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I Only Ever Want You

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The first time it happened, it was happily accidental and completely unplanned.

The band were all sharing a hotel room together—well, everyone except poor Niall who was still recovering from his knee surgery—because they were traveling across the country for various appearances and performances.  Liam and Zayn appeared to be dozing off on their bed, and Harry was on the opposite bed with Louis watching the muted television so as not to disturb them.

Louis felt jittery.  He’d been waiting for Liam and Zayn to just go to sleep already for the longest time so he could finally hop on Harry like he’d been wanting to all day.  Who cared if the other boys were right next to them?  From the light of the television screen, Louis noticed that they had finally seemed to have gone to sleep, and he turned to Harry.

“Just turn it up,” Louis whined, motioning to the television.  He hated having to read the stupid subtitles.  Plus it was just distracting Harry from Louis, and Louis wanted his attention.  “Or off, I don’t care.”

Harry yawned and reached for the remote on the bedside table.  “I think I’m about to turn in, anyway.”

Excellent.  Louis rose from the bed with the pretense of going for a wee, but he was really about to shuffle through all the little bottles the hotel left out since he’d forgotten an important part of his master plan.  To the side of the sink were heaps of lotions, shampoos, and gels, and Louis scanned them all, trying to find something he could use for what he had in mind.

He had to carefully read the labels on all of the little massage oils he had found because he didn’t want to make that disastrous mistake again—ouch.  Louis knocked over two bottles that said “Not for Use as a Personal Lubricant” and inspected another safe-looking container.  He decided it would work, and he hid it in his palm and padded back to the bed, straining his eyes to see in the now-dim room.

Louis lifted the covers and snuggled in beside a half-naked Harry.  Their arms touched, but it looked like Harry was drifting to sleep already and therefore didn’t move to spoon with Louis like he’d usually do.  Louis frowned.  His fingers trailed along Harry’s forearm, trying to get his attention, but Harry just groaned and groggily moved his arm away from Louis’ touch.

Louis’ frown deepened into a pout.  He nestled his body closer to Harry and began kissing along his upper arm, moving his lips all the way up to Harry’s shoulder.  When Harry didn’t respond whatsoever, Louis squirmed and whispered as quietly as he could, “Harry.”

Harry groaned in exhaustion, keeping his eyes shut.  He slurred something that didn’t make sense.

“Wake up,” Louis hummed, softly shaking Harry’s bicep.

Harry groaned again.  “What is it, boo?”

Kiss me.

“You horny or somethin’?” Harry asked.  Louis confirmed Harry’s question by making a small noise, and Harry opened an eye.  “Babe, it’s two in the morning.”

As if that mattered.  “I want you inside me,” Louis said, biting the side of his lip at his bluntness.

“Jesus, Lou, they’re right there,” Harry whispered back, referring to Liam and Zayn who Louis was positive were sleeping like the dead.  He had literally just walked by them and saw them asleep.  Even if Louis were to jump up and down and scream on the bed, they weren’t going to wake up—especially not Zayn.  Louis was sure of it.

Please, Harry,” Louis begged, knowing if he used his breathy voice Harry would eventually cave.  “Please…”

“Louis, they’re—right—there,” Harry replied again before kissing Louis’ cheek in apology.  “Just get some sleep.”

Harry mumbled something else about just waiting until the morning, something about the shower, but Louis didn’t want to hear it.  He huffed and shuffled his body away from Harry dramatically, looking to his left to see if his reaction had affected Harry at all.

It hadn’t; Harry just unconsciously smacked his lips and settled his head deeper onto his pillow, his curls spreading about on his face.

Louis sulked before he realized he still had the bottle of massage oil he’d gotten from the bathroom by his leg.  Reaching for it in smug excitement, he quietly and messily spread it all over his hand and dick and began gently pulling himself to complete hardness, right there beside an oblivious Harry.

Louis sighed in contentment as he pleasured himself, maybe breathing a little louder than necessary.  As Louis expected, it didn’t take too long for Harry to notice Louis’ noises and the tiny movements happening under the sheets, and Louis was glad.

Louis,” Harry hissed, fumbling around for Louis’ wrist under the covers, “what the hell?”

At the moment, Louis didn’t care that Harry’s number-one rule was for Louis not to touch himself without permission.  If Harry was going to deny him sex, then Louis’d just have to take matters into his own hands.  Louis smirked at his pun, and at the fact that it was about to give him exactly what he wanted.

“Told you I was horny, Harry,” Louis simply responded, meeting Harry’s eyes and letting a high-pitched little noise fall from his lips.  Louis kept touching himself until Harry reached over and literally stopped him from doing so, and Louis’ eyes glinted in the darkness while taking in his boyfriend’s face.

With his hand now firmly stilling Louis’ wrist, Harry quickly rolled Louis to his side and pulled down his boxers (“I’ll show you horny,” Harry muttered, feeling suddenly aroused himself).  Louis and Harry were now facing Liam and Zayn’s bed, and though he knew he should be watching Louis, Harry instead watched the area in front of him, checking to see if Liam and Zayn had stirred from the noise.

They hadn’t, so Harry immediately lowered his fingers to Louis’ arsehole, cursing when he immediately realized his idea wasn’t going to work.

“Shit, we haven’t got—”

Louis grasped for the bottle of massage oil he had been using on his dick and shoved it in Harry’s hand.  Just then, the automated air-conditioning unit turned on, and Harry was thankful for the noise as he opened the bottle and went to work on fingering Louis.

“…the hell you think you were doing,” Harry muttered, shoving his index finger into Louis rhythmically, eventually working his way up to two.  Louis didn’t respond—couldn’t—and just squeezed his fists into tight balls as he moved his arse back to fuck himself harder on what Harry was offering.  Fuck, he’d been waiting all day for this, and thank the heavens above his plan had worked because Harry’s fingers just felt so damn good inside him that he couldn’t even think of anything else besides being stretched and full and taken.

Harry, despite being sleepy a mere minute ago, surprisingly found it a bit thrilling to be doing this right next to his two sleeping mates.  Because Louis was breathing strained and heavily against the pillow, Harry knew Louis thought so, too.  He lowered his head behind Louis’ ear and as quietly as he could, he whispered, “You like that?  Knowing they’re right there?  Knowing they could wake up any second?”  With a particularly hard jab with his fingers, he added, “See me get you all worked up?”

Louis just nodded against the pillow and backed up his hips against Harry’s hand, pushing Harry’s thick fingers even deeper inside him and making them stretch and crook in all the right places.  He wanted to whine when Harry took his fingers out, but he knew what was coming next—yesss—so he remained silent and wiggled his bum as he waited for Harry to lather himself up with the slick oil.

As Harry shifted himself to match up to Louis’ entrance, he threatened in Louis’ ear, “Do not make a sound or I stop.”

Louis nodded again and, as Harry inched inside him, he pushed the sheet down his body to expose his nipples and stomach.  Even in the air-conditioned room, Louis was becoming hot, and he ran the pads of his fingers along the tingly skin of his chest.  His eyes slipped closed while Harry began moving inside him, not nearly as fast as he normally would, but at a satisfying pace nonetheless.  Regardless, Louis impatiently tried to speed up the pace, and Harry scolded him by putting a painfully-strong hand on Louis’ hip to keep him still.

Patience, love,” he taunted.  Louis fidgeted in Harry’s hold, petulant that Harry could talk but he couldn’t.

Harry eventually did give Louis what he wanted; he always just had to rile Louis up a bit first.  Harry dropped his head to the pillow they were sharing, bit at Louis’ hair, and began quickly snapping his hips into his boyfriend, loving how fucking tight he was.  Louis loudly gasped at the force with which he was now being fucked, feeling utterly dirty that he and Harry were doing this in the middle of the night next to his unsuspecting friends, that he was being forced to be quiet through it all.

