulate you for building up the guts to even come out and show me yourself like this... From the fact that you were so embarrassed earlier.”

“I am still embarrassed,” Steve muttered and pressed the fabric down again. He hated when he had erections while he wore these. It always made the fabric look bumpy and bulk and he didn't like it. Tony was getting some fun out of it, though, as he snapped at the fabric and felt Steve all around.

“Well, I am here to tell you that you shouldn't be. I find it quite hot that you like wearing this stuff,” Tony chuckled and he leaned up, pressing small kisses to Steve's neck. Steve craned his neck, moaning, letting Tony nip and lick and do whatever he pleased with his neck. It felt good. The man could really kiss necks quite well. It made Steve wonder what other things he could do with his mouth.

Pressing a hand to Tony's chest, Steve pushed him back down against the pillows and he slumped against him, their chests pressed together as he rocked his hips. Tony's grip on his hip tightened and he moaned, moving his kisses up to his lips.

He kissed Steve hard, hot and wet. His tongue entering his mouth with littler warning to Steve. Hearing the blond whimper at his actions just pushed him on further to get this done. He wanted to be inside of Steve. He wanted Steve to ride him in those undergarments and he wanted it then and now.

“T-Tony, what are we doing?” Steve breathed in between kisses and Tony just shut him up by kissing him again, his hand going to the front of the panties, pressing against the hard cock inside. It twitched against Tony's hand and Steve keened, rutting against his palm like it was his lifeline.

“Fuckin',” Tony whine out at the feeling of Steve's cock twitch against his hand and he rubbed faster. He was over-excited. He wanted everything and needed Steve right then right now. “Fuck Steve you are so hard for me, baby.”

“Tony,” Steve moaned loudly and he let his forearms rest against Tony's shoulders, hands linked together on the back of his neck as he arched his back, throwing his head back and moaning.

“Jeez, Steve.. I haven't even done anything good yet, fuck,” Tony played with the hem of the fabric as he leaned forwards, sucking at the blond's collar bone. “M'Gonna fuck you in these panties.”

He slapped Steve's ass hard, leaving a red mark that left immediately and Steve bounced, wincing as Tony did it again. He loved the feeling of Steve's ass. Loved seeing it bounce as he lapped it or giggle back to it's original placement once he finished kneading it. Steve had the perfect ass. He couldn't wait for it to ride him.

“Fuck, Tony, want you, need you, come on,” Steve rocked his hips, the tip of his cock pocking out from the top of the panties then, leaking pre-cum down the front and getting the fabric wet. Steve didn't care anymore. He wanted Tony. All logic in his brain wiped away with pleasure. This was everything he didn't know he wanted with his clothes.

“Shh, shh, calm down, Steve, you'll get what you want,” Tony hushed Steve, reaching up and pressing his palm to Steve's cheek, his other one still working against his cock. He rubbed the blond's jawline with his thumb and stuck a finger in his mouth, Steve happily sucking on two of his fingers. Tony wondered how that mouth would feel on his cock and it twitched against Steve's thigh.

“C-Can I help you with that?” Steve asked shyly and Tony laughed.

“Yes, please, just don't go too far. Still want to fuck you,” Steve grew a small smirk and he kissed Tony breathless before he kissed down the brunet's body, licking at his skin and finding his nipples, sucking on them and driving Tony insane before going lower stopping at the tip of Tony's cock. “Fuck, fuck Steve, Jesus.”

Steve laughed before he pressed his tongue against the tip of Tony's cock. His corset was making it hard to breathe while he was bent like that, but he could deal as he sucked the tip of Tony's dick into his mouth, swirling his tongue against the slit, making Ton arch and moan and curse to the air above them.

“Steve,” Tony moaned out in one of the most dirty tones Steve had heard coming out of his mouth and swallowed Tony down, trying to drive that sound out of him, but all he got were babbling and random equations falling passed the brunet's lips. So when the guy gets blowjobs he screams out science. Steve was definitely in love.

He thrust up into Steve's mouth, but stopped abruptly because he was going to come if he did that any further. Steve tried to go back down on him but Tony pulled away from him. “N-No, I am gonna come, I want to fuck you and come inside.”v

“But you'll ruin my panties,” Steve whined, his voice raspy from just having a cock down his throat. Tony thought his voice was hot as he pulled Steve back into his lap, kissing Steve softly.

“Steve, the front of your panties are covered in pre-cum, I think you are fine with getting bodily fluids all over it. They wash out of soft fabric like that,” Tony touched the front of his panties again before both of his hands trailed back, his fingers pressing against the blond's entrance making him whine, whimper and keen.

