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Sort of Friends and Lovers [fic + podfic]

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Katie Bell fell back onto the grass, beads of sweat rolling down her face and breathing hard.

"I'll admit, Ginny, you're not an easy lass to keep up with," she said as Ginny sat down next to her, also breathing hard.

"Yeah, Harry says the same thing sometimes," Ginny said with a smile. She was trying very hard not to laugh. Katie started laughing, which only made the problem worse.

Katie turned to Ginny and with a sly smile said, "I can only imagine."

Ginny finally laughed despite herself.

"I imagine you and Leanne have plenty of fun on your own," Ginny said, her arm leaning on the Quaffle from their private Quidditch practice. Their brooms were leaning against a large rock.

"Aye, we do a bit," Katie said.

"Harry and I are hardly able to find the time," Ginny said, turning away and feeling herself frown.

"That's a shame," Katie said.

"Yeah. We can find time here and there to spend time together but cutting time out for a shag is a bit tough," Ginny admitted. "I mean, we had a couple of amazing weeks last month but soon Quidditch season will start and we just won't be able to find anytime. Plus, Harry is swamped at work again."

Katie pulled her dark hair out of its ponytail to fix it and Ginny considered if she should bring up the other thing. If anyone would have good advice on this matter then surely Katie would. Nothing seemed to shock her.

"So, Katie, I was… wondering if you could give me some advice on something," Ginny said.

"Sure. Go ahead," Katie said as she retied her ponytail.

"Last month I found something out about Harry. You see, the year after You Know Who was defeated Harry went away for awhile. He traveled. Turned out Neville was doing the same thing," Ginny said then looked over at Katie whose hazel eyes were transfixed on her, clearly interested.

"Well, one thing lead to another and…" Ginny started but then Katie shouted, "They fucked!"

"Yeah, they did," Ginny said then laughed. "But I think maybe it was more than that."

"You think the lads were in love?" Katie said.

"Maybe. But I've been thinking about it a lot. And I wonder… I wonder if Harry would want to continue things with Neville. I know it's been a few years but we're both still close to him," Ginny said.

"And would ya be opposed to that?" Katie asked.

"No. No, I don't think I would. But that's a conversation that I'm not sure how to even have," Ginny said.

"I'd just try asking to be honest. Nay harm in that," Katie said.

"It could make things awkward if he isn't interested. I mean he said he might be before but we had just shagged so I'm not sure he was serious," Ginny said with a worried tone. She wished she had Katie's confidence.

"Just sit the lad down at your home and spend some time with him. Maybe drop some hints and see if he takes the bait," Katie suggested.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right," Ginny confessed.

"Do you like Neville, Ginny?" Katie asked, smiling.

"Oh. Well… He is a good friend," Ginny said.

"Aye, but could he be more than a friend? Could love him like you love Harry? Could you fuck him?" Katie asked, brashly.

Ginny thought for a moment. She could say with certainty that she wasn't in love with Neville Longbottom and she certainly didn't feel the same way about him that she did Harry. But she did like him a lot. He was attractive and kind and she enjoyed being around him. And she was drawn to the feelings Harry clearly harbored for him. And she couldn't get the images out of her mind of Neville and Harry together in a sexual way. She found the notion very enticing.

"It's not impossible. For now, I feel like it's something Harry might want and I would be interested in exploring it," Ginny said.

"Then it seems like you should start by talking to Harry," Katie said.

"If I can find the time to sit him down and actually talk about it, I definitely will," Ginny said then pulled herself off the ground then walked over and grabbed her broom.

"Same time next week Ginny?" Katie asked, pulling herself up as well.

"Absolutely. The Montrose Magpies won't know what bloody hit them!" Ginny said then gave Katie a high five. She then stepped back and apparated back to Harry's apartment. Time for a shower, she thought.

Two hours later and Ginny Weasley had showered and was now feeling bored. She was trying to take a nap but she couldn't sleep. Her mind was racing with thoughts about Harry and Neville. She was picturing different scenarios in which Harry's relationship with Neville could continue.

Maybe Harry could just casually ask Neville if he was interested in going out sometime. No, that was silly. Harry and Neville saw each other all the time at work. They were partners, for Merlin's sake!

Perhaps, Harry could directly come onto Neville. Yes, he could pull Neville into his office and let Neville fuck him right on his desk. It didn't really seem very likely but as Ginny slid a hand into her pants and began to rub herself she didn't really care.

Harry was an amazing bottom and the idea of sharing that joy with Neville was exciting. She pictured Harry fumbling while desperately unbuttoning his trousers so he could get his pants off. As soon as he had done that he would be bent over the desk and Neville would have his cock out, lubed and ready as Harry opened himself up to him. Harry had described Neville's cock to her in intimate detail and she could imagine it well. He said it was shorter than his own but nearly as thick.

Neville would be eager, passionate but clumsy. Far too horny to keep his cool as his pounded his cock into Harry's arse, she imagined. She pictured Harry's face in ecstasy at the feeling of being filled up by a cock. It was a face she knew well.