Louis didn't realize it would be as big of a turn-on as it was, and he struggled not to moan.  As he consciously squeezed his lips together to keep his noises from escaping, he opened his eyes, desperately looked straight ahead, and noticed with complete shock that someone in the other bed was watching him.

Zayn was awake.

Zayn was awake and staring at him.  Louis’ mouth fell open.

Harry had strategically chosen this position so that it would somewhat resemble spooning, their normal sleeping position, but as Louis’ body was steadily moving to the rhythm of Harry’s thrusts, it had to have been obvious what was going on.  All Louis could do was avert his eyes from Zayn, ultimately deciding to squeeze them shut again and hoping Zayn would eventually do the same.  It wasn’t as if the boys hadn’t ever walked in on Harry and Louis fucking before—it had actually happened quite a few times—so Louis hoped that Zayn would just roll over and pretend he hadn’t seen anything.

When he inevitably reopened his eyes and glanced at the other bed again, however, Louis saw that Zayn hadn’t shut his eyes at all and, if anything, was just staring more intently at Louis.  Through Louis’ haze of arousal, he looked back at Zayn, seeing something abnormal there, even in the shadows of the room.  Could it be…was that... lust Louis saw in Zayn’s eyes?

Louis noticed that the other bed was slightly moving too, and his mouth dropped even more as Harry's hips continued their onslaught.  Was Zayn fucking tossing off to this?  Was he…was he really touching himself?  Louis didn’t even care at the moment, just breathed faster at knowing he and Harry were being viewed having sex, and his hand fell to his cock under the blanket to relieve the pressure there.  Harry noticed—of course—but for once didn’t move Louis’ hand, just painfully bit the back of his neck instead.  With Harry’s mouth latched onto his neck, hotly breathing and sucking there, Louis continued to rub the tip of his cock, staring at Zayn do the same.  

Oh, my God, this was mad.  And so, so provocative.

Zayn’s eyes were slightly squinted as he kept gazing at Louis, and Louis saw Zayn’s mouth fall open as he clutched the pillow under his head with both hands.  Louis knew then that Zayn couldn’t be touching himself if he had both of his hands free… Then Zayn’s body began moving, began being forcefully jutted forward, and Louis gasped in the realization of what was happening.  Liam and Zayn were… they were doing the exact same thing that he and Harry were doing. In the exact same position.

Both Zayn and Louis were now obviously aware of what they were doing—aware that they were watching each other do what they were doing—and it only served to make the moment hotter.  Holy fucking shit.  Louis was sure his eyes were owl-like while staring incredulously at Zayn, pupils huge and wide in the dark room.

Harry removed his hand from Louis’ hip and snaked around to grip his cock, smacking away Louis’ own hand.  As he began pumping Louis to the rhythm of each drive of his hips, Louis wasn’t able to hold his noises in any longer.  Harry finally was touching him, taking and filling up his arse and enveloping his hand around his cock--something he rarely did--and Liam and Zayn were fucking.  Right beside his bed.

“Oh, my fucking God, Harry,” he whispered around his hand, for he’d now begun chewing on the knuckles of his right hand to contain some of his pleasure.

Shh,” Harry shushed, abruptly squeezing Louis’ dick and stopping the movement of his hips.

Liam had already heard, though—the fucking aircon had just automatically switched off—and Louis saw his head peek up from behind Zayn, his eyes wide at seeing Louis awake.

Zayn immediately reached behind him and clutched Liam’s neck, pulling him in for a snog before he could say anything about what was happening, or, God forbid, stop.  Louis intently watched them kiss and writhed against Harry, willing him to move again.

Zayn let a whimper escape from his throat then, and Harry, thinking it was Louis, slapped his hand on Louis’ mouth.

“Louis, I swear to God,” Harry hissed.

Louis wanted Harry to know what he was seeing, though, so he did all he could do and stuck his tongue out to frantically lick Harry’s palm while slightly whining.  Harry immediately took his hand off Louis’ mouth with a curious look on his face, and he propped himself up a bit to look at Louis in confusion.  Louis just looked to his right, and when Harry followed his eyes, he swallowed at the shock of what was before him.

Liam and Zayn were in the same position that he and Louis were in right now, Liam visible behind Zayn, Zayn reaching back to card his fingers through Liam’s hair, both of them sneaking little glances across the room in between hot, open-mouthed kisses.  Both of them thrashing against one another.

“Oh, God,” Harry said upon taking in what was happening.  His dick twitched inside Louis at the knowledge that Liam and Zayn were fucking, too, possibly getting off from watching him and Louis, but he didn’t know how he felt about Louis being on display for them to enjoy, too.  He questioningly turned back to Louis.

“I’m so close,” Louis begged, guessing that Harry was concerned with his comfort level.  “Don’t stop, please, Harry, don’t stop.”

God.  Harry’s head dropped, his mouth finding the spot where Louis’ shoulder and neck met, and he looked at the other bed.  The room was dark, and Liam and Zayn couldn’t really see much… Harry knew they certainly couldn’t see very much of Louis, at least, especially with the sheet covering his lower-half.  He lowered his eyes back to Louis’ face.

“Come on,” Louis whined again.

Harry growled and began slightly moving again, deciding it would be cruel to both of them if he just stopped now.  He snuck a quick glance at the other bed for the very last time, satisfied when he didn’t see Liam and Zayn ogle Louis, and his thrusts grew tougher and faster upon vaguely sensing how rough they were now being with each other.

God, Liam, go harder, go harder,” Zayn hoarsely whispered.

After hearing what was obviously Liam taking Zayn’s orders to heart, Harry clutched Louis’ cock again and stared at the side of Louis’ face while he jerked him off.  As he wildly shoved his cock in and out of Louis’ arse, Louis stared straight ahead.  Harry smirked at the little facial changes he saw on Louis’ face at being such a voyeur.  Holy hell, this was exhilarating.  Mad, but exhilarating.

“Gonna come, Liam,” they heard Zayn whisper.  Louis was sure he was fucking drooling, and he dropped his hand to match Harry’s vicelike grip on his own cock, desperately helping himself along, moving his tight fist up and down on top of Harry’s hand while vigilantly watching the other couple move against each other.

Shit,” Harry whispered, and he began roughly humping Louis now, apparently not holding anything back anymore.  The two beds squeaked together in the small room as both couples frantically pursued release, and Harry suddenly removed his hand from Louis, loudly slapped him on the arse, and moved Louis’ own hand back to his cock for him to do the work himself.

The movement had rustled the sheets a bit, and Harry turned his attention from Louis’ face to Louis’ hand now, mesmerized at how urgently it was already moving up and down his erection.  He whispered nonstop into Louis’ ear, lost in the moment—look how fucking naughty you are, baby, watching them like that, yeah, make yourself come, so fucking sexy…

Louis was still being relatively quiet—he just panted heavily and listened to Harry’s deep voice in his ear—but he moaned loudly after witnessing Zayn’s beautiful face contort in ecstasy.  Liam’s mouth turned and covered Zayn’s entirely, and Zayn whimpered against Liam’s lips, his muffled moans reverberating around the room as he desperately clutched at Liam’s hair.

Knowing he was fucking seeing Zayn have an orgasm, Louis’ own climax suddenly washed over him, and he turned his head into the pillow and loudly moaned out Harry’s name as his arsehole clenched around Harry’s cock and he covered his own fingers with jets of his warm cum.  While letting the last strings of whines leave his mouth, Louis vaguely felt a gush of liquid fill up his arse as Harry painfully bit his neck and grunted against the skin there.

“Fuck,” Harry shakily said after a long while, removing himself from Louis.