“F-Fuck me, please,” Steve was a blabbering mess for Tony. His deepest pleasure was being pleased. A pleasure he didn't know he had until now. He just wore the clothes because he thought he looked nice in them and they were soft and comfortable. He had no idea they'd have this affect on him nor Tony.

“Yes, lube, second drawer,” Tony breathed out, pulling Steve's cock out fully so he could stroke it while Steve reached over and pulled the lube out and a condom.

Steve tossed the condom onto Tony's chest and moaned as Tony's wrist twisted at the tip of his cock. He loved doing that to himself. Tony found just the way to jack him off. Expected of him. “God, T-Tony. Feels good..”

“Mhm, I know,” Tony breathes and coats his fingers in the lube, moving Steve's panties out of the way so he could press a finger inside of him and then another soon after. Steve's eyebrows furrowed and he hissed in a breath, lifting his hips so that Tony could finger him deeper. “I know it feels a little awkward at first, it'll start feeling better soon.”

“Mmmnn, yeah,” Steve moaned, rocking his hips onto Tony's fingers and beckoning him to add another.

“You sure?”

“Yes,” Steve hissed and Tony did as he asked, making the blond arch and moan and basically scream. The corset was still restricting him from arching or breathing well, but he didn't care. Tony's fingers were deep up his ass and that's all he could think about.

Tony twisted his fingers, scissored them, pressed them against the blond's prostate and walls until he basically had Steve drooling in his lap. He pulled his fingers out once he knew Steve was ready and coated his cock in lube, forgetting the condom.

“Come onnn,” Steve begged and Tony shook his head as he lined himself up with Steve's hole and Steve moved down, the head popping in first.

It was slow. Steve sank down slowly, his moan in the other's ear since he had been kissing at Tony's neck. Once Steve was all the way down against him the blond lifted his hips and slammed back down, throwing Tony off. He didn't know Steve would do that. He'd of thought Steve would want to slow down at first and then speed up, but it was the total opposite.

“Fuck me hard, Stark,” Steve ordered and Tony grabbed Steve's hips, moved down the bed, Steve moving with him, and he fucked up into Steve hard. Harder than he should, really, but Steve was moaning like a whore for him and the way Steve's face looked looking down at him all lust filled and spent was just something Tony was never going to get out of his mind at all.

“Fuck, Steve, so hot, so good, you little slut. Look at you in these lingerie,” Tony gripped Steve's hips hard enough to leave bruises. Bruises that wouldn't be there in the morning sadly. He hit Steve's prostate hard and Steve keened, moaning, throwing his head back at Tony's words. “You're my little slut. Mine. Now, forever, can't run.” Tony sat up and wrapped his arms around Steve, hiding his face in his neck as he fucked him slower then, mostly because it was difficult to thrust fast in their new position, but also because it felt good to go slow as well.

“T-Tony.. Y-Yours. I am yours. I'll only wear these clothes for you,” Steve whimpered back and Tony's arms tightened around him. “Y-You feel so damn good inside of me, fuck, T-Tony.”

“Yeah? I do? Hmmn? Did I help you feel better about yourself? Yeah I did,” Tony licked his lips before he sucked a hickey into Steve's collar bone, biting at the skin.

He was close. He was so damn close. They were both close and you could tell it in the way they moaned one after another. Tony pushed Steve onto his back and fucked him that way. Picking up an even faster pace than before. One that felt better than the last two.

Steve was just surprised it somehow felt different on his back than it did in Tony's lap. It felt better and he wrapped his legs around Tony's middle, helping the brunet's thrusts become harder and harder and harder until Tony was coming inside of him, filling him up. Which was when Steve figured out Tony didn't put the condom on and fuck now he was gonna leak onto his panties. Fuck.

“T-Tony, no condom,” Steve whined and Tony just shook his head as he pulled out, grabbing Steve's dick and jacking him off. Steve didn't come, Tony was determind for it to be him to make him come.

He stroked him fast, quickly, and wet. The sound it was making was obscene and Steve was basically writhing underneath him. Tony whispered nothings into Steve's neck. Steve let out a shout and he held onto Tony tightly as he shot his cum all over Tony's hand and the front of his corset. He whined. Fuck.

“Corset tooooo,” he whimpered and Tony scoffed, moving his head to look into Steve's eyes.

“I'll clean them for you, stop complaining,” he kissed Steve's lips wetly and laid against him, Steve's legs still wrapped around him.

“No you wont,” Steve whined some more.

“Yes I will,” Tony reached down and grabbed Steve's ass, making him his and slap his in return.