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The Makings for Home (It’s Wherever You Are)[podfic]

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Title: The Makings For Home (It's Wherever You Are)

Author/Reader/podcover: Tenoko1

Rating: T

Tags: Domesticity, fluff, cooking, caretaking, angst, insecurity in self-worth, found family

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Summary:  Metatron and Abbadon have both been defeated. Things with the angels and Heaven have been righted, and in the aftermath... Cas and Dean struggle to adapt to retirement from active duty. Cooking becomes involved, with dog-eared cookbooks, and lots of insecurity and feelings and love.[Let's face it, the writers never give us a happy ending, so I tried my hand at what they won't.][podfic length 39 mins 37 sec]

Files: mp3 l m4b

  Also, fanart for this fic can be found here!