Louis chuckled breathlessly, rolled over, and carelessly wiped his hand off on the side of the bed.  He stared at the ceiling for a bit before closing his eyes and smiling in contentedness, his left hand absentmindedly touching Harry.

Fuck was right.  Louis heavily regretted not packing condoms, but still…despite the wet spot quickly forming beneath his bum, that had so been worth it.  He didn’t care to glance at the other bed anymore, for the drowsiness that always hit him after an orgasm was making him nod off already.

Meanwhile, Harry lay quietly for a bit, resting his heart and wondering who the hell would be the inevitable first person to get up and go to the bathroom.

It was Liam, and after he did what he had to do and crawled back into bed with Zayn, Harry got up and returned with a wet washcloth for Louis.  After intimately cleaning off his sleepy boyfriend under the protection of the duvet, Harry whispered, “Lou, will you switch places with me, babe?  I hate sleeping on this side.”



When it happened the second time, it wasn’t necessarily by accident anymore.

No one had said anything about the first incident, though, just acted like everything was normal—and they were so close that honestly, what wasn’t normal by now?—and now, in another city, in another hotel, the noises started up once again after the lights were off...

...And again in the next city.

All the boys silently brushed their teeth in front of the bathroom mirror once they were done working for the day, and nobody even bothered with the facade of watching telly this time like they did the time before, just jumped half-naked right into their respective beds and began enthusiastically snogging on top of the sheets.

Louis lay on his back, and his skin itched with the eagerness for Harry to take off what was left of his clothes.  Harry grinned as he crawled forward on the mattress, predatorily positioning himself atop Louis’ small frame.  The summer was doing wonders to Louis--making his skin darkly tan, turning his hair soft and light, causing his eyes to radiate.

And Harry looked fucking sexy, his hair getting longer and falling in his face, his eyes dark and greedy as he demanded Louis’ attention by licking his tongue deeply inside his mouth.  Louis loved it when Harry got in these dark moods of his.   Of course, he had no clue what had caused it so suddenly, but God, it was hot.  Louis was responsive, squirming and whining at the slow pace Harry forced upon him, and Harry regularly bit Louis’ lip while rutting against his boxers to tease.

“Feels so good already,” Louis whispered, trailing his hands along Harry's obliques.  Harry just pushed his hips in further.

Liam’s hair had gotten longer, too, and lately he’d even grown facial hair that Zayn absolutely loved to feel against his skin.  Liam was currently dragging his scruffy cheek along Zayn’s chest, tickling his way along the skin there until he found a nipple to latch onto.  Already, he dropped a hand to the tent in Zayn’s pants and began stroking.

Louis always thought he could be loud, but Zayn was definitely a close contender when he didn’t feel the need to hold back.  And as everyone grew sort of comfortable with this thing they had going on—this “let’s have sex in the same room” thing—nobody really did feel the need to hold back noises anymore.  Everybody’s tones joined together in some filthy cacophony, and they hadn’t even really started yet.  Louis wasn’t sure if he was more turned on from the sounds of sex or the actual watching part because both were hot as shit.  Both sent tingles of electricity deep in his tummy.  And now tonight, with the corner lamp on for the very first time, everyone had a clear view of one another, and it was bloody thrilling, like watching porn in real life.

While kissing Harry, Louis opened his eyes and looked aside as Liam and Zayn fully undressed each other.  “Want you to fuck me, Liam,” Zayn was heard whining.  When Louis diverted his eyes again, he saw Harry’s eyes open, too, his mouth still attached to Louis’.  Louis looked up at him with lust-blown pupils—“Want you to fuck me, too,” he mumbled—and Harry backed away, silently gesturing for Louis to raise his bum so he could slide his pants down.

Once they both were naked, Harry spread Louis’ legs open and nestled himself in between them, his grin fading slightly when Louis again looked over at the other bed and not at him.

Louis noticed that Liam and Zayn were in the same position that he and Harry were in again, with Zayn’s legs widely spread open around Liam’s strong stomach and chest.  Liam wasted no time in covering his fingers in lube, and Louis could easily see Liam touch Zayn underneath his balls.  Zayn looked over at Louis with a happy, blissed-out look on his face as Liam began fingering him.

“I’m still here, you know,” Harry said deeply after several moments.  “Forget about me?”

Louis shook his head quickly and looked back at Harry like he’d been caught doing something bad. “Er…no…Just…am I—can I not watch?”

Harry hid his face in Louis’ neck, licking and nibbling.  He struggled with how to answer Louis’ question.  Of course he loved making Louis happy, and watching the other couple obviously made Louis happy—shit, even just listening to them turned Harry on—but Harry didn’t know why he felt like telling Louis, “No, don’t watch them, watch me, look at me, look at me.

Of course he’d never say that.  He loved finding out new kinks of Louis’, loved figuring out every little part of him.  And judging by the hardness of Louis' cock against Harry's, this was definitely a huge turn-on for him.  Harry could never deny him that.

So he just found Louis’ ear and whispered, “Course you can,” and dropped a saliva-wetted finger between their bodies to crassly fuck Louis with, trying to regain the brunt of Louis’ attention.

So he was feeling a bit more possessive than usual.  He’d get over it.

Harry eventually grabbed the nearby lube and began properly opening Louis up, rolling to the side of him to hide the view of Louis’ genitals from the other bed.  He took his time, as always, not bothering to care when he heard what must have been Liam fucking Zayn already.  Harry had learned that they didn’t take their time teasing one another like Harry did to Louis; they were more quick with each another, passionate, desperate, needy from the start.  Harry liked to gradually work Louis up to that point, and often it took a long time.

But this wasn’t a competition, and Harry knew what he was doing by slowly opening Louis with his fingers.  When Harry’s soft prods turned into actual finger-fucking, when he saw that lovely desperation cover Louis’ face, when Louis’ hips began rolling upward, then he knew Louis was ready.  He always knew best.

Harry threw the thin bed sheet over himself as he settled in between Louis’ legs again, and his slippery cock pushed forward until he felt the heat and tightness of Louis completely surround him.  His.  As he was being penetrated, Louis’ hooded eyes looked over at Zayn, moaning as both Harry began moving inside him and as he witnessed Zayn quickly turning into a sweaty, ruined pile of boy underneath Liam.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Zayn moaned, sticking his fingertips into Liam’s shoulders and clutching, squeezing. “Give me it, Liam, come on…”

Louis noted that Zayn's hair got softer when he was having sex, when he was sweating.  It was all fringe and fluff, and it was quite pretty.

Harry roughly moved Louis’ face to look back at him, and Harry stole Louis’ mouth in a snog as he began tearing into his arse.  Louis whined inside his mouth at the sudden onslaught, and Harry stole that, too, feeling powerfully dominating but not being able to express it with the other boys in the room.  He wanted to say the nastiest things about how wet and open Louis’ arse was for him, wanted to roughly pin Louis’ wrists together up above his head, wanted to put a gentle but firm hand around Louis’ throat until Louis cried from how good being fucked felt.

All Harry could do, though, was piston his hips forward and grab Louis’ face while he passionately kissed him, indulging in the feeling of Louis wrapping his limbs around his waist, truly tangling their bodies up.

Jesus,” Louis whispered up at Harry in shock.  He wasn’t used to Harry taking him this fast so early.  Harry normally gave him a bit more time to get used to the stretch, that lovely burn that occurred every time no matter how much preparation Louis had, solely because of how huge Harry was…but apparently Harry had a different agenda this time.

Liam was loudly fucking Zayn like there was no tomorrow, and even then, Zayn could be heard screaming, telling him to go faster and harder.  Harry acted like it was Louis saying it to him, and he doubled the strength of his thrusts, making Louis moan even louder--as he should--against Harry’s lips.  Louis backed away from Harry’s mouth and turned his head to the other bed, feeling beautifully suffocated by Harry’s heat but desperately needing air.

