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Oblivion's Light

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Sara limped back to Nyssa's bedroom, her blood boiling in her ears. Half-hidden glances followed her along the marble corridors of the fortress. She might have been paranoid, but she felt as if the wind carried whispers of her weakness. Her fresh bruises and blood were a bright canvas to all observers, and they had the ability to interpret at will-- it was beyond her control.

And that infuriated her.

Finally, she came to the door that led to Nyssa's bed chamber. Sara raised her palm to knock on the dark, sonorous wood and then scowled. Forget it, she thought and barged in.

Nyssa turned the sink nozzle off. The room was filled with the remnant steam from her shower. Nyssa barely gave Sara any form of acknowledgment as she toweled off and went to make herself a pot of her finest jasmine tea.

Sara watched the woman in disbelief. How could she be so rude? They had been through so much together and today had been tough, but to give her such silent treatment?!

Just as Nyssa was about to step, barefoot, out onto her coveted balcony, Sara stopped her.

"You're a child, you know that?" she snapped, the white hot feeling of fury welling up again in her throat. "How much have I been put through to prove myself to you, to you all, and you just leave me there?! I'm done, Nyssa." Sara made her way to the cot.

Nyssa intercepted her, blocking her way. Her eyes were menacing and cold as she stared at Sara.

"And you entering my chamber without permission, verbally attacking me and not working through your own emotional outburst after being beaten... what's that, Sara? You seem to be just as petty, just as petulant as you insinuate I am." The words practically hissed out of her lips.

Sara pushed Nyssa, hard, against the cot, her hands grasping around the assassin's neck.

"I dare you to call me that again, Nyssa!" she shouted. Nyssa looked taken aback. She had fully expected Sara to be reeling from her intimidation tactics. Usually, that worked to break a pupil down and cause them to soul search. For Sara, it just fueled the fire in her eyes.

Nyssa stomped on Sara's foot, causing her to howl in pain, and flipped the girl over onto the bed. Their bodies were locked together; Sara tried to gain some leverage through establishing grip with her feet, as they had worked through in Jiu Jitsu style combat practice. Nyssa's bulk didn't budge. Her coal black eyes stared into Sara's, their chests heaving rhythmically against each other.

Sara parted her lips, as if to say something, but stopped.

Nyssa broke the silence, digging her hips down to prevent Sara from maneuvering her lower body into a better position.

"Now that I have your attention," she began, "let's get something straight. I have put my own life on the line, have risked my hard-earned reputation in the League and my credentials with my family, to train you to perfection. Either you will rise to the occasion, as I think you are meant to, or you and I both fail."

Sara's eyes glossed over, some of the loathing fading away.

"I cannot be--" Nyssa searched for the appropriate word. "--compromised in any way that jeopardizes that success."

"What do you mean, compromised?" Sara's ribs were starting to hurt from the pressure of having Nyssa on top of her.

"You know what I mean, Ta-er Al As-fer." The words were resolute and heavy, thick around them.

Sara felt a rush of guilt and pleasure well up in her stomach. It spread down to her inner thighs and she audibly let the air she was trapping in her chest out, all in a burst.

"You should know that physical pain induces emotion," Nyssa said, a bit more even-keel.

Sara nodded. "I am familiar with that."

"Well, then perhaps you can understand my meaning for leaving today. It had nothing to do with your finesse with training and, instead, had everything to do with all the personal thoughts I have had for the past couple of days."

Sara cocked an eyebrow, her azure gaze softening now.

Nyssa pursed her lips, weighing whether she wanted to open up. "While you are not privy to that information right now, let me assuage your worry by stating that I have been thinking about my place in the League and what it means to me-- what it means for my future."

Sara didn't understand Nyssa's cryptic reference, but could sense the confusion the other woman must have been experiencing recently.

"Look, Nyssa," Sara said, her voice holding compassion, "I know that we barely know each other, but... you can talk to me. It's better, sometimes, to just talk to someone who will listen. I learned that the hard way growing up."

Nyssa searched Sara's eyes for something, but Sara couldn't tell what the look was about. Abruptly then, Nyssa relinquished her hold on Sara and got off the cot. The blonde rubbed her wrists and sat up, feet dangling over the edge of the cot.

"I've never had this before," Nyssa said to the floor, seemingly ashamed to make eye contact with her partner in conversation. "Be patient with me," the raven-haired woman passively demanded.

"I will," Sara promised. She got up, deciding that all she needed in the world right now for a fresh perspective was a hot shower.

Nyssa sat rooted to her spot, studying Sara as she collected the necessary items for her shower.

"And Nyssa," Sara entreated, "don't ever coddle me. I can take this, whatever this is." 

With that, the blonde left Nyssa's sight, mentally and physically preparing herself for her afternoon.