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Wait...I WHAT!

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The humans say that you should not praise the day before it ends, Sunstreaker could certainly agree with that after his day took from great a death dive into a nightmare of disturbance, guilt, anger and tears…and it did not seem to get batter anytime soon…

Sunstreaker was driving around in probably the best mood he had been since long, Prowl had insisted that each Autobot who had no work at the Ark should get out and do whatever they want as long as they don’t end up in trouble. That was more than fine with everyone after Ratchet made a hand gesture beside the mech to signal that he was functioning just fine, he and Sides were the first ones to race out, but separated after a few kilometres. Ground for that was that his brother wanted to race around while he spotted an announcement that a new carwash had opened and on the first three days are all services free. This meant full wash, polishing, buffing and one could pick if they want waxing or chroming, but both could also go!

Who was he to don’t grab THAT opportunity?

So all clean and shining – those workers go his full approval as experts in their job - was he driving around on a rarely used street so that he does not get dirty, not that he would mind a new go in the carwash and he surely will use those three days to his full luxury. His day was going great…that is till he heard the roaring of engines. Activating his scanners was it easy to spot the F-15 fighter jet; he knew that those did not come in black-violet and silver finish so that could only mean one, a certain Decepticon. Contemplating if he should risk an attack or simply leave it out this time, but the temptation to attack and defeat the Seeker with his jet judo was proving to be too much. Mostly that he saw no trace of the other Trine members and int the past had this been the problem, he and his twin were only two while a Trine is made up from three members, but now it was a one-on-one. Transforming he waited for the right opportunity to go after the purple Seeker seeing how this was the one who could teleport, meaning he needed to distract him from focusing on getting away and he knew how to do that.

In the right moment he went into the sky and landed on the back of the jet, servos gripping the right wing and right vertical stabilizer so that he was in a kneeling position.

“Hey Decepticreep.” he told the jet with a smirk as is skidded sharply to the side to shake him off.

Get off Autoderp!” he heard Skywarp yell as he went into a looping to get the golden bot off of himself.

“No chance, you are going down.” he told the con, not noticing that he had put on speed, not that Sunstreaker cared much, tightening his grip on the wing he pressed his digits into the metal till he heard an audible crack, followed by a pained yell.

By the next side diving Sunstreaker slammed his pede into one of his horizontal stabilizers, breaking it which got him a new yell from the Seeker as well as brought him out of balance which gave him the chance to turn the mech to his back mid-air. In the new position he aimed for the nearest external fuel tank to hit also the armament before going with his free servo for the plating of the jet’s middle. Skywarp was with every click fighting harder to get him down and as he predicted due to the damages he could not concentrate on escaping, but he did not predict that the con would start spinning and for a few clicks he really slipped down, but not for long. Getting back on Skywarp’s back, digits firmly grasping at his cockpit, tearing somewhat at the seams, then with a well-aimed back kick he also managed to damage the left vertical stabilizer before the engines gave a suffering roar and Skywarp started to dangerously loose height, but he still fought on.

It kind of surprised Sunstreaker how determined the Decepticon was fighting, but he did not pay too much attention to that, the feeling of triumph was much higher than his curiosity.

Starscream! TC, please come to my coordinates, help me! One of those twins got me, please hurry!” he heard Skywarp literally plead into his com which made him wonder though why the other sounded close to hysterics, it was not as if he had never been shoot down and crashed to the ground and if he was already by it the ground come rather fast near so he readied himself for a jump, getting down a few meters before the jet crashed.

As the smoke cleared Sunstreaker jumped down into the small crater which the now transformed Skywarp was slowly pulling himself to his knee joints, whimpering with every movement. Though then the strangeness started, when he felt red eyes on him he waited for the threats to come, but the only thing Skywarp did was stare at him with wide optics, his frame going rigid, wings quivering. Then he wrapped his arms around himself, coolant started streaming from his optics, - even more then the energon from his wounds -, which were starting to fill with horror. He could not explain it, but no matter how confused he was by the unusual behaviour something told him to move over to the mech, but the moment he did the first step Skywarp clammed up, his frame shaking uncontrollably and let out several whimpers, but these sounded more terrified then painful. Trying to ignore the reaction he did a second step, but no more then one as suddenly a missile hit the ground a few inches before him, he had only a few clicks to get out of the way.

When the smoke cleared was he faced with the other members of the Commanding Trine, both holding Skywarp securely between them who had buried his face place into Starscream’s cockpit, crying and whimpering. Both Seekers were glaring at him with a look which made him want to run away as fast as possible, which was a first… he was scared of Starscream…

“Don’t you dare getting near him…” he heard Starscream hiss while Thundercracker was making some odd clicking and chirping noises towards a still upset and terrified looking Skywarp.

“I…” he wanted to retort, but the angry shriek coming from the two Trine members forced him to put his servos up to protect his audials from overcharging so he could not do anything as Thundercracker transformed with Skywarp on him while Starscream flew close by to make sure that his Wingmate does not get hurt anymore.

“What was this all about?” Sunstreaker asked after a few clicks when he could not hear the roar of the jet engines anymore, also he did not know why he felt a strange pulling in his cassis, but guessed that it was the confusion.