Shit.  Whoever said missionary position couldn’t be sexy wasn’t doing it right.

With his feet, Louis pushed the covers down a bit, exposing Harry’s back to show Zayn and Liam exactly how tightly his legs were hooked around its expanse, wanting to show off Harry's body as well as his own.  He sneaked little glances over at the other bed and bit his lip when he saw Liam and Zayn do the same, but he noted how Harry’s eyes would never leave his face.

Once Harry noticed Louis sliding down the sheet to show himself off, he pulled the covers back up, looking down at Louis’ cock and then looking over at the other bed to see if Liam or Zayn had seen.  They were both fully exposed, their bed sheet having fallen past Liam’s arse by now.  Zayn’s cock, wrapped in Liam’s hand, was long and clearly visible, and Liam’s own thickness could be seen backing in and out of Zayn’s body.

Harry sternly looked back at Louis.

Louis used his feet to kick the sheet down again, and Harry gave him a sharp look as he pulled them back up.  “Stop it, I don’t want them seeing so much of—”

“But baby,” Louis whined, “…it’s hot with the covers on.”

Louis was pushing his luck, and he knew it.  Harry’s face was firm, the expression he wore when he would normally turn Louis around and fuck him into the mattress while striking his arse, but Louis knew he wouldn’t dare do that with the lads right next to them.  He blinked innocently at Harry’s face.

“You think you’re being so clever,” Harry taunted, leaning down and kissing his way along Louis’ jaw to his ear.  He began making short, rough thrusts into Louis, physically moving him up the bed with each push, and he bit Louis’ earlobe.  “But I’m still in charge here,” he said almost inaudibly.

With each drive from Harry came new noises from Louis, sounds that started deep in his chest and traveled out of his throat.  “I just want them to see how good we look together,” Louis moaned brokenly, looking down between their bodies, at Harry’s lean torso grinding against the curves of Louis’ thighs and arse, Harry's stomach tickling his dick.  “How good you are at fucking me…”

That appeared to make Harry forget anything else, and some alpha-male part of his brain took over at hearing Louis praise his skills in bed like that, at finally getting all of Louis’ attention back.  “Damn—fucking—right,” Harry grunted.  He placed his hands on the mattress on either side of Louis’ face to hold his body up easier, and he repeatedly rushed his hips in and out, truly forgetting about the bed sheet that had now fallen down to the back of his calves.

Louis gasped in surprise.  “God, you’re—you…so good,” he garbled.  “Know how to fuck…so good…”

Harry grinned, feeling cocky, and dropped his head to claim Louis’ mouth in the wettest, most uncoordinated kiss ever.  Neither of them cared, just blindly mushed their lips together, dragged their tongues along one another’s, sloppily sucked down each other’s grunts and groans.

Harry was hitting the spot inside Louis—that spot—and the pleasure circled out from deep inside Louis’ arse to the bottom of his stomach and finally to his cock every time the tip of Harry’s dick prodded it.  Each time Harry thrust, Louis’ pleasure grew and grew and grew.  Harry’s body completely covered Louis’ smaller one, mixing sweat, and Louis couldn’t even look away from Harry now if he tried because he being held so tightly by Harry.  

He didn’t even care to turn away from Harry at this point to see what Liam and Zayn were doing, feeling so much new arousal at just the fanatical expression on Harry’s face staring at his own—into him, commanding his attention.  And Zayn’s and Liam’s moans alone were enough to add to the hotness of everything, were enough to push Louis just to the brink of coming.

Fuck, Harry,” Louis cried out, clutching at Harry’s slippery skin in vain.

“Yeah?” Harry grunted.  “Like that?”

Louis nodded wildly.

“Like it when I fuck you—hard—like that?”

Yeah,” Louis whimpered, his face contorted in pleasure.

“Gonna come for me?”

Again, Louis frantically nodded, whining low in his throat at hearing what he clearly recognized as Zayn coming across the room.  “Shit, shit, shit,” he moaned deeply, straining his neck to look down at his cock, feeling his balls about to tighten up and explode.

Harry had been moving like a madman, jack-rabbiting into Louis, drunk off the power of fucking him so fully.  He noticeably slowed his hips and asked Louis, “What if I stopped?”

Louis’ head lifted to look anxiously at Harry.  “No, no,” he shook his head.

“What if I said you couldn’t come?” Harry further taunted, slowly dragging his dick along Louis’ inner walls, not at all like the harsh thrusts from before.

No,” Louis said, sounding like a kid about to cry.  He desperately lifted his hips up to get Harry’s cock deep in his arse again, to make him touch his prostate once more.  He had to have some stimulation back.

“Stop it,” Harry hissed.  “I’ll make you come.”

Louis squeezed his eyes shut and whined, and after just a second had passed, he was gasping audibly when Harry redoubled the efforts of his hips.  Harry moved Louis to lie diagonally on the mattress now, Harry completely blocking Louis’ body from the other bed.  Louis obliviously let himself be man-handled, only thinking of the aching need deep inside him to come, of Harry Harry Harry.

The sweat from Harry’s face dripped down as he curled his back and dropped his forehead onto Louis’, gasping in Louis’ breath and Louis gasping in Harry’s.  Louis’ legs were widely and carelessly open, his feet straight in the air, and Harry reached down and uncoordinatedly rubbed Louis’ cock.  Louis was so hard that there was hardly any give to the velvety skin there, and Louis immediately began shaking and moaning nonsense.

God,” Louis said throughout the tremors.  “Oh, my fucking…Harry!  Ahh….ahh…

Almost instantly, Harry felt Louis’ arse contract against his dick, squeezing it in spasms, and Louis’ body tightened as he exploded all over his stomach.

Harry quickly removed himself from Louis and began frantically stroking until his cock burst in puddles of warmth all over Louis’ abdomen, meeting with Louis’ own cum and hypnotizing Harry at the sight.

Harry sat back on his hauches, regaining his breath and staring at the lovely image of a debauched, cum-covered Louis until reality came back to him.  He discreetly looked at the other bed where Liam and Zayn were already finished and cleaned up, lying on their backs and idly sharing their own afterglow while watching Harry and Louis.  They gave Harry a small smile from which Harry turned his body, ran his hands through his sweaty hair, and rose from the mattress.

Harry walked to the toilet completely nude, carelessly letting his wet, low-hanging dick swing in the sight of everyone.  Before he got up, however, he found the sheet that had fallen off the bed and draped it back on top of his boyfriend’s lower-half.



It became a thing not long after that.

One evening, after a long week of not having sex beside each other (or at all) and still not discussing it, Louis and Zayn were sat on Zayn and Liam’s bed while Skyping Niall.  They sat the laptop on both of their waists and casually held a conversation with their beloved, missed bandmate.

“Fucking rubbish,” Louis was saying.  “We’ll be home next week and that’s when you’ll be off bed-rest, yeah?”

Niall shrugged.  “We’ll see!” he said optimistically.

“You’re not missing too much, mate,” Zayn piped in.  “Just lots of fans asking about you.”

Louis interrupted, “But no worries—”

“—We’re getting all their phone numbers for you,” Zayn finished, laughing.

“Ooh, get in!” Niall laughed.  “Well, I’m gonna go…Don’t have too much fun without me,” Niall said, smiling but looking a little sad.

“We’ll try not to,” Louis replied.  Louis and Zayn shared a curious look, and Louis giggled.  “We miss you, mate.”

“Miss you, too,” he said immediately.  “Listen…I’ll let you know what the doctor says tomorrow.  Should be good news.  Maybe I’ll be back in London with everyone next week.”