Then eventually the pleasure would be too much and Harry would grab his cock and stroke it hard until he came on the surface of his desk, leaving a puddle of his thick, white spunk as Neville came hard in his arse.

Ginny then pictured Neville and Harry naked and making out next to her in bed, as she was now, finger on her clit. She rubbed herself harder, keeping her fingers moving in a steady, circular motion and pictured Harry kissing and sucking his way down Neville's body until his mouth found Neville's cock. He licked slowly up Neville's shaft then wrapped a hand around it and lifted it to his mouth.

Ginny felt pleasurable tension rising in her body along with the aching inside of her as she imagined Harry kissing and then sucking on the head of Neville's prick then pushing his lips down the rest of shaft and back up again making Neville moan.

Ginny then removed her fingers from her clit and threw off her shirt and pants. She quickly opened her night stand and found her vibrating golden snitch toy. It was designed to resemble a golden snitch. It didn't have wings but it could fly a little. It easily floated enough to hold it in place while it vibrated and there were charms that allowed you to change the intensity of the vibration.

Ginny grabbed her wand and recited the charm for the moderate vibration level and placed it between her legs. The sensation was wonderful and little sparks of pleasure coursed through her.

In the meantime she found her jar of lubricating potion and another toy she had more recently purchased. It was vaguely penis shaped and when placed near a bodily orifice it would penetrate it without any other work required.

As she held it in her hand she admired how soft and yet firm it was and how it began to warm as it had been charmed to. It was roughly the same size as Harry's cock. It felt amazing inside of her.

Ginny dipped her fingers into the lubricating potion then used them to wet the toy. Carefully, she then moved the toy to her already very wet entrance and pushed it inside. Moving her hand off the toy she smiled as it began to slowly move in and out of her. She moaned and reached behind her to hold onto the backboard as both toys between her legs pleasured her with little effort. Now she was free to focus on her fantasies.

The images in her mind had changed and she now saw Harry on his hands and knees on the bed as Neville approached him from behind, his cock well lubed. She pictured Neville placing his hands on Harry's back and moving the head of his cock to the rim of Harry's arsehole then slowly pushing it inside as he and Harry moaned.

There was nothing that turned on Ginny more than the sight of Harry being fucked in the arse. She loved how much he loved it and the way he begged her to fuck him harder with her special toy. She found the thought of Neville fucking Harry's arse just as pleasing and as she pictured his cock slowly moving in and out of Harry she felt the unbearable pleasurable tension begin to push it's way through her body.

Ginny grabbed her wand and said a chant to increase the vibrations of the snitch toy. She wanted to come and she wanted to come hard. In the meantime, the penetrating toy was pulling itself in and out with ease thanks to her own ample wetness and the wetness of the lube.

As she pictured Neville slamming his cock into Harry's arse she finally came. Her back arched, her lips quivered and her legs clenched as warm pleasure crashed through her and she cried out in euphoria.

As she finally recovered she felt no need to remove the toys. She could come again if she wanted. It was then that she noticed Harry standing in the doorway, an unmistakable tent pitched in his trousers.

"Hello, Harry," Ginny said and smiled at him.

"Hello, Ginny," Harry said then reached between his legs and rubbed himself through his trousers.

"Off from work early?" Ginny asked.

"Yeah. Looks like things might be slowing down," Harry said.

"Join me?" she asked and patted the space on the bed next to her.

Harry nodded and quickly removed his work clothes and his pants leaving him naked and standing straight with his cock hard and proud. He then moved swiftly over to the bed and plopped down next to her and immediately began to stroke his cock.

Ginny took one of her pale hands and rubbed Harry's dark skinned torso and stared into his beautiful green eyes. She then looked down between his legs and watched as he slid his hand slowly up and down his thick shaft, moving down the base then back up to the ridge of the head, his foreskin sliding with it. She could already see the head was slick from his arousal.

Ginny could feel that it wouldn't be long until she came again. The images of Harry and Neville had faded into the background in favor of the more pleasing sight of her boyfriend deftly caressing his own rigid prick.

"Harry remember how we talked about you and Neville," Ginny said, her voice coming out strained.

"Yes," Harry said and she noticed he began to stroke himself harder.

"We should invite, Neville over for tea," Ginny said and Harry's hand moved even faster.

"Of course. I'll talk to him at work," Harry said.

Ginny could feel herself on the edge of orgasm as she said, "Good," and then her body shook and she moaned. Breathing hard and feel warm and calm all over she looked at Harry and added, "Your turn. I want to watch you come."

"Okay," Harry said and Harry's hand began to blur with speed as it moved up and down his shaft. She watched as he gritted his teeth and called out, "Fuck!" and his hot, white spunk spurt out of the head of his cock in several thick bursts, covering his hand.

"Beautiful," Ginny said then leaned over and kissed him warmly on the mouth then leaned back and said, "I mean it, Harry. Talk to Neville. I want to see if he might be interested in dating us."