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Kismesis: the Snake

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The hive of Eliori Lymars was not very big, not in an environment most trolls would like to live in and in general not very extraordinarily build. It was, however, very bright, very cold and very much exactly what she wanted it to be. There were small ice sculptures spread out all over the place, all of them created by Eliori herself. A lot of work had gone into them and she had always been proud of the result. She had never put quite as much effort into a project as the one currently hidden under a large blanket.

Her hive was far removed of civilisation, being a bit more north than most trolls found comfortable. She was very fond of the cold, though, mostly because she was not in any danger of ever freezing to death. This was mostly because of the natural advantage she had as a yellow-blood. Namely the special ability of cryokinesis. When people asked her what the hell that meant she told them she could create and destroy ice, because that was what that word meant.

Since ice was rather reflective, her hive was very well-lit during the night and almost unbearable during the day, even if the sun was nowhere in sight. She might like the light, but she was not stupid enough to get killed over it. Since her recuperacoon could not handle the heat all by itself, her respiteblock could be completely sealed off from any sort of light.

In her respiteblock stood something very odd. It was, of course, made out of ice, which was not odd for Eliori, but it was odd for what it was: a suit of armour. It was nicely decorated with her sign displayed proudly on the chest. She was going to do that for a living, when she grew up. Not out of ice, obviously, that would be stupid, but she was going to make armour and she was going to be good at it.

But that was the future, and this was now. And now a good friend wanted to talk to her.

-- shadowStalker [SS] began trolling seriousFreezerburn [SF] --

SS: Hello SSF.
SF: hhey tthere
SF: aare yyou ddone wwith yyour iimportant tthing yyet

SS: AbSSolutely.
SS: I alSSo totally had SSomething important to do.

SF: oof ccourse yyou ddid
SF: wwhat wwas iit

SS: I viSSited a not quite friend of mine.
SF: tthat mmight jjust bbe vvague eenough tto ppique mmy iinterest
SS: How can I reSSiSSt explaining more when you uSSe wordSS like pique.
SF: ii kknow
SF: tthat’s wwhy ii ssaid iit

SS: You know me way too well.
SS: I might juSSt have let you come too cloSSe.

SF: sshould ii pprepare ffor aan aassasination aattempt
SS: Oh pleaSSe, I don’t attempt aSSSSaSSSSinationSS, I make aSSSSaSSSSinationSS.
SF: ii sshould pprepare aa wwill, tthen
SF: aand yyou wwon’t bbe iin iit

SS: Well, that plan iSS canccelled.
SF: tthank tthe ttwo mmoons
SF: sso wwho ddid yyou vvissit

SS: A guy called RobraSS Dromed.
SS: A greenblood, which iSS why I bothered talking to him in the firSSt placce.

SF: nnot jjust aa ggreenblood tthough, rright
SS: Nope.
SS: The moSSt important greenblood.
SS: I don’t think he waSS very happy to SSee me, though.

SF: tthat iis sso, sso ssad
SS: I know!
SS: He didn’t try to kill me, though.
SS: At leaSSt not more than they uSSually do.
SS: Come to think of it, he probably thinkSS I’m crazzy right now.

SF: hhe ddoes hhave bbrains, tthen
SS: Yeah.
SS: That waSSn’t really a SSurpriSSe, though.
SS: Vorron knowSS potential when he SSeeSS it.

SF: wwhy ddoes hhe kkeep yyou aaround tthen
SS: You SShould aSSk him that.
SF: wwhat wwas tthe ssurprise
SS: HiSS SSelf-control.
SS: It’SS really eaSSy to piSSSS him off, but he doeSSn’t act on it.

SF: ssounds iinteresting
SS: It iSS.
SS: He iSS an intereSSting individual.

SF: tthat wwas iit
SS: Do I not amuSSe you?
SF: oof ccourse yyou ddo
SF: bbut aaren’t yyou fforgetting ssomething

SS: What have you been up to?
SF: aabsolutely nnothing
SS: Goddamnit.
SF: ii wwas jjust jjoking
SF: tthat wwas ttotally wworth iit, tthough

SS: I hate you.
SF: nno , yyou ddon’t
SS: Damnit.
SF: ii’ve bbeen mmaking nnew ssculptures
SF: aand ii’ve ffound aa nnew ssort oof iice

SS: Oncce again, there iSS only one SSort of icce.
SS: It’SS called icce.

SF: ii ttold yyou tthat’s nnot ttrue.
SF: iice iis nnot jjust ffrozen wwater
SF: tthere’s mmore tto iit tthan tthat
SF: aand wwhat ii jjust ffound iis rreally ttough
SF: ii’m ggoing tto mmake nnew aarmour oout oof iit

SS: Tell me how that workSS out, okay?
SS: Fucking icce armour.
SS: I’m SStill not SSure if that’SS ridiculouSS or aweSSome.

SF: bboth
SF: iit iis rridiculously aawesome and aawesomely rridiculous

SS: I SShall take your word for it.
SF: yyou sshould vvissit oone oof tthese nnights
SF: sso yyou ccan ssee iit ffor yyourself

SS: And freezze to death?
SS: No thankSS.

SF: ii tthought yyou ccould hhandle aanything
SF: ddon’t ttell mme yyou’re aafraid tto mmeet mme, llittle ssnake

SS: How could I not fear the Icce Queen?
SF: iice qqueen
SF: sseriously

SS: That’SS what you get for calling me a little SSnake.
SF: bbut yyou aare aa llittle ssnake
SS: And you are the Icce Queen.
SS: Tell you what, if you can give me any tipSS on how to SSurvive that trip, I’ll do it.

SF: llooking fforward tto iit
SF: ii sshould gget tto wwork, tthen

SS: Good luck.
SS: And let me know next time you’re coming to the ccity, okay?

SF: oof ccourse
SF: ddo yyou hhave ssomething tto sshow mme

SS: I alwaySS have SSomething to SShow you.
SF: nnow iit ssuddenly ssounds aa llot lless iinteresting
SS: You’ll SSee.
SF: ii’ll bbe llooking fforward tto tthat ttoo
SS: Glad to hear it.
SF: aanyway, ii sshould bbe ggoing
SS: SSee you.

-- seriousFreezerburn [SF] ceased trolling shadowStalker [SS]--

Eliori would have to give him a few nights to find something to show her, which, ironically, would keep his mind off of bluebloods. He had to at least survive long enough to visit her and she would very much appreciate it if he lasted longer than that. Egnaro really needed someone to keep an eye on him. The fact that he got lucky all the time probably stopped him from realising that, though.

Although, the fact that he was still alive despite that was definitely intriguing in its own way. That was probably one of the reasons as to why she was carefully crafting a present for him. She could have denied her feelings and blamed him for them, instead, but that would be entirely counter-productive. If you were shooting for red, at least.

It was so much easier to make someone hate you than pity you.

Eliori only ever went south when she was out of food, but tended to stay somewhere for at least one night, since otherwise she would have to travel by daylight and that was not happening.

She wasn’t exactly sure what her lusus ate, but it was either ice or something else she could provide for herself. Honestly, her lusus was pretty amazing. She was large, white, fluffy and most trolls thought she was a myth: a Snowwalker.

Before she went outside to check on her lusus, she put on her ice armour, because she would be getting a challenge whether her lusus was there or not. She was lucky, though, she her large guardian was present, which would at least keep the predators away. On the other hand, that did mean it was time for a training session.

Another thing she enjoyed about her cryokinesis was that she could pretty much make a weapon on the fly and, as such, never found herself unequipped. As per usual, she created a large hammer and prepared for battle.