“You better,” Zayn said, waving dramatically as Niall grinned and waved back.

Just as Zayn was closing the laptop, Liam walked into the hotel room with a bag full of food.

“Aw, you just missed Niall, babe,” Zayn said.

Liam placed the containers in the small refrigerator and snuggled his way in bed beside Zayn.  “He doing well?" Liam asked before casually regarding Louis with a wave.

Zayn allowed Liam to wrap his arm around him, and he snuggled in close. “Yeah.  Another doctor visit tomorrow and he should be in London with us next week.”

“Oh, excellent,” Liam said.

“Yep,” Zayn agreed, lifting his head to kiss Liam.  Liam was expecting just a welcome-back peck, but Zayn pushed his smoky tongue inside his mouth, and Liam’s heart began beating faster straightaway.  Liam knew what those kinds of kisses from Zayn meant, and it was ...a bit odd... to snog with Louis just lounging on the bed but Harry nowhere in sight.

“Missed you,” Zayn whispered lowly, kissing his way along Liam’s jaw, nibbling at his gruff beard before latching onto a spot behind his ear and suckling.

Liam swallowed and looked awkwardly at Louis.  “J-just gone for a minute, love,” he replied to Zayn, trying to gently remove Zayn from his neck but failing.  Then Zayn dropped a hand to Liam’s trousers, finding and meeting the soft bulge just below his belt, and Liam gasped.

Shit, baby,” Liam whispered, “what are you doing?”  Despite his surprise, he rutted his hips up to catch friction on Zayn’s palm.  After all, it had been a dry, dry week...

Louis looked on and saw Liam become noticeable stiffer under Zayn’s hand, and Louis guiltily felt himself begin to stir in his own jeans, too.  Shit.

Though Louis was right next to them, he couldn’t hear what Zayn whispered in Liam’s ear next.  Liam just grunted and hummed, “Oh, really?”

“Yeah,” Zayn replied, nodding against Liam’s neck, still sucking and biting there.

Liam looked at Louis again, hands grabbing Zayn's hips.  “You can…you can watch by yourself, yeah?” Liam whispered, his voice already rough with arousal.

Louis panicked slightly, knowing immediately what they were on about.  He thought of Harry.  “Er…I don’t—“

And magically, miraculously, Harry chose then  to enter the room with a few bags of clothes, stilling when he noticed everyone on the same bed.  He dropped his shopping by the wall after closing the door casually a moment later.  Too casually.

“Er, hey, babe,” Louis greeted, his face hot.

Harry assessed the scene: Liam and Zayn entwined, Zayn’s hand on Liam’s crotch, Louis sitting on the same bed next to them.  “Hey,” he replied, not finding the politeness in him to smile.  “What's everyone up to, then?”

“Erm, Zayn and I talked to Niall just now, says he misses you, by the way, and then Liam just came in with takeaway…and…and now they’re—we’re all here, just hanging out.”

“Ah, that what they call it these days?” Harry uttered quietly.

Zayn backed away from Liam's neck. “Hi, Harry!” he said cheekily, wiping his mouth from where it’d been slobbering on Liam’s skin.

Liam read something odd on Harry’s face, and he didn’t want Harry thinking he or Zayn were fooling around with Louis behind his back or something, so he immediately began fixing the situation.  “Literally, mate, I just got here and Zayn attacked me,” Liam explained.   He softly looked over to Zayn.   “Didn’t you, love?”

“True story.”

Harry made a noise like “ah” and sat on the edge of the bed.  The other bed.  His and Louis’ bed.

“You can…why don’t you come sit here?  With us?” Zayn asked.  “We’re already here,” he added with a suggestive smile.

Louis watched as Harry removed his watch and placed it on the nightstand in between the two beds.  Harry wordlessly stood and sat on the bed beside Louis, and Louis was afraid he’d angered Harry until Harry nestled himself on top of Louis, slotting his thigh in between Louis’.  Louis released the breath he was holding and smiled in relief.

"Hi, love," he said breathlessly to Harry.

Zayn watched as Harry lifted Louis’ shirt and began pressing kisses along Louis’ stomach, up to his chest, licking and sucking his tiny nipples.  Zayn happily smiled at Liam then and immediately straddled him, taking off his shirt in the process.

Harry kissed his way up to Louis’ neck and, inaudible to Liam and Zayn, whispered, “You were gonna do that without me here, hm?”

He felt Louis shake his head.  “No, course not,” Louis whispered back.  Harry painfully bit his neck—great, right after the other marks had healed—and Louis said, “Ah, I swear.”

Harry bit again, right along the vein running down the side of Louis' neck, and Louis melted into the mattress.  Harry's teeth, deceptively sweet-looking, were sharp...unforgiving...heaven.  "I wasn't...I wouldn't--"

Harry kissed the area he'd just bruised, pecked his way to Louis' lips, and whispered, "Shh," on Louis' lips.  "I know."

Louis' hands framed Harry's face as he opened his mouth and let Harry's tongue mix flavors with his own.  Little smacking noises from both couples snogging were suddenly distinct in the room as things grew heated.  Liam and Zayn were rocking into one another already, and though Louis was uncomfortably stiff in his jeans, all Harry did was rhythmically press his leg down against the material. 

Louis's hands crept up Harry's shirt to hold onto his back, and finally, Harry’s arms wrapped around Louis’ waist, one hand traveling down into his jeans.

“How do you even fit into these things?” Harry muttered against Louis' lips, struggling to fit his fingers inside the jeans, only succeeding once Louis lifted his bum a bit.

“One of my many talents,” Louis responded into Harry's mouth, sighing when Harry’s dry fingers slid down his crack and pressed against his tiny hole.

"Mm," Harry mumbled.  "A feat alone you get them over that fat arse of yours..."

Harry applied firm pressure against Louis' arsehole, snaking his other hand around to rub on top of Louis’ jeans while kissing away any retort Louis was thinking of.  He inched his index finger just barely inside Louis, and Louis dropped his head to the pillow while Harry's finger gently pressed in and out.  

Louis didn't understand how fucking randy everyone could get so quickly just by kissing and touching next to each other--shit, just a second ago he had been talking to Niall!--then he hazily saw that next to him, Liam had flipped Zayn over, and Liam was already taking off Zayn’s underwear, and it definitely made more sense to him.  They were so horny because they were feeding off each other, feeding off just being next to one another, seeing each other naked, enjoying one another, pleasuring one another. Christ.

Louis wanted to be naked, too, but that was ultimately Harry's decision.  He tugged at his shirt to give Harry a hint, and Harry gave him one last peck before he removed his hands from Louis.  Instead of using his hands to undress Louis, however, Harry stuck his index finger in his mouth, the one he had just had in Louis' arse, and looked down at Louis as he sucked it.

Oh, holy fucking shit.  



Harry just smirked and winked at Louis.  "Take your own clothes off.  Leave on your pants."

While Louis giddily obeyed, Harry did the same himself and matched his body with Louis' again once he was down to his boxer-briefs.  Underneath Louis' boxers, his cock was hard and resting high on his right thigh, and for once, Harry contemplated what to do next.  He wasn't sure about being this close to Liam and Zayn while Louis was so scarcely dressed, so he didn't understand how he'd be okay with the situation once he took the pants off...

Harry looked over to Liam, feeling unsure for the first time since they’d begun this thing.  The couples were literally right next to each other this time.  Seeing Liam softly licking at Zayn’s dick, his fingers somewhere underneath, gave Harry the confirmation that okay, this was really happening.

It would be fine, he told himself.  Why was he feeling strangely doubtful now of all times, anyway?  He could do this next to Liam and Zayn.  He could.  

After confirming it with Louis.

"You okay, hon?" he said quietly once Louis' legs wrapped around his waist.

"Yeah," Louis nodded, smiling widely.  "'Course."


Harry slightly shook his head at how far Louis had come from the boy who insisted on having sex half-clothed with the lights off to this.  If Louis could do this with no shame, no... selfishness... then Harry just needed to let go of whatever hesitation he had and give Louis what he wanted.

It didn't mean Harry didn't catch it when Zayn stared at Louis' dick once it was freed of its constraint, didn't mean that he still felt minorly--okay, majorly--possessive as he began caressing Louis all over in an effort to claim him as his own.

There was a well-placed bottle of lube in the middle of the bed that Liam'd been using on Zayn, and Harry gazed darkly at Louis while glazing his fingers with the liquid.  Harry’s left hand gave Louis’ cock long, soft strokes while two fingers of his right hand were busy inside Louis’ arse, slowly sucking up the heat there while petting around.

“I love fingering you,” Harry murmured, smiling down at Louis.  “One of the best things ever…”

Louis kept his eyes closed and muttered, “Love it, too...”

“I love it the most when I—“ Harry moved his left hand to press down on Louis’ stomach, his fingers crooking up inside Louis, “—do this—“ Louis moaned, “—and get you all worked up--" another hard jab "--make you come from just my fingers."

Harry knew what he was touching the second he easily found it.  After painstaking research and probably a combined day's worth of real-life searching, Harry was now very familiar with Louis' prostate, and he routinely tore Louis to pieces with the lovely torture of stimulating it.

Zayn was moaning softly, his head lying slackly on the pillow.  Liam sucked him lazily, fingering him quicker to make up for it, and Zayn was in a comfortable state of pleasure.  He watched the muscles in Harry's forearm give and pull between Louis' legs as Harry fingered Louis.

"It's--god, I'm, yess, Harry," Louis moaned.  Loudly.  High-pitched.  Shameless.  Zayn wondered vaguely how Louis was fucking losing it already from just two fingers.

Yeah, say my name, Harry wanted to mutter, but he didn't.  He just moved his fingertips against Louis' prostate at a quicker pace, constantly vibrating them there, devoutly admiring every twist and turn of Louis' face as he rapidly became overtaken with bliss.

“You really take your sweet time with him, yeah?” Liam asked Harry, motioning to Louis with his head, one hand busy wiping off his mouth and the other one busy moving in and out of Zayn.

Harry had a million responses to that, but he just replied, “Always.”

Liam turned his attention back to his boyfriend.  He'd backed his mouth from Zayn but kept his fingers inside his arse, waiting for Harry and Louis to get started.  They were apparently really into foreplay, though.

Which gave Liam a thought.  He looked wickedly at Zayn.  “Hmm…”

Liam,” Zayn whined as Liam shoved his two fingers in as deeply as he could, wiggling them around inside.

“Nope, love,” Liam smirked, “think I’m gonna tease you a bit, as well.”

Liam removed his two fingers and reentered Zayn's hole a moment later, this time with three fingers pressed tightly together.  Zayn hissed in a breath and squirmed, and Liam grinned.

Harry kept his fingers fully enveloped in Louis’ heat, still moving the tips of them against the hard little area inside that made Louis frantic with the pressure and need to come, and suddenly Zayn began matching Louis' frenzied whines.

“Liam,” Zayn gasped out, pinching his own nipples, “Liam, touch me, touch me.”  Holy shit, holy shit--okay, now he understood how Louis was losing his shit over just being fingered.  Fingering normally wasn't like this for Zayn, this ...intense.  He and Liam normally did it just to prepare for Liam's cock, but now...this was somehow like Liam's cock.  Better than Liam's cock.  Now he felt like he was a tight knot about to snap, and it was so, so good.

Liam grunted and lowered a hand to Zayn’s leaking dick, and Louis watched with desire as Liam pumped Zayn’s cock, twisting his hand on each upstroke.  Harry rarely touched Louis’ dick when they fucked around; because Louis had the amazing talent of coming untouched, Harry loved getting him to that point.  But lately, at least around Liam and Zayn, Harry had been touching him more.  A lot of the time, even.  Hell, he'd even had his hand on Louis for a minute just earlier...

So maybe, just maybe…

Louis looked up to Harry and made a noise, hoping Harry would do the same as Liam and give his cock some relief, and Harry, reading his mind, just shook his head.  Louis whined.  He imagined Zayn felt unreal right now, and the thought worked him up even more.

Harry didn't want to touch Louis because part of him wanted to brag about how sexy Louis was, how perfect he was, how he could come untouched and then fucking come again afterwards, just watch!…but the other part wanted to keep that knowledge just between him and Louis, wanted to touch his dick just to hide it from their eyes...

But it was too late to even consider anything else; Louis was too far gone.  And after seeing Louis’ infamous right-about-to-orgasm-face, Harry wouldn’t’ve been able to stop, anyway.  He did the only thing he could think of and lowered his mouth to Louis’ cock, one large palm splayed out on Louis’ abdomen and his fingers still wildly pulsating inside Louis’ arse.

When Louis came inside Harry’s mouth a second later, it was all “shiiiit,” and “ohhh, ” and “yesss” from Louis and “damn, ” and “holy shit” and “wow” from Liam and Zayn.

Harry proudly swallowed and wiped off his mouth before crawling back on top of Louis to sweetly kiss him.  Liam watched in awe... Kissing after oral was something he and Zayn never did.  But, Liam had never made Zayn come from just fingering him, either…

After watching Harry and Louis from this close proximity, Liam vowed to do some things differently in the future.  He never realized how hot Harry and Louis were together, how much he could learn from their chemistry… For now, though, Liam was satisfied at how loose he had made Zayn, how pliant and wrecked his body was underneath his own, and he removed his fingers and reached for the lube again, this time to pour all over his terribly hard cock.

“You ready, baby?” he whispered to Zayn, stroking himself.

Zayn bit his lip while watching Liam. “Oh, fuck, yes…”

When Liam was done lathering himself, he slid the bottle to Harry, and Harry wordlessly did the same.  

While Harry slicked himself up, Louis and Zayn lay side by side, giving each other little excited, blissful looks because they both couldn’t wait for what was about to happen.  It was the first time they would do this beside each other.  Zayn quietly wondered how Louis did it, how he could stand to have sex right after coming like that, but Louis looked just as horny now as he did before he came, so…

Harry was still a bit reluctant to proceed, but all it took was one look at Louis’ face to see how horny he still was, how much he greatly wanted this.

And who was Harry to deny Louis his cock?

Harry lifted Louis’ hips so he could meet his entrance, and Liam spread open Zayn’s legs, and they both breached their boyfriends at the same time, leaning their chests down atop them once inside.  Everybody moaned all at once, and Louis and Zayn’s noises echoed longer at the added pleasure of having their legs touch.

Liam and Harry began thrusting at the same time then, almost silently contesting with one another over who could fuck their boyfriend the best.  Harry started off a little slower than Liam, as usual, but Liam, knowing Zayn loved being fucked hard right from the start, already moved at a frantic pace, his hand simultaneously pumping Zayn’s cock.  Harry thought about matching Liam’s speed, but knowing how frustrated it got Louis to be fucked slowly at first, he smirked and decided to hold back.

Zayn and Louis whispered moans into the air, holding each other’s hands and squeezing tightly as their pleasure grew.

“I feel really good,” Louis whispered up at Harry, and Harry grunted.

"Sure--you're not--too sensitive?"

Louis' reply was a long, drawn-out moan.  "No, ugn, I'm okay--"

Harry reverently kissed Louis before backing up to sit on his haunches so he'd have a better angle to plow into him with.

His quickening pace made Louis’ cock move about, and Harry thought, God, I wish I had a jock strap for him so no one could fucking see his dick, then he desperately tried to push those thoughts away because they made him feel like a jerk.  To console his inner thoughts, however, he held Louis’ cock in one large hand—not moving, just holding.  The way it made Louis' body jerk was worth it.

Louis couldn’t handle all of the sensations he was feeling—his cock sensitive and tingly, his arse full, his skin soft and electric against both Harry and Zayn—and he thrashed his head about on the pillow underneath him before desperately looking over at Zayn.  Zayn was already looking at Louis, too, red-cheeked and sweaty, and he reached out a hand to the back of Louis’ neck, pulling him forward into a sloppy, frantic kiss to try to channel some of the pleasure Liam was giving him.

Louis was taken aback, and he backed up and gasped.  Afraid he was going to be in trouble for this later, he turned his eyes up to Harry with a questioning expression—one that all at once said “I didn’t do it, he did, am I going to be punished, can I do it again?”—and without ever stopping his thrusting (though he wanted to), Harry looked to Liam.  Both of the boys minutely nodded at each other, and Harry turned his head back to Louis, nodding gently to show Louis that he could continue.

Zayn and Louis held each other’s faces in their small, soft hands, snogging and moaning into each other’s mouths as both of their boyfriends unrelentingly pounded into their holes, sweat leaking out of their every pore.  Oh, my God...

Seeing how gone Zayn was already, Liam picked up the pace of his hips and his hand, the slap of his balls on Zayn’s arse fucking sounding amazing—feeling amazing, like Liam could do this all the fucking time, like he never wanted to leave Zayn’s body, like he belonged there.

He shifted Zayn’s legs to rest on his shoulders and leaned his body down to get more of his cock into Zayn, driving into his arse with short and strong movements, groaning loudly each time.  He whispered something into Zayn’s ear while Zayn was kissing Louis, something that made Zayn’s head fall down to Louis’ shoulder instead, where he began sucking and licking aimlessly.

Watching another man like this with Louis was having some kind of effect on Harry, and he didn’t know what it was.  He'd given his permission, sure, but he still felt...crazy.  All he knew was that he needed to fuck Louis harder, so he spread Louis’ legs wider, lifted his bum, and thrust forward into his arsehole while watching Louis restlessly mewl at the attention Zayn was giving his neck.  With Liam leaning forward on top of Zayn, and with Zayn practically curled up and hidden underneath him, both of them were unable to see even the tip of Louis’ cock anymore.

Good, Harry thought, and animalistic noises rattled from between his tightly-clenched teeth.  He stared at Louis’ gorgeous body, his skin fucking pulsating every time Harry impaled him, and he agonizingly willed Louis to come.

“Do it, baby,” Harry begged. “Want you to come again,” he desperately gritted, “and my cock’s gonna do it, gonna make you come, baby, nobody else, no one else, fucking, fuck, come,” he chanted on repeat, not even making any sense.

Louis no longer had any control of his limbs—could only lay there uselessly while Zayn mouthed at his skin and Harry muttered non-stop filth down at him.  Shit, it was too much.  Louis looked forward at Harry’s pelvis—wet from lube, wet from sweat—then looked down at his own body.  Harry was making Louis’ own body gyrate and shake, was making his cock flap against his thigh, was making him come.  Again.  Already.

Louis gripped the bed sheets in one palm and Zayn’s arm in the other, shaking and squeezing and scratching in warning.  “Fuck, Harry, fuck!” he screamed, and Harry stared at Louis in awe, thinking of how he sounded just like a porn star and fuck, the others shouldn't be able to hear him like that, shouldn’t be able to see him this fucking ruined…

But of course Zayn removed his mouth from Louis’ neck and longingly watched his face instead, seconds away from busting his own load himself.  Seeing Louis’ features screw up in pleasure for the second time, Zayn cried, “Liam!” drawn-out and noisily as his body seized and his cum shot out on Liam’s hand, ropes of it spurting out directionless, smashing between his and Liam’s chests, Zayn's feet kicking about in the air.

Louis and Zayn looked at each other in shock before turning their attention back to their boyfriends.

“Shit,” Zayn uttered in drained contentment as he lowered his legs and felt Liam’s cum gush out of him. “That was good.  Fuck, that was good…”

Harry collapsed on top of Louis, refusing to exit his body just yet.  He needed Louis to feel all of him for as long as possible, for his cum to stay locked inside for an eternity, claiming him. When Harry finally pulled out many long moments later, Louis winced.

“God fucking damn, Haz, my arse stays sore these days,” he whined half-heartedly.

Harry shouldn’t have been happy about that, but he was.



Harry and Louis were finally at their house again—their home—and Harry wanted to have an actual conversation about the whole…Liam and Zayn thing.  They needed to talk about it.  It had been going on too long without any type of discussion.

Normally when Louis and Harry did new things in bed, Harry discussed it with Louis exhaustedly until he was convinced that everything was completely consensual on both ends.  It was abnormal for them to just jump into new things as they had done in the past few weeks, but Harry surmised that was just part of the thrill of it all.

Honestly, another reason Harry hadn't initiated a conversation was because he didn’t know how to process what he'd been feeling lately.  He knew he felt happy on one hand, glad to give in to what turned Louis (and himself) on, but on the other hand…well, he was just having a hard time dealing with everyone seeing Louis naked.

Just…how was he supposed to put that in words without upsetting Louis?  He lounged back on the sofa, trying to relax his body.

“Since we’re finally to ourselves, let’s chat, shall we?” Harry asked, going for casual but failing completely.

Louis raised his eyebrows in confused expectation, waiting for Harry to continue.  He knew this would be coming.  Oh, he knew it.  He knew Harry had been acting reluctant lately.  Louis knew him too well.  Still, he feigned ignorance.  “And whatever about, dear Harold?”

Harry clarified, “About you… and me… and Liam…and Zayn.”

Louis averted his eyes and sighed, fidgeting anxiously on the side of the couch.  The slow way Harry said all of their names together told Louis that his unspoken suspicions had been correct; Harry wanted to end everything.

Louis could have predicted as much.  He gathered all the subtle differences in Harry, in and out of bed.  Holding onto him too tightly, like he was tense.  Never looking at the other couple and appearing almost angry when Louis did, probably because the whole situation was just so weird that Harry preferred to block the other couple out.  That firm, heavy-set jaw that happened when Louis knew Harry wanted to say something but was holding himself back. 

He’d just been humoring Louis this whole time.

Louis clenched his jaw.  He didn’t even have the right to be upset, though, because who could blame Harry for feeling grossed out?  What kind of person would want their boyfriend to enjoy another couple shagging beside them?  Weird is what it was.  Louis was just plain weird.   And now Harry was about to confirm it.  Harry didn’t want to keep doing what they’d been doing.  This was probably just one kink too many for him.  Especially because he’d fucking kissed Zayn that one time.  Or Zayn kissed him—whatever.  It didn’t matter anymore.  He wanted to die.

“…And?” Louis asked, mentally preparing himself for Harry calling him out on being a freak and telling him that they’d have to put an end to what they’d been doing.

“Well…” Harry began slowly, finding Louis’ foot on the floor and rubbing his own against it.  He wasn’t sure how to put what he wanted to say into words, and he wasn’t trying to shame Louis or anything, so he began lightly.  “What we do—what we’ve been doing—with them--It’s obviously something you like…I mean, you enjoy it, it makes you happy…turns you on…”

Louis opened his mouth as if to speak but closed it quickly, unsure whether or not he should be defensive towards Harry.  He knew this was just Harry tying to be gracefully polite as always, but he wished Harry would just spit it out already, just be honest and call him out on his freakish ways, dammit.  Louis’ instincts took over, so he shot up off the sofa and replied shortly, “Well, excuse me.  If you haven’t been okay with it then you should’ve—”

Harry gave a small sigh but still interrupted patiently, “Louis, sit back down.”  When Louis didn’t, just presented Harry with a view of his back, Harry said, “Please.  You…You must be taking what I said the wrong way.  This isn’t about me not being okay with it.”  Louis turned around but scowled, uncomfortable, and Harry requested again, “Love, just please sit back down.”

Louis slumped back onto the sofa.  “Yeah, I enjoy it,” he mumbled, crossing his arms.  “Thought that was obvious.  Thought you enjoyed it, too.”

“I do.  I never said I didn’t,” Harry easily replied, smiling slightly to put Louis back at ease.  He gazed at Louis until his face had softened back to its regular, relaxed expression, until his arms uncrossed, until his hand found Harry’s.  “Baby, I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad,” Harry said, rubbing his thumb on the back of Louis’ hand.  “Sorry.  I just…I just didn’t—don’t—know how to start off.”

“Start off what?”

Harry frowned.  He hadn’t practiced this in his head, not really.  He didn’t know how to say what he wanted to say.  And what was it that he wanted to say?

“You’ve got some kind of issue, haven’t you?” Louis said softly, sullen.  “You want to stop.”

No,” Harry said emphatically.  “I don’t want to stop.  And we don’t have to stop.  Unless that decision comes from you.  I…I just told you I see how much you enjoy it.  Obviously I don’t want to stop if you like it so much.”  He was quick to sheepishly add, “And I like it, too!  It’s…it’s hot.”

“…But?” Louis pushed after a moment of silence.

“I just…I…” Harry began slowly speaking but paused, trying to get his words right.  “I am having some…concerns.  Yeah.”

Clearly, Louis thought.  “Then…why haven’t you said anything?”

“Because they’re just now becoming concerns, I guess.  Like, I couldn’t figure it out earlier, but now that I’ve had some time to actually, like, process what I’m feeling, I want to talk about it.”

Louis interrupted, “We don’t even have to have this conversation, Harry.  Really.  We can just agree that I’m odd as fuck for liking it and we don’t have to ever do it again,” he said quickly, standing up again and beginning to walk away.  Harry grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the couch.

“Oh, no, you don’t.  We’re talking,” Harry said, now with finality.  “Baby, relaxListen.  You’re not odd at all for liking it.  Hell, I like it, too,” he said quieter, “so what’s that make me?  What's that make Liam and Zayn?”

That slightly consoled Louis.  “Well, then, what’s the problem?” he still asked in a small voice.

Harry ran his fingers through his hair, deciding to just come out and say it.  “I’m…I’m…Honestly, I’m starting to get, like, ridiculously jealous.  And I don’t like it.”

Louis wanted to cry.  “You just said that you do like it,” he rebutted.

“No, I do,” Harry said quickly, “I like…it…I just don’t…I don’t like feeling that way...feeling jealous…”

Louis’ frown straightened, his eyes lighting up just a bit.  “Jealous over what?”

"Erm...jealous over you."

Jealous over himself?  "I don't completely...follow."

“Jealous over everything, just about,” Harry said louder.  “Jealous that they’re seeing you, hearing you…jealous that you’re seeing them, that you watch them while they’re shagging…”

“Well, that’s…kind of…the whole thing,” Louis said slowly, feeling confused and guilty.

“I know—I get it, I do.  And I’m fine with it.  Really,” Harry promised.  “I even—it even makes me hard, all of it.  Honest.  Watching you watch them…them being around while we’re together…I do enjoy it, I do.  I… I just feel—shit, this is hard to explain, it makes no sense—I mean, I just feel like I’m going mad sometimes.”

Louis had no clue what to say.  He fish-mouthed while watching Harry fidget with the hem of his shirt.  Louis wasn’t sure how to handle a Harry that didn’t exude self-confidence.  What did Harry have to be jealous about?  Harry should know by now that Louis loved him with every single micro-gram of his being.

“Lou,” Harry finally said, imploringly meeting Louis’ eyes, “I guess it's just...I just…I need confirmation that you’re still into me… and not just getting off because you’re watching them?  That I’m still, like…enough for you?”  Harry’s eyes were wide and open in the most genuine display of love Louis'd ever witnessed.

Louis looked incredulously back at Harry.  This was weird.  Louis was used to feeling inadequate himself, not used to Harry feeling that way.  He wasn’t practiced at cheering Harry up; Harry was always the one doing it for him

But fuck—Louis was positively relieved with the realization that that was all it really was, that Harry wasn’t trying to put the brakes on this mutual-sex-watching-thing that had been going on with Liam and Zayn lately.  He was just jealous.  Louis didn’t know if he should, but he found it a bit endearing, knowing that Harry’s care for him came out as over-protectiveness sometimes.  At least Harry was aware of that and was actively trying to cope with it.

Louis wanted for Harry to not just cope though, but to actually be okay again, comfortable in the knowledge that Louis loved him.  So he did the only thing he could think of and moved on the sofa to straddle Harry, to wrap his arms around his waist, to softly kiss his neck.  “Baby,” he hummed.  “Of course you’re enough for me… More than enough...You’re—you’re it for me…”

“I’m just…I can’t help it…I’m…having issues with them—shit, Lou—with them seeing you naked…and if you want that, that's fine, it's just...they're getting to know all the little sounds you make,” Harry whispered, squeezing his eyes as Louis suckled at his neck.  This wasn’t how he expected Louis to react at all, and it was a pleasant surprise.  “Getting to see you when you comefuck, it just—I just

Louis had to interrupt straightaway.  “But who’s the one making me come, Haz?”

“Me,” Harry said happily, smiling slightly, lifting his hips up.

Rolling his hips atop Harry’s, Louis whispered, “And who’s the only one allowed to make me come?  To touch me and make me say all those little sounds in the first place?”

“That’d be me, too,” Harry whispered, reaching his hands down and squeezing Louis’ bum to pull him in tighter. “Mm,” he sighed at the satisfaction of feeling Louis pressed against him so intimately.  Harry had missed this, just him and Louis.

Louis removed his mouth from Harry’s neck and sat up fully in his lap, his trousers uncomfortably pinching him from where his cock had already begun swelling.  “Yeah,” Louis agreed quietly.  “You.  You are.  It’s only you, Harry.  I…I only ever want you…”

Stroking Harry’s ego surprisingly worked wonders.  Louis was on his back on the sofa in less than a second, Harry looming over him with a wicked grin on his face.  Harry rubbed his fingers over the zip of Louis’ pants, happy to touch what Louis so clearly had just confirmed as his and only his.

"Mine," Harry hummed.

“You’re really okay with everything?” Louis questioned as he began thickening under Harry’s nimble fingers.

Harry nodded.  “Just can’t help I get greedy sometimes,” he muttered, lowering his mouth to Louis’ again. “Forgive me for being a prick…I do love you, you know...”

Things escalated quickly, and when both of the boys were only in their boxers, rock hard and breathing heavily in each other’s faces, Louis had a sudden revelation.  “Hey,” he said breathlessly.  “…You know what’s missing, babe?”

Harry knit his eyebrows together.  He didn’t like Louis thinking something was missing from their sex life, especially because he tried so hard to give him anything he ever wanted.  He needed to immediately fix this.  “…What?”

“I think we need some…rules,” Louis suggested quietly, referring to their early conversation about Liam and Zayn that they’d obviously already forgotten about.  “Rules like you and I already have?  But, like…for everyone.  So we all know what’s expected.  So it'll maybe calm you down...maybe reign in your little possessiveness problem,” he quipped.  “…If you…if you want to keep doing it.”

Harry’s eyes lit up.  Before he lowered his lips to Louis’ again, he exclaimed, “Oh, I fucking love